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[Hollow] Armani Versace


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Powers & Abilities

[SUB] Trend[/SUB] [HR][/HR][COLOR=B80606]▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀[/COLOR][COLOR=E6E6E6]▀▀▀▀▀▀▀[/COLOR]
Offence [COLOR=B80606]██████████████████[/COLOR][COLOR=E6E6E6]██[/COLOR]
Defence [COLOR=B80606]████████████████[/COLOR][COLOR=E6E6E6]████[/COLOR]
Mobility [COLOR=B80606]████████████████[/COLOR][COLOR=E6E6E6]████[/COLOR]
Endurance [COLOR=B80606]███████████████[/COLOR][COLOR=E6E6E6]█████[/COLOR]
Versatility [COLOR=B80606]██[/COLOR][COLOR=E6E6E6]██████████████████[/COLOR]
Insight [COLOR=B80606]██████████████[/COLOR][COLOR=E6E6E6]██████[/COLOR][HR][/HR]

Average Sonído: Armani is skilled enough in the use of Sonído to keep up with expert Sonído practicioners to some extent. The most use he would get out of Sonído would be to keep up with stronger opponents. He can maintain fast movements for a short period of time, by seemingly taking only a few steps to bridge what would normally be large distances.

Enhanced Speed: Armani has demonstrated enhanced speed and reflexes in battle. Even when caught by surprise from a slower enemy's attack, he can react to it with a dodge to lessen the effects. Offensively, he can keep up a quick assault which forces slower opponents on the defense, as he leaves few openings for them in his attacks.

High Reiatsu: Armani possesses a higher amount of Reiatsu than ordinary. It sets him apart from most others and allows him to fight on longer. He can exert a large amount of it, to minor effect, and aid him in battle.

Swordsman Combatant: Armani has been trained in the art of swordsmanship, but that is pretty much it. He can be considered a cut below others, who may have been a little more devoted to learning proper form in combat. Decent is what he could be called, as he at least has a proper form, but he may find himself easily disarmed by a more skillful show of swordsmanship.

Inept Hand to Hand: he is completely unaware about hand to hand combat. Any use of an unarmed fighting technique would likely result in self-injury instead. In fact, Armani is so ignorant about hand-to-hand fighting that he is incapable to responding effectively to one. This makes him exceptionally vulnerable to unarmed opponents.

Enhanced Strength: As a fighter with some physical conditioning, Armani has shown sufficient strength to partly block powerful attacks and cope with strong strikes better. His attacks also hold a great deal more potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through objects in the way. It could still be overpowered by those possessing an immense amount of strength however.

Enhanced Endurance: Armani has enhanced physical stamina, allowing him to maintain physical activity for a longer period of time than ordinary before tiring. Only if he’s forced to keep up peak activity will it fatigue him. A light injury here or there won’t bother him that much either.

Hierro: with his Reiatsu continuously condensed into his skin, Armani has skin as hard as iron. This is enough to block a Zanpakutō. It can deflect the ordinary attacks of most sword-wielding opponents provided their strength isn’t very formidable or the technique used extraordinarily destructive. When the Hierro is broken in a location it becomes useless but still significantly reduces the damage that could have been inflicted.

Enhanced Cero: Armani can fire a beam of concentrated energy. He can fire his Cero from opposing sides of his body. It also loads relatively quickly, leaving less time for his opponent to react. If he audibly speaks the word ‘Cero’ during loading, it fires off as a very wide beam as well. As an explosion, it can deal dangerous trauma and burns to anyone around his level when fully loaded but is even more dangerous when suffered point blank where it can result in heavier damage.

Bala (Bullet): Bala is an advanced Arrancar Cero technique. Armani hardens Reiatsu at his fist and fires it like a bullet, in the time it would normally take to punch forward. Though not nearly as strong as a Cero, it flies up to twenty times faster with next to no charge up time in comparison and delivers more concussive force. Armani's Bala feels like a particularly hard punch.

Limb Regeneration: Armani has the ability to regenerate his limbs quickly, in the case that they are amputated or badly mangled. The reconstruction can start quickly and finishes in two posts time.

Weapon appearance:

Appearance: After his unmasking, Armani got a bit taller. Increased from a reasonable height of 6ft to 6.5ft. According to Lord Misery, he's quite tall but not too tall. Armani slightly lost his overwhelming brawny build, making him fairly muscular. His skin tone is pale white in complexion and he has a spiky, waist-length, whitish grey hair with jaw-length braid hanging in both sides of his ears. There's a presence of a thick black line which descend from the lower part of his eyes. With that, his facial expression rarely changes, though he's always found in a state of displeasure. 

Attire: Armani wears a sumptuous  white, full-body kimono with a pattern of six black symbol of sigil around a high collar.
Beneath, he wears a necklace which is also made up of six black sigil looking like some sort of ancient religious druid praying bieds. Still underneath, he wears a dark tight fitting leg clothing, covering his lower body between the waist and the ankles. On the rear of his kimono is a larger, black sigil marking with a pattern of nine triangles arranged in three rows of three beneath it.
Armani wields a perfectly forged dark slim dagger-like zanpakutou hidden underneath his right sleeve. When released from it's position, then unto his palm, it's length extends to 110cm. He also puts on the usual, but white numero's footwear. 

Photographic description of a sigil

Body Type: Armani is vastly fairly built 

Height: 6.5ft

Eye Color: pale whitish grey (platinum color)

Hair (Color): pale whitish grey 

Mask Remnant: After Armani evolved at the Great Hall Of Reborn, he managed to retain a part of his mask which only covers the left ear. 

Tattoo Location: It appears to be at the base of his cheat, below his hollow hole. 

Hollow Hole Location: It's located at the base of his throat. 

Personality: Armani is an unreadable, and simultaneously prejudiced character. He's the type who let no meaningless or pitiful emotion cloud his mind. Armani is consenting to sacrifice an ally to achieve a personal or associative goal without thinking twice. In spit of his brutal behavior, he's calm and only willing to engage in a brawl when necessary. He has a figurative killing intent, a habit of stabbing his victims at the heart without conscious thought. He is never astonished or easily sneaked up on. No matter the circumstances, Armani is highly cunning and perceptive. 

Cero Color: pale whitish grey 

Reiatsu Color: pale whitish grey 

Reiatsu Form: This takes the half form of his hollow mask and fractured horn.  

Resolve: Power is of the essence. 

Favored Fighting Style: Armani has no favorite style. He could make use of any fighting form he knows. He has a tendency of asking opponents what sparring method favours them.



Nemesis: Armani wield a dark slim 100cm sword

Resurrección: Feed Upon This World. Nemesis unleashes a black and pale whitish grey burst of spiritual energy, which falls around Armani as platinum rain.
Afterwards, his skin burns in form of a raging whitish flame. In this state
Armani becomes bat-like in appearance. His waist-length hair completely
becomes white with a pair of pale white horns sprouted out from the forehead aiming for the sky. With that he attains a pale white skin, large metallic wings mounted on his back which are
capable of cutting through most solid materials. He is physically a platinum
colored demon.

Great Strength: in Resurrección he has considerable physical conditioning, Armani has shown sufficient strength to partly block very powerful attacks and is capable of dealing with powerful strikes. His attacks also hold great potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through solid objects, as well as leaving shallow craters behind. It could still be overpowered by those possessing a brutal amount of strength however.

Great Speed: in Resurrección Armani begets great speed and keen reflexes in battle. When caught by surprise from an enemy's attack, he can react in time to avoid some of the damage. Offensively, he can keep up a quick and rapid assault which forces most opponents on the defense, as he leaves few openings in his attacks.

Element Type:
— Energy manipulation 
— Space-time manipulation 

Element= Space time Manipulation

Mode I: Armani is able to create two rifts which opens almost simultaneously (one after the other), which he uses to transport himself or other things like matter and energy instantaneously. Apart from himself, this rift can not transport sentient beings. The rifts can be in any size depending on Armani's choice, either as small as his palm or big enough to swallow a 7ft gaint. Said rifts can be formed anywhere or any angle within a 20 meters radius of Armani making it quite unpredictable. He can transport any form of energy which are less powerful than his fully charged cero, and any matter not larger than a 7ft tall being also barrages of things he can transport at once is limited to how big the rift is.


Photographic description of The Reverse Dimension:

Type= Active
Element= Energy Manipulation 
Once ability is activated the user releases a wave of energy  from his body which is entirely explosive. In other words, the user could simply explode. The size and range of this blast is dependent on the charge time. As such, a 2-3 post charge time will bring about a blast range capable of covering a distance of 15–20 meters respectively. However without charge time the blast would only go as far as a 5m radius.

Type= Active
Element= Space time Manipulation
Description: By Warping the dimension of time and controlling it's flow, Armani is capable of drastically slowing down the speed of time around him, affecting everything but him and ally in a range not further than 5m. He is able to leave time motion of any organic and inorganic matter slowed. A speed lower than their original speed. However, their movements are not paralysed or restricted. He is capable of slowing down a speed faster than his skill in sonido.


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