[Shinigami] Masamune Black

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[Shinigami] Masamune Black


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Name:Masamune Black
Alias:Black Wolf
Reiatsu colour:Black

Masamune is seemingly tall standing at 6'2 and is also well built physically which makes him both strong and agile at once,with relatively long legs and sturdy arms

His dark brown hair can easily reach his shoulders but he packs it into a cropped ponytail which gives him a more orderly look,his green eyes would remind anyone of a forest in full spring due to their extremely vivacious colour,despite his behaviour he is considered to be a beauty among men which is something he himself never points out with a seemingly good jaw and pleasant facial curves

He wears the standard shinigami black robe in a tucked in manner but covers it with a short brown haori which has classy embroidery that depicts several interwining circles,on his waist the customary white sash is firmly tied while holding to together Masamunes zanpakuto and His vicious second katana
.His green trousers of fine linen cover completely his legs and are tied with white bandages in the area below his knees and finally a set of brown sandals to complete


Masamune is a very calm person in both his daily life and combat,he seems to have the ability to maintain a smiling face in even the most harduos of situations but despite this his opponents all claim that his eyes seemed to lack "life" as his father himself told him that he had the eyes of a true killer which never gave away any emotion seemingly

Despite his pleasant smile Masamune is not fond of much speaking in combat and keeps his speech to a minimum until something surprises him which brings him down to always producing a "oh?" Like exclamation or when he wants to simply taunt an opponent who seems to be in a tight spot,he also reacts in an almost childlike manner whenever he encounters or witnesses an impressive or interesting phenomena

Whether things are interesting seems to be an important motive for Masamune's actions and movements. He joined the Seventh division for this reason

Outside the confinements of the battlefield he sti'll often keeps a smile on his face which make his intentions mostly secret,he is truly and oddball among oddballs who seems to find the world truly boring beneath that his seemingly everlasting smile and those empty looking eyes

He also isn't susceptible to fear as it is obvious that life looks totally boring to him,he has no solid reason to fear even more powerful opponents,but despite all these attributes he seems to know how to respect superior shinigamis power when he needs to

Sealed state:It comes in a dangerous form of a katana with a black hilt and an extremely sharp blade,on the hilt a long dangerous chain flows out and quietly wraps itself within Masamune' s clothings,this chain has a piercing like end

Shikai:Its Release Command is Banish

Type:Spatial manipulation

Uses:By moving the Sword Masamune can open rifts that lead to a matterless dimension,Masamune often refers to this action as "Banishments" which allows him to make his sword create voids/portals through which his zanpakuto can pass through and hit targets who are at times out of his range due to him seemingly cutting through space

This move allows black to slash through space and attempt to hit people who are not in any way close to him,this tecnique seems to have about a 20-25metre radius


This is an ability manifested by black's chain alone which permits he chain to attempt wrapping itself around objects,the chain can also be mind controlled,whichever object that is touched by this chain seemingly because abstract in our dimension and physical in the "null dimension" this leaves such body part open to attacks by Bishamon


Using the effects of his chain on himself which in this case seemingly need to be activated in order to be used,black mentally commands his chain or his sword to make a swipe motion,this motion creates a ripple/shockwave type of effect that is used to warp attacks it comes in contact with,it is mainly used for defence

Release appearance:After the release the Sword doesnt really switch appearance,except for the elongation of the hilt and the appearance of ancient kanji markings on the blade that represent an ancient prayer

Spirit Personality:Bishamon is a female zanpakuto who really fits in the image given to her by her counterpart in the Japanese tradition,she is quite serious and doesnt waste time to voice her opinions on certain matters,for example when Masamune is seemingly being too cocky

Another factor is the fact that masamune's laid back behaviour often brings her to exasperation,but despite all this she seems to be beyond attached to her shinigami as she often voices out the fact that if Masamune kept on this behaviour his real emotions would completely fade,she also constantly states that the shinigami was hers and hers alone to deal with,which showed that she is very possessive towards him

Despite being very similar to her depiction by the Japanese in character,she although has a different approach on a certain manner which makes her very similar to Black,she loves winning,she seemingly would use whichever method at her disposal to assure her victory and blacks

In appearance she can be seen as a brown haired and green eyed beautiful woman,who dorns a multi coloured short kimono and also uses a katana with a blue hilt and scabbard,she also wears a pouch on her tight with unknown contents and finally her black sandals

Inner World:A green forest with an incredible amount of trees and flowers
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