[HOLLOW] Dämonenschiff Jay

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[HOLLOW] Dämonenschiff Jay


Post by VonJay » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:05 pm

:lol: Character's Name: Dämonenschiff "Dämon" Jay

Alias/Other names:
Shintaro Midorima
Death dealer

Age: 200+

Race: Hollow[arrancars]

Physical Appearance:Jay is a slender yet slightly muscular male arrancar with an average height of 6ft and is fair complexioned. Jay has an exceptional large sorrowful and sad looking blue eyes with a round-shaped pupils and thick eyebrows, Jay pointed nose and his thin and frowny mouth accommodated with a dimple on both cheeks that compliments his long expressionless pale face. Jay has a straight-layered blue hair which is almost on waist level and a little bang falls on his left eye. A scar is located at the lower left region of his face which cuts across his left eye as a result of an attack from a shinigami.
His hollow hole is located at the sternum.
Vicky wears a typical arrancar cloth; A black Jacket,White Sash and a Black hakama, his jacket coattail is longer than the regular arrancar jacket which is at knee level and the collar is higher. The Jacket is gripped by a belt with a leather sword frog(scabbard) on the right side of the waist tightening the waist of Jay enabling the free movement while sparring or fighting. His remnant mask lies at the top-left side of his head forming a horn at the centre of his head and a broken horn helmet covering the head down to the nose-region.

Personality:Jay is a very cold, hot-tempered and dispassionate being. He is alone, emotionless but seem rather sad and indifferentiate. Ready and able to kill comrades and friends if they try to stop him or get in his way. Thinks of humans and shinigamis as well as useless comrades as trash and expendable if not useful. He is quite calm and gentle unlike other arrancars and fights when he feels the need to do such or angered.
He has a habit of beheading opponents which had been defeated already.
His cold behaviour keeps him calm and regulates his temper and helps in battle reducing his chances to get caught off guard by the enemy.
He is sneaky, has high level perceptive skills and is very analytic in situations. He assumes superiority and very demanding and commanding

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