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Name: Yuan "Tian" Wuji
Current BA Age: 200 but appears as a man in his early 20s
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: black
Gender: male
Height: 5.7"
Weight: 78kg
Martial Art level: Unknown- Probably above Grand Master(previous life)
Race: Soul
Affiliation: Wudang sect,Yuan Heavenly Clan, 8th Division, 7th Division
Clan: Unknown-Probably Yuan Heavenly Clan

"Having roamed the Realm for more than 3
decades, I have killed all my foes and defeated
all champions. Under Heaven no one can be my
equal. Without any other choice, I could only
retreat and live in seclusion in the deep valley of
wudang, with only a katana as my companion.
Alas, all my life, I have sought a match but in
vain. Unbearable loneliness is my destiny
" — "Sword Saint" Yuan Wuji
The name Yuan Wuji is made up of two Chinese characters that literally mean "source and nothingness" when placed together. His given name "Wuji" literally means "Nothingness". His full name is thus roughly translated as "The source of nothingness". It represents Wuji's invincible swordplay skill as a swordsman since it originate from nothingness as no one can defeat or equal his Sword skill.
Yuan Tian Wuji, is a wudang disciple of the Yuan Heavenly Clan who is Nicknamed "Sword Saint" (劍魔) to reflect his prowess in and devotion to the practice of swordplay, he attains the philosophical level of "swordsmanship without a sword", which means that he uses swordplay techniques in combat without the physical existence of a sword. Yuan is an orphan tutored by the Wudang taoist known as Yedi. Much is not known about this swordman since he is haunted by solitude as no one in the mortal world can defeat or equal him in swordplay.

Tomb of the masters
Long before he became a soul....Wuji's final resting place is known as the Tomb of Masters located in a remote area in Wudang. The modern disciples of Wudang normally reads the inscription in the wall of his Tomb. The Disciples reads Wuji's personal statement at the tomb:

"Having roamed the Realm for more than 3 decades, I have killed all my foes and defeated all champions. Under Heaven no one can be my equal. Without any other choice, I could only retreat and live in seclusion in the deep valley of wudang, with only a katana as my companion. Alas, all my life, I have sought a match but in vain. Unbearable loneliness is my destiny.

Wudang disciples read this from the Tomb of Masters:"The "Sword Saint" Yuan Wuji has become the invincible and unchallenged swordsman under Heaven, hence he buried his sword here. The heroes of the realm bow before me. Now, my Long old Sword is of no use anymore. The agony never ends!"

The first sword(present: by the left side of my tomb- Glows in red. Spherical guard. The tip of the sword is very soft, and can vibrate. Can easily and very  quickly switch the position from which the sword is thrust at will. Being so sharp and potent, the tremor it creates on shattering the opponent's weapon can be very staggering.) "My first sword was so sharp, strong and fierce that none could withstand it. With it in hand, I strive for mastery by challenging all the heroes of the Seven sects(Shaolin, Ngo mai, Hung tun, Kun lun, Er mei and Wa shan) in my teenage years."

The second sword(present) "My second sword was light and blunt. The uttermost cunning is based on simplicity. With it, I roamed all lands under Heaven unopposed in my 20s."

The third sword (not present) As the saying goes, "Never enquire about the past, but seek to live without regrets.?? Dark black in colour,
long and resilient. Very compelling sword-energy. I used it in my 30s. With it, I have mistakenly wounded righteous men. It turned out to be a weapon of doom that caused me to feel remorseful endlessly. I cast it into a deep abyss. and it was replaced by the dragon moon saber".

The fourth sword (sword?? What sword?) "After the age of 40, I was no longer hampered by any weapon. Grass, trees, bamboos, stick and rocks can all be my swords. Since then, I have developed my skills further, such that gradually I can win battles without reaching for weapons. Thus, i attained the philosiphical level of using swordplay technique without the physical existence of a sword."
Shinigami LIfe
After being reborn in soul society Wuji was recruited into the 8th Division from the shino Academy by Captain Zane Hayami Sakura, after spending years owning his shinigami powers he joined the Hayami clan and later excel among the members of the 8th Division squad of the gotei 13. He became a senior officer among his peers in his Division but much his not known about his life due to his solitary life as a warrior. However, due to his fancy skills and intellect he was recruited to join the Upper Echelons of the Seventh Division.
Wuji is a young man with long black hair and black eyes. His eyelashes are unusually long, giving him a slightly feminine appearance. He
wears a blue kosode with a long white haori over the top and dark blue hakama, tucked into his black socks. He also wears brown gloves which cover only the back of his hands and his wrists. He looked similar as a child, even wearing the same clothing minus the haori. sometimes he wears a traditional chinese blue or brown gi and beige pants, tucked in simple boots.
Wuji is a wudang disciple whose prowess in qinggong is unmatched in the Wulin. He normally wields a katana as his weapon and uses it only for self- defence. He relies on his wit, experience and calm to solve several mysteries and overcome several enemies who are more powerful than him. The identity of Wuji's martial arts teacher is unknown, and even the well-informed mercenaries could only deduce that he is a student of Ye Di (夜帝), one of the ancient priest of wudang seven greats.
Fighting style
The traditional wudang yang style relies on the enormous upper body strength. Wuji used brute strength, speed and agility, all ruled by an unpredictable mind—a practitioner of all styles, he could pinpoint and exploit weakness while facing many opponents. unpredictably, having mastered various styles
of wudang. wuji also possesses great knowledge and history of wudang, and he was also noted to be a kung fu prodigy to master all one-thousand scroll of wudang yang style.

'Cloud Ascending Ladder' (梯雲縱)- is the best of Wudang's qingong skills. Wuji learnt it from his master in his childhood and the skill enables him to leap to extreme heights. His skill in this area normally exposes his true identity to Wudang members and other practitioners of the
Nine sword of Wudang
After inheriting the ancient secret manual the nine sword of wudang from his mentor "Yedi".... . 'Nine Sword of Wudang are nine independent sword stances created to overpower all sorts of weapons, including swords, spears, clubs, whips, and arrows, as well as bare-handed attacks. This swordplay has nine stances, each of which is designed to counter a particular form of martial arts. The mastery of all nine forms allows the swordsman to counter a wide range of martial arts moves (including those involving the use of weapons). The first core element of the swordplay is speed: The swordsman is
trained to quickly predict and identify the weaknesses in the martial arts moves executed by an opponent, and then attack those weak points. The second core element of the swordplay is its formless nature and adaptability: Unlike typical martial arts styles described in most sword art manual, the moves of the
'Nine Swords of Wudang' do not follow any fixed sequence or pattern. As such, it is nearly impossible for an opponent to predict (and counter correspondingly) the moves of the swordplay. The key to mastering the swordplay is to understand the two core elements instead of rigidly memorising all the stances. Once the swordsman has grasped the essence of the swordplay, he can use it in endless forms and variations, hence the swordplay has no fixed sequence or pattern. During combat, the less the swordsman remembers, the less restricted he is by the original stances. He is thus able to customise and adapt the swordplay accordingly.


Sealed State Appearance: A long katana with a cyan hilt and black sheathe, covered by a black scabbard.

Release Appearance: Genshin Shiten takes the form of a long silver blade with a cyan hilt, mainly covered with a cyan aura once released.

Realease command: The released command is ‘collapse’

Spirit personality: the spirit has a serious personality he acts calm and does not seem to be afraid at the prospect of accepting a challenge. Genshin Shiten deeply cares for his master, Wuji. He fears for Wuji's fate about becoming a warrior haunted by loneliness, a process that seems irreversible. When Genshin Shiten is angry, he speaks less. In addition, his fighting style becomes very different. Instead valuing efficiency and using Wudang's martial art skills, his methods become very dirty such as using unorthodox means to achieve victory.

Spirit's appearance: Genshin Shiten has the appearance of a young teen with light blue eyes with white-spiky hair, thin eye brows eyebrows and has slightly tan skin. He wears a long sleeved blue shirt, light beige colored pants and black boots.

Inner world: It is a mountain range that stretched for thousands or even tens of thousands of miles. It is different from ordinary mountains, because it is not situated on the ground but rather pinned itself to the ground. The peaks are inserted into the ground while the base aimed straight for the sky in an unimaginable fashion. With this perspective in mind, the mountain ranges here looked like branches from a great tree taking root in the earth.

Element Type: Profound laws of space and lightning

Name: Domain
Type: Passive
Element: space
Description: Upon release of his zanpakuto, Wuji can create, shape and manipulate the physical aspects of space within an area of 40m with his thoughts in a manner that can be used for both attack and defense within the domain or sphere of influence. And with each punch, kick or swipe of his arms, sword or fingers, Wuji can create spatial distortions, spatial waves and projection in order to inflict damage to the target occupying within the said space. Because it affects the very third-dimension that the target is occupying, it can bypass most defenses any and all physical defenses depending on the amount of reiatsu he elects to use, and as such, maybe difficult to block by conventional means.

Element: Space
Type: Passive
Description: When the zanpakuto is active, Wuji can fuse or integrate his body with surrounding space, allowing him to be untraceable while being able to reach any location. But he’s limited In a sense that he can’t be faster than his own shunpo while trying to traverse to a location with this ability. However, Wuji can stay concealed within space for a period of two post if he wishes not to teleport, and he can make conversations but he cannot attack his opponent while being fused or merged with space unless he materialized to do so.

Name: Ji Tian(meaning- Heavens of Ji)
Element: lightning
Type: Active/passive
Description:This ability is named after Wuji’s middle name and first name upon activation of his zanpakuto, myriad of thunder clouds will begin to gather gradually until a period of five posts. Once in position countless azure lightning will begin to form within it to take the shape of a dragon which will descend to the battle field if commanded by Wuji via pointing to the enemy. This can be described as Wuji’s trump card because it will seal his zanpakuto for two post after use. The might of this attack is no weaker than his highest castable kido attack, being able to destroy an area of 40m.
Note: The thunder cloud can stay up to 6 post before it dissipitate
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General Information
Name:Yuan Wuji
Division:Seventh Division
Rank:4th Seat
Zanpakutou:Genshin Shiten
Soul Level: [0/99]
AxThe power level of elite spiritual beings possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power. Performing an extended number of high level techniques becomes possible at this level.
AWorld's Strongest competitor? Sounds fun. An attack using strength alone might put the target through a nearby wall, with broken bones. How many people are in that burning building? Pile them on my shoulders until my arms can't balance any more and I'll carry them out. Sweeps under the couch by lifting it with one hand; could act as the jack to help change a flat tire. Practitioner-level attacks can break heavy structural material (concrete).
AxDescription currently missing.When I am inevitably finish, I'm sure I'll be the best description there ever was.
AxDescription currently missing.When I am inevitably finished, I'm sure I'll be the best description there ever was.
Reiatsu Control
AxCan completely hide up to A+ reiatsu; mostly control S; partially control S+.
  • Reaitsu channeling can produce near-full stength blasts with medium range, using less reiatsu in making them.
  • Blast strength is perfectly controlled.
  • Can cast:
    • Shinigami:
      • Kidou: 1 - 91 with incantation
      • Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 55 to 81 at reduced power
      • Mastery: can cast up to Kidou 54 at full power without incantation
      • Two-Fold Incantation: can cast two kidou at the same time, at full power, by mixing the incantations
      • Double Casting: can cast the same kidou at two targets at once.
    • Arrancar:
      • A Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)
      • A Normal Cero
      • Twin Cero (one Cero per hand), both at Normal Cero power.
      • A fully-loaded Cero
      • Bala -- 20 times quicker than a Cero, especially in the load time, but weaker in effect
      • Bala Barrage -- at reduced effect
      • Cero uses less reiatsu to make; strength is perfectly controlled.
      • Cero techniques reach full potential and stability.
AxWith greater understanding of the underlying theory comes the beginning of surpassing simple knowledge. Masters at this level have probably developed variants of the advanced techniques and have a good chance of effectively doing so in the midst of combat.
CAverage users of this art that have proven that they are well versed in not only the basics, but numerous variations. They can see and exploit openings, consciously cover most of their own, draw the opponent in, and usually resist falling for gambits. Application of what they have learned is confident and spontaneous. Use of hand-to-hand techniques becomes viable in almost any situation.
AxIn addition to the abilities and skills of normal masters, masters that have achieved this level have also proven themselves capable of leaving afterimages behind in the wake of their high-speed movements. This often makes disguising their whereabouts and confusing slower opponents easy.
[Zanpakutou Mastery]
(Bankai/Segunda Etapa): 4th Ability unlocked, 3rd ability mastered.
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