[Hollow] Ishidate Hikaru.

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[Hollow] Ishidate Hikaru.


Post by Tope » Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:04 am

Character Name: Ishidate Hikaru.

Age: 300.

Specie: Arrancar/Shark.

Aspect of death: Chaos.

Character Appearance: Hikaru is an hybrid of both man and shark with webbed arms and legs with sharp pointed fins at the back of his head and elbows. He is a 6ft tall, muscular aquatic being with a distinctive pale blue skin and small, round, white eyes, with sharp triangular shark teeth. His blue hair is curly packed backwards, reaching his shoulders and it constantly looks like it's wet. Strapped to his waist is a black belt with a huge shark head in front of it, which is his Zanpakutō.
Attire: Hikaru wears a simple ragged white trousers almost reaching his ankle with an open sleeveless ragged white/high collar jacket, he wears the typical black and white Arrancar boot along with a fingerless black gloves to cover his webbed hands. Due to his shark nature he avoids much clothing but forces himself since the world is yet to accept an hybrid.

Body type: Muscular built.
Height: 6ft.
Eye color: White.
Hair color: Blue.
Mask Remnant: His mask remnant is located at both sides of his neck, forming three lines at each side which looks like gills marking of a shark.
Tattoo Location: on his left arm.
Hollow Hole Location: His right thigh.
Cero Color: Blue
Bala color: Crimson blue
Reiatsu Color: Pale blue
Reiatsu Form: takes the form of a gigantic shark head.

Personality: Hikaru is a predator that loves to fight just for the sake of fighting, most especially for the sake of spilling blood. He is quite sadistic and demonstrates no hesitation in mutilating his opponents to the extent he is referred as a blood monster who sucks his victims dry, to Hikaru blood is just like water which needs to be drinked to sustain his thirst. Despite his aggressive nature, Hikaru is very calm and quiet, a cool, collected, yet arrogant man who belittles others and thinks of them as nothing more than food. He takes joy in toying with humans, as he ultimately finds their ignorance and belief in things such as hope incredibly amusing.

He also tends to be loyal and respectful of any beastly specie he finds worthy, his most surprising feature is his perverted attitude when around girls. Hikaru despise the hollow realm due to the lack of water in the vicinity, to him, a world without water is a world of hell. Even though he is an hybrid, his love for water is still strong although after substituting water for blood it didn't matter much to him. He tends to have some sort of likeness towards people with abilities over water unless he deems their skill unworthy, and also hate those with the ability to "harm" water.

History: Not much is known about Hikaru or his origin, even himself seems to have forgotten about his story other than the fact he comes from a long lost hybrid specie of sharks. His bloodlust and multiple killings had made him forgot about who he was, all he ever cared for was knowing how to kill his foes thus he lost himself along the road. Even among fellow hollows, he is referred to as a monster due to still possessing the killing instincts and senses of a shark. It was due to this reason his race became hunted and extinct, their appetite was just unbearable.
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Re: [Hollow] Ishidate Hikaru.


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Powers & Abilities

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▌ Espada Level
█████████████████████ Offense
█████████████████████ Defense
█████████████████████ Mobility
█████████████████████ Intelligence
█████████████████████ Stamina

Hand to Hand Average: Ishidate can take on average armed opponents and put up a decent effort against those many times his size. He is capable of countering swift and accurate strikes without the use of a weapon, but has no incredible skill to speak of. As a hand-to-hand combatant, his fighting style is very refined. At least it’s enough for him to take down a simple Hollow with a single punch.

Great Reiatsu: Ishidate has a great amount of Spiritual Power which is considered sufficient to challenge Captain Class opponents. His Reiatsu is a formidable weapon, striking fear in those lower than himself. He can easily manifest his Reiatsu to some extent and have it affect the people around him mentally. He can maintain a high level of control over his Reiatsu, using it as he sees fit, but falling short of those who boast Vast or Immense Reiatsu.

Cero: Ishidate can fire a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at a target. He can fire a standard Cero, taking the shape of a projectile or a beam. His Cero can deal heavy damage to anyone even when not completely loaded. As an explosion however, it can deal greatly enhanced damage when suffered point blank.

Bala: Bala is an advanced Arrancar Cero technique. Ishidate hardens Reiatsu at his fist and fires it like a bullet, in the time it would normally take to punch forward. Though not nearly as strong as a Cero, it flies up to twenty times faster with next to no charge up time in comparison and delivers more concussive force. Ishidate's Bala can shoot straight through those of Average Reiatsu and below.

Great Strength: As a fighter with great physical conditioning, Ishidate has shown sufficient strength to partly block immensely powerful attacks and is capable of dealing with powerful strikes. His attacks also hold great potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through solid objects, as well as leaving deep craters behind.

Enhanced Endurance: Ishidate has enhanced physical stamina, allowing him to endure the hardships of battle for an extended length of time without slowing down. Only when utilizing high speed movement for an extended amount of time will he start to slow down significantly. Even when he has received an injury he can keep going without severe consequence to his battle scheme.

Great Speed: Despite having received no Sonido skill whatsoever, Ishidate has demonstrated great speed and keen reflexes in battle. Even when caught by surprise from an enemy's attack, he can react in time to skillfully dodge or counter the assault. Offensively, he can keep up a quick and rapid assault which forces most opponents on the defense, as he leaves no openings in his attacks.

Enhanced Hierro: The hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. Ishidate's skin is highly durable. This allows him to deflect attacks from equal sword-wielding opponents and help combat their releases without having to rely on his own weapon very often. If the Hierro is broken in a location, the would-be damage is significantly reduced.

Sonído Inept: Ishidate cannot perform Sonído at all, instead relying on walking to get where he needs to be. He may have trained extensively to enhance his natural speed to a level allowing him to move considerably fast, though decidedly under that of Sonído.

Swordsman Inept: Ishidate is utterly useless with a sword, and is more likely to cut himself than he is to do anything to an opponent. It would require a stroke of luck just for him to land a hit on a moving target, and he lacks the precision to do much against a still one.


el gran tiburón: the great shark.: It's in form of a black belt around his waist, which has a shark head as design.

Aqua forma; Water form: This ability let's Hikaru alter the physical state of the water he manipulates, between solid and gas, allowing him to change the phase of water at will. Though he can only manipulate the water flowing in his body, giving him some form of control over his body state, granting his body different effects and versatility depending on what physical state of water he chooses to use. Even despite this states affecting his body, he is still physically tangible as ever regardless of which physical state of water he uses.

Solid state: This state reduces Hikaru's water molecules temperature to below freezing point in order to achieve the solid state of water, thus transforming his very body into ice which in turn hardens his body even further than it already is (by one level). Any physical contact with Hikaru himself causes other people and things to completely freeze solid and shatters because of how cold he is. The solid state also affects his reiatsu as it carries the coldness within his body, which allows him to spread said cold through his reiatsu thus giving his attacks freezing effects.

Gas state: This state boils Hikaru's water molecules to a high degree where all objects tend to melt on contact due to the extreme heat, his body is capable of emitting great amount of steam which is capable of causing serious burns and repelling things due to the pressure and force. By regulating the amount of pressure and force of the steam in his body, Hikaru can magnify his physical speed and his physical strength by one level. Making him a formidable opponent in this mode, his strength and speed coupled with the heat his body is generating makes his attacks quite dangerous. His reiatsu attacks in this state have the tendency of burning the victims due to Hikaru's high temperature.

Resurrección: its release command is Reach out. In Resurrección Hikaru still retains his hybrid form of both man and shark with webbed hands with claws like shark tooth and webbed legs, his head looks identical to that of a shark. He still has his small round white eyes. At the back of his head is a long pointed sharp fin which can also be spotted in his elbow area of his hands, along with a tail. He stands taller than before, now 7ft tall, being more muscular with his back skin being black in colour while his front is white. On both sides of his neck are three lines of gills. His skin is that of a shark's, covered in tiny layers scales thus making his body a weapon itself capable of shredding that which makes contact with him. His Hierro is further strengthen by his shark skin, making him a very dangerous and durable predator.

Immense Strength: In Resurrección he is strong enough to stop even powerful attacks, when the opponent is weakened even stopping their releases with a single hand and likely end the fight with a single swing. Likewise he can also inflict tremendous damage with his bare hands, even to releases of weaker opponents. His strength is described as being ‘scary’, a fearsome weapon in its own right which can dictate the conditions of battle. He can fend of huge weapons with only one hand and easily cleave highly durable armor with a single strike.

Great Speed: Ishidate has demonstrated great speed and keen reflexes in Resurrección . Even when caught by surprise from an enemy's attack, he can react in time to skillfully dodge or counter the assault. Offensively, he can keep up a quick and rapid assault which forces most opponents on the defense, as he leaves no openings in his attacks.

Instant Regeneration: Perhaps his greatest strength, Ishidate has the ability to quickly regenerate any part of his body save for the brains and internal organs. The repair of damage can start quickly and finishes in just one post time. Despite the many benefits it has, many Hollows choose to abandon this power when becoming Arrancar in favor of greater strength. Although its ability to regenerate is indeed powerful it is not without flaws; the brains and internal organs can’t be regenerated and if such irreparable damage occurs, the body may continue to regenerate though to no avail. In addition, if the body is damage before it had the chance to regenerate or if enough damage it inflicted at one, it can be destroyed regardless.

la ira de agua: Water's wrath: Hikaru can create, shape and manipulate large bodies of water which possesses remarkable crushing force enough to cause severe blunt damage to unlucky foes. The concussive force of his water is so great to the extent his water attacks feels like being hit by a crushing wave. His incredible skill to shape the water to any form he wants is only limited by his own imagination, while his skill to create water allows him to turn a 30 meters dry land to his natural habitat and thus enhance his normal shark nature, leaving victims with the options to either adapt or leave the aquatic being's domain. His manipulation over water is great enough to affect the weather itself as he can cause a heavy rain storm in a 30 meters radius, which moves along with him. The rain falls so heavily with enough crushing force victims would feel like being hit by a massive water fall, the pressure and environment alone would be comparable to being submerged in the deep ocean sea further representing his nature as the king of the ocean.

Aqua Forma; Water form: In his Resurrección this ability is further enhanced to the extent he can now change the states of the water within other people through physical contact (limited only to the part of body he made contact with and last only for 2 posts with the damage still in tact). Further more he is not just capable of changing the water states in the body but, he is now capable of changing the states of water molecules in the vicinity of 30 meters while being able to freely manipulate and shape each state. In Resurrección he is capable of achieving all three states of water, instead of just two.

Liquid state: In Resurrección Hikaru can freely and fully manipulate the water molecules in the body and vicinity to the extent of making it mimic other liquids, like making it thick and adhesive or thin as oil. He can also manipulate the pressure of the water thus generating a high pressured water that can be fashioned into a construct stronger and sharper than steel.

Solid state; Apart from freezing the water molecules in the body, Hikaru can also freeze the water molecules in the vicinity to absolute zero, thus instantly freezing whatever gets within his radius. This in turn creates the solid state of water, ice, which blankets his vicinity.

Gas state; No longer limited to just the body, Hikaru can now boil the hydrogen molecules in the vicinity to the highest degree, the process of boiling the hydrogen alone makes the vicinity so hot victims get scalding burns. In Resurrección he is able to boil the vicinity hydrogen thus producing large amount of steam, which serves many purposes like obscuring the victim's vision, while making contact with the steam causes severe burns.
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