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Bleach RP Announcement and Info Board


Post by Naxel » Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:45 pm

Welcome to the Bleach RP Announcement and Information Board!
This project we are doing is a new type of Bleach roleplay most of you may not be used to. In this roleplay we are going to be basing the whole thing around a storyline with arcs  that we the leaders will create. This does not mean you will be inhibited in your writing. We will post the current arc and through our roleplay we will advance it further. For example, the arc is about the remnants follwing a war between the Shinigami and Quincy. Nearly everyone from both sides is deceased, and those that remain are having to start their whole faction from scratch. Those in the Shinigami faction will decide what happens from this point; how the Seireitei will be built, the new social structures, and so on. For now we will post a description of the arcs as they form until such a time that a full timeline thread is needed.
It is very crucial that everyone reads every bit of description that we place out. From the information in applications to what people say or describe in their roleplay.
Right now we have two Gotei 13 Divisions opened (2nd and 7th Divisions) and the Arrancar Faction. Our goal is to build up both of these factions to the best of our abilities before we open any more. I know some may be disappointed, but we are doing this so as not to spread our resources too thin. Until such a time as we can successfully open all 13 Divisions with active members and get the Arrancar to a decent point we will hold off on creating more. So please help us make this into a huge success and fun time for everyone who joins!
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