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°°Akutagawa 'Akuta' Atsutshi

°°Akuma no Arazinegi
°°Kami no Ajisai
°°Living Death Scythe

Akutagawa, due to the detrimental life he lived as a kid, is overly placid and cold, it would be a hyperbole that Akuta has smiled ever since he stepped foot in the 7th division, but he was a lovely and joyful kid but all that were washed away by the pains and despair of his childhood.
Due to his despairs, he doesn't give up, he tends to get what he wants and what he must have in the right way or what he believes to be the right path to follow however, Be it war against the whole of seireitei or arrancars, he just can't give up, it was something that was vividly imprinted into his DNA from the long lasting despairs he had felt, he possesses great intellect which gives off the cunning aura, he isn't cunning or he isn't a trickster, his ways are pure or believed to be pured, he applies intellect in his overall activities, due to his overly high intellect, he is a great tactician and he's very collective, giving him great analytical and decisive views in desperate situations.
He, however, possesses an autocratic nature but brushing that aside, he has great leadership qualities.
If not for his autocratic and cold nature, he would have been regarded as a someone with perfect personality.

Akuta is a young man, possessing the looks of a teenager, he's in his mid 20s, standing at about 6'5, it would be nice to assume he's overly tall, despite possessing a fairly slender figure, he's muscular and well built, this adds to his collection of agility and brute strength, his agility surpasses that of a normal shinigami without the utilization of shunpo.
His brilliant red eyes which mimicks the ocular of an eagle are easily visible due to his pale countenance, the attributal eyes of an eagle is not the only thing he possesses, his eyes possesses the similar capabilities with that of an eagle, allowing long distant sightings.
his long white hair with a black tip attribute flocks down towards his waist region, with its bangs partially erasing the presence of his left eye and his broad forehead. His pointed nose, which matches the defined, slightly pointed chin and sturdy jawline, hangs atop his 'never curving' lips, which were painted 'pale' in an unsuccessful effort to mask their natural thinness.
His red eyes aren't really small but are almost always covered by the thin skin membrane which moves over it. This makes his visage almost perfect as the heart of the ladies are caught in a moment of slight stare. The males, however, throws at him endless envious gazes, ofcourse, Akuta doesn't give a fuck about their envy as he has more important to deal than to participate in love affairs and the never ending gossips of lazy men.
The spacing between both eyes are even and sits below the thick eyebrows.
The thick eyebrows were carved into a deceively perfect arch that followed the slight curve of the eye in a seemingly parallel pattern.
The sharp features of his face were nighly a reflection of his entire body structure with exception of his skin tond. By mere looking at his visage, it had an air of authority that was palpable.
His mouth is kept shut in a thin, straight line which matches his cold and placid visage, he wears a flower embroidered kimōnō zori and the scarf wrapped around his neck is tied so that the ruffles would perfectly fill the space left open by his kimōnō, he shrouds himself with a black cloak which hangs atop his shoulders.
Despite his way of dressing, he made sure it followed the shinigami dressing code.
Despite his pale visage, he possesses a tan skin tone.

Akuta was raised up by an unknown man and his wife who claims to be his uncle in the 78th district of southern rukon.
Akuta ever since he noticed the death of his parents wasn't natural, he sought to find the killer, but him being too young was his biggest problem, he had to endure days of pain which was thrust onto him by the local criminals and his 'supposed' uncle, being burdened with all works and less food, he was assaulted still, accused of all sort of things, he was accepted by no one as he was always rough and tattered.

He ran away, however, the damage has already been done, the trauma and mental breakdown was huge.
He was saved nonetheless, by an organization of vigilantes known as “SHOGUN:DAYBREAKER”
It was then noticed that as a young boy, Atsushi possessed immense reiatsu, it was almost impossible for a person of older age talkmore of a kid whom was barely 14 as of that time.
This organization specialized in the utilization of a specific sword fighting stance; the art of will otherwise known as Hyōryū (漂流 drift), this compensates the needed velocity with acceleration without regards to distance or time allowing a more faster execution of an opponent in no less than seconds.
Having five stances to be mastered, it is believed that the third stance is the highest that anyone can reach, breaking through the odds, Atsushi learnt all stances.
Being highly proficient in sword styles and stances and speed too.

Having such unrivalled talent, he was worthy of entering the gotei 13, taking up the required entrance exam, he passed with flying colours, finally getting into the academy, his hardworking and serious were further heightened, retrogression and deterioration of his mindsey was never welcomed in him, it was as though he was putting too much effort and the same time wasn't, that wouldn't be the case or would it? His combat skills and techniques were top notch, his kidou skills was, however, poor.
He continued training and training for years until he passed and was considered to be useful to the 7th division, being posted there, he noticed the rough environment he was entering but his dream was here, to became the best and set forth his mind to his goals.

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