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[Hollow] Wyre Stolcraf


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[center]CHARACTER PROFILEImage[/center]
Name: Wyre Stolcraf

Nickname(s): The Sleeping Dragon; the
Sparrow; Neon Green

Age: 109

Sex: Male

Species: Arrancar

Former Classification: Adjuchas

Aspect of Death: Apathy

Appearance: Wyre has brilliant
green hair, It flows from his scalp like a
million strands of neon filament, brought
into natural tufts and 'spikes' by the virtue
of their thickness—a contrast to the fragile
appearance often associated with such
bright colors. Styled to halfway cover his
right eye, the long swoop envelops only
one side of his head, leaving the left side
shorter. There, instead of a forest of neon
green, rest a few straight tufts that take
the place of sideburns. The back is cut
relatively short, as if to make the sheer
length of his bangs all the more apparent.
While he does not particularly take care of
his hair, it always seems to be well
manicured. This is due to the fact that his
physical appearance is essentially locked
in place as a side-effect of his apathetic
state. It is so all-encompassing that it has
deeply affected the functions of his own
Beneath his hair lies a pair of matching
green eyes, stunning in their power but dim
in their intent, as if a roil of pure potential
boils within, unable to escape. His Caucasian skin never seems to grow pale beneath the somber moonlight of Hueco Mundo—evidence of the state of pause that encompasses his entire existence, beyond plain concept or
metaphor. The remnants of his former mask line both of his ears, snaking from just above the lobes to where his flesh meets his scalp and the edge of his green hair. From a good distance, it
seems as if his ears have a bone-white outline. When one gets closer, however, one would have a chance to notice that the fragments are actually made up of many small spinal columns, clasped around the outside of his ears as if they were a series of piercings. In fact, these fragments are solid parts of his body, and are unable to be moved or torn without taking flesh with them. Two black pearls seem to be
dangling just a few inches below his ear-lobes, mimicking the strange shape of his Zanpakutō, which rest in the center of his tongue as if it were a piercing. The two spheres, like the rest of his mask fragments, are entirely ornamental. The only function that they serve is to hint at the nature and abilities of his Resurrección.
As a member of the Hollow species,
Wyre retains the Hollow-hole that marks
where his soul is incomplete. As an
Fraccion, he has been marked with the
number that secures his claim on his
privilege and rank. The hole is somewhat
small, about the diameter of a baseball,
and is located right where his heart would
be. It is sometimes seen whenever the sleeping dragon changes or when he lounges about  without his jacket on. His number, however, is
tattooed in a much more risque place: right
on the left cusp of his hip-bone, where the
stomach meets the lower half of his body.
No one can deny that Wyre is an
attractive Arrancar; although his face is
almost always trapped in a look of
uncaring sarcasm, with half-hearted smirks
and heavy eyelids, it comes off in a way
that mimics the rebelliousness of modern
youth. If placed on Earth, he would match
the stereotype of the 'lazy teenager'. This,
tied with his richly colored hair and eyes,
gives him an air that many find irresistible.
And it is only compounded by his
notoriously uncaring attitude, which makes
him difficult to impress or rouse. With a
youthful jawline, perfect teeth, and not a
single facial hair to mar his skin, the
Sleeping dragon is blessed with looks that
inspire blind devotion from some of the
more power-hungry female Arrancar.
Although he is loathe to follow any specific
dress code, and for the longest time wore
nothing but a cascading outfit of white
blankets as he wandered across Hueco
Mundo, Wyre has settled down to a
single uniform in order to please Celise MacCreland's sense of duty and unity. The
white jacket—sporting the traditional black
outline—has a somewhat raised collar,
which stops about midway up the Fraccion's neck, allowing for a good degree
of comfort and mobility should he need to
use his astounding speed. The collar rests
a few inches from his skin. The black outline of the uniform's collar meets in the center of Wyre's own collarbone, where the rest of the jacket begins, then continues for about two
inches. Then, as if it were bored of a
single direction, it either darts diagonally to
the left or to the right.
Because of the way that Wyre chooses
to fight, coupled with the unique form of
his Resurrección, the uniform has been
designed with no sleeves. All fabric stops
just beneath the shoulder-line, after which
only bare skin can be seen. A peculiar part of the Fraccion's uniform is the black sash that all Arrancar ties  around their waist.
His looks relatively normal upon first glance, but
when someone inspects it closely, one would
realize that it is folded in on itself many,
many times, making it incredibly thick and
plush. This sash was designed specifically
to function as either a blanket or a pillow
whenever the lazy Arrancar wishes to fall
victim to one of his long periods of rest.
The boot of the outfit is roughly the
same length and size as those of other
Arrancar uniforms, and there was no real
need to change its dimensions, even with
Wyre's remarkable speed being his
greatest strength in battle. The sole of his boot is made of an incredibly
durable material far beyond what would
otherwise be necessary for simple
footwear. This is due to the vast levels of
heat and friction that can be created when
Wyre moves at his higher speeds. The
normal Arrancar uniform material would
likely burst into flame or disintegrate
before he reached a quarter of his
maximum velocity, which would have made
them more of a liability than functional
footwear. For this reason, special
modifications were made in order to
ensure that his feet were well protected.

Body type: Slim built
Height: 5ft 8 inches
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Green
Mask Remnant: His mask remnant line both of his ears, snaking from just above the lobes to where his flesh meets his scalp and the edge of his green hair.
Tattoo Location: Tattooed on the left cusp of his hip-bone, where the stomach meets the lower half of his body.
Hollow Hole Location: The hole is located right where his heart would be.
Cero Color: Green
Reiatsu Color: Green
Reiatsu Form: Emulates the wings of a gigantic sparrow.

Personality: Wyre is an arrancar, and thus
represents one of the many Aspects of
Death that trace their way through the
darkest hearts of man and beast alike. His
own is 'apathy', and as one might expect,
it has ingrained itself in his personality so
heavily that he has become an avatar for
the concept—a living, breathing form given
to laziness and listlessness. Whether it is
through his words or his actions, the
Arrancar known as the 'Sleeping Dragon'
has attained a notorious reputation as one
of the most sporadically unreliable and
painfully uncaring individuals in all of
Hueco Mundo.
To understand the true depths of Wyre's
apathetic nature, one has to take a look at
his personal philosophy. Unlike many other
Arrancar, he has almost no wish to gain
power or increase the holdings of the
Privilege granted by his title. The hunger
within his stomach that calls for him to
feed on weaker members of his own kind
plays second fiddle to his overwhelming
desire to just relax and avoid the trouble of
getting up to feed. However, his
staggering power continued to grow as he
gave in to his laziness, and each of the
rare Hollow that he consumed were of
such high power that they made up for his
lack of hunting.
This trails into his view on the world,
which is somewhat cynical and entirely
reminiscent of the 'rebellious teenager' of
the human race. Wyre finds almost no
purpose in being bothered to 'try'. The way
he sees it, things will eventually work
themselves out in one way or the other,
and whatever happens is going to happen
whether or not he does anything to help or
impede the events. The apathy that the sleeping dragon embodies is not limited to personal pursuits and his world-view; it also relates to the way that he acts and behaves in
social situations.
Despite being considered a lazy,
purposeless individual by many, almost all
Arrancar know that there is a reason why
Wyre is called the 'Sleeping Dragon.
When something particularly dire happens
that he simply cannot ignore, or when
Celise expressly demands that he act,
Wyre would reveal that he is
incredibly capable, and that he is more
than willing to obliterate those that stand
in his way. He will do this as quickly as he
can in order to avoid troubling himself and
wasting time, since he often considers
using his speed more of an annoyance
than anything else. If he should be brought
to battle, Wyre generally has two modes
of thinking. On one hand, he could have
been ordered by Celise, in which case
he accepts that he has no choice but to
use his abilities. When this happens, he
often cracks jokes, teases his opponents,
or uses his sarcastic wit to entertain
himself as he does what he was ordered to
do. However, if he is attacked or roused
from his rest by anyone other than
Celise herself, Wyre would reveal a dark
part of his personality. He becomes
incredibly irritated that someone would
bother him and force him to move, and his
attacks become kill-focused beyond what
most would expect from him. This is what
earned him the title of 'Sleeping Dragon'.
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Re: [Hollow] Wyre Stolcraf


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Powers & Abilities

Espada Level ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▌
█████████████████████ Offense
█████████████████████ Defense
█████████████████████ Mobility
█████████████████████ Intelligence
█████████████████████ Stamina

Sonído Master: Wyre is highly proficient in evasion in close quarters, as well as from a distance, thus making hitting him almost impossible for all but the most advanced combatant. He moves so fast that opponents commonly do not know of his movements until after he has made them, and is skilled enough in his movements to evade at high speeds, even when being attacked from behind.
Flap of Wings: The sleeping dragon can simply rush away from a single location in a tremendous burst of Sonído, leaving behind an empty void/image where his body once was, leaving behind a negative zone. Just as many of the quickest Arrancar can move at such rapid speeds that they produce tangible, visible clones as they dart about in bursts of Sonído; which are generally called 'after-images'. When he moves quickly and pauses for split-seconds in certain places, he can produce an after-image, just as many other powerful Arrancar can. However, as he continues on to somewhere else, the clone is filled momentarily with a field of his own green Reiatsu, which instantaneously builds up the surrounding pressure. What is left is a tangible, touchable after-image that explodes violently when attacked by an opponent. Then, as quickly as he had disappeared, the area collapses in on itself, causing a terrifying explosion that can dig craters into the ground and cause mid level damage on targets depending on the power gap between them. Wyre can use it at any time, and those nearby have only a split second to react before the shock-wave threatens to annihilate them. These clones explode immediately if been touched or detonates automatically after a split second if no contact was made. Only through extraordinary means, such as high-level Pesquisa, a genius intelligence, or enhanced spiritual awareness, can an individual discern real from fake without risking injury.

High Reiatsu: Wyre possesses a high amount of Spiritual Power, one that sets him apart from those below him and is considered common for Fracción and other high ranking Arrancar. Though he isn't at the pinnacle of Spiritual prowess he can still exert large amounts of his Reiatsu when necessary, though not to any great effect. His power makes him better than average but he could still falter when facing higher classes of Reiatsu than his own.

Cero: Wyre can fire a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at a target. He can fire a standard Cero, taking the shape of a projectile or a beam. As an explosion, it can deal dangerous trauma and burns to anyone around his level when fully loaded but is even more dangerous when suffered point blank where it can result in heavier damage.

Bala: Bala is an advanced Arrancar Cero technique. Wyre hardens Reiatsu at his fist and fires it like a bullet, in the time it would normally take to punch forward. Though not nearly as strong as a Cero, it flies up to twenty times faster with next to no charge up time in comparison and delivers more concussive force. Wyre's Bala feels like a particularly hard punch.

Enhanced Strength: As a fighter with considerable physical conditioning, Wyre has shown sufficient strength to partly block powerful attacks and cope with strong strikes better. His attacks also hold a great deal more potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through objects in the way.

Enhanced Endurance: Wyre has enhanced physical stamina, allowing him to endure the hardships of battle for an extended length of time without slowing down. Only when utilizing high speed movement for an extended amount of time will he start to slow down significantly. Even when he has received an injury he can keep going without severe consequence to his battle scheme.

Great Speed: Wyre has demonstrated great speed and keen reflexes in battle. Even when caught by surprise from an enemy's attack, he can react in time to skillfully dodge or counter the assault. Offensively, he can keep up a quick and rapid assault which forces most opponents on the defense, as he leaves no openings in his attacks.

Swordsman Inept: Wyre is utterly useless with a sword, and is more likely to cut himself than he is to do anything to an opponent. It would require a stroke of luck just for him to land a hit on a moving target, and he lacks the precision to do much against a still one.

Hand to Hand Combatant: Wyre has shown some noticeable skill unarmed, though it is a far cry from the skill of those who have dedicated time and effort toward turning their bodies into lethal weapons. He can take on average armed opponents with difficulty, and with some luck or a decent strategy, he may still come out on top. He is capable in hand-to-hand combat in instances where he is lacking a weapon or needs the use of the skill to give him an edge in battle.


Gorrión (Sparrow): Within Wyre's mouth lies a small sphere,
resting in the middle of his glib tongue like a stud used in human piercings. It shines like a black pearl, and matches similar trinkets that dangle from his ear-lobes. This small piece of 'jewelry' is Gorrión, the Zanpakutō that seals away the powers of the sleeping dragon of Hueco Mundo. It is as utterly unassuming and misleading as the fraccion himself, and that is just one of the many ways that it remains hidden in plain sight.

As one might expect, Gorrión is not a combat-functional Zanpakutō. In no way can Wyre utilize it in order to help him defeat his enemies while his powers remains sealed within its form. This is yet another contrast that sets him apart from other Arrancar, many of whom rely on their
weapons to give them an upper hand in combat.

Inertia: As the Fraccion who represents Apathy, Wyre can manipulate the speed of any process around a diameter of 15 meters, manipulating how fast/slow something acts/works, make things done faster without even the slightest delay or slow down. Due to the overwhelming power of his aspect of death over his ability, he often slow down processes more than he fastens it/them up. This does not affect the flow of time itself, just whatever is involved with the process as a whole, from matter to machines and so on (except sentient beings). To alter the process speed of attacks projected by opponents stronger than Wyre demands greater percentage of his reiatsu and focus, while equal power opponents requires lesser reiatsu and weaker opponents little.

Resurrección: its release command is Soar, Gorrión. In order to unleash the Hollow powers that are sealed within his Zanpakutō, he would release the bond that ties Gorrión's black pearl to his tongue, allowing it to roll around between his
teeth. He would then open his mouth, revealing the sphere to his enemies, before saying:

"Soar, Gorrión."

As he closes his mouth to produce the 'n' consonant, his tongue will roll the black pearl back into his throat and down his windpipe. A tremendous explosion of green energy will bellows out from his body, which is
completely enveloped in the light and power of the transformation. Lower opponents are blown away from the area with little to no chance of them holding their ground, and the force is powerful enough to upend tremendous
amounts of sand, potentially causing a minor storm should he release within the dunes of Hueco Mundo. This power alone can be enough to wipe out lesser opponents, although the distance he puts between himself and others generally reduces the chances that anyone will be caught in the immediate proximity of his transformation.

When the dust and energy clears, Wyre's body will reveal its new form. His face, which only sported his small mask fragments, takes on an entirely new appearance. A smooth, bone-white layer armor covers his entire scalp.
reaching down to the base of his neck before stopping in smooth curves. The spinal-chord mask fragments that laced his ears find themselves directly connected to a clear panel of glass-like material that follows the front of the 'helmet', protecting the upper half of Wyre's face and obscuring his bright green eyes in shadow. The protective eye-covering is relatively thick and incredibly durable, stopping at the same height as the top of his ear-lobes, just at the middle of the nose. The two pearls would still dangle lightly in the wind.

The only other changes to his face are two pairs of vertical green lines. They sit in symmetrical spots, each roughly halfway between the point of his chin and the bottom of his ears. Starting an inch above the jawline and continuing down past his neck, they stop where the rest of his 'armor' begins.

The new form sees his entire torso completely encased in a solid piece of white armor, which are similar to the common skin that protects many Arrancar once they enter their released state. His Hollow hole, which was covered by his jacket, would be completely visible within the armor, sitting directly where his heart would be with a diameter similar to a baseball. The number that was tattooed of his waist, however, vanishes with his transformation. Along his back rest two vertical bony ridges, each roughly a foot in length, that protrude from the armor about two inches each. They rest inset of the shoulder blades, just an inch or so from where his spinal chord would be. Wyre's shoulders are unarmored, even though the white bone that covers his chest circles the bottom of his neck. This makes the chest armor appear like a thin breastplate of some kind. The shoulders are wrapped in a black cloth similar to the sash featured in the Arrancar uniform, but the fact that it tucks itself perfectly smooth against his skin makes it unlikely that it could be nearly as thick. At the top of his biceps, just below the shoulder, begins a new set of armor that covers his arms and hands. It is separated into three distinct pieces at the elbow and wrist, allowing him to retain flexibility. In between these momentary bits of separation is more of the black cloth that can be seen on his shoulders. It is the forearm section of his armor that features the sparrows's 'weapons', two bone-white extensions that look like fins or curved wings. These razor-sharp cutting edges protrude from the side of the armor, taking up an initial width of the entire forearm. They then curve quickly and straighten out until they reach a sharp point. With his arms at rest at his sides, the tips of these vicious fins rest at his eye-level. With the speeds that he can reach with his Sonído. These extensions of his body can cut through almost anything, and they make him into a mobile weapon. The lower half of the released Fraccion's body is armored in a similar way to his arms, with sections of plain white separated by black cloth at the joins. However, his legs do not feature the same bladed fins that his arms do, making them streamlined only for running and movement. His waist is covered with a particularly loose,
heavy-looking sash that is unwrapped on one side, allowing it to cover his left leg down to his knee. The trail of this fabric can be traced back up to the sash diagonally, where the rest of it is secured in place.

Great Strength: In Resurrección, Wyre has sufficient strength to partly block immensely powerful attacks and is capable of dealing with powerful strikes. His attacks also hold great potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through solid objects, as well as leaving deep craters behind.

Immense Speed: Wyre is deceptively fast in Resurrección, even when not using Sonído. His legs can propel him fast enough to surprise even fast opponents. He can instantly close huge gaps relying on his innate speed alone, appearing to disappear from sight completely. He is fast enough to react to most surprise attacks and masterfully deliver a counter to them. In battle, he can strike with incredible speed in rapid succession, making it highly difficult for his opponents to find an opening and counterattack.

High Speed Regeneration: Perhaps his greatest strength, Wyre has the ability to quickly regenerate any part of his body save for the brains and internal organs. The repair of damage can start quickly and finishes in two posts time. Despite the many benefits it has, many Hollows choose to abandon this power when becoming Arrancar in favor of greater strength. Although its ability to regenerate is indeed powerful it is not without flaws; the brains and internal organs can’t be regenerated and if such irreparable damage occurs, the body may continue to regenerate though to no avail. In addition, if the body is damage before it had the chance to regenerate or if enough damage it inflicted at one, it can be destroyed regardless.

Resurrección Abilities

Element Type:
[indent]• Velocity/Speed Manipulation
• Molecular Combustion Manipulation

Name: Zap
Type: Active
Element: Velocity/speed manipulation

Having the traits of a sparrow; known for its flight speed, Wyre tapped into that speed force and was able to attain the power to manipulate Velocity/speed as a whole such that it gave room for all the privileges that comes with the term 'Velocity'. Due to its diverse nature, it was split into two modes (1 & 2), but Wyre's slothful self limits him to one mode at a time and as such requires a period of 2 post to swap between modes after activation.

Mode 1: In this mode Wyre can manipulate the velocity of any moving matter (except sentient beings) within a diameter of 20 meters. He is capable of moving things around: by influencing their velocity I.e the speed and direction an object is moving. He is only able to influence the increase or decrease in velocity of energy attacks from opponents higher than him by one level, while those on par with him by two and lesser opponents by three in peak conditions.

Mode 2: This mode totally abandons the traits of Mode 1, thereby prompting Wyre's entirety towards manipulating his own speed. By tapping into an already existing velocity of his immediate surrounding which in return acts as a catalyst/boost, enhances his speed based abilities by two levels. This requires a charge time of 2 posts before activation. The charging process starts when mode 2 is activated.

Name: Explosive touch
Type: Passive
Element: Molecular Combustion Manipulation

In ressurección, Wyre's body can generate a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures. By increasing the kinetic of atoms and molecules of matter, thereby accelerating molecules of a target, increasing heat and friction to the point of combustion/explosion, Wyre can cause anything aside sentient beings and Zanpakutō to explode/ignite into flames on contact (when he touches them or they touch him). However, combustion of large targets demands a higher amount of reiatsu.

Because the object becomes the bomb when touched instead of being struck by an explosion, this ability cannot be blocked by physical barriers. This is done by infusing a certain amount of his green reiatsu into a target of this technique, the affected part(s) of sentient beings will receive a high degree burns, while inanimate objects will emit an incandescent green light before exploding afterwards.
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