[2nd Division, 6th Seat] Vimaro Nethon Pheles

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[2nd Division, 6th Seat] Vimaro Nethon Pheles


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Name: Vimaro Nethon Pheles
Gender: Male
Age: 192 years (Appears mid-twenties)

Appearance: Vimaro is a light-skinned, pale man with a slim build. Of an average height of 183cm, Vimaro doesn’t stand out in a normal gathering as even his short, spiky, brown hair isn’t unusual. He has small eyes that are usually contracted to easy slits, which often makes noticing his purple eyes a feat. Vimaro has no major preferences in clothing, at ease with about anything. His shihakushō is the standard loose black garment, modified only at the sleeves which are form-fitting and extend to his wrists.

Personality: Vimaro is a quiet and polite soul, often haughty at times, but cautious and pragmatic. He does not hold to lofty ideas about things, seeing them as simply being. While he is cagey, regardless of the easy smile that lights up his face, Vimaro is prone to moments of spontaneity and loses the cordiality of his usual character, giving in to an aloof nature.

Division: 2nd Division

History: Vimaro is the first of a set of twins fathered by the demon king of time. Born fragile at birth, Vimaro was the weaker twin and spent nearly the first two decades of his life bedridden in his room with machines and equipment to put modern intensive care machinery to shame. By his mid-twenties, years after his twin brother had since left to become arrancar companion to their cousin after getting his nature changed, his father and another performed similar process on him in the hopes that a less riotous ‘body’ might improve his health. Given a choice on race, he chose that which balanced his brother out and became shinigami.

Vimaro’s health rapidly improved within months and the young soul could finally begin to fighting disciplines his previously failed body denied him, learning to fight from his uncles who were more skilled than his father was since his power excused the need for skills. Still reeling from his previous health problems, Vimaro’s learning speed was abysmal for years that it took until his brother and cousin gained ironclad repute in both their worlds before Vimaro’s teachers were satisfied that he could manage at the Shinigami Academy he wanted to attend, at which point his learning speed was no longer a horror.

His years at the academy were nothing of note… at first. Over a decade had gone by before his instructors were able to see past his non-existent kidō skills to acknowledge his talents in the other three arts of shinigami combat. Two years after the discovery and Vimaro graduated, enlisting into a division he hoped would be instrumental in his own personal agenda.

Powers & Abilities

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▌ Captain Level
█████████████████████ Offense
█████████████████████ Defense
█████████████████████ Mobility
█████████████████████ Kidō
█████████████████████ Intelligence
█████████████████████ Stamina

Zanjutsu Average: Vimaro possesses skills in the use of swords during combat and knowledge of swordsmanship that can be considered reputable. He has no great skill to speak of, but can definitely hold his own against those with equal or lesser prowess, and maybe those higher to an extent. He can wield his Zanpakutō with relative ease, though. To this effect, he is able to kill a simple Hollow in one hit, as well as block all its attacks.

Average Reiatsu: Vimaro possesses an average amount of Spiritual Power. It sets him apart from Plus Souls and those wandering the Rukongai, corresponding to a common level of power for a low ranking seated and non-seated member of the Gotei 13. While he has enough Reiatsu to use Shinigami based techniques it is only enough to make him stand out in a crowd of normal souls. He can control his Reiatsu to a fine degree and use it as he sees fit, but he also shouldn't waste it if it can be avoided.

Great Strength: As a fighter with great physical conditioning, Vimaro has shown sufficient strength to partly block immensely powerful attacks and is capable of dealing with powerful strikes. His attacks also hold great potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through solid objects, as well as leaving deep craters behind.

Great Endurance: Vimaro has incredible physical stamina, allowing him to endure the hardships of battle for a great length of time without slowing down. Only when utilizing constant high speed movement for an extended amount of time will he start showing signs of fatigue. Even with several wounds he can keep on fighting without significant physical hindrance.

Enhanced Speed: Vimaro has demonstrated enhanced speed and reflexes in battle. Even when caught by surprise from an enemy's attack, he can react to it with a dodge to minimize the effects. Offensively, he can keep up a quick assault which forces weaker opponents on the defense, as he leaves no openings for them in his attacks.

Enhanced Durability: Vimaro's body has received significant battle-conditioning and can take large amounts of punishment. He can take frequent unarmed attacks from weaker individuals on his body and come out unscathed, or with little consequence if not laugh about it instead.

Hohō Combatant: Vimaro has shown some degree of skill in the use of Shunpo, and is quick enough to keep up with most of his peers. He requires a great deal more steps than most others when performing Shunpo though, so he is less likely to attempt flashy maneuvers, instead sticking to chasing and dodging.

Hakuda Untrained: He has received zero training in the art of hand-to-hand combat. Every one of Vimaro's unarmed attacks is based on instinct alone. Fighting against armed opponents of any caliber is a hassle, but if proper thought is put into his movements, maybe he can come out on top.

Kidō Inept: Vimaro has no ability to cast any Kidō spells. It’s not that he is unskilled, but rather, he does not have sufficient knowledge of it to perform a single spell.
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