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[2nd Division]Carter


Post by Samuel_Carter_Awakening » Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:35 am

Name- Carter
Race- Shinigami
Age- 14
Looks- Toshiro
Birthday- 25th October
Gender- Male
Height- 6" tall
Weight- 123 pounds
Reiatsu color- Blue
Reiatsu form- Dual Katana
Appearance- Looks like Toshiro. his Blades strapped behind him
History- No data
Personality: Carter is the happy type.. He goes insane anytime he sees his blood.

Sealed state appearance: Dual Katana
Spirit appearance: A female with which has long hair.. And a Tail. The female resembles a cat. She wears a bikini and a short
Zanpakutō Name: Kusanagi
Shikai release command: Feed Kusanagi
Shikai appearance: Zanpakuto remains the same as in sealed state but now releases sparks of lightning around it.

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