[Hollow] Luna-Nocturna Allegra Aleana Cassiopeia Izquierdo

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[Hollow] Luna-Nocturna Allegra Aleana Cassiopeia Izquierdo


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   [ THIS PROFILE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, since I lost all my files °n°]
Character's Name: 
Luna-Nocturna Allegra Aleana Cassiopeia Izquierdo
26 (appearance)  546 (actual age)
Physical Appearance:  
Luna has the appearance of a young beautiful woman in der twenties: While her mature body and attire match the her age, she is known to be grown on the short side. With being merely 152 cm tall, she is easily overlooked. Luna spots a striking appearance. Her snow white hair is flowing softly down to the middle of her back on the left, while her right side has been cut very short in a hairstyle called a sidecut. Her right ear is pierced on the bottom of the earlobe and on the top. The asymmetric shape of her haircut underlines her face shape very nicely: She has slightly potruding cheekbones, an average sized forehead and a small nose. Her top lip is heart shaped and relatively small, while her bottom lip is round and somewhat plump. Her chin is rather oval. Her eyes are normally covered by a pair of glasses which are covering her eyes completely.
 When the light is shining into them, one can see a rough outline of large, insectoid looking eyes in a rather large almond shape. Their true color is a mystery. When someone takes a good look at Luna, the first thing to be notices will be the set of moth antennas located right on the top of her head. They are fuzzy and are able to be moved. Their purpose is to compensate the lack of eyesight. Their function can be compared to the whiskers of a cat - even if those antennas are far more capable of doing their job.  
From her face a short neck leads to her shoulders, which are relatively small and delicate. A scar runs down her neck and ends right in the middle of her chest, which is, to be frank, very large and round. The size of her chest makes her back ache, which can be sometimes seen when she is adjusting her position of her back to balance out the additional weight. Her arms are fairly muscled, but not overly large, which are a clear sign of Kendo training. Her small waist and large hips give her a more insectoid look to her whole body. Her legs are very well muscled, as Luna is a runner. 
Her skin tone is to be compared with a milky white. She generally seems to lack color, or, blending into her usually white sand surroundings. Her lips appear to be somewhat pink. Luna rarely smiles or laughs, cries or whines. Her attire seems to be, for those who are interested in philosophy, an embodiment of nothingness. 
Luna is normally seen wearing an altered Kimono with a black underbust corset around her waist which keeps the Kimono in place. The kimono is the most comfortable thing for her large bust, yet, she does not stop it from revealing their presence. Over this Kimono she wears a flowing coat with a massive white fur collar which is tightly fitted around the waist and secured with a small ribbon on the side. She is normally seen wearing very high shoes to compensate her small height. 
Cold, calculated and barely able to feel anything else than emptiness, Luna is not easy to access. She does her work professionally and with the needed diplomatic and political skills to overcome hassle with ease. She tries to avoid overly long formalities. She though keeps a professional attire with the necessary politeness at all times. This mask has become the status quo. Socializing and general social behavior is excruciatingly painful for her, as her social skills are poor and underdeveloped: Mistrusting, overcalculating and overthinking, Luna tends to deny the fact that niceness towards her exists. and even if there was such a thing, she would question it. She does not back off from defending her point of view. 
It is clear: It is hard to enter Lunas life, or even her heart. However, those who succeeded are rewarded with a generous side of her: Giving, loving and somewhat selfless, she stands for those she has to protect, and those who have earned her trust. Her children, in particular, enjoy a massive amount of privileges when it comes to love. Her normally cold and calculating personality is then dismissed for a second. Warmth, protection and the need to educate them the proper ways are making her a good mother. As a woman, Luna is not uninterested in love or affection, but her inability to express her need for it makes it extremely awkward in the first place.
But beware if you get to be on her bad side! Once you have managed to ruin her trust in total, and actually got on her bad side, you're off a bad start. Luna tends to hold grudges in a deep intensity. Having died as a human with an insane amount of resentment in her heart, the hole ripped into her soul represents exactly this. Luna is, due to her poor social skills and her tendency to hold grudges, almost unable to forgive. Depending on the situation and the value of the other persons life within the society she lives, she will either brutally ignore the person until he or she deny their own existence, or, if she deems it necessary, does not back off using force and violence to make her enemy pay. 
Being a moth arrancar, Luna has a tendency to behave like a moth. She loves sweet things, especially fruit and sugary juices. She tends to "sit" on walls ceilings and has a big love for a human artefact: A daylight lamp, which is the perfect thing for her nightstand, as it stops her normally poor sleeping schedule. Too cold or too warm weather are dreadful to her. 
She spends her free time eating and reading. She enjoys collecting things with the color purple and tends collect them just for the mere reason of it having her favorite color. She is able to sing very well and maintains her opera-like voice in a very careful manner. She has a talent for drawing and painting. She though hates dancing, as she seems clumsy and stumbly with it. She also does not really keep her things neat and tidy: Often, there will be a trail of candy wrappers....
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