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Vox Ripley.


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Vox has a toned skin and a muscular built, 5'10" tall and weighs 165 lbs. He has sea blue eyes which matches his blue scraggly hair, and wears a thin frameless eye glasses. His attire consist of a long white high collar coat decorated by light blue trimmings, and has light blue heart-like designs running down the sleeves and sides of the coat , a tight silver fitting shirt, and loose white pants held up by a silver belt which buckle is V shaped; the pants are tucked inside a white boot, the pants bears a light blue Quincy cross symbol. He wears a silver plated armor, which covers his abdomen, and spots a white cloak which has the Wandenreich insignia at its back.


Vox has a harsh, cruel and sadistic personality but despite this, he is always calm and rarely loses his composure in conversations or battles. His calm attitude often makes him act lazy, also the reason why he rarely speaks especially in battles. Vox have great pride in himself, abilities, and his race. His pride is his strength and weakness, this results in his sense of superiority and sense of arrogance, which causes him to look down on and treat others as inferior.

His arrogance causes others to dislike/fight him, especially the shinigami as he sees them as mere zombies trying to clone the humans, while most of the time his sadistic behaviour makes him want to fight for no other reason than inflicting pain. He believes the world is made of hurt, and that fighting is all about dealing with pain and inflicting pain on those who are weak. He also believes once the Emperor finally rules the world, such logic would cease to* exists and there would be no need to fight nor feel pain or inflict pain, there would be no weak or strong as all would feel and know true peace. Though extremely loyal to the Emperor, Vox is blinded by power and would go to any lengths to achieve said power. He sees YHWH as an end means to attaining this power and would crush anyone who stands against this, hence his loyalty.

Vox came from a true blood Quincy family, a small, middle royal family tasked with protecting and keeping the history of the Wandenreich as well as gathering new informations. The Ripleys are known to be genius down to the blood, strong, cold and ruthless in battle. Most would see them as one family but in actual fact, it was created out of two separate family known as true blood and are keen on keeping their blood line pure. Rip and ley, each era family leader would have their children married to have a child that would carry both the families name and blood, Ripley. This tradition started not long after YHWH was sealed during the Thousands years war against soul society, the aftermath and loss of battle almost drove both families to extinct. The fear that true bloods would become extinct made them team up to continue the true blood line while awaiting the return of the Emperor, and each Ripley born from that date has always been trained to become one of the best Knights serving the Emperor. 400 years after the lost war the two families eventually became extinct after countless encounters with Hollows, leaving only the Ripley to carry their legacy.

Drew Ripley, the head of the Ripley family got married to Audrey Parker, a non Quincy, disregarding the tradition of marrying a fellow true blood. They had two children, Vox Ripley and Rey Ripley. Drew focused more attention on Rey who was the eldest and at that time very talented, while ignoring and considering Vox as a failure for not awakening his Quincy's powers at a earlier age like his brother. Although Vox's lack of skill at the time wasn't the only reason why his father hated him, Drew loved his wife more than anything and after she died due to giving birth to Vox prematurely, he blamed his last son for arriving too early. Vox was raised in isolation, without the love or attention of a parent. The rest of the Ripley family treated him as an outsider, they considered him as a disgrace due to his lack of skill. Something that has been unheard within the Ripley, a child without Quincy potential, his brother on the other hand, Rey was the famous child whom everyone loved.

Growing up alone, Vox vowed to be the strongest Ripley using his brother's words as motivation "you came too early and caused mother's death, so how come you didn't bring your powers along with you......after killing her, you should at least be worthy". Trained himself to be powerful, to be the child his father wanted him to be, the Ripley everyone expected him to be and most especially, to be so powerful his mother's death wouldn't be in vain. Eventually as he grew, Vox awakened his powers, displaying skills that they thought he never could had. Although his improvement didn't make his father acknowledge him, neither did his family as at that point they grew scared of him. He became known as the most heartless guy in the family, to the extent he killed half of his family when Drew planned a coup to head the Wandenreich army. Eventually Drew and Rey escaped along with the remaining Ripley, abandoning the Wandenreich as they no longer believed in the Emperor. Vox on the other hand stayed, believing only the Emperor can grant him the powers he seeks.


Ⓑ⑧ D - the Darkness: From his body, Vox can spread a dark smoky substance which in appearance and coherence is akin to a thunderous cloud. Vox can shoot out this cloud to a maximum range of 20 meters and with a maximum volume of 5 cubic meters. If he concentrates the stream towards one point, his maximum range is increased to 30 meters, though the maximum volume remains the same. The substance quickly dissipates after being released meaning Vox needs to keep up a steady stream for the best effects. This of course presents a minimal drain upon his reiatsu.

Anything the cloud (which he calls Darkness) touches is swiftly encompassed by it. Within it, all light is banished, all matter is consumed upon contact - all without the possibility of a direct counter. In the case of matter, particles are rent asunder - starting from the surface and working its way down - until the object no longer exists. Inanimate objects are deteriorated in a second, depending on their density; however, living beings are affected at a rate determined by the strength of their reiatsu in relation to Vox's: weaker opponents for example will suffer at nearly the same rate as inanimate material, while equally strong opponents have a few more valuable seconds to escape the severe injury that would otherwise result from its concentrated or sporadic wrath. Stronger enemies can fight off the effects longer by ousting their reiatsu, perhaps even drastically slowing it down if extremely more powerful.

The Darkness also silences the abilities of zanpakuto it touches for as long as said zanpakuto is in contact with the Darkness. This takes effect immediately upon contact, silencing any effect/ability which the zanpakuto grants completely; however if the zanpakuto should move out of the cloud at any time after being silenced, its abilities/effects will completely return immediately as well. Like this the Darkness can silence Shikai, Bankai and Resurreccion by touching, even lightly, the weapon or it's primary manifestation/or medium.

Finally, Vox can merge his very physical being/body with shadows or any absence of light at will, use them to instantly travel to another location connected by this absence of light. All the while he becomes intangible yet cannot interact with the physical world either.

Vollständig: Zilliel "Shadow of God".

Vollständig Appearance: Vox can activate Quincy: Vollständig by removing his Sanrei Glove. He is momentarily envelopped in a huge pillar of light which resembles a starcross. When the light dissipates Vox emerges in his Vollständig form. His scraggly blue hair becomes curly and loosely packed backwards, now shoulder length long with two prongs hanging at his forehead. The Heiligenschein floating above his head has several tiny spikes on it more like a crown, his eye glasses transforms into a visor with dark shades covering his eyes. At his back Vox spots four blue feathery reishi wings shaped like a crescent moon, two facing upwards and the other two facing vertically downwards more like a butterfly's wings. His two upper wings act as a medium for firing his Heilig pfeil.. He wears a pair of blue gauntlets on his arm, covering his wrist almost to his elbow. His blue plated armour covering his upper parts now have collar up to his neck except the front side, two rings worn at both of his biceps. He wears a blue tunic and his boot is almost up to his knee, giving him the appearance of a Roman warrior.

Ⓑ⑧ Enhanced the Darkness: In his Vollstandig, the darkness' effects are increased in scope and potency so much it consumes twice as fast now and grants his body some consuming effects. His range is now doubled and no longer has a limited volume since the Darkness' coherence changes from a dark cloudy smoke to dark energy beam which materializes from his body or wings at will. The beam can be changed in size to fit his desires from thin and long to wider but shorter. Furthermore, his body contains traces of the Darkness' effect making him capable of consuming inelastic collision that makes contact with him, thus absorbing the force generated by the collision. This way he can fully consume any physical impact upon contact, except that of sharp objects which will be made less severe.

Added in 3 minutes 13 seconds:
Ⓓ⑧Null body: If Vox gets hit by an ability/effect it is instinctively consumed by his body making him momentarily immune to that and similar abilities at will. The immunity last for 2 posts and if he consumes the same or similar ability again, during or after, the duration is extended by 1 more post. He can not be immune to more than one ability (that isn't similar) at a time but can choose to switch immunity, at the cost of losing his current immunity. His immunity does not grant him healing capabilities.

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