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[Spar] No Man's Land

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:18 am
by platinum6ix

The no man's land is a world empowered by magical crystals and inhabited by harmless mystical creatures. The concentrated energy from the hidden crystals remains the only source keeping the land alive.

Should the lost crystals be found or destroyed, he who is immortal is wise enough to know that death pays all debts.

Re: [Spar] No Man's Land

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:05 am
by platinum6ix
The rate at which time passed was of no joke to the space-time manipulator. The said grunge flooded his state of awareness — That intense apathy. Nevertheless, tranquillity was all he has ever yearned for as his personality was so antisocial that he's not type to mingle his precious time for meaningless drama.
Underneath his sleeve is a figurative killing intent, a habit of stabbing his victims at the heart with zero conscious thought. Whether he's vigilant of it or not is practically anonymous. In spite of all that, he's forever calm; as loud as a whisper, as silent as a lion's roar. Having zero pride while growing as a gillian, he didn’t seem like a genius in the making.

This pale whitish being wore nothing but his prudish clothing, a visible spectral of white full body yukata also known as kimono. The fashion of his countenance has never been altered; for his taste in woven fabric was as gigantic as a tiny beetle. Probably, or probably not, the color white was the big enchilada on his list. With the full body kimono bearing a pattern of six black symbol of sigil around a high collar, underneath his clothing was a necklace also made of six black sigil akin to some sort of ancient religious druid praying beads. On the rear of his kimono is a larger black sigil with a pattern of nine triangles arranged in three rows of three beneath it. He was practically a wolf in sheep clothing.

At that time, Armani was at the sea lounge once again and the whole place was already too crowdy for his liking. His physical body was there, but consciousness was far beyond the walls of Las Noches. For a period of time where one could call a moment, he literally forgot the genuine reason he was there.

“Am late. Tsukane must be waiting!”

He remembered he fixed an appointment with a fellow legionnaire. Regards of such saying as he was exactly where he never wished to be, he actually cared less on how long Tsukane had to hold his breath for the arrival. While having discomfort towards ingesting intoxicated beverages, he rose earnestly from the white fluffy furniture. As Armani appeared in an all white outfit, he wore a type of open toe shoe made up of straps holding the sole to his foot.
The hollow race figure was habitually slow in walking as he reached for the gates of Las Noches. The vicinity was free from noise and disturbance, the exact opposite of the lounge.

At the snap of Armani's left fingers, a diaphanous door-like structure revealed itself to him, thus shredding into two fragments, rendering an opening. In a blink of an eye, he was gone. Same passage way became visible atop a cliff on a strange soil. Just as the rift spread open, Armani became visible to every creature's field of vision. The feats he displayed was against the law of physics.

“No! Am not late am early, too early.”“”

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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:12 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Months had past since Arthur’s promotion to Captain and all seemed strange and new to the tall man, he was not new to taking up responsibilities or handling the leadership of a Division after all he was the king of the Dayne Dynasty and that came with a whole lot responsibilities and efforts. Arthur put aside his pen as he would suddenly rise from his seat to move to the place he had previously placed his sword.

Without much time to waste the captain walked towards the exist to meet the strange man who he had promised to clash blades with. Arrancers, they were the enemy to the realm, small creatures angry at being the lesser man than the shinigami. There power was one to be reckoned with as they even rivaled a captain’s. Arthur paused at the travel gate, holding his zanpacktou firmly to his right hand before passing through.

Arthur came upon a world empowered by magical crystals, a spacious environment no doubt the Arrancar used this arena for training of sort. He was early but his opponent was not Arthur had expected that since the battle was to hold close to the beasts home the beast should be the first to arrive.

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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 3:25 pm
by platinum6ix
It was almost sundown but Armani never lost patience, lose sight of himself nor did he gave into buying an aggressive habit he find hard to display. How hard can it be to stick to the script? Armani knew for certain he had waited way too long for someone who he wouldn't even call an adversary. No doubt time was of the essence. Just as the saying goes, “It's better late than never,”but to the space-time puppeteer, “It's better off as never than to be late”.

Just as Armani sat above ground level, atop the great mountains, the altitude was high as he pictured a memory of himself when he was once an Adjuchas. He could recall being prone to an altitude ailment. A pathological condition caused by oxygen deficiency at high altitudes. A bat-like creature with wings in the air having shortness of breath; one would say he was like a fish suffocating in water.

The splendor of illuminating sun rays beamed it's beauty unto this fragment of nature. The land is undoubtedly a perfect spot for it's multipurpose feats. The odourless wind blew upon the mountains, taking possession of weightless amount of particles along. Nearby trees tagged along in lengthwise, using their fully grown branches to prevent direct rays of sunlight on some part of nature's property during the day. It wasn't the first time Armani had been here, neither will it be the last. At night, the non luminous which is also the largest satellite of planet, the moon, would beam it's lambency upon the land. There was no water flow over the edge of the cliff. However, even if there was a consistent flow, the innate land doesn't seem to be likely inundated.

Deep in the hydrosphere, the water bodies are in excess of armangite. A trigonal-rhombohedral black mineral containing mainly of arsenic, carbon, hydrogen, manganese, and oxygen.
The surface of these symmetrically triangular rocks buried in the water continued to denudate in small degrees over the indefinite water flow. Minerals and worthless stones continually changed their positions over time.

Hence Tsukane never showed up, Armani conjured a gate at the clip of his left fingers. Just as he went through, and with the spatial gateway at the verge of closing completely, another gateway opened revelling a shinigami.

“I miscalculated?”

Armani reopened his spatial gateway, as he made himself visible to the shinigami.

“It's been awhile, Arthur Dayne.”

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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:30 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Arthur did not have to wait too long before he was able to pick up on the sudden activity within his new environment.“He is here?” Arthur thought just loud enough for him to hear the words leave his lips. It was just as he had turned to the direction of the energy he had sensed did Arthur hear his name from the man he would want to believe he was meeting for the very first time.

“How did you come by that name?” The Dayne would ask this of the man hovering above him like he was his prey thus disregarding the man’s previous comment about his punctuality.

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Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:19 am
by platinum6ix
“How did you come by that name?”

To Armani's ears, those words were actually louder than necessary. It was as though the soul reaper accepted he was a subject of torment; hence looked up with a hunted expression. Everything was a bolt from the blue cause it was at the eleven hour that the shinigami showed up.

“Keep calm, shinigami. This is a little known fact. You sound as though it is not a mutual title shared by more than one entities.”

Armani knew nothing other than the name of the fellow after he learned a thing or two about Soul society. What lies underneath the shinigami's sleeves was practically anonymous to him. He wasn't certain if giving the shinigami a wide berth will be a good idea. Armani's gaze remained fixed on the shinigami. Not even for once did he blink for a second. Sometimes his manner of conduct can be misleading, one might take his glance as an act of defense mechanism.

Armani's utterance was hostile but trivial as usual. A lot has changed over the years but his personality is yet unbridgeable. However, that might actually be a weak spot. Armani planned on meeting a fellow legionnaire for nothing other than a duel. No doubt his appointments has disorganized once again by no one other than himself.

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Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:31 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
His response to Arthur made little sense and the man had little patience for unfruitful and tiresome taunts. “Normally I’d just allow you to humor me but...” He drew out Intetsu in a reverse sword draw while he went forth to finish his already made statement. “I am in a bit of a hurry”

“Thunder” He Said out loud enough for the Arrancar to hear as he went on to speak to the floating stranger “I’ll give you one last chance to walk away from this” knowing his temperament it was only normal that he warned the man before he walks into a certain death. When was the last time he actually had a serious fight? Not since the last war he had been forced to take part of during the time his father ruled.

Arthur gently placed intetsu back to its sheath holding its pommel as he positioned himself for a strike. “By the way, aren’t you guys all but gone?” He said totally leaving his presence where it once was to appear facing directly facing the Arrancar supporting his stance with a solid reishi plate.

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Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:02 am
by platinum6ix
“Normally I’d just allow you to humor me but...”
“I am in a bit of a hurry”.

The shinigami was high and mighty, vividly full of himself, and not doubt he was certain that what he had below his garment was capable of executing his task. To Armani, the whole thing was about to become a drag but a promise is a promise, a vow is a vow, a commitment is a commitment. An arranged duel between an Arrancar and a Shinigami, might call it a clash of clans but Armani wasn't there to represent any tribe.

At the point where Dayne gave an oracular retort, Armani was vigilant enough to see him demonstrate his cultural dance, unsheathing his zanpakutou in a contrary manner. At least, that's what the Arrancar thought. Hence the Shinigami was in a haste, it was actually normal for him to display some adrenaline.

Be it sonido, flashstep, or any other way, the shinigami dashed from his initial position; thus appearing before Armani who was against the law of gravity. The gates behind him were still clearly open.

“Artillery! Look at my red eyes when I'm talking to you, shinigami.”

Armani's eyes were red momentarily.
However, that was just a mere distraction. The garganta behind him shot leeches capable of attaching themselves to anything they hit, which are known to be extremely hard to get off and they explode in a matter of seconds. The ability said to be, artillery. Should the shinigami evade or not, Armani would still unleash a powerful wide scale of ocular Cero Cornea blast.

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Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:37 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
His patience for the man was running out and it was clear that the Arrancar had no idea the dilemma he was getting into, while his focus was fixated on the man, the garganta behind his foe blurted out leeches in a futile attempt to attach itself on the 6th Division captain’s body but would only meet an empty space as the Shinigami was no longer where he stood but his new location would be directly behind the Arrancar.

Just as he moved, a cero came for him, although not as fast as the Arrancar Bala it had more explosive power most especially if it came from a high ranking officer which clearly the Arrancar was. “Raikiri”[1]With an immense speed Arthur drew out his sword and would unleash a huge heat and lightning pouring down from the sky in an instant covering the area around both him and the Arrancar, not only that but it would also collide with the cero. With Raikiri having much more destructive power than the Arrancar’s Cero it cancel out it out and also lay a devastating damage to anything caught within Raikiri’s range.

Raikiri: An ultra-electromagnetic Battoujutsu where Arthur charges his blade with his lightning and drawing it out at an immense speed which easily transcends the speed of sound, releasing blinding light and huge amount of heat in the process. The Raikiri grants Arthur a near invincible advantage in close range battle. Due to the Raikiri being a sword drawing technique, it can't be cast continuously without having the blade return to the scabbard. Furthermore, while the Raikiri is powerful, it can still be withstood or even overpowered. View the link in my Zan profile to have a clue of how Raikiri works

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Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:02 pm
by platinum6ix
And it has begun, the moment that was destined for — the battle cry of zero army.

Armani's thoughtless gesture of routing the Shinigami into sailing under false colors wasn't a 100% success. The act to orally steal his focus didn't completely mesmerize the Shinigami, losing the chance to grab hold of his fantasy. The aquatic blood-sucking annelids of class Hirudinea projected towards the Shinigami was right on track but nevertheless, they only spat out in multitude as they obeyed the resultant force on the earth's surface, gravity, sticking firmly as they detonate to dilapidate a small potion of the mountains.

The shinigami portrayed to be fast enough to contradict the ocular cero cornea with the aid of a raging yellow lightning which fell from the sky. Two things were clear,
the release command and the form of lightning was different from any kido. It was at that moment Armani knew the Shinigami was a lightning user. The technique used was both offensive and defensive; It's as though faith lies in every cunning step.

With the aid of sonido, Armani stepped out from harms way. He believed he was able to elude the attack but little did he know that the lower region of his white full-body kimono has been fried.

Not half bad, Shinigami. But why did you hold back when we first gained a close range! Feed upon this world!

Nevertheless, Armani's statement was basically random.

A black and pale whitish grey burst of spiritual energy, which fell around Armani as platinum rain.
Afterwards, his skin burnt in form of a raging whitish flame. In this state Armani became bat-like in appearance; his waist-length hair completely
became white with a pair of pale white horns sprouted out from the forehead aiming for the sky. With that he attained a pale white skin, large metallic wings mounted on his back which are capable of cutting through most solid materials.

“Paradox! Come to daddy, Shinigami. Gemelos Sonido! ”

Armani performed Sonido at an increased pace as he left behind a life-like after-image – a clone, otherwise indistinguishable from the user himself as a means of diversion. He would appear at the Shinigami's rear with rage of bala. It's speed is 20 times faster than cero, allowing it to be fired in quick succession as he attempt to disintegrate the Shinigami's right arm. An offense powerful enough to blast large holes into an enemy's body.

However, that's not the main story. Paradox, an ability to instantly slow down the rate of time flow was used. Armani could impair a speed motion greater than his skills in sonido.

Nemesis : Armani wield a dark slim 100cm sword
Resurrección: Feed Upon This World . Nemesis unleashes a black and pale
whitish grey burst of spiritual energy, which falls around Armani as platinum
Afterwards, his skin burns in form of a raging whitish flame. In this state
Armani becomes bat-like in appearance. His waist-length hair completely
becomes white with a pair of pale white horns sprouted out from the
forehead aiming for the sky. With that he attains a pale white skin, large
metallic wings mounted on his back which are
capable of cutting through most solid materials. He is physically a platinum
colored demon.

—Gemelos Sonido (Twin Sound Ceremony): The user can perform Sonido at an increased pace and leave behind life-like after-images. These act as clones, otherwise indistinguishable from the user themselves. They can even bleed and die! The user can utilize up to 5 such clones at the same time. It is much more taxing to perform Gemelos Sonido than ordinary Sonido and would tire me twice as fast.

— Bala: While similar in function to a Cero, a Bala is not nearly as powerful, but, thanks to its composition, its speed is 20 times faster, allowing it to be fired in quick succession. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a typical Cero does. The overall speed and power of a Bala varies depending on the Arrancar using it; Some are powerful enough that they can blast large holes into an enemy's body.

Type= Active
Element= Space time Manipulation
Description: By Warping the dimension of time and controlling it's flow, Armani is capable of drastically slowing down the speed of time around him, affecting everything but him and ally in a range not further than 5m. He is able to leave time motion of any matter or
energy slowed. A speed lower than their original speed. However, their movements are not paralysed or restricted. He is capable of slowing down a speed faster than his skill in sonido.

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Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:09 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Arthur placed his blade back into its sheath as he watched the Arrancar narrowly escape Raikiri. His disappointment at fact that the man wasn’t within his Battojutsu range angered him beyond words, but he would have a clear head if he was to triumph.

The Arrancar’s appearance began to change after he had could out what Arthur believed to be similar to the Shinigami’s Shikai release. The Arrancar dashed forward at a remarkable speed thus leaving an after image behind him perhaps in hopes to fool the Dayne king.

With Reverse sight[1] Arthur could follow and tell the movements of the Arrancar as he knew the man’s plans before he was to execute it as Arthur shifted his body to meet the gaze of the Arrancar now standing at his rear thus ignoring the Arrancar’s copy. The 6th Division head would create an electromagnetic field[2] around himself that deals with magnetic attraction and repulsion which would Further increase the speed of his swings as he would easily match the speed of the bala even to a point of overpowering it, cutting it away like it was a sack of meat.

However, the Dayne head could tell that his movement was somewhat impaled by a means he was yet to understand and if the force affected the speed of his blade then Arthur would take the speed of his swings to a different level, employing inazuma in a way that he normally would not. While he was done putting away the bala, Arthur would move to seep into the Arrancar’s unconsciousness[3] silently but very swift he would appear before the man in an instant before the man could react he would move his blade at an immense speed to free the Arrancar from the burden of his right hand if successful, it would turn the tide of the battle.

* Inazuma (lit. "Lightning"): Arthur creates a magnetic field around him, which lets him increase the speed of his swings. The ability utilizes electromagnetic repulsion and attraction for the improvement of speed. Arthur is capable of both blocking and attacking at a much faster rate, being able to contend or even overcome opponents that would normally be far faster than him. Due to the high speed, the ability inflicts a heavy burden on the wrist. Because of this, the ability can't be used randomly, and instead must be used carefully to rattle the opponent rhythm.
* [3]
* Trackless Step (抜き足 Nukiashi): This is an ancient movement technique, where the Arthur combines his breath control and his footwork, to close the distance between him and his target. It actually doesn't increase his speed, but makes his movements difficult to perceive as dangerous and lets him seep into his opponents unconsciousness. This makes the opponent unable to react until it's too late. In order to counter Trackless Step, an opponent needs to simply shift their attention to their unconsciousness. This however, can be very hard, especially when fighting.
[1] .

* Reverse Sight (閃理眼リバースサイト
, Ribāsu Saito): By cutting his eyesight, the Arthur gains greatly enhanced perception through the use of lightning. This allows Arthur to sense the electrical impulses and signals going through the opponent's body, letting him perceive all of their movements and even the moves they are going to make. Arthur can even perceive the opponents mental state. Reverse Sight requires for the user to cut off their eyesight, though the enhanced perception greatly makes up for this.

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Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:17 am
by platinum6ix
At that time, it was already sundown. The light emanating from the moon and the luminous celestial body, the moon, was ample enough to illuminate the vicinity. Perhaps that might have positively drawn to his vantage.

Armani wasn't astonished as the Soul reaper was able to nullify the effect of paradox. He wasn't even sure he had a clue of what occurred. However, the Shinigami was very gullible, pretty much easy to delude. The figure never got the true meaning behind the phrase,“Come to daddy”. The moment Armani used his skill, he conjured behind another copy of himself, it was that same figure he was proud to refer as himself. The technique was just meant for creation.

The said version did all that it was intended to including the low bala attack even though he wasn't as powerful as the original to put the task to effect. A clone shouldn't be capable of exerting the paradox ability but the Arrancar was wise enough to activate before hand. Armani watched as Arthur turned a blind eye, completely ignoring him and consequently focusing on the other version.
He could have easily created more than a single copy of himself, but that would have expose his true intentions.

Be it sonido, Armani dashed off...“Agitowari”. A sword technique where a single sword attack cuts an opponent in half from the jaw down the length of the body until the target is bi-sectioned. The user cuts down with both hands coming from straight above. The tip of the sword enters the chin and then proceeds to open up an opponent's neck and chest.

However the clone didn't survive Arthur's attack, as his main objective was to preoccupy the Shinigami.

Agitowari("Chin/Jaw Splitting"): A sword technique wherea single sword attack cuts an opponent in half from the jaw down the length of the body until the target is bi-sectioned. The user cuts down with both hands coming from straight above. The tip of the sword enters the chin and then proceeds to open up an opponent's neck and chest. This technique requires being airborne and coming down with their full weight.

Re: [Spar] No Man's Land

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:36 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Arthur’s blade easily completed the task the man had set it up for, however, it was the clone he had caused damages to.

It was impossible for his reverse sight to have made a mistake in telling the difference between a clone from the original but now was not the time to ponder, It was at that moment when Arthur had placed intetsu back to its sheath did the Arrancar appear from above making a downwards slash.

The blade from the Arrancar met with Arthur’s chin but would go no further, this was because as a captain it was very easy to employ the use of his superior reiatsu as a form of defense over the lesser being and as such met with no harm. “Raikiri” Arthur would draw out his blade at immense speed that would easily transcend the speed of sound at the exact moment the Arrancar’s blade touched his skin thus leaving little or no room for the beast to react for Raikiri was instantaneous.

Large black lightning which was widely known for its destructiveness would appear just as soon as it was summoned covering the 5meter area where the Shinigami and the Arrancar stood to lay a devastating damage to the Arrancar. Still Arthur was not done, he move his blade employing Inazuma as did moving his blade for the neck of the Arrancar. It was a perfect counter, a perfect attack for the Arrancar had been lured into the false hope of defeating the captain with tricks and as such had fallen into one of Arthur’s. The position of the Arrancar would make evading almost impossible seeing as Arthur had attacked the same moment the Arrancar appeared making a slash at him.

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Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:25 am
by platinum6ix
Armani got a clear view as the Shinigami used his spirit pressure to repel against the blade aimed to bisect him.

The moment the Shinigami uttered the word, “Raikiri”, Armani already knew what was coming. Same old scheme hardly work twice. Last time he was lucky enough to evade with the aid of his feats, but the lighting was rapidly sufficient to fry a fragment of his garment. It's plausible to note that the lightning had a cheap flaw — It's range of destruction was very limited to be precise. Unlike the previous moment, this time the Arrancar already had his form released. The latter form got his kimono shredded into pieces leaving behind his black leggings.

Armani employed his pace to evade but would be far lavish and greater than before, but he has been practically drained from energy.
However, raikiri wasn't the only ability the Shinigami used. At that moment the pale white figure retreat, his opponent ran for his neck with a full speed swing attack which was difficult to evade. Armani got hit.
Nevertheless, with Reiatsu continuously condensed into the Arrancar's skin, the layer is as hard as iron. It is enough to block a Zanpakutō. Even when the Hierro is broken in a location it becomes useless but still significantly reduces the damage that could have been inflicted.

“Not bad this time but that can't be all. Show me your true power, Shinigami.”

In spite of that, he said knowing fully well he was knackered.
Hierro : with his Reiatsu continuously condensed into his skin, Armani has skin as hard as iron. This is enough to block a Zanpakutō. It can deflect the ordinary attacks of most sword-wielding opponents provided their strength, isn’t very formidable or the technique used extraordinarily destructive. When the Hierro is broken in a location it becomes useless but still significantly reduces the damage that could have been inflicted.

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Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:32 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Again the Arrancar was able to evade a lightning moving at an instantaneous speed and not only that in a difficult position. Was it a fluke, luck or was the man a miracle worker or maybe using an unknown ability, so many possibilities but the Dayne head would put that to bed and would focus on the task ahead.

Apparently Intetsu had left a hole on his neck but failed to make any significant damage and that angered him. He had somewhere to be and the Arrancar was dragging things that was good for the captain. “You probably are going to be the first and only person to see this so feel honored” At the end of his voice the air around them would shift, everything would appear to be still even the river flowing beneath them. Arthur would let out the full force of his reiatsu that would bring and cripple any living being in the arena, an immense pressure would be felt all around reaching a great distance.

“Bankai lightning god” A burst of black lightning would shoot up to the sky clearing and calming the clouds as Arthur would now be covered with a thick layer of black lightning, his eyes crackling with black electricity, Metal gauntlets would appear on his arms extending all the way to his shoulders. “Now where were we? You said I should show you my true power right?”

Arthur moved so fast that an after image was left in his wake, appearing before the Arrancar in a heartbeat and with immense strength Arthur would lunch his fist straight at the Arrancar only to stop halfway inches to the man’s heart but would move to the Arrancar’s back leaving an after image behind to draw the man into a false sense of security, to leave him wide open and ripe for an attack.

Arthur would move his hand with immense strength to lunch his fist at the lower part of the Arrancar’s waist in an attempt to cripple the man and rub him of all movements from the lower and upper part of his body. He finished the attack before it would take anyone to blink
Kishin(demon god): This ability converts all of Arthur’s body into a store of massive volume of highly condensed lightning energy that appears constant in a cloaked form on his person, Increasing his manipulation of lightning to vast lengths. A side effect is the even more excited state of his body cells at their most basic level, causing further increased to his innate speed and reflexes to be awakened in him. With this ability, he can channel and concentrate large of said energy into any part of his body or objects he is in contact with, either for defensive or offensive purposes, and it includes been able to fire off amounts and superior interactions with external electric fields, the conveyance extends to great distances.

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Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:22 pm
by platinum6ix
“You probably are going to be the first and only person to see this so feel honored...


At that moment, it all came down to the way Armani had wanted; forcing the Shinigami to use Bankai regardless of whatever seat he could be. Armani's hope for the Shinigami was for him to acquire a true captain status cause compared to his peers, he was way too weak & gullible if he was one. An Espada with no resurreccion could blitz in milliseconds. However, Armani's intentions for the duel never came down to breeding bad blood.

The Arrancar's line of vision was lucid as the Shinigami acquired a latter form but that was nothing compared to what was about to occur. The whole scenario was practically a flash in a pan. Armani was staring at the figure from a limited as he gasp for air to regain his stamina, but little did he know that his lower behind had sustained a great impact.

“A life-like after-image?!”

Armani's intellect discovered it was a similar concept to his gemelos sonido but at that time, his limbs have been deteriorated. From where he stood above ground level, he fell sideways to the Shinigami's victory; thus losing altitude.
Little consciousness was the formidable ally left. Seconds before the Arrancar could drop at the surface of the mountains, a spatial portal was evoked with his mind which was linked to another dimension. It's magnitude was large enough to fit his body. Armani varnished from the real world. Dark is the atmosphere and every null & cranny, the dimension is vast and practically wide to an unmeasurable degree. The only source of light to this dimension are the large countless circular shaped objects which Armani could manipulate and are parallel to the plane of the horizon. Over there, time rotates backwards in the dimension at least giving a reverse effect such as restoring fatal injuries. Death is certainly irreversible.

The dimension was more unique in all aspects than the usual Arrancar's high speed generation. Armani stepped out from another spatial doorway. He looked all brand new as he was fit as fiddle.
Probably a wild-goose chase, his aim so far was to make the Shinigami burn down reiatsu.


Armani sucks in spirit particles from surrounding area. The user's muscles expand, making them physically stronger. User's hierro thickens by the same amount as well, increasing defense. This does however decrease mobility by the same amount.

“Destroy! The real duel starts now, Shinigami.”

Gonzui: User sucks in spirit particles from surrounding area while in a after life area like Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. However if in the land of the living then human souls are sucked in instead. The user's muscles expand, making them physically stronger. User's hierro thickens by the same amount as well, increasing defense. This does however decrease mobility by the same amount.This technique can't be used again if a fellow arrancar has already done it in the area. There would be no spirit particles left.

Numero 8-10 increase strength&hierro, decrease mobility by 5 ( last for 3 post)

Numero 7 Increase strength & hierro, decrease mobility by 7 (last for 5 post)

Fraccion 3-6 increase strength & hierro, decrease mobility by 10 (last for 7 post)

Head Fraccion increase strength & hierro, decrease mobility by 15 ( last for 10 post)

Espada increase strength & hierro, decrease mobility by 20 ( last for 13 post )

Type= Active
Element= Space time Manipulation

Mode I: Armani is able to create two rifts which opens almost simultaneously (one after the other), which he uses to transport himself or other things like matter and energy instantaneously.
Apart from himself, this rift can not transport sentient beings. The rifts can be in any size depending on Armani's choice, either as small as his palm or big enough to swallow a 7ft gaint. Said rifts can be formed anywhere or any angle within a 20 meters radius of
Armani making it quite unpredictable. He can transport any form of energy which are less powerful than his fully charged cero, and any matter not larger than a 7ft tall being also barrages of things he can transport at once is limited to how big the rift is.

Mode II: Similarly to mode I, but rather than linking two rifts together, a rift is linked as a door way to his own world, The Reverse Dimension. He can transport himself or possible third party. Dark is the atmosphere and every null & cranny, the dimension is vast and
practically wide to an unmeasurable degree. The only source of light to this dimension are the large countless circular shaped objects which Armani could manipulate and are parallel to the plane of the horizon. Here, time rotates backwards in this dimension at least giving a reverse effect such as restoring fatal injuries. Death is certainly irreversible.
However, the dimension can only last for four post, the reverse of time applies to everyone within the dimension.
it's impossible for a third party to auto teleport their way to into the Reverse Dimension as the dimension is not originally linked to their abilities.

Re: [Spar] No Man's Land

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:46 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
He felt his hand pierce through his enemies back hitting the lower vertebra of the man standing helplessly before him. He watched as the Arrancar fell sideways falling down before a spatial portal was activated to take the Arrancar into an unknown dimension.

Arthur’s body fully covered with black electricity zapped as he waited for what he had up would happen. A space door opens and the Arrancar walked right back in whole and new, as dazzled as the captain was he was angered. Perhaps he needed to show the man before him what true pain was. “What was that just now? I crippled you, so How?” Arthur asked still trying to understand the mystery of his enemy’s abilities, to his best of knowledge the Arrancar would appear to have some control over time seeing as he had previously slowed down his sword swing aided by Inazuma. Now his opponent left severely wounded and came back all healed up not even the famous Arrancar regeneration could give someone the use of his legs and hands back.

His convergence of electricity entendres through great lengths in Bankai, Arthur would could see the electric particles all around him and now he can interact with them making lightning from thin air the very environment was an extension of himself and so he moved.

Appearing where he wanted when he wanted, it would appear that the man was everywhere at the same time making it nigh impossible for the Arrancar to follow his movements. Moving close to the Arrancar in a heartbeat the 6th Division captain would place his right index at the chest of the Arrancar would attempt to transfer a huge portion of the surrounding electricity into the body of the man standing before him about 5000volts of pure black electricity into the Arrancar’s body.

However Arthur would not stop there as he would in an instant move to the man’s left hand side and with immense strength aiding his swing using Inazuma as he did, He would move an already cloaked intetsu to cut the Arrancar’s head off aiding the cut with lightning for an easy penetration. The whole event would occur in the time it would take the heart to beat twice.
Name:: Tenbatsu(Heaven's Wrath)
Type: Active
Description: If Arthur employs his Shikai for a certain amount of time, which varies according to the level of use, the formation of clouds in his vicinity stabilizes and every free particles below the black clouds become eventually charged such that he has complete dominion over their polarities allowing him Tenbatsu. This allows him to generate electric energy from thin air, effectively converting the space around him into superior spatial version of his body; an enormous reservoir of electricity that he is one with and governs.

Re: [Spar] No Man's Land

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:43 pm
by platinum6ix
“What was that just now? I crippled you, so How?”

To the Arrancar's distort, the query was best regarded as a rhetorical question. Mystery is far more arousing than knowledge itself. The game wasn't worth the candle at Armani's attempt was to either leave the exact same way he came in or...

Every cloud has a silver lining, at that moment Armani employed a chip of energy manipulation by the utterance, “Destroy”, he took the bull by the horn, kept the reitsu expenses within his income as he released a wave of energy from his body which was entirely destructive. It was both an offensive and defensive mechanism as he detonated like a self destruction. His first notation was a to gain an ample range to put the shinigami in between the devil and the deep sea but was deemed wearisome. However, the deed wasn't far fetched as the Shinigami already drafted close to the pale white being who never needed to move in accordance with or pursue his state of mobility. He was just close enough.

Call it a collateral damage, the entire scene would take place before an eye blink once; thus forcing the shinigami into hell's gate.

“Negation wave!”Armani would push into existence an onda de negacion wave that ought to surround him from as close as 1 cm to 5 feet while it spread out proficiently like barrier. It burns and negates anything it touches.

Whatever the case, a spatial doorway will conjured based on his perception.

Type= Active
Element= Energy Manipulation
Once ability is activated the user releases a wave of energy from his body which is entirely explosive. In other words, the user could simply explode. The size and range of this blast is dependent on the charge time. As such, a 2-3 post charge time will bring about a blast range capable of covering a distance of 15–20 meters respectively. However without charge time the blast would only go as far as a 5m radius.

Onda de negacion: ("negation wave") The user juts out reitsu from their skin, pushing into existence an onda de negacion wave surrounds that user from as close as 1 cm to the user to 5 feet. If the user is strong enough it may stretch farther and it surrounds the user for about 5-10 seconds seconds while it is spreading acting like barrier. It burns and negates anything that touches it if made strong enough.

Re: [Spar] No Man's Land

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:23 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
The 6th Division captain blurred he moved to lay a devastating blow to the Arrancar but would be faced with a well timed explosion directed at the moment he gained distance with the man before him, as fast as he was not even him was capable of out running a well timed explosion. The boom sound echoed through the vicinity pushing Arthur further away from his target and lunching him on to a crater. Kishin did well to protect him against the destructive nature of the bomb by reducing its impact saving his body from shredding to bits, however, the bomb was strong enough to bypass Kishin’s defense and cause heavy burns to the captains abdomen also obliterating his haori.

The death god felt immense pain all around the affect part on his body and he was not bothered with His defense been down as he knew that so long as he was in Bankai Kishin would constantly generate electricity and the layer of defense that was hit would start to reform.

Arthur’s Bankai created thunder storm in the clouds as flashes of lightning flashed randomly at random places. Arthur pulled himself up from what was left of the crater he had clashed unto and would slowly raise his hands up as he did the lightning flashes around the vicinity froze in space. Arthur distinguished the Electromagnetic field of the Arrancar and would connect it to the lightning he froze in space and in the atmosphere to the center of that field and with a flip of his finger lightning from the atmosphere in all directions would move at lightning speed towards the Arrancar moving at a speed of fifty miles per seconds. Even if the man tries to run or dodge the lightning strikes would follow him wherever he went for they were connected to his Electromagnetic field and like a missile they would follow to obliterate him.

Re: [Spar] No Man's Land

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:05 am
by platinum6ix
Hence there was no charge time, the setback led to the release of only a fragment of the destructive force. However, it was sufficient to make the Shinigami seem like a fallen angel from the sky. The pressure in wind pushed back the human figure as he clashed bones with the earth surface. It didn't stop there, the impact was on a different scale which did nothing but bury the Shinigami into subterranean.

At that moment, the Shinigami defense line was wide open in which a single strike might determine a checkmate of the duel. However when all is said than done, little is always done than said. With the weight at hand, Armani wasn't as strong as an ox to follow up with the sequence of attack. Maybe or maybe not he showed the Shinigami mercy. Negation wave was the key to instant nullification and annihilation but there's a defensive role it was meant to play.

Earlier, the destructive disturbance from Armani's body ruptured his white full-body kimono into dust with only the black skintight leggings left behind which meant anything within 0.4cm stayed safe. To his surprise on the other hand, the Shinigami didn't lose any limbs.

Armani couldn't explain the formation of electricity but he has the negation wave on as a barrier which was capable of nullifying any form of matter or energy it comes in contact with. The Shinigami seem to have been bored out of repeating the same old rain of lightning from the sky over and over again. With spatial gateway the Arrancar had in cognition, he was gone in a flash. He surfaced where no one could; The Reverse Dimension which was still within the battlefield but on a different astral plane. A path meant for only gods of time to walk on.

Armani's reiatsu was drained to a critical level. He was dead beat as he found his left fist resonating on its own. Armani relaxed his back on some sort of transparent horizontal structure, legs crossed and arms behind his head.

“Get over here if you can, Shinigami!”