[Shinigami][W.I.P]Reiner Okazaki

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[Shinigami][W.I.P]Reiner Okazaki


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[ 2nd Division ]


Name: Reiner Okazaki

Nickname: The bald one

Age of death: 19

Actual Age: 169

Appears to be: 40

Appearance: Reiner has the appearance of a middle aged body builder with dark skin and a bald head which looks virtually indestructible, he has small eyes and average dark lips and a scar across his face. He wears a red kimino with a black hat to cover his head and brown sandals. His Zanpakuto is strapped on his back

Eye Color: Black

Hair Style/Color: Bald

Height: 6" 7



Reiatsu Color: Black


Personality: Reiner is a very simple person, having a fear of talking to ladies, he usually keeps to himself and is a very loyal comrade, however, his lust for power has somewhat ruined all his good traits as he's able to go as far as sacrificing a fellow comrade at the slightest chance of attaining power. He is also very ruthless and never has mercy on any opponent since he drives a strange joy from killing

Biography: Born into a polygamous family, Reiner was the middle child and was always neglected by his parents even when he needed then the most, this made him to run away from home and went to live with a fisherman who took proper care of him and taught him how to read and write and to cater for himself, when he became a teenager, his adopted father died of a widespread plague at that time while he was away, consumed by grief, he never buried the body but kept eating with him and taking him down to the stream to watch him fish, on one occasion, the body fell into the fireplace and got destroyed. The boy, eaten with sorrow decided to end himself along with everyone he once cared about so he left for his family's house and slaughtered every one of them before taking his own life.

Zanpakuto sealed appearance: Twin scmitars, one of the moon and the other of the sun


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