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Kai Takanashi


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Kai Takanashi
Race- Shinigami
Age- 27
Birthday- June 18th
Gender- Male
Height- 6'7
Weight- 287lbs

Professional Status
Affiliation- Gotei 13, Soul Society
Profession- Shinigami
Position- N/A
Previous Position- Captain
Division- 12th Division
Base of Operations- Human World/Seireitei

Personal Status
Family- Married to Pond Yodashima, unborn child
Friends- Cid, Eldridge, Connor (from a different dimension)
Enemies- N/A

Shikai- Chōetsu kasai (Transcendent Fire)
Bankai- Reddomūn yōhei (Red Moon Mercenary)

Kai is a very tall and muscular young man with heterochromia iridum (one eye being a light shade of green and the other being a light shade of blue (nearly gray)); his hair is slicked back, its numerous spiky strands pointing backwards, though some falls down in a small tuft on his forehead. He has a distinct lightning bolt-shaped scar on his right eye. Located on his left rib cage is a large tribal tattoo, which extends up to his left shoulder and covers part of the corresponding upper back.

On occasion, Kai's outfits have appeared differently. His original outfit consists of his pants being portrayed as wine-red, and his coat as black with gray fur trimming. During his reign as a captain his coat was similar in appearance only being white with a much lighter shade of gray fur trimming with the Squad 12th insignia on the back just above the middle. He is also usually wearing a black muscle shirt with a turtleneck collar underneath his jacket with red pants and black shoes.

During his time in the Human World he is usually seen wearing a black and red jacket, white t-shirt, denim jeans with yellow suspenders and a black beanie. The same beanie he wore during his first appearance in the Seireitei with which he wore a blue scarf.
Kai was originally portrayed as being shy, overconfident and emotionless. Over time though his attitude has changed. He became far more light-hearted and serene, valuing chis comrades and jumping into help those who needed it. He also went through a stage of being overly religious to the extant that he would look down on those who didn't share the same values he had. Although still religious he doesn't show it as often, especially after the Reverse Incident.

He suffers from a rare case known as Reverse which causes him to become much more aggressive and prideful to the extent that no matter friend or foe there is no escaping his wrath,

During his time as a human Kai had no childhood that he could recall. The first memory he has is of him being strapped to a chair with a ton of wires being connected to various parts of his body. 6 or 7 men crowded him, jotting down a list of readings on a sheet of paper which was attached to a clipboard. Although he didn't know it yet, this was the start of many experiments that were being conducted on him and various other orphans living on the outskirts of Belfast, United Kingdom.

At this time of his life Kai was underweight and had brown eyes, his hair was longer and he couldn't talk. With the years passing and everyday being connected to the monitor Kai began to pray that the pain would cease and that he could escape from the facility he was kept in and with every new day, and every new prayer Kai began to lose faith.

At the age of 13 Kai was sent away from the facility after roughly 6 years of being a test subject, although the place he was being sent was much worse. In the middle of London, just outside Westminster was a secret government funded society known as The Initiative. This place used test subjects from all other the world to become the perfect soldiers for war, and Kai was one of them.

Day in, day out Kai struggled to keep up with the training regimens and every-time he did he got whipped and beat by the higher ups until his body could endure the tasks being set and by the age of 17 he was deployed to his first war. This war however wasn't with neighboring countries though, it was with what Kai later knew were demons and other various 'folklore' entities.

The first two demons he killed had various optical powers, one being able to see the emotions of people via their aura and the other being able to manipulate their victims senses by gazing into their eyes. These powers were giving to Kai by implanting their eyes to him, giving Kai his current eyes.

After various missions and wars fought Kai ranked up to a Field Marshal and there he met the first of his closest friends, Laura Bishop. These two became an unstoppable force for The Initiative, with him controlling his enemies senses and her using her expert combat skills they began to get far too overconfident in their capabilities and during his 27th Birthday Kai lost control of his abilities and got ripped apart by a multitude of demonic entities.
Life in the Soul Society was pretty boring for Kai, he grew up in the Northern part of the Rukongai and was quickly adopted into the Kagami clan. After living with them for roughly 3 years Kai took the leap into joining the academy.

Kai breezed through the academy, becoming top in his class in both zanjutsu and kidou and averaging out in every other aspect of the class and after graduating the academy Kai changed his surname to Takanashi in order to start a new life for himself.
Shortly after his graduation Kai was accepted into the 12th division as their newest 3rd seat and after a few months quickly gained the rank up to Captain. During this time he created various types of kidou, including portal which allowed him to travel anywhere and transport items to various locations (mainly his twin zanpakuto which he finds a hassle carrying everywhere) and a two stage kidou which creates a pocket dimension made entirely of flames which neither burn nor crackle, with the second stage gathering all the flames into a large pillar which instantly burns up the enemy causing immense damage.

During this time Kai got placed under a kidou which forced him into a nightmare like state where he faced the manifestation of his Pride, upon giving into the temptation of this he gained access to the power of Reverse which caused him to go into uncontrollable fits of rage, even going as far as nearly killing a good friend of him.

After a while Kai met a girl named Pond Yodashima and after a few bouts of karaoke began dating her. Although with the influence of the Reverse the relationship ended abruptly with him being mostly at fault.

Gaining many comrades in Eldridge, a man from the 10th division, Cid a Vice Captain of the 1st division and Connor his 3rd seat, Kai gained access to a new ability. One which all of them learned to trained to use in life threatening situations (Resonance/Sage mode) This resulted in them fusing their reiatsus all together, making them combine all of their elemental properties and in turn becoming at least twice as strong.

After a few years Kai left the 12th division and headed back to the human world. Abandoning his post of the Captain of the 12th division. This absence lasted for years uninterrupted, however fate had something else in store for him and one night, Pond showed up on his apartment doorstep in the rain asking for help.

This led to them re-kindling their relationship and after a brief argument regarding Pond's work led him to propose to her and in turn marry her.
Unbeknownst to Pond though Kai was still working as part of The Initiative part-time and after being tasked with travelling to an alternate timeline found himself in this current realm. Feeling a familiarity with the place Kai has remained here.


Shikai: Chōetsu kasai (Transcendent Fire)
Within its sealed state Chōetsu kasai resembles two katana, both of equal length and shapes and both having a black and red grip with a cross guard in the shape of a star. The release command of his sword is Burn the Heavens and upon speaking it will have both blades being coating in flames before turning to ash, both of these blades are then replaced with 6 swords with three on either side of his back being made of light. These swords are much shorter but thicker in width.

Special Ability;
Upon releasing his blade and with the appearence of the 6 floating blades, Kai is able to manipulate and create fire by concentrating his reiatsu on the point he wishes to summon it. The fire can be generated in front, behind and to either side of Kai and as long as it is within his sight has no real limits to the distance in which he can control the flames. The swords that are floating behind him can be wielded 2 at a time or simply controlled using thought, he can also shoot them like arrows of a distance of 30 meters from his current location. They also act like an extension of himself and can be used to extend the reach of where the flames he controls can travel by them acting as a central point.

Ability #1; Heavenly Light: In addition to fire, Kai can also summon light in the shape of a pillar which extends down from the heavens in front of himself, This can only be summoned in front of him and vertically with a radius of 25 centimeters, The light can easily blind his enemies for a period of 15 seconds and also can cause minor burn damage.

Ability #2; Firestorm Tempest: In order to activate this ability Kai must have all 6 swords in a circular formation spinning with the blade facing downward towards the ground. As the velocity of the spin begins to hasten flames will begin to generate on all sides creating a large flaming twister extending outward from the blades. The size of the twister is at max 15ft in height and 25ft in length. The faster the swords spin the larger the flames. This ability can be used to trap the opponent within the spinning blades and prevent them from escaping with the flames slowly causing them to get hotter to the point of passing out.

Ability #3; Flame Cloak: Generating flames around his entire body, Kai can create a form of armor that will burn anyone that will try to strike him, this will also cause major fire damage to anyone Kai strikes also. The flames that he generates can also be expelled outwards causing a shield that will burn anything it touches.

Ability #4; Final Judgement: All 6 blades fall to the ground around Kai creating a hexagonal pattern on the ground that when stood on will create a large amount of blinding light within a 10 meter radios, the swords will disintegrate and will result in Kai being without them for a few moments. This is mainly used as a last effort to escape from tough situations that Kai can't win.

Bankai: Reddomūn yōhei (Red Moon Mercenary)
Special Ability; Gifts of Hephaestus: By accessing his bankai Kai creates a large amount of spiritual energy that shoots upwards towards the sky instantly coating the sky in darkness with the moon appearing a deep shade of red as if it were bleeding. In doing this Kai's ability to conjure and manipulate fire is heightened allowing him to create fire with the same heat as molten lava and manipulate all fire even those not generated by himself. The fire can sear and scorch anything even melting most types of metal and ice. Although, the main strength that comes from his bankai isn't the fire in which he can create but the vast amount of weapons he can create through yellowish/gold portals from behind him. These weapons like the ones in shikai can be wielded like normal or fired mentally like arrows.

Ability #1; Light Among the Darkness: Kai can generate large amounts of light that can illuminate any form of darkness. Kai claims this is due to him collecting and controlling the light from the sun, moon and the stars. This light can be used to envelop an entire area inflicting a mass amount of damage to those who Kai believes is a foe and will do nothing to anyone who he deems an ally.

Ability #2; Heaven's Sphere: A technique which converts Kai's faith a large sphere with a cross mark and a stylized pair of wings emblazoned upon it. The ability protects Kai from most attacks and is a defensive skill, powerful enough to defend against most shikai abilities. This sphere also acts as a chamber to heal anyone within it from most minor wounds and very few major ones. It cannot restore lost limbs but will cauterize all wounds preventing large amounts of blood being lost.

Ability #3; Gate of Babylon: Anywhere between 100-100 portals open up behind Kai each containing various swords, lances, arrows or different sizes. These weapons are then shot forward towards the enemy at blinding speed with the intention of skewering the opponent. This is a boosted version of his main bankai ability and can only be used 3 times per battle.

Ability #4; Red Moon Curse: If Kai sustains near death levels of pain he can activate his Red Moon Curse ability which makes him lose all sense of pain and instead concentrates everything into rage. During this he seems to access a berserk-like state, in which all his physical attacks are strengthened. This ability although puts himself on a timer which lasts roughly 5 minutes and will instantly knock him out of his bankai when time is up.
"Some men, like a tiled house, are long before they take fire, but once on flame there is no coming near to quench them."
- Thomas Fuller

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