[SHINIGAMI]Seraph Kirara

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[SHINIGAMI]Seraph Kirara


Post by Kira-duh-savage » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:27 am

AGE: 100+(appears teenage)
RACE; Soul
WEIGHT; 70kg
REIATSU FORM; Serpentine dragon

As depicted by the above pictorial reference, Seraph is a shinigami whose facial features comprise blonde, shoulder length, hair (of which a few fractions either crisscross at the bridge of his nose, hang in between his eyes, or simply fence the sides of his face) crimson-coloured pupils and, a warm/cream white complexion. In certain occasions that require formality, he dons a white kimono whose collared part, as is the entire part of the garment, is embroidered with golden flowers of some sort.
Otherwise this, his choice of attire could lean towards the casual variety- a western style white, ankle-length jacket that has a high-collar with loose golden buckle straps and pale golden edges.
Its long sleeves are folded backwards a bit, thus revealing bandage resembling grey pieces of clothing wound around his right arm, precisely the forearm area. Underneath the unbuttoned jacket is Is a simple black tshirt and tight-fitting pants, of a similar color, tucked into jetblack boots. The placement of his zanpakuto is at the left hip. Regardless of whichever appearance he passes, the turn out remains such that he is visually appealing to a majority of females, prompting males to toss envious glances at him every now and then.

personality; working on it

fighting style; working on it
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Re: [SHINIGAMI]Seraph Kirara


Post by Kira-duh-savage » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:37 am

Zanpakuto Name;

Release chant/call;
Yugamemasu- "Distort".

Inner World Appearance;
The landscape consists of hills, valleys, meadows of chrysanthemum, a thick green and lush forest (having ample vegetation on its floors, and broadleaved evergreen trees), small water bodies- waterfalls and streams.

The region suffers from perpetual midnight, never seeing the bright of day. Also, an azure crescent moon is suspended high-up in the sky, which is incessantly lit colourfully by an Aurora- the colours radiated range from red, green, indigo to bright violet etc

Sealed State;
When Sealed, Mordred manifests in the form of a daisho- a sword pair comprising a katana, and a wakizashi. Whereas the Katana has a white hilt, star-shaped tsuba, and is placed in a golden scabbard with a dragon emblazoned onto its blade, the wakizashi possesses a black hilt, an 8-edged star shaped tsuba, and is confined to a pitch-black scabbard.

Unsealed appearance; Image
Mordred assumes the form of two black Arabian daggers with golden outlines, each boasting blade lengths reminiscent of a wakizashi.

True Form; Mordred is a slender, pale-skinned boy with hair as white as snow and eyes more red than blood.
His hair is waist length, and packed in a bun fashion using a golden miniature dragon shaped ornament.
To frame both sides of his face are bangs that hang beneath his chin. Meanwhile, other strands of his hair, in a manner similar to Seraph's, are suspended in between his pupils.
He wears a simple long-sleeved, white, T-shirt that halts an inch above the navel, and white baggy pants that cuff his legs at the ankle region. His footware comprise a pair of flat grey toms.

personality; in progress....

behavior ; in progress....

Zanpakuto Element;
The user is able to shape, create, and manipulate physical force to promote different effects. Examples of physical force include, gravity, kinetic energy, weight, inertia, torque etcetera


Seraph can generate gravitational force (a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other) and gravitons (hypothetical elementary particles that mediate the force of gravitation) within a given spatial area (twenty-five metres around him) to induce differential gravitational phenomena.
▪Regardless of triggering this ability via hand gestures/thought forms, it is not uncommon for Seraph to channel it through his zanpakuto, and by so doing this ability becomes more potent, and discriminate.

EFFECT; Following the swing of his zanpakuto Seraph can spawn a swarm (seemingly in their hundreds) of semi-sentient, brightly-colored, winged insects (called gluttons) which serve as conduits for certain aspects of his kinetic control [kinetic absorption, kinetic solidification, kinetic conversion etc] .They're incapable of straying beyond a certain distance of him (50metres).

Gluttons are azure-colored butterflies with rune-patterned wings (it should be noted that their coloration can be altered deliberately) . Their primal purpose is to devour/consume kinetic energy, upon contact with an object, to promote varying causes and effects such as;
▪kinetic inhibition; Potentially, gluttons can prompt the nullification of every, and all kinetically inclined processes. It's possible for them to do this, even at the molecular level for inanimate objects. whereas, for sentient objects their reach can be constrained to the cellular plane. However, in scenarios where the complete negation of kinetic activity can't be achieved (that is, when he is pitted against opponent's reasonably stronger than himself) gluttons would resort to diminishing it instead.
▪kinetic conversion; Gluttons can convert the siphoned kinetic energy into raw volatile energy. Furthermore, they're able to trigger potent explosions of varying degrees, near instantly, capable of rendering victims fatally burnt, at full capacity.
▪Shifting; Gluttons can cluster/aggregate to assume complex forms and shapes of distinct densities (they're especially steel durable, if being used defensively) and sizes, while retaining their base kinetic capabilities. For Example-appendage-exoskeletons-force fields-projectiles, etcetera

Seraph's pupils can register the kinetic shadows that linger about his opponents before they perform bodily motion. However, there is a time lag between the movements of a kinetic shadow, and that of his/her caster. This lapse could range from a few seconds to a split second, depending on the degree of his opponent's mobility. If used in conjunction with his innate reflexes, it could allow for a much better response to approaching threat
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