[Shinigami] Solus Dextera

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[Shinigami] Solus Dextera


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Solus "Ignis Rex" Solaris




Captain of Division Seven


Solus Solaris is the son of Shian Solaris and Alyia Solus, or the woman originally disguised as Abyssion Somnis. Solus was raised entirely in secrecy by a group of Ancient Shinigami in a secluded monastery. The Ancients, as Shian referred to them as trained Solus in the ways of the Shinigami, however life was not as peaceful as his parents had hoped. 

As Solus grew, he became more and more like an animal, wild, ferocious, merciless. The Ancients quickly grew to despise Solus and his beastly behavior. For much of his young life, they beat him relentlessly, calling him a monster as they did. They often bound him for months with powerful kidou, and tortured him in the hopes of breaking the monster they saw him as and restoring some level of normality. However, their efforts yielded the opposite. In secrecy, Solus trained and sharpened his skills, his pain was his fuel. In the time he spent bound by the kidou they used on him, he studied it tirelessly. In time he developed the ability to feel out the weakness in the spells in order to break free. 

The sheer number of times they had bound him, allowed him to learn to use the same spells by sight alone. The same applied to the offensive arts. His desperation for freedom, the strength to stand and fight, and a means to end the suffering, aided his growth. As a child no older than six Solus awakened the power of his Zanpakutou. Like his father, Solus too learned the price one must pay for power, and lost his left arm to Dextera. From that point onward, Dextera replaced the arm she took from him as a reminder of the lesson she taught him, and the two became one. 

Using his new found power Solus challenged his so-called guardians. Their countless years of knowledge, tainted by hatred for the beastly child, turned against them. Even with the power of Shikai, Solus was not much of a match for them, yet, he witnessed their power time and time again. All he had was time to learn and think of ways to defend against the techniques they used to punish him for as long as he could remember. The difference between them, and Solus was that Solus had years of suffering behind him, and more importantly his entire life, his future was on the line. The boy had nothing, yet failure meant that he could lose everything.

 The Ancients threw everything the knew at Solus, but with the power of Dextera, he adapted and neutralized everything they threw at him. Dextera was more than just his Zanpakutou, she was his life, she was the very essence of what allowed him to live through the suffering, she was the essence of why he lives even today. Like he had be forced to do his whole life, he endured. With Dextera, his ability to endue, grew exponentially. In time, his resilience wore down the Ancients, and then he struck. Unleashing every ounce of his suffering all at once, he slaughtered each and every one of his guardians, one by one. Solus' freedom was born in blood, and the Lion was born with it.

Over the next six years of his life, Solus worked with Dextera and refined his abilities. The two, live alone wandering the outer reaches of the Spirit World, fighting with countless hollows in the process. All Solus had was Dextera, and she him. The two became an inseparable support system for each other, and flawless cooperation allowed them to survive. Nearing the seventh year of their freedom Solus was discovered by Gotei Patrols along the outer-limits of the Rukongai. Taking note of his exceptional Spiritual energy, they suggested he join the Shinigami Academy. At first Solus was hesitant to do so, having no interaction with anything other than a hollow over the last seven, but Dextera persuade him with the promise of better life. Taking her advice, he Joined the Shinigami academy, though he had already learned what they were teaching and more. He spent the next six months there more as a formality than anything. Upon graduating Solus was assigned as a teacher at the academy, given his advanced knowledge of the Shinigami arts. Unfortunately his place did not last long, as many of the students were far to afraid to learn from him. At which point he was pointed in the direction of the 11th Division, but elected to join the Seventh Division instead after learning that his father was its former Vice-captain. 

After learning of his father's death, Solus left his home to take his father's place as Vice-Captain of the 7th Division. Not long after Joining the 7th and taking his father's place Solus was adopted by the Primera Espada, Nocturna at the request of his father. With Nocturna as his mother, Solus was able to experience of having someone other than Dextera to care and look after him, though hesitant at first, he slowly warmed up to her over time. However, the road towards happiness was soon cut short by the echoes of events that predate his existence.


Artwork By: Ruina

Solus bares only vague similarities to their father, and instead more closely resembles his mother, aside from his hair which is a white-gray color that is heavily accented by their brown skin tone. They also fairly average sized man, standing at  6'2". Solus, also unlike his father has very large whiskers that sit much lower on his face in comparison to his father. Solus also bares dark facial marking in the form of thin spikes sitting both above and below each of his eyes.

Other than that, Solus is usually shirtless, having forgone the regular use of a Haori, and completely forgoing the use of a shihakushou. Despite not always wearing his Haori, he does have one, but it, much like the rest of his attire, breaks away from the Standard Shinigami Captain's attire. His Haori is customized to more closely resemble a jacket. The white garb bears a high collar, complemented with a gray fur. Additionally his Jacket-Haori is torn along the edges, giving it a ragged look, reminiscent of Kenpachi's style.

Also breaking away from the standard Shinigami attire, Solus does not wear a standard  hakama. Instead the Captain wears more tightly fitting, but flexible pants with a striped blue scarf hanging from his belt. Completing his non-standard look, he also lacks the traditional tabi and waraji, which leaves him completely barefoot. 

Also missing from the broken traditional look is the standard Katana shaped zanpakutou that hangs at the waist of countless Shinigami. However, while lacking the standard weapon, he still possesses a zanpakutou in the form of two gauntlets.


Solus is somewhat similar to his father Shian, however he is near incapable of showing his lighter sides. Solus is much more relaxed, and much more capable of restraining himself in critical situations, and in times where he separated from his Zanpakuto, something their father had much trouble with. He also prefers to avoid formalities whenever possible. Furthermore, much like his father, Solus is very beastly, and perhaps even more so. Additionally he inherited his Mother's very dark nature, and is an extreme pessimist at all times. He also dislikes physical contact, no matter how minor or how brief. His dislike is so extreme, that he will not hesitate to bare his fangs at anyone to violate his personal space.

Over time Solus developed extreme anti-social behaviors as his regard and concern for others and their feelings have diminished to near non-existence. Solus will not hesitate to express how worthless others may be, or tell them that they are expendable. Solus doesn't hesitate to exert his power against weaker beings, nor restrain himself in their presence, especially when angered. His already short fuse is now significantly shorter, and now even relatively minor things can send him into an angered frenzy. Topped with a completely warped sense of good and bad, often conflicting viewpoints and being highly delusion, Solus is a significant threat to anyone and anything near him by sheer mental instability alone. However, with the original spirit of his zanpakutou rejecting him, he has show a softer and much more vulnerable side. Conversely, that display of weakness has driven Solus to cling to his power and bare his fangs far more than ever before. Perhaps he is frightened of the world around him, and his foul attitude and behavior is a means of hiding his greatest weakness...
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It would come in a blur, and seek to lay waste to them all.
In a flash, the beast sought to let loose a calamity crafted by its own hands.
Its sole purpose to leave nothing but charred remains and ash...

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Re: [Shinigami] Solus Dextera


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Fractured Soul Weapon— Zetsriel

Shikai Description:
Ever since a top-secret event in the 12th Division's hidden labs, the Soul residing in Solus' Zanpakutou suffered permanent and irreversible damage. Though the spirit recovered enough to permit shikai, the release has been fragmented, and it is believed that the spirit will never be able to grant Solus the power of Bankai.

The spirit shattered into three separates pieces: Right Arm, Left Arm, and Body. The condition of the soul is directly reflected in Shikai, and as such, Solus can call upon the power of each fragment individually. However, the power in each of the arms is limited, and the full power of Solus' shikai cannot be realized until the body is called upon. 

Varied Shikai Appearance:
Upon release, at least the one of Solus' gauntlets glow with an eerie light and then breaks down into a shadowy fog. The fog then wraps tightly around the arm corresponding to the fragment called and hardens.The dark fingertips grow long razor sharp claws and small sharp spikes form at the each of the knuckles. If Zetsriel is called shadows also form from the knees and reach down to his feet, covering them in the same darkness to complete his Shikai. 

Left Arm of the Fractured Soul: 
Name: Dextera
Release Command: Cry for me. 

Left Arm Ability:

Name: Shiva's Wrath 
Type: Passive
Element: Darkness/Fire
Description: Solus can cloak his dark hands with, or generate, move, and shape intense navy blue flames of highly concentrated reishi. With each punch, kick, or swipe of his claws, Solus can generate small waves reaching as far as 20m of the dark flames if he wishes.

[Zetsriel Released]: With each punch, kick, or swipe of his claws, Solus can generate massive roaring waves of the dark flames that can reach as far as 50m if desired.
  • Solus is not affected by the flames, given that its their own reiatsu.
  • Strength and intensity of the flames dependent on how much reiatsu is used.
  • Dextera Released: 40° for every level of power. 
  • Zetsriel Released: 80° for every level of power. 
    • Temperatures cannot exceed a maximum of 6000° F
    • Temperatures cannot reach below a minimum of 200° F when released.
    • [Zetsriel Released Only] The extra shadow hands Solus creates can also generate the dark flames using the connection provided by Theravada.
Right Arm of the Fractured Soul: 
Name: Talia
Release Command: Embrace Me

Right Arm Ability:

Name: Theravada 
Type: Active [Release] / Passive [Charging]
Element: Darkness/ Fire
Description: Solus' Shadows exist as extensions of his being and are connected to his reiraku by the effects of this power . Using this link, the shadows are able to draw power from him at any point from anywhere. Using the power drawn from the vast wealth of Solus' spiritual energy, the shadows may then release the stored power in one of three forms. 
  • Theravada Onenju Form:
    In this form, Solus' reiatsu is shaped in to bead-like projectiles. 
    • At low levels (1-33), the spheres take the form of large beads and move comparably to bala and can be fired in great abundance. However the heat they hold is very weak. 
      • Heat to power ratio: 10° for every level of power. 
    • At mid levels (levels 34-66), the spheres are comparable to spells like shakkahou in both size and speed. The heat they hold is significantly higher than the predecessor form. 
      • Heat: 20° for every level of power.
    • Finally, in their strong forms (67-99) the sphere become quite massive. As such, they lack speed due to being so bloated with energy. However, these spheres explode on impact to devastating effect while covering a wide area. The heat in these spheres is immense. 
      • Heat: 30° for every level of power.
  • Theravada Homa Form: In this form, Solus' reiatsu is violently expelled in a short ranged burst of dark flames. 
    • Low level (1-33), bursts have a knock back force of one meter per level of power 
      • Heat: 15° for every level of power.
    • Mid level (34-66) bursts have a knock back force of three meters per level of power 
      • Heat: 15° for every level of power.
    • High level (67-99) bursts have a knock back force force of 6 meters per level of power 
      • Heat: 35° for every level of power.
  • Theravada Nirvana Form: In this form, Solus's reiatsu is released in the form of concentrated beams of heated energy. 
    • Low Level (1-33): At these levels the heat to power ratio is 20° for every level of power. 
    • Mid-level (34-66): At these levels, the heat to power ratio is 50° for every level of power. 
    • High level (67-99): At these levels, the heat to power ratio is 60° for every level of power. 
    • The range of the beams is dependent on the power used for them at a power to distance ratio of .5m for every level of power. 
    • Note:All temperatures are measured in °F. 
      • Each level of power is in direct comparison to that of a full powered kidou. 
    Charging Info:
    • Stored energy remains within the "shadows" or dark arms. Additional energy cannot be stored once limbs are charged to full power.
    • Limbs can be charge up to a total power of 100 (in comparison to a kidou spell)
    • Solus can elect to charge or stop charging Theravada as he pleases. By extension, how much he decides to charge the ability is his to decide, so long as it remains within the charge constraints.
    • Charging up to full power requires 3 posts. Full power may be used on the 3rd post.
Charge Time: 
      • Low Level: Instant
[Zetsriel Released Only]
      • Mid Level: 1 post
      • High Level: 3 Posts
    • Once a limb is charged or theravada is used, the energy used for the charge or the release may not return to Solus at any point.
Body of The Fractured Soul:

Name: Zetsriel
Release Command: Complete Me

Body Abilities:

Name: False Samsara 
Type: Passive
Element: Darkness
Description: By calling upon the powers of true darkness, Solus can create and telekinetically manipulate up to four arms of darkness. Each arm is as hard and as solid as steel. Additionally each hand possesses a set of claws just as sharp as any sword.

Name: Dark Mantra 
Type: Active 
Element: Darkness
Description: Using the power of shadow manipulation, Solus is given the power to expand and contract Zetsriel and her creations as he sees fit.
  • The Shadow Creations cannot expand more than five times Solus' size.

Fractured Soul Being: Solus Rex
Appearance: This Bankai has no appearance. 
Element: Fire. 
Description: Originally thought to be an impossibility, Solus' Bankai is born as a massive departure from the entire philosophy of Bankai. As Zetsriel is too weak to manifest naturally on her own, Solus offers his body, his soul to act as a conduit for her power, and his own name to draw upon it. Rather releasing the Zanpakutou's power into the world, Solus absorbs it into him and acts as the vessel for Zetsriel's manifestation. 

As a result of the true fusion of souls, Solus is able to draw out the fullest extent of his power. Unfortunately, this unity causes an extreme instability within the core of the fused being's. Though the harmonization of fractured souls brings about a form wholeness, the only transformation lasts for a very limited period of time. Furthermore, the use of Bankai requires that Zetsriel be at her fullest strength in order to be possible. As such, this level of release cannot be brought forth if Theravada is used at any point during Shikai release. 


Name: Soul Sync I: Skin Layer
Type: Passive
Element: Fire
Description: While under the effects of Bankai, Solus' body continually releases an extreme amounts of heat, as a result, any and all movements made by Solus produce tidal waves of deep crimson or ruby colored flames.
  • The temperatures of the flames are equivalent to the temperatures of the phase Solus is currently in when this ability activates.
  • The maximum distance the flames can reach when produced by this ability is 50m.
  • Solus is completely incapable of controlling the flames in the same manner as was possible using "Shiva's Wrath".
  • Solus retains full immunity to the heat produced by their power.
  • Like all fire, the flames produced by this effect can stick to all surfaces and will continue to burn unless extinguished, however they seem to do so more "aggressively".
  • They will also remain constantly burning until the matterial the flames have attached to has been burned up completely if possible, as is the case with all materials capable of burning; however, this also includes materials that typically don't "burn" such as stone, metal, etc.
  • Water and other non-flammable liquids are unaffected, and should instead react naturally when exposed to high heat.
    • This explcludes other spiritually aware beings and any spiritual weapons, however the flames will still behave naturally when exposed to such in this case. [note: clothing is still subject to the previously listed effect.]
    • Additionally the flames will slowly gravitate towards the ground of released in the air, or fail to make contact with some object immediately following release.
  • These flames are immediately extinguished upon the activation of Soul Layer.
Name:Soul Sync II: Heart Layer
Type: Passive
Element: Fire
Description: As a result of the instability brought on by the synchronization of souls, Solus' body heats up immensely, and continues to heat up through the duration of the release. This ability also gives all kidou and physical attacks, and all other skills a strong fire affinity.  
  • Ignis Primarium Phase: Solus releases a wild aura of pure fire that reaches approximately 3 times that of molten lava. (~7,500°F)
  • Ignis Omnia Phase: The aura becomes that of pure light and reaches temperatures approaching parity with twice that of earth's core (~22,000°F)
  • Ignis Mors Phase: Solus loses his aura, and instead becomes covered in charred skin, ash, and few bits of smoldering light. In this final phase the temperatures released are at their highest and most dangerous peaking at temps reaching parity with that of lightning at its hottest (~54,000° F). This phase comes as a sign of the impending burnout.
  • Each phase lasts only one post. 
  • Unless Solus is incapacitated,  expends all his remaining energy, or otherwise becomes unable to sustain the transformation, the effects of Soul Sync II will remain constant.
Name: Soul Sync III: Soul Layer
Type: Passive
Element: Fire
Description: This is ability manifests as the final and most severe result of the instability brought about by the synchronization of souls. As a result, Solus' body and soul seeks to purge the foreign entity, and does so with catastrophic effect. In order to fully flush Zetrsriel from his system and regain a state of normality, Solus forcibly expels all of his remaining physical and spiritual energy in one final attack of immense proportions. 
  • The power and scope of this ability is directly dependent on how much power Solus has remaining before reaching this final state. 
  • After reaching meltdown Solus is inevitably left incapable of carrying on further. 
  • Unless all remaining reiatsu available for combat is used prior to the 4th and final post this Bankai can be active, or Solus is otherwise rendered unable to carry on in battle, Soul Layer will always activate and force Solus to purge all remaining energy.
  • Soul Layer cannot be used at any point prior to the 4th post that Bankai is active.

It would come in a blur, and seek to lay waste to them all.
In a flash, the beast sought to let loose a calamity crafted by its own hands.
Its sole purpose to leave nothing but charred remains and ash...

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Re: [Shinigami] Solus Dextera


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Powers & Abilities

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▌ Captain Level
█████████████████████ Offense
█████████████████████ Kidō
████████████████████ Intelligence

Kidō Master:
Solus has considerable knowledge of high level Kidō spells, casting several in quick succession, with no incantation and almost no effort, and still possessing formidable power. He possesses advanced knowledge of Kidō application and consistency, being able to cast all numbered spells, level 90's spell being more difficult to cast on a whim. He can use a low-level spell repeatedly in rapid succession and with devastating effects, as well as a counter to attacks. He can silently, and without warning, use low and mid-level Kidō to great effect. He can rapidly use a single high-level Kidō repeatedly, or multiple ones in quick succession, by name alone, without incantation or calling the type and level, while retaining considerable power and control.

Genius Intellect:
Arguably, the most fearsome trait of Solus Dextera is his tremendous intellect. He is well-versed in the history and proceedings of the world and is privy to knowledge unknown to many, such as secret methods. He easily grabs the concepts of subjects completely new to him and masters them quickly. Even in the most complex and dangerous of situations Solus can rely on his calculating intellect to figure out the best course of action. His assessment of a situation is swift, ad-hoc and accurate, allowing him to deduce the nature of other people’s abilities and countering them, often only requiring a few instances of observation.

Master Strategist:
His skill at battle tactics is undeniable, as leading officer he can expertly sent entire divisions into battle, be it against small or large threats.

Master Tactician:
He has shown himself to be a masterful and flexible tactician, capable of adjusting seamlessly to any given combat situation, if not planning out events well in advance. He understands the strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of his enemies, and creates strategies to achieve victory; this includes preparing traps or leading his enemies along complex battle plans so he can even deal with enemies stronger than himself. Like this Solus can prepare victory many steps in advance and even incorporate his enemies and their plans into his grand scheme. Regardless of his own powers or those of others, Solus always remains a tactically cautious.

Immense Reiatsu:
As a Captain Solus has a monstrous amount of Spiritual Power that he can control to a fine degree and bend to his every whim. Almost twice as much as an average Captain, he can use it to enhance his combat abilities. If he is using his Reiatsu he is doing so with intent and likely to disasterous ends. His very presence can be called 'Monstrously Overwhelming'. His spiritual pressure can be felt from a great distance, and it has the tendency to make people perspire in fear. His Reiatsu is both an offensive and defensive mechanism to be used as he sees fit. The pressure involved with the release of his Reiatsu could stifle those too far below his own level.

Great Strength:
As a fighter with great physical conditioning, Solus has shown sufficient strength to partly block immensely powerful attacks and is capable of dealing with powerful strikes. His attacks also hold great potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through solid objects, as well as leaving deep craters behind.

Great Endurance:
Solus has incredible physical stamina, allowing him to endure the hardships of battle for a great length of time without slowing down. Only when utilizing constant high speed movement for an extended amount of time will he start showing signs of fatigue. Even with several wounds he can keep on fighting without significant physical hindrance.

Immense Speed:
Solus is deceptively fast in combat, even when not using Shunpo. His legs can propel him fast enough to surprise even fast opponents. He can instantly close huge gaps relying on his innate speed alone, appearing to disappear from sight completely. He is fast enough to react to most surprise attacks and masterfully deliver a counter to them. In battle, he can strike with incredible speed in rapid succession, making it highly difficult for his opponents to find an opening and counterattack.

Great Durability:
Solus's body has received significant battle-conditioning and can take great amounts of punishment. He can take frequent unarmed attacks from weaker individuals on his body and come out unscathed, or with little consequence if not laugh about it instead.

Hohō Expert:
Solus excels in Shunpo. Though not particularly versed in its various techniques, he is proficient enough in the technique itself to keep up with and even surprise high-level Shinigami with his speed. He can even keep up with those of master level for an indeterminate amount of time. He is also very quick at close-range, being able to perceive and dodge swift sneak attacks and come out unscathed.

Zanjutsu Inept:
Solus is utterly useless with a sword, and is more likely to cut himself than he is to do anything to an opponent. It would require a stroke of luck just for him to land a hit on a moving target, and he lacks the precision to do much against a still one.

Hakuda Average:
Solus can take on average armed opponents and put up a decent effort against those many times his size. He is capable of countering swift and accurate strikes without the use of a weapon, but has no incredible skill to speak of. As a hand-to-hand combatant, his fighting style is very refined. At least it’s enough for him to take down a simple Hollow with a single punch.

It would come in a blur, and seek to lay waste to them all.
In a flash, the beast sought to let loose a calamity crafted by its own hands.
Its sole purpose to leave nothing but charred remains and ash...


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