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Naxel Dante-Hitsugaya
Race- Shinigami
Age- 20
Birthday- May 16
Gender- Male
Height- 5’11
Weight- 150 lbs.

Professional Status
Affiliation- Gotei 13, Soul Society
Profession- Shinigami
Position- 3rd Seat in the 2nd Division
Previous Position- 10th of the 2nd Division
Division- 2nd Division
Base of Operations- Seireitei, Soul Society

Personal Status
Family- Dante Clan (Adoptive family)
Friends- Members of Squad 2
Enemies- N/A

Shikai- Hikari (light)
Bankai- Hikari no sho (show of light)

An average sized male with short dark brown hair that is around 2 inches in length on top, and cut to about half an inch on the left and right side of his head. Naxel typically keeps his hair brushed back at a slight angle towards the right side of his head. Keeping the hair on the sides of his head, in front of his ears, short to about a half an inch. His eyes are dark brown with slight bushy eye brows. With him always being on the move, his body is slender with a slight muscular build to it. For someone who is as young as Naxel is, he has quite a lean and ripped body. His arms and legs show out more than his stomach and torso. The muscles on his biceps and calves bulge out to show that he has more muscle than the average person.

His attire consists of the typical Shinigami uniform with slight modifications: a sleeveless slim fit white shitagi and black kosade, a blue sash around his waist, a white silk scarf, and traditional Chinese shoes. His choice of traditional Chinese shoes over the waraji is due to his ability to maneuver around in them quicker. Over his uniform, he wears a traditional white haori with the inside of it being blue. Unlike most Shinigami, Naxel wears his Zanpakuto vertically mounted across his lower back that is attached to a blue belt latching around his waist.

Naxel is best described as loyal, independent, and well reserved. He will occasionally make jokes and goof around, but the only time you will see him doing so is when around those who he holds dearest to him. He is a huge believer in following the rules, and orders set by those above him. The only time he follows orders is when his superior orders them, or when one of his fellow captains do so. He has high respect for the rankings set before everyone, and always makes sure everyone respects their superiors. When it comes to his dearest friends and family nothing will keep him from protecting them. The loyalty he has for them, and his comrades, is unbreakable and is what makes him one of the best Shinigami in his eyes. Due to his independent personality, it makes battling alongside him quite difficult. He is never hesitant in any situation, and will always try and finish off a target or enemy as quickly as possible. When it comes to him and his target, anyone in his way will meet the same fate as his target. His comrades are no exception, and will meet the same fate as his target. Due to a hard past, opening up to people is quite difficult for him. It will take quite a while for him to open up to anyone, and allow them into his life. He respects his comrades, but even for them it will take a while for him to open up.
During an unknown time before the war between the quincies, Naxel was born and raised within a small broke village that was located within the South Rukongai district. Most of his childhood was of him living on his own, and fending for himself. The village he lived in was poor, and everyone that lived in the village lived broke and desperate. Majority of a normal day everyone would always fight and steal food from one another. His village always looked like a war zone. Naxel knew he wouldn’t stand a chance decided to be smart when it came to him gathering food for himself. Every night, while everyone was asleep, he would go and steal food right from under everyone that he could without being caught. Being sneaky was his specialty. He never trusted anyone though, because of the fear that they would betray and steal from him. Some of the villagers knew that he was stealing from them, but never really cared about a lone child. Then, one day a young boy came up to him at his shack, for an unknown reason, and offered him his friendship. Day by day came and went, and the boy came each day offering his friendship. Naxel grew tired of the boy and decided to give him a chance.

Every day they both would meet up, play together, and go out on adventures. A friendship was formed between the two that Naxel never thought he would have. The boy always spouted out about his dreams of becoming a Shinigami. Naxel thought the boy was foolish, and quietly laughed about him. He knew Naxel laughed at him, and that he had built up enough trust in him to know where everything he kept was. Another night came when Naxel decided to gather food from people’s homes. Outsmarting Naxel, the boy went to his shack and stole everything. The next day the boy came to boast about his actions along with some of the villagers. Naxel knew he should have never trusted him. A couple of the villagers laughed at him, and decided to take things a step further and burned down his shack. Whatever the boy didn’t steal was burned away along with his home.

Days went on with nowhere to go, or anyone to trust. A man in noble robes noticed him on the side of the road sleeping with a ragged cover over him. He felt bad for Naxel, and felt the urge to help. The nobleman requested his guards to pick him up, and they took him away to their home. Upon waking up, Naxel seen a beautiful room that looked like it belonged to someone of nobility. Figuring that he was dreaming, the man that found him entered the room and noticed he had woken. He explained where he was, and why he had brought him there. The nobleman was from a lower house known as the Dante Clan. The Nobleman told him that he had nothing to worry about, and that he could stay as long as his heart desired. Naxel didn’t believe him, and spouted out that he could never trust anyone because of his past and that the man was a liar. He found Naxel quite amusing, and explained that he was serious about his offer. Naxel didn’t want to believe him, but knew he wouldn’t make It back where he was.

A few years had pasted of living in the Dante house, Naxel never thought there was generous people like the Dante clan existed. He learned many things while living under a noble house, and obtained many skills as well. One of which was the skills of an assassin. The Nobleman knew Naxel had potential, and decided to go to the of his family to request the adoption of him. None of which rejected, and Naxel became a part of the Dante Clan. This family had become the only people he would ever trust.

A bout a year after his adoption, his skills had greatly improved. What he didn’t know at the time was that everything he learned were skills of a Shinigami in the 2[sup]nd[/sup] Division’s executive militia. He was trained in the art of Shunpo, Hakuda, swordsmanship, assassination, a little in the art of kido, and many others as well. The man who adopted him approached him, and suggested he should attend the Shino Academy and become a Shinigami. Naxel laughed at his adopted father, and told him that he wouldn’t become one. His father laughed back at him to explain that everything he was taught was skills of a Shinigami. Fully surprised, Naxel joined his father in laughing and agreed to join the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.

At the age of 9, in spirit years, Naxel attended the academy like his father wished. Everything that he was taught helped him become one of the top students in the academy. Attending the academy, he treated every class as if it was a class back at the Dante Mansion. Every day he worked on his skills by himself without the help of any other student. He isolated himself from everyone, because of his inability to trust anyone. By doing so, his skills had far more improved than what he thought they would. Besides improving his combatant skills there were other knowledge he obtained as well. Things such as the history, laws, leadership, and many others of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Everything they taught him about the Squads intrigued him greatly. 

Upon graduation, Naxel was 16 and join the 2[sup]nd[/sup] Division. He was appointed 10[sup]th[/sup] Seat with the help of the Noble Dante Clan. The goal he set forth was to become a master assassin under the greatest division skilled in the art. His father was proud of him, and knew he would succeed. He went on to the Seireitei, and explored his new home. Around a few months of getting acquainted, he was given his first mission from an old man that he hadn't met before. His first mission was to go with the old man for training. He soon discovered that he was an old Veteran that retired, and spent his time training selected individuals. Not liking the task given, but remembered his father always told him that he had to respect his superiors. The rankings of the Shinigami are what keep the order, and authority in check within the Seireitei. He took what his fathers wisdom and went along with the Shinigami for their training.

Their training went on for 4 years of non-stop vigorous training. Day after day and night after night the Veteran Shinigami trained Naxel until his body and mind couldn’t handle anymore, but that didn’t bother young boy. He was trained to improve his mobility, strength, mind, and achieve his Shikai. As a night they both were sitting around a fire, Naxel asked his Sensai why they were out here for so long. His reply was that a Nobleman came to the captain, and requested that he gained more training. He was not surprised and knew that the nobleman was possibly his father. Laughing at the thought surprised his Sensai, because it was the first time he seen Naxel show emotion. The Next day came, and both were woken by sounds of explosions. They both exited their tents to noticed smoke coming from where the Seireitei is located. Naxel wanted to go and help, but his Sensai told him he must stay. He instructed Naxel to stay behind to complete his training. Naxel unwillingly listened to his Sensai, and watched him shunpo away. Naxel stood by and watched as the smoke continued. He ignored his teacher’s instructions, and just impatiently waited by. Once seeing that the smoke had stopped, he knew that it was time for him to go back.

Naxel went back to the Seireitei to only find the enter Capital was in ruins. Everything that he once knew was destroyed to rubble, and everyone was gone. He went back to his family mansion, and seen that the mansion was no exception to the conflicts destruction. Naxel went to the rubble of the mansion to try and find his father. Moving and flipping everything that he could, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to find him at the rate he was going. Instead he went to where his father’s room was located. The spot of where his father’s room was located didn’t have as much rubble as did other spots. He started back moving and flipping debris to only find that his father's body wasn’t there. Knowing that he wouldn’t have been anywhere else in the house, and he came to the conclusion that he must of made it out before the events occured. With the theory of his father making it out in his head, he decided to make his way around the Seireitei to find more survivors. He came across a man that looked to be injured badly, and approached him. Before making it to him a castle appeared out of nowhere in the place of where rubble once was. The man fell, and passed away. Naxel turned towards the castle, and made his way to it. After climbing up the steps he turned around to look out at the destroyed Seireitei. He then knew that he had to find others, and rebuild everything that he once knew.

Current Events-

Reishi Goggles- Goggles that have a Reishi telescope built into them, and are also used for attire. The goggle are black with a blue line going across the center, vertically, as the see through. They are typically pushed up covering Naxel's forhead.

Powers & Abilities

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▌ Captain Level
█████████████████████ Offense
█████████████████████ Defense
█████████████████████ Mobility
█████████████████████ Kidō
█████████████████████ Intelligence
█████████████████████ Stamina

Hohō Master Specialist: Naxel is highly skilled in the art of Shunpo. He has mastered this ability to the point where he can appear to be in several places at once. He can easily close tremendous gaps of distance in the blink of an eye while remaining undetected, and can surprise even some of the most proficient masters of this art as well. He is capable of effortlessly dodging simultaneous attacks at close range and evading Bankai level techniques. He is perceived to be so fast that one cannot discern even being attacked by him until after it has taken place. Even masters can barely keep up with him while he is still holding back.
Utsusemi: Way of Omnitsu 3rd of the Shiho: (Cast-off Cicada Shell): It allows for movement at great speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. Being taught this by his master as one of the final teachings to his training.

Keen Intellect: Naxel has shown himself to be very intelligent. He is also knowledgeable in the history and proceedings of the world. His intelligence allows him to compensate for his own weaknesses better, also when opposed by a more powerful opponent and adapt to a battle situation with greater ease. When pressed into a dangerous situation, he can rely on his brains to figure out an effective approach.

Great Reiatsu: Naxel has a great amount of Spiritual Power which is considered to be Captain Class. His Reiatsu is a formidable weapon, striking fear in those lower than himself. He can easily mainfest his Reiatsu to some extent and have it affect the people around him mentally. He can maintain a high level of control over his Reiatsu, using it as he sees fit, but falling short of those who boast Vast or Immense Reiatsu.

Enhanced Strength: As a fighter with considerable physical conditioning, Naxel has shown sufficient strength to partly block powerful attacks and cope with strong strikes better. His attacks also hold a great deal more potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through objects in the way.

Enhanced Endurance: Naxel has enhanced physical stamina, allowing him to endure the hardships of battle for an extended length of time without slowing down. Only when utilizing high speed movement for an extended amount of time will he start to slow down significantly. Even when he has received an injury he can keep going without severe consequence to his battle scheme.

Immense Speed: Naxel is deceptively fast in combat, even when not using Shunpo. His legs can propel him fast enough to surprise even fast opponents. He can instantly close huge gaps relying on his innate speed alone, appearing to disappear from sight completely. He is fast enough to react to most surprise attacks and masterfully deliver a counter to them. In battle, he can strike with incredible speed in rapid succession, making it highly difficult for his opponents to find an opening and counterattack.

Enhanced Durability: Naxel's body has received significant battle-conditioning and can take large amounts of punishment. He can take frequent unarmed attacks from weaker individuals on his body and come out unscathed, or with little consequence if not laugh about it instead.

Zanjutsu Master: Naxel is a master of swordsmanship, possessing flawless precision and performing lethal attacks with little effort. All of his strikes are powerful with equally impressive speed behind them. He can perform attacks with perfect precision and stop them in an instant. His skill in swordsmanship is great enough that he rarely requires even his Shikai in battle. His swordplay is at a level of skill that would be expected of a Captain.

Hakuda Inept: In trying to perform hand-to-hand movements, Naxel may find himself injured. He has no skill whatsoever in unarmed combat, beyond basic instinctual punches and kicks, so hitting mobile targets is quite improbable.

Kidō Inept: Naxel has no ability to cast any Kidō spells. It’s not that he is unskilled, but rather, he does not have sufficient knowledge of it to perform a single spell.


Hikari (light): When in sealed form, his blade takes shape of a Wakizashi. The blade has a blue hilt with a guard that is in the form of a four-sided Star.

Its release command is "Emerge from Darkness". Naxel releases the form of his Shikai with the command, "Emerge from Darkness", that triggers the release. Upon speaking the command, his blade starts to glow blue from the hilt to the top of the blade. There are two ways for his blade to take shape of his shikai. Those ways are either letting the blade glow blue while it extends into forming the spear, or him spinning it around in a circle as it extends into its form. Once one of the actions take place the blade turns into a spear with a white ribbon on it. The blade is in the shape of an arrow with a hollowed center. The shaft has four rods that tick out and then bend the same way as the shaft. The purpose of these rods are currently unknown to Naxel himself. Lastly, the bottom of the spear has a moon shaped symbol with a small point in the middle. Do not let the appearance fool you. It is also as sharp as a blade as well.
Special Ability; Seiten (Clear Sky): Passive Ability. Upon the release and complete formation of his shikai, Hikari takes 1/10th of Naxel's reiatsu and uses it to transform into a gilded bayonet. The spear goes from its normal appearance, and quickly glows into a bright shining spear. When the spear is fully shining, a yellow clear ball starts to form at shaft under Naxel's hand. The ball grows up to 2 miles in diameter and bursts once full grown. Once the ball bursts from sight it clears the entire sky and battle field of any clouds and wind. This abilities purpose is to create, and maintain, an environment clear of clouds and wind to bring clouds along.

Ability #1; Hansha Yari (Reflecting Spear):: Active Ability. A technique which fires off a flat beam of light that is two inches in width. This beam is capable of reflecting off of any hard solid surface (such as the ground, sturdy solid wall, etc.) up to 6 times, and is capable of piercing through through ones body. Its power is able to penetrate an arrancars herro level of great, and can penetrate a shinigami's body. When the beam reaches it maximum reflects of six time it creates an explosion of great power. It also can be detonated before reaching its max reflections by a single command. This ability takes the amount of 2/10th of Naxel's Reiatsu, and can be used up to three times per 2/10th's of Reiatsu. Its form is created by reiatsu covering a fourth of the hollowed spear head.

Ability #2; Raito Gan (Light Gun):: Active Ability (Not Achieved). A technique that summons a small ball on the tip of the spear head, and fires off a bullet sized ball of light that travels at 2,500 feet per second (the speed of an actual bullet). Unlike Hansha Yari, this ability creates a great explosion once it makes contact with a surface. This ability takes the amount of 1/10th of Naxel's reiatsu, and can be used up to 10 times per tenth of reiatsu.

Ability #3; #2; Light Shield (Shakō-ban):: Active Ability (Not Achieved). This technique creates a shield that surrounds the entirety of Naxel's back, from head to toe. It beginds with a small ball at the back of his neck, and rapidly expands when an opponent comes within a few feet of his backside. This durable shield can withstand 10 strikes of a user with enchanced stength, 5 strikes of one with geat strength, and 1 hit from one with immense strength. It takes 3/10th's of Naxel reiatsu per shield.

Ability #4; Keimusho (Prison):: Active Ability (Not Achieved). A technique that creates a a ball on the tip of the spear, and shoots out 6 beams 5 feet in six directions. The beams then connect creating a hexagon. Once the hexagan is formed, it shoots six vertical beams. This technique is usually used when Naxel is in the air, and his opponent is down below him. The beams trap his opponent with 6 bars around them, and explodes when Naxel commands it to. This ability requires 4/10th's of Naxel's reiatsu, and usually only used as a final blow or quick finish.

Show of Light (Hikari no shō): Not Yet Achieved.
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