[Hollow] Kaneki Ichinichi

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[Hollow] Kaneki Ichinichi


Post by King Solomon » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:37 am

Name- Kaneki Ichinichi.

Race- Arrancar.

Age- 100+.

Gender- Male.

Height- 155cm.

Weight- 65kg.

Mask Remnant- Covers the left side of his face completely.

Cero colour- Purple

Reiatsu Color- Purple.


Appearance: Kaneki is a pale-skinned boy with an average height. His eyes are a golden-blue, with a scar running across his left eye. His hair is a golden-yellow, as he is a blonde. Kaneki usually wears a white shirt, with a pair of tight, black trousers. He prefers to cover this with a long robe that he wears around casually. He wears a black sash across his waist, in which his Zanpakutōu was strapped to.

Personality: Kaneki is a cold-hearted, being, who apparently doesn't care about others, but himself only. He has a superiority complex, and is confident in his abilities, to the extent that he would never back out from any decision he had made or any dangerous situation. Kaneki is willing to sacrifice others, for the benefit of himself. His cold calculations and dreadful abilities makes his inferior ones fear him by a huge margin.

History: Kaneki grew up, living a painful and stress filled life as an arrancar. However, he refused to let go or give up, dedicating his whole life wholeheartedly towards training. The scar across his left eye was obtained in a life threatening battle against a stronger opponent. From that moment of defeat, Kaneki had devoted extra effort into his training, in order to become confident in his abilities.

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