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Name: Tsunake

Nickname(s): The Chromatic Knight; Heuco Mundo's depressed demon

Age: 270

Sex: Male


Appearance: He is somewhat massive,
standing over six feet in height, and
has almost no fat on his body as he
maintains a slightly muscular body
composition. Underneath his clothing are
toned abdominal muscles and an athletic
physique, but Tsunake has no issues with his appearance. For the
most part, his depressive nature comes with a
decent amount of Self confidence, and he
often refers to himself as handsome. Although his depressive periods do little to hurt his self image, posing more of a threat due to nihilistic trends of thought, he is often more reserved about making such comments when he feels low. However, for the most part, Tsuanke is a wellspring of athleticism and is fully aware that his physique is something many aspire towards. Despite his natural athleticism and the chiseled looks that come part and parcel with it, Tsuanke face is the quintessential adorable. His eyes, plain white like the clouds and possess no iris. They are laced with depression
during conversation and flutter between
Unfazed direct contact and watching the
most interesting thing on the horizon. He
has what he calls a 'cute nose', small
ears, and slightly rounded cheeks that he
likes to poke and prod when in
his trademark depressive state.
His hair, which is cropped into a pixie cut,
is always sort of haphazard and wild. It contributes to his aura of depressive energy. Although he doesn't quite need it to keep his hair in place, Tsunake always wears a light green cloth headband with thin orange stripes, a part of his Colourful outfit. Only when his enters one of his depressive states does his facial expression lose its beauty. His eyes fades, his expression becomes more neutral, and his headband is replaced with a less gaudy (but far less cheerful) grey alternative.
A self proclaimed craftsman, Tsunake is
almost always seen wearing at least one
of his colorful handmade pieces of hand bands. His left arm is covered entirely by the remnants of his hollow mask making it its most powerful arm, with his hollow hole present where his "heart" should be

Personality: Tsunake is nothing if not
dichotomous. He has a personality that
allows for soaring heights and
claustrophobic lows, most often with a
single day's buffer between them, and it
splits not only the way that he views the
world, but the way that it views him. This
condition stems from his childhood, and
will persist until either science or his
connection with his tremendously capable
Zanpakutō provides a permanent solution.
This condition, similar in many ways to
human-kind's bipolar disorder, is caused as
much by his almost violently energetic (or
catatonic) spiritual power as it is by
chemical imbalances in his brain. This
makes it particularly difficult to treat.
Although he takes a medley of pills on a
daily basis, they can only partially help the
condition, controlling the biological
chemicals in his mind. Although this
makes his depressive lows scarce and far
shorter than they would otherwise be, it
does little to stop his manic power from
saturating his conscious thoughts. The
result is an almost continual state of
mania fueled by a near-limitless energy
source. It is Tsunake's natural state-of-being
to feel extremely lazy, bristle with
Absolutely nothing, and have a strong attachment to
colors and actions of people that result in
Negative effects and emotions. He enjoys the resulting
'highs' more than others might, and chases
them with a sometimes relentless hatred.
This 'manic' side of the Arrancar is what most people experience. It is how he is publicly
perceived, and he genuinely likes it that
way. His day-to-day life involves him taking
his medication and coasting with enough
energy to fuel five other hollow in their
daily tasks but still prefers to remain lazy. He has the ability to hyper-
focus on his chores to get them done in a
fraction of the time that others do. He
can scour through a stack of paperwork
like a computer and still feel perfectly ripe
for a swim in a river and a run across the
Endless Deserts of Heuco Mundo.
The vibrant colors of his spiritual power
turn into a dull swatch of grays that can do
naught else but fuel his abilities.
He is often overtly catastrophic to his
enemies, whether they are Hollow, Shinigami, or otherwise, and has caused
more than a bit of confusion with his
casual approach to pre-fight Laziness.

History: As human his mother was a young woman who was known for her
exceptional talent in cooking. She graced her neighborhood with succulent dishes that lured those with the spiritual power to appreciate and crave her food. She became a staple of the community. Tsukane's father was one of those lucky few soldiers to be posted close enough to be drawn by the wafting scents of her cooking. When Tsunake was born, his father retired in order to raise him in the restaurant they shared as a family. For a time, things were perfect. Tsunake was a vibrant child with boundless energy. He
played through the halls of the restaurant
like a friendly whirlwind and entertained
the guests with his wide smile and his
cheerful attitude. His father did his
best to keep this trait of him hidden,
however. He wished a simple life for his
son. In his mind, Tsukane's smile was a
blessing that would be stripped clean by
the world, and he chose to keep his
potential from him, a thing he sensed upon
his birth in order to protect him from a
life of rigid responsibility. This backfired, as his lack of formal training and education caused him rapidly maturing spiritual power, an energy that embodied vibrancy and color, to over saturate his mind.
The once consistent, blissfully happy Tsunake
entered a depressive state that lasted for
nearly five years, prolonged by his spiritual
psychology and physiology. Tsukane's condition aggravated as time went by. His parents did all they could but it kept getting worse.
Left with no other option, Tsukane's parent out of love decided to relive him from the burden he carried. Helpless as they were, didn't couldn't bear to see him suffer each and every single day.
On one faithful day, when Tsukane's parents attended to his psychological state of mind, they arranged for someone to inject him with he usual dosage, however, an extra substance was mixed with the drugs in the syringe.
Tsukane's parent had arranged for his death, Tsunake died in his depressive and psychological state.

Not too long, his soul transformed into that of a hollow. With a mind filled with depression, agony and hate towards humans, he wondered in the sands of Hueco Mundo

Kuradepin: Kuradepin is a drug specifically designed by the capable scientists of Heuco Mundo to interact with Tsunake's unique condition and force hhim into a depressive state. It does this by
counteracting his other medications,
inhibiting their effects, and jump-starting
the brain chemicals that cause him to
decline. While this drug may seem entirely
counter-intuitive, Tsukane's depressive state
brings with it an arguably stronger side of
his abilities, which is affected by his state
of mind. As such, it is an important
tactical tool that Tsunake can use if he
absolutely needs to change the nature of
his abilities to defeat his opponents. As a
military leader, Tsunake knows the importance
of sacrificing personal well-being in order
to protect the safety of the balance, and
has used this drug twice in order to test its
effects. In both cases, the depressive state
comes on in a matter of seconds, and last a few days. The drug itself is stored
in liquid form inside a cat-shaped charm
Tsukane keeps in his pocket. One spray in
either his mouth or eyes triggers the
change. It has no effect on others, and is
not useful as a weapon.

Zanpakutō Name: Mangekyō

Unreleased Abilities:

Element Type:
=> Color Manipulation

Chromatic Affinity: The ability of Tsukane's relates to color and shade. By
swinging his weapon in an arc or
jabbing forwards in a lunge, he is capable
of producing a small wave of colorless,
semi-opaque energy that slams
against anything physical in its path. The
energy itself carries a force similar to
getting struck by a moving vehicle. This
alone can launch weak Hollow off of their
feet and potentially break their limbs. But
to stronger opponents, it is easily defended
against. The true purpose of the energy is
to change the potency of the colors or
shades struck by it, turning the surface
into a weapon against itself. When Tsukane is
manic, which is common, the primary
colors of red, yellow, and blue are
affected, and any mixture therein produces
various balances of the individual effects.
Should he be in his depressive state, he
is capable of affecting 'brightness' or white
light. The latter is arguably more potent,
as any light at all can be used in he
depressive state. But no matter the case,
those who find their clothes, weapons, or
bodies under the influence of Chromatic
Affinity rarely last long—they fall victim to
themselves, or to the spotlights often
accompanying Tsukane and his battalion.

• Red Light: The color red, as it is
perceived in the color wheel, relates to
pressure. Both external and internal, areas
affected by the Chromatic Affinity that
feature any mixture of the color are
subject to intense force. The direction of
the pressure and its intensity depend on
how close to 'pure red' the color is, and if
it is a mixture, whether it leans towards
yellow or blue. A color such as orange,
which leans towards yellow, is subject to
external pressure that attempts to crush it
underneath an incredible weight. Purple,
meanwhile, feels the tension from within,
threatening to explode the object like
an over-inflated balloon. The range of this
force varies between a few pounds per
square inch to nearly two
hundred thousand psi (a hundred times the
pressure necessary to break a human
femur). With the help of luck and his
colored spotlights, it is possible for the
Chromatic Affinity to affect something that
is, at least for a moment, pure red. In such
a case, the pressure would trigger from
both within and without in shifts, causing
the affected area to twist on itself with the
full pressure of his abilities, ripping it apart
like tissue paper.

• Yellow Light: The color yellow, as it is
perceived in the color wheel, relates to
electricity. The affected area begins to
generate an electric current that can shock
or electrocute anyone who is unlucky
enough to make direct contact with it. This
can turn weapons against their owners,
make entire areas impassable, or turn a
set of clothing into a prison
of debilitating pain. The voltage of the
current depends on how close to 'pure
yellow' the affected area is. In minor
cases, when the hue is close to either red
or blue, the shock of touching the area is
similar to a low-powered taser, causing
slight muscle spasms and moderate pain.
In extreme cases, or if Tsukane employs his
spotlights to enhance this particular effect,
the current is strong enough to cause
massive burns and stop a heart cold in the
chest. It is similar to getting struck by
lighting upon a single touch. Being in direct
contact with the affected area for more
than a few moments spells almost certain
death for even the strongest of foes,
making this perhaps the most potent of
his color affinities.

• Blue Light: The color blue, as it is
perceived in the color wheel, relates to
cold. Areas under the influence of this
Chromatic Affinity have their molecules
forcibly slowed to various degrees, causing
freezing effects that can do permanent
damage or make strong materials brittle
and weak. The temperature of the objects
ranges between a slight chill and an
extreme freeze. Only objects that are
perfectly blue, which is almost impossible
without the help of luck and Tsukane's
spotlights, are capable of reaching the
highest potential of this affinity, which can
cause temperatures similar to the vacuum
of space. Use of this ability tends to Hinder movements of victims as a result of the reduced Temperature​. Anything subjected to that
absence of heat quickly freezes over. For
many, this means death, although stronger
spiritual beings can withstand the effects
and use their own energy to counteract it
for some time. It is more often useful
against non-living materials, which become
brittle in such low temperatures. The
combination of blue and red, purple, is
extremely effective at combining cold and
pressure to bust through defenses and
destroy otherwise impenetrable structures.

• White Light: Brightness and white light
relates to heat. Like the blue light affinity,
this power affects the movement of
molecules within the target. Its intensity
depends on how much light is illuminating
the area, making it unbelievably effective in
almost every situation outside of total
darkness. In full light, white objects can
reach temperatures exceeding five hundred
degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to
instantly boil water and cause a skull to
explode from the change in pressure.
Because an opponent must be struck by
the ranged technique first in order to be
directly affected, Tsukane has developed a
habit of covering large areas of
the environment with his Chromatic
Affinity in order to create 'zones' of
unbearable heat.

• Green Light: The green color, as it is
perceived in the color wheel, relates to nature. Areas under the influence of this becomes a host to small green flowers. They mature rapidly from the surface, becoming full-grown buds as quickly as 5 seconds after his opaque energy makes contact . Any spiritual attacks
set free into the atmosphere, whether they
be the Kidō of a Shinigami, the Cero of
an Arrancar, or arrow of a Quincy find themselves twisting towards and through the flowers as if they were being yanked around by invisible strings of force. Particularly strong
techniques may break through this pull, but
they will rarely hit their intended target. Others will find themselves dragged into the center of one of the buds. Once a significant amount of energy has been absorbed by any one flower, it blooms and is capable of exploding with tremendous force. Tsukane, whose own Cero is
unaffected by these plants unless he wishes to fuel them, can detonate them through mental command, causing chain reactions that can obliterate huge areas in the blink of an eye.

• Black/shade:
(Still working on it)
In The End Only One Is Permitted To Stand

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