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[SPAR EVENT] No Frost Zone (Kara Masters VS Akutagawa Atsushi )

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:26 pm
by Fluxarc


In the short time she'd been part of the Thirteenth Division, Kara had taken it upon herself to thoroughly explore its vast domain. It was during one such exploratory trek that she'd found this particular spot, high up on one of the larger mountains surrounding the division's headquarters. It was a really weird place. Despite the thick clouds of frosty white mist drifting about and the occasional flurries of snow, the large ... well, valley, was perplexingly warm. After long hours spent meditating, Kara discovered that this isolated place was suffused with a peculiar kind of localized spirit particle stream whose radiation, whilst virtually undetectable, kept the skin-piercing chill of the snow-covered tract in check. Kara had taken to calling this place No Frost Land- which, while off-kilter and kind of lame, seemed somehow better than The Weather Paradox place.

It was to No Frost Land that Kara now came. Once she'd entered into the roughly one kilometer square region of the exotic spirit energy, she shrugged off her winter coat and stopped, closing her eyes and letting the exotic warmth flow through her. As always, it cleared her mind, and she would need a clear mind today. She'd asked her former superior for a friendly spar, but it was also kind of cathartic, for lack of a better term. Kara believed that fighting against someone more skilled than herself would help dispel the strange dark cloud of uncertainty and agitation she'd been feeling since accepting the role of Second Division Captain.

As her opponent had yet to arrive, Kara found a spot beneath an old and rotting gateway, sat cross-legged, and meditated with her eyes closed.

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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:30 am
by PhoenixDayne
A canvas of stifling coldness, tugging one's body and biting one's skin. The depth of it's coldness declined even further, to the point an organism's kinesis frosted away. Cloud of meshed up frozen atmospheric liquids, settling adrift the turbid landscape.
Quite unfortunately, the sensation flexing outward was paradoxical to what it seemed, the location seemed to be. Lakes, water bodies, streams, all crusted by a dense wall of ice. Within it, inhabited a puzzling warm water despite this place's constantly plummeting temperature. Eventually, though unbeknownst to Akutagawa, the dedicated study to this deserted snowland resulted to the discovery of a forspread reishi which....quite absurdly, coerced the laws of this icy terrain to counterintuitivity while retaining an absolute imperceptibility. Hence, garnering it's name; No Frost Zone?

The earnest request of a former junior couldn't be swept under the rug that easily, pretending to be extremely swamped could, more or less, be quite a rebukable idea.
Striding atop fixed foot placements that Akutagawa had set up, he walked on air and shrouded himself with a furry warm coat, the location Kara chose was....sadly, without doubt, a unique place to chronicle upon. Setting his foot into the No Frost Zone, the disturbing chillness abandoned him, coursing through a warmth ever so subtle and inducing, it brought his mind to a sublime rest, however, the flurry lashes of the wind persistently diffused all particles, giving resonance to speech, stretching it's reach predominantly.

'Akutagawa Atsushi, Vice captain of the thirteenth. Pleased to meet your acquaintances.....'
He declared. Stripping his sheathe of its blade, handling the haft with his dominant arm; his right. A swift slash whipped the air thunderously, pointing the tip, afterwards, against the meditating Kara.
'.......Kara Masters'
He ended, settling his scornful glance at the lady afore.

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Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:20 pm
by Fluxarc

Kara sensed her Senpai from a long way off, but quietly attempted to finish her meditation. It was something she'd learned from the priests. An aborted meditation courted ill-tidings.

Luckily, Captain Atsushi's advance ended at the same moment Kara's meditation reached completion. She breathed slowly in and out, relaxed her shoulders, and opened her eyes to see her former superior.

"I apologize," Kara began as she stood up, wiping the snow from her haunches, "I guess meditating's become such a habit I ... uh ..."

Kara's voice trailed off once she noticed that her comrade's sword was already drawn, and levelled right at her. Also, Captain Atsushi looked kind of ... vexed. Kara carefully scanned his face.

"Uh...I know its a little out of the way, this place, I just thought it'd be... you know ...relaxing ..."

When there seemed to be no change in the Captain's demeanour, Kara blew out a slightly nervous breath and rolled her shoulders bracingly.

So much for social niceties ...

Dropping into a ready stance- legs spread forward and back, shoulders dropped, forarms raised slightly- Kara nodded at Captain Atsushi and smiled gamely.

"Seeing as how I extended the invitation, Senpai, would you like to take the first shot..." Kara held her leading (left) forarm slightly more forward and extended her fingers into a knife-like form. "... or shall I...?"

Kara noticed that Atsushi had his blade in his right hand. She put a pin in that information and awaited her comrade's next move.

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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:46 pm
by PhoenixDayne
He preserved his demeanor, peering balefully at the Lady afore. For some reasons, he seemed all pumped up and angry, perhaps, recent happenings attributed to such state of scorn.
However lost for words at her comportment, his right arm slacked slightly before scabbarding the katana. The efficiency of her stance at a swift glance forced him into a tactical retreat. In such brief encounter, he poised her every move and the delicacy behind them all. Loosening his garment's sash, he'd proceed to ligate his katanas' haft, hoping to resume his casual fighting style.
Once again, he drew out only a katana and firmed his grip, pointing the tip of his blade at her again.

'Do the honours, Hadou no.......'
He issued, beaconing at her with his left palm to come at him.
A coat of reiatsu stretched about his body and extended over his zanpakuto, he knew too well she isn't going to be an easy opponent, a leap from a recruit of the 13th to being capable of heading a squad couldn't be more of a feat for anyone. What caused more of a caution from the number of things about her, aside her stance, was her glove, and the composition about it. He too planning the establishment of a robot and technology facility became intrigued at the elaborate design of her gauntlet, quite simple yet irreplaceable. Now, now. Not the time for such thoughts to cloud his mind, he expired and steadied himself.

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:25 am
by Fluxarc
Kara's smile softened as her sparring partner seemed to ease up, sheathing and then unsheathing his blade, his manner less hostile than before. Getting the nod from Atsushi to proceed, Kara sprung into motion, a plan of attack already formed and primed.

Even as the unusually warm air rushed past as she closed the gap between her and Atsushi with a single flash step, Kara's mind receeded- as it so often did these days- to a memory of the priests as they taught her the ways of the martial arts.

...become your opponent. It is not enough to see them- you must absorb them. Every gesture and word, every nuance, every faint, every move ...

Kara would appear in front of Atsushi, her feet curled up off the ground, her midrif f twisted to the left, her left leg flung back as though primed for a swing at Atsushi's right shoulder- his supposedly dominant side. But in a flash- with skill and agility uncommon to most- Kara would reverse the move, spinning into a reverse roundhouse with her right leg, aiming at Atsushi's left shoulder with only enough force to leave a smarting bruise should the kick land.

... Enter into their psyches until your thoughts are theirs...

OOC- LOL ... Those Gauntlets only come out when Kara releases her zan. She hasn't yet. *Drops pumpkin on Pheonix's head.

Re: [SPAR EVENT] No Frost Zone (Kara Masters VS Akutagawa Atsushi )

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:20 pm
by PhoenixDayne
The composure and efficience of her style came from a seemingly difficult-to-spot crux. Carefully scanning her to detail her way of walking, moving and fighting-which she's yet to display, he hoped to read in-between the lines of her unorthodox stance, ascertaining her skills and then, formulating a plan. Alas! Her action began but surprisingly, Akutagawa shut his eyes out and loosened his body's stiffness, forgoing his initial idea and freefalling into the oceanic depth of combat.

Feel.. Feel. Don't see. Ha! When did I start relying on my visual capabilities? Now I think back, Emi Akino was way stronger than my prior opponents, it is no wonder my heart became soothed the moment I stepped in here. Akutagawa, Feel everything, your surrounding, your opponent's movement, your own movement, feel everything, listen, feel, inhale but don't see, feel.

He withdrew his left leg and plunged his upperbody backwards causing Kara's foot to nick through his scarf partially and averting damage. Perfectly dependent on his other sensory organs and his reiatsu sensing, he never for once abandoned the teachings of the 'SHOGUN ACADEMY', rather he became lax ever since he attained shikai. As they say; a slight taste of power becomes intoxicating.

Our stimulus erases the interval between a move and the next. Submerse and feel.

His formless stance incorporated the tandem work of offense and defense without a moment delay, perhaps, giving him unpredictability in his maneuverability. Extending his left arm forward and reaching to seize Kara's right foot whilst mid-air, he'd commence the incantation of a hado spell as intended.

- Hado #33 - Sokatsui -

He'd aim to clutch her right foot and then, release blue flames of combustible nature at point-blank range. Though improbable, her right foot would be no more, the point-blank release of combustible flames could probably rid her off of that leg or at least, burn it so well it'd be useless. Though there'd be a minimality in damage incurred on his left hand, it'd still be considerably smarting. Akutagawa was bound to hold a smaller share of the pain.

Oooooops, my bad! *rolls over, avoiding the pumpkin*

Re: [SPAR EVENT] No Frost Zone (Kara Masters VS Akutagawa Atsushi )

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:46 pm
by Fluxarc

Kara felt no great surprise when her kick cut through air. She was sparring against an experienced squad captain; while she'd theorized Atsushi's reaction time would be slower towards his left- his possibly non-dominant side- it wasn't uncommon for seasoned fighters to overcome such handicaps through persistent training. In fact, learning to compensate for flaws in your martial abilities was key to becoming any kind of powerful combatant.

Plus, he was faster.

What she hadn't counted on, though, was her opponent's counter. Kara's keen extrasensory perception caught on to the swift and ominious energy build up around her comrade's left hand, and the dense swirl and swell set off a warning clang in Kara's mind. A single word cut through...


Not leaving anything to chance, Kara flash-stepped roughly eighteen feet to her right, appearing slightly crouched just as the searing blue flames of the Soukatsui shot off the Captains hand, their blue blaze reflected over Kara's awe-struck eyes. The powerful sizzle of the spell echoed across the frosty, hilly landscape for a moment before dying away. Kara slowly straightened out; her body, though slightly relaxed, was still primed for movement as she regarded Atsushi with open wonder.

"That," Kara breathed, "was amazing. I haven't seen demon magic for a while, not since... well, a while now. And you didn't even use a chant, I heard that takes years of practice, and..."

Kara paused, a sudden crease appearing between her eyes, which narrowed slightly.

"Wait a minute, did you just try to incinerate my leg?" She blinked confusedly. "Do friendly spars typically involve incinerated legs...?"

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Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:58 am
by PhoenixDayne
sorry about my slowness. My head isn't really on here, writer's block, crazily fatigued and all that. Sorry, Sorry
The incline of Kara's speed; Flash-step, moved her out of harm's reach, however, it was as anticipated since there's been no deferment between her action and reaction, it felt as though she'd stare into the nigh future.

Forcing his shut lids open, he'd come to face the searing flames of sokatsui dazzling astonishingly atop the snowy, frosty berg before perishing away. During the elapses of such moments, he'd relax his stiffened muscles and roll his shoulders over, settling for no posture or stance whatsoever.
Standing upright and staring at Kara whom he's now turned to face, he'd expire heavily after a large inbreathe, leaving her question unanswered and encroaching the span between Kara and Akutagawa;Himself afterwards.

He'd, at a point, halt, leaving her at few metres away but that was the point he chose to commence his assault. Flatly and easily sliding his blade through the air, it'd dispel an arc of scarlet energy from its tip; traveling hastily at Kara.
While not as destructive as it'd normally be but it may be enough to scathe across her chest if she decides to take it on, though improbable.

'I only wish to push you to your maximum, bear with me'