[Arena #5]: Turn off the Lights

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[Arena #5]: Turn off the Lights


Post by platinum6ix » Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:46 am


Under the empty heavens, the night rode on a horse of pure midnight velvet, beckoned by the stars under a the glow of a full moon. As the colours of the day rest, perhaps dream of the morrow, the view became its monochrome beauty.
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Re: [Arena #5]: Turn off the Lights


Post by SlimJellal » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:44 am

The bubbling night life of the city, the pure blackness of the sky barring its stars and the full moon and the little light sources that proves almost uncountable in their sheer numbers all in a joint effort trying to provide illumination to the pitch black that would have otherwise swallowed up the city. The noise of car engines maneuvering to their various destinations,  loud banging music emanating from various buildings at various angles, seemingly huge number of humans of both genders and various colors walking towards wherever it is they heading to, few of their numbers walking in and out of every building around, some buildings more exquisite and extravagant than others but all a pigsty compared to the enormous castle of Las Noche. Smooth roads and traffic lights controlling and coordinating the movement of all vehicles to ensure free seemless flow, all in all this was the perfect synchrony of night life of a city in perfect beauty and in the middle of all these is a little boy

   A little boy of slim athletic build, three feet of height accompanied by spiky white hair that shares the same color with his eyes, eyes void of its iris and other features with the exception of its singular captivating color, small ears, slightly rounded cheeks and a "cute" nose all coming together to produce the embodiment of handsomeness in a child , only if this child was normal. Deciding on a mode of transportation for the purpose of moving to a location he would find conducive for the impending storm, laying eyes on a little kid gently peddling a green bicycle towards his direction, this "little boy" couldn't resist stretching out his hand just to deliver a slight push to the head of the incoming kid only to send him crashing to the ground. To everyone else it seemed like an innocent accident that led to another crashing into the bicycle and falling off his skateboard but only if their weak souls could visually register the presence of the white haired boy in their midst, none other than the cold demon of Las Noche known as Tsukane, a being of immense power compared to those of every human surrounding him. Taking advantage of the now vacant skateboard, Tsukane rides away from the crime scene to the despair of everyone seeing a skateboard move on its own, a sight that squeezed out a scream from anyone unfortunately enough to notice the rather strange occurrence.

   After moving for about five minutes a particular building caught the eyes of the white haired arrancar, this particular area would seem ideal for what was to come and the multiple floors of the building contained an impressive number of human souls. Finding his way to one of the upper floors, the little man makes his way into a room which was obviously the bar, he thought to himself "surely this would make for an interesting arena" the very moment he stepped in. Looking around to take in the surrounding, the red paint covering the wall and intricate lightings dangling from the ceiling with a massive chandelier hanging from the ceiling, dim lighting befitting a bar and a single speaker Tsukane failed to locate which was responsible for the sound music which could be heard all over the room. Sighting a remote on the table, Tsukane grabs hold of it as he was keen on playing with it while he sat to wait for his counterpart, of course locating him in this vast city would prove difficult and he had neither the patience nor will to wait for he was as lazy as they come,his preferred choice was to finish up on time and go back into isolation so he had no time to waste waiting to be found instead he let his massive spiritual power flow unhindered as every human around began dropping dead on the floor, bodies everywhere even before the start of anything brought a sadistic smile to the face of Tsukane as he paid closer attention to the remote he held in hand,
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