[2nd Division] Kamikaze Hidēyoshi

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[2nd Division] Kamikaze Hidēyoshi


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[2nd Division]


Name: Hideyoshi Kamikaze


Age of death: 18

Actual Age: 210

Appears to be: 18

Appearance: Hidē(As he is popularly called) appears to look 18 thereabout. He has a light skin tone and is averagely built. He wears a white sleeveless Kimono, resembling a Captain's haori. The rest of his shinigami uniform appears normal. He wears a bandage and a guard on his left arm. He wears his zanpakutô on his left hip.

Eye Color: Green.

Hair Style/Color: Brown Spiky and slicked back and also a little bit messy.

Height:6" 1



Reiatsu Color: Dark Blue


Personality: He is manipulative and ruthless but at the same time cool and calm, and he will not hesitate to abandon his comrades if he no longer finds them useful. In fact, he finds that being able to abandon your own friends as a strength. He has an ambition of wiping out every hollow on the planet. Despite his harsh personality, he possesses a sense of self-righteousness and sees anyone who is willing to sacrifice others for pure greed and with no goal as evil.

Biography: Hidē was raised by his drunkard of an uncle because his parents died in a car accident when he was 5. When he was growing up with his uncle he was instructed to never leave his bed except if he was going to work at the construction site. One day, his uncle came back home drunk, as usual, and Hidē went to welcome him. As he got to his Uncle's front he was greeted with a series of punches and kicks. In an act of self defense, he grabbed a nearby empty bottle and smashed it on his uncle's head thereby leading to his death. He knelt beside the dead body in shock of what he had done. He was brought back to reality by the sound of sirens outside the house followed by loud bangs on the door. Suddenly the door flew open as a police man with a gun jets in. Hidē tries to escape through the nearest window but is shot dead before he even reaches the window.*

After living a considerable amount of time in soul society, he moved to become a shinigami and joined the 2nd Division.
Before Hidē died he had love for science and still did even after he joined the second Division.

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/fco ... 1015022251

Zanpakutou Sealed appearance: A Katana with a green hilt

Spirit appearance: Fuyukami is tall and slender with brown skin, green hair and icy blue eyes.

http://img10.deviantart.net/0e73/i/2011 ... 47yzrx.jpg

Inner world appearance : It very much looks like a frozen wasteland with ice-like structures and an Ice Throne where Fuyukami sits.

Zanpakutō Name :冬の神 (Fuyukami)


Release command: Anata no kōri no yōna ikari o hyōji: Fuyukami (Display Your Icy Wrath: Fuyukami).
Upon its release, a vast amount of dry ice is emitted. Anything that comes in contact with this dry ice can be sensed by Hidē.

Appearance: At its command, Fuyukami transforms into a Katana with an icy-blue blade with a dragon's design on each side. Once released, Hidē can make ice-constructs at will.

Name: Ice Demon
Type: Active/Passive
Element: Cyrokinesis
Description: Hidē's entire body becomes enveloped by a thick layer of bluish ice that prevents things from penetrating it due to its hardness, and a passive mechanism that smears whatever comes in contact with it using that very ice.
However, he could just as willingly freeze things through direct contact with them, whereby, even after a victim has cut the connection with him, the freezing gradually continues, frost biting things near the affected area to a point where it splits apart into icy crystals. In this form, he can regenerate lost limbs. He can also break down his molecules, allowing them move around freely in the air like gases and reforming himself in another location of his choice, thus making it look like he disappeared. He can also createmultiple mirrors of icearound his enemy, reflecting nothing but him. The opponent is trapped in a dome of twenty-one floating mirrors made out of ice. Twelve remain at ground level, eight float above the first twelve and angled towards the ground, and the final mirror is above the rest and facing the ground. Once Haku has entered the mirrors, it's possible for him to move between the mirrors at exceedingly high speed levels. It's near impossible to follow attacks sent out from this incredible movement. As every mirror shows his reflection, one could say it's impossible to see all of Hidē's attacks.

Name: Icy Heavens
Type: Active
Element: Cryokinesis
Description: Snow seemingly falls from the sky to the earth. But this is no ordinary snow for it freezes whatever or whoever it falls on except its caster.

Name: Absolute Zero
Type: Passive/Active
Element: Cyrokinesis
Description: A bluish miasma( cold air)explodes from Hidē, as squalls of wind encircle his now energized body. The atmospheric temperature around him suffers a sudden plunge to a certain degree(-100°C), such that a blizzard rages, reducing visibility to zero.
Because of this Hidē becomes able to ensnare his opponent's from afar with his ability to freeze, completely disregarding the previous hindrance that was direct contact.
His opponent's are unable to realise they've been injured, not until it is too late, due to their pain, and pressure receptors becoming inactive from exposure to the extreme cold. His actions cause less sound, as the time for sound waves travel under such cold conditions is longyer than usual (the speed of sound depends on temperature).

Reiatsu Average:
Kamikaze possesses an average amount of Spiritual Power. It sets him apart from Plus Souls and those wandering the Rukongai, corresponding to a common level of power for a low ranking seated and non seated member of the Gotei 13. While he has enough Reiatsu to use Shinigami based techniques it is only enough to make him stand out in a crowd of normal souls. He can control his Reiatsu to a fine degree and use it as he sees fit, but he also shouldn't waste it if it can be avoided.

Hoho Combatant:
Kamikaze has shown some degree of skill in the use of Shunpo, and is quick enough to keep up with most of his peers. He requires a great deal more steps than most others when performing Shunpo though, so he is less likely to attempt flashy maneuvers, instead sticking to chasing and dodging.

Zanjutsu Combatant:
Kamikaze has been trained in the art of swordsmanship, but that is pretty much it. He can be considered a cut below others, who may have been a little more devoted to learning proper form in combat. Decent is what he could be called, as he at least has a proper form, but he may find himself easily disarmed by a more skillful show of swordsmanship.

Hakuda Combatant:
Kamikaze has shown some noticeable skill unarmed, though it is a far cry from the skill of those who have dedicated time and effort toward turning their bodies into lethal weapons. He can take on average armed opponents with difficulty, and with some luck or a decent strategy, he may still come out on top. He is capable in hand-to-hand combat in instances where he is lacking a weapon or needs the use of the skill to give him an edge in battle.

Kido Untrained:
Kamikaze shows poor skill in Kidō. He is skilled enough in the use of the lowest level spells without incantation up to #31, but has difficulty using them in rapid succession, as some will explode on him indiscriminately. His spells used without incantation are very minuscule.
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