[Shinigami]Midori Arekusanda

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[Shinigami]Midori Arekusanda


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Character Name: Midori Arekusanda
Age: 217 but looks 21
Race: Soul(shinigami)
Reiatsu color: Green
Division: 2nd
Physical Appearance: Midori is a dark skin man reaching a height of 6" 2. He spots a slim muscular build. To complement his height. Midori also has a tattoo in the form of two black stripes on his right hand running from his shoulder to his wrist. 
He's a young looking man with no facial hair and a short hair with a round cut style. He has pitch dark hair. Same with his eyes. Exposed by his large eyes. 
Attire: Midori wears a slight deviation of the shinigami attire. He wears a sleeveless shihakusho that is fitted at the torso. It also has a hood attached to the collar. Everything else is similar to the regular shihakushou.
Personality: A slightly extroverted person. Midori loves to have fun. He loves to make jokes out of tense situations. 
Though Midori may seem unserious at first glance, he can get grim. But this only occurs when a nerve has been struck. 
In battles Midori enjoys going all out. He grins a lot and occasionally laughs. He hates being held back against as he considers it an insult.
When it comes to his work he tries to act lazy but always ends up finishing it up making him a reliable shinigami.
Outside his occupation he loves taking long strolls and occasionally trips to the restaurant to try out new delicacies.
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Re: [Shinigami]Midori Arekusanda


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[Font=Segoe UI]Powers & Abilities

[Font=Arial]▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▌ [Font=Segoe UI]Captain Level[/FONT]
█████████████████████[Font=Segoe UI] Offense[/FONT]
█████████████████████[Font=Segoe UI] Defense[/FONT]
█████████████████████[Font=Segoe UI] Mobility[/FONT]
█████████████████████[Font=Segoe UI] Kidō[/FONT]
█████████████████████[Font=Segoe UI] Intelligence[/FONT]
█████████████████████[Font=Segoe UI] Stamina[/FONT][/FONT]

Hohō Average: Midori is skilled enough in the use of Shunpo to keep up with expert Hohō practicioners to some extent. The most use he would get out of Shunpo would be to keep up with stronger opponents. He can maintain fast movements for a short period of time, by seemingly taking only a few steps to bridge what would normally be large distances.

Keen Tactician: He has shown himself to be a flexible tactician, capable of adjusting to difficult combat situation, if not planning out steps well in advance. He understands the strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of his enemies, and creates strategies to achieve victory; this includes preparing traps or leading his enemies along battle plans. Like this he can prepare victory in advance and even exploit his enemies’ weaknesses for his grand scheme. Regardless of his own powers or those of others, he remains vigilant.

Average Reiatsu: Midori possesses an average amount of Spiritual Power. It sets him apart from Plus Souls and those wandering the Rukongai, corresponding to a common level of power for a low ranking seated and non seated member of the Gotei 13. While he has enough Reiatsu to use Shinigami based techniques it is only enough to make him stand out in a crowd of normal souls. He can control his Reiatsu to a fine degree and use it as he sees fit, but he also shouldn't waste it if it can be avoided.

Enhanced Strength: As a fighter with considerable physical conditioning, Midori has shown sufficient strength to partly block powerful attacks and cope with strong strikes better. His attacks also hold a great deal more potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through objects in the way.

Enhanced Endurance: Midori has enhanced physical stamina, allowing him to endure the hardships of battle for an extended length of time without slowing down. Only when utilizing high speed movement for an extended amount of time will he start to slow down significantly. Even when he has received an injury he can keep going without severe consequence to his battle scheme.

Enhanced Speed: Midori has demonstrated enhanced speed and reflexes in battle. Even when caught by surprise from an enemy's attack, he can react to it with a dodge to minimize the effects. Offensively, he can keep up a quick assault which forces weaker opponents on the defense, as he leaves no openings for them in his attacks.

Enhanced Durability: Midori's body has received significant battle-conditioning and can take large amounts of punishment. He can take frequent unarmed attacks from weaker individuals on his body and come out unscathed, or with little consequence if not laugh about it instead.

Zanjutsu Combatant: Midori has been trained in the art of swordsmanship, but that is pretty much it. He can be considered a cut below others, who may have been a little more devoted to learning proper form in combat. Decent is what he could be called, as he at least has a proper form, but he may find himself easily disarmed by a more skillful show of swordsmanship.

Hakuda Inept: In trying to perform hand-to-hand movements, Midori may find himself injured. He has no skill whatsoever in unarmed combat, beyond basic instinctual punches and kicks, so hitting mobile targets is quite improbable.

Kidō Combatant: Midori knows just enough about Kidō to be capable of casting mid-level spells with incantation, being able to cast up to #33 with and without incantation. With some prep time, he may also be able to chain low-level spells like Hado #4. He cannot hope to create massive damage like some of the greater Kidō practitioners, but he knows enough about Kidō to use it as a decent distraction against stronger opponents, or as a major attack against weaker ones.[/FONT]

[Font=Segoe UI]Zanpakutō

Zanpakutō: In its sealed states it appears as a regular dark green hilt katana with a green scabbard to match. It spots no notable design on both the hilt and scabbard.[/FONT]


[INDENT]Shikai: its release command is Reach through the heavens and latch onto the crescent moon. The demons rejoice as the heavenly bodies wail. Now tangle, reveal and destroy, Norowareta.. Midori inserts his blade back into its scabbard and after the phrase is said, the hidden blade glows a bright green light and grows into a 7ft tall pitch black scythe. the scythe has a crooked design for its blade and also a shorter blade at the end of the scythe.[INDENT]
Unmei no Shiruku [Fated silk]: Norowareta is capable of emitting highly compressed thread-like energy in crescent form whenever it's swung. These threads move at great speeds as fast as Midori can run and are capable of slicing objects as large as boulders. since it's made of the user's reiatsu it can be blocked.
Giman-sha no Gainen [Concept of the Deciever]: Norowareta is driven deep into the earth and reiatsu is sent through the ground and beneath the target. threads emerge from the ground in great numbers and latch tightly on to the target and drag them to the ground. opponents with higher reiatsu may resist and dispel it
Saishu Unmei [Final Fate]: Norowareta charges up green reiatsu at the blade and when is swung, releases a great amount of energy in a more condensed string like form. This ability causes more damage and can cleanly split objects double the size of what Unmei no shiruku can slice. this however is more energy consuming than his other techniques being able to use 3 at most with full strength.[/INDENT][/INDENT][/FONT]
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