[Mission] The Transporter

Beyond the world of the living lies Hueco Mundo; the dimension in which the Hollow and Arrancar reside. The terrain is blank, and dull - white sands stretch as far as the eye can see and the sky above remains perpetually dark. From the sand juts Las Noches, the home of the Arrancar. The structure is massive in size and white all around with one single door. You may enter, if you dare.

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[Mission] The Transporter


Post by Itsu » Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:36 am

Type: Solo

Character Name: Kurosaki Jay

Character Rank: Adjuchas

Mission Class Requested: D

Mission Plot:
The construction of the legion's Laboratory was now at hand, a sealed contract that was meant to have begun ages ago but due to some complications, its erection date was been postponed countless times. But news eventually got to the office of the Acting Head Fracción (Wyre Stolcraf), that the shipment of materials, appliances, building parts, tools and other essential wares for the construction of the Laboratory was ready to be transported to Las Noche.

The contractors requested for safe passage of goods from their warehouse all the way down to Las Noche, and the distance was something even an airplane would complain of. The warehouse wasn't some place where anyone can get into with ease, its a regimented environment hidden from the outside world due to the type of business they operate on. So its virtually impossible to identify its exact location unless its coordinates were disclosed.

However that wasn't the only issue at hand. There were some specially ordered materials within all others goods that if they got into the wrong hands, would surely cause chaos in Hueco Mundo. The entire packages/load were too cumbersome to the point they cannot be shipped using spiritual pathways and as such required the common means of transportation; land. And Hueco Mundo is a world filed with mindless beast that roam around in the vast deserts, searching for places to cause havoc, so nothing was safe out there.

Objective(s): You are to rendezvous with the contractors and ensure a safe delivery of the Laboratory materials. Your primary assignments are to escort and offer protection when needed.

Location: Cyprian Estate. Located at the eastern parts of Hueco Mundo. (Note: The given address ain't the location of the warehouse but the rendezvous point.)

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Re: [Mission] The Transporter


Post by VonJay » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:36 am

It all sets in under the drab dark sky of Las Noches, the void which stretched as far as the eyes could see was unflecked by a single heavenly body, the only thing that was hung in place was the crescent moon which was overhead at an angle of elevation of about 72°.

Such Void Sky could only be inhabited by the rather vicious creatures known as hollows which fed off the abundant reishi in the environ.
Well, the reishi was abundant to feed these creatures, which wandered about without any sense of direction, without feeding off other creatures.

But at the pavement of the Las Noches hall, was a fairly muscular yet slender individual whom had a long yet spiky blue hair and a pale skin, another noticeable facial feature was his glittering blue eyes and his bushy eyebrows and eyelashes. The figure was, however, tall. Possessing similar traits and characteristics as a hollow but with certain differences, however, the audience couldn't deny the fact that their pasts were intertwined either through evolution or through adaptation.
One may want to ascertain the difference between evolution and adaptation but that shouldn't be the case here.

By taking a closer look, it was the adjucha commonly known 'Kurosaki Jay' as of that time.
His head was laid against the magnificent walls of las Noches.
Anyway, it was time to go on an errand, an mission rather than an errand, this mission was bestowed upon him by the head fraccion Wyrey Stolcraf.
The details of the mission was well written, it was the shipment of the technological materials for the technology advancement facility of las noches.
He was ready nonetheless. Maybe his nonchalant attitude had gotten a hold of him momentarily, well, that was to be expected from Jay. After much postulation by the audience,Jay got up from his initial position, his palm was placed atop the hilt of one of his blades which were tightly held in place by their scabbard. Jay needed no vehicle for his journey to the rendezvous point--Crypian Estate.

Jay walked in a linear path, he didn't sway from his path as all that was left behind were the footsteps which were imbedded into the white soil of las Noches by his steps, he didn't get rid of such footprints even if it would rise a scene or act as an awareness strategy for the deserted adjuchas and other high ranking arrancar officials which lurked behind the silhouette of the accumulated dunes which would easily make one's eye wander at will, it was as if Jay was telling them to 'come out of hiding and fight him'. Perhaps, he was showing quite the confidence in his skills which he probably wouldn't waste a moment to display to the audience.

Maybe, it was due to his careless and nonchalant attitude, but there wouldn't be an atom of deception or falsity in the halseny or conjecture emphasized by the readers.

Jay continued on his path, but unbeknownst of him, he was being trailed by a group of adjuchas.
Jay, having noticed the sudden apparition of the adjuchas, even without the use of his sensory skills to detect the sudden emission of reiatsu in the environ, decided not to show the slightest change in demeanor so that the adjuchas would fall prey to his trap or rather, he was playing along since they have decided not to tell him the reason why they were trailing him, maybe they were the legionnaires that deserted the cause and purpose of las Noches or possibly for greener pastures.

But abruptly, he was stopped as the adjuchas behind him, appeared before him, he wondered the reason for such disrespectful demeanor, perhaps, it was time to execute their plan, and they were five in number.
Anyone who saw Jay with them would easily notice the power difference between Jay and the group except for two.

“I am Demoli Anarky, Your guide, your assistance, perhaps, your backup package”

Said the leader of the group, but Jay didn't know of this, neither did he regard him as a leader.

“And What is your business with me? How so are you my guide? I clearly don't recall being told about an assistant or requesting for one”
Jay discerned, his expression was placid and cold as ever.

“Head fraccion Wyrey Stolcraf sent us to assist you”
He answered.
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Re: [Mission] The Transporter


Post by VonJay » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:38 pm

Jay exhaled after accumulating a large volume of air which made his chest seem a little bloated.
Of course, he doesn't have any problem with an adjucha tagging along but 5 was way too much, he finds it not only troublesome but cumbersome as well. Frankly speaking, the idea of being assisted was welcomed in Jay's mind, he prefers doing thing alone and alone, heck, Jay felt it was way much better.
Well, seeing things from Jay's viewpoint, his theory won't be so bad although traces of falsity must probably fall in it, but that entirely doesn't remove the truth which glitters from it.
Such rowdy and cumbrous mission, it has become, being tagged along with five freaking adjuchas without knowing if truly Wyrey sent them or not.
Anybody would doubt such things, Since adjuchas numeros that deserted are hovering in this region as well as the hollows.

Jay, however, decided to go with the flow, but it seems not all was well, his instincts kept budging him, what could he do? If they should display any foolish tricks or attempt to attack, they will have to face the brunt of his swords.

Finally, the building was in sight but the view was different, it seemed as though that place was another world, but a narrow path was all that surfaced itself to the adjuchas. Well, not anyother option do they have, it felt like a trap, but they still have to cross that path.
Jay took his first step as an unknown phenomenon was expressed.
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Re: [Mission] The Transporter


Post by VonJay » Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:18 pm

As Jay took his first step down the narrow path, he felt the distinctive change in the environment, it was as if he was in a new world as the sun alone, which hung at an angle of about 67°, was enough evidence. But then, a wild and rather harsh reishi was emissive, it plunged unto Jay asif it was attempting an inward pull into the earth's rigid surface like a blackhole of some sort. It went on until he exerted out his reiatsu, as the plunge was stopped, to jay, it felt as if it was a requirement like some sort of security code for some top notch security lock. But with all that out of the way, Jay journeyed down his paths with the Adjuchas which claimed to be sent by Head fraccion Wyre Stolcraf.

The building, which stretched as far as the eye could see,was decorated with glittering jewels and glasses which were mosaicked together, the glasses reflected the sunrays, due to its distorted nature, the sunrays were reflected towards another plane instead of being sent back. The flowers which were planted abreast to each other blossomed with a fine scent filling the air, it was such a nice environment, the chirping sound of the birds even made the environ more livelier as nothing could've been more perfect than such brilliant beauty, which intertwined itself with the nature's beauty.

But Jay was always too placid and cold, such earthly beauty, he regarded as waste, he continued on his course to meet the contractor, but he noticed something, the sudden disappearance of the adjuchas.

He sensed great uneasiness from this demeanor, regardless, the thoughts of uneasiness which coursed through his mind never made its mark on Jay's visage.
Perhaps, it was his nature to always be calm and collective even in difficile situation.

He continued walking to the location whom the contractor was presumed to be.

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Re: [Mission] The Transporter


Post by VonJay » Mon Dec 25, 2017 1:57 pm

Jay continued in his trajectory path, he never once deviated from it.
On getting closer, he noticed the gathering of the adjuchas abreast the contractor.
Perhaps, the onlookers probably thought they took the shortcut, but Jay took this demeanor as an act of defiance, or it was the primary plan they all had, such clasm in thoughts and opinion between Jay and the onlookers couldn't be any more farther. But giving each opinion a thought, traces of deceptions and falsities might harbor its idealism in it, but so was the traces of truth. Both were wrong and right, heck, there was no wrong or right, Just a conjecture, a halseny which was yet to materialize its form into the minds of the onlookers as well as Jay who thought otherwise, however, the moment of truth was here, a scene was about to unfold before everyone's eyes, the side the adjuchas were truly on, the unmasking of their goals and plans, all was about to unfold.

Even with the adjuchas' apparition, he staggered or trembled not, he continued, he was already close enough, suddenly, he came to an abrupt halt.

“I see, this was your plan, eh?”
Muttered Jay.
“How am I always correct? why so?”
He questioned on further in a rhetorical respect.
Just when a little explanation was needed and might have possibly resolved it, a menacing demeanor was displayed by the adjuchas, how so? One would wonder and wander himself into an ocean of thought, needless that would be and needless it was, it was simple, they were all setting into their default battle stance but only one stayed behind them all, his arms were wrapped against eachother as an air of total silent hovered around him. The contractor's safety was all Jay was after, frankly speaking, Jay was too fast for an adjucha, his swordskills were even top notch, surely, he was confident in his skills.

Jay's feet grasped the platform while they parted ways, his body aligned perfectly so as to place almost all his body's balance on his left side, but, his blades remained in their scabbard.
What insolence was Jay trying to demonstrate by not going into full battle mode?
Perhaps, he was already in his stance form. His fingers were clearly placed atop the hilt of one of his blades in a grappling gesture.
Before the adjuchas which raced towards him could tell what transpired, he had vanished from their sight.
He applied sonido to a high swordstyle technique, The swift motion of his blade and body was too fast for the eyes to follow, heck, it would even be more harder for their instincts to take over them in such short timeframe.
Shortly after, the heads of the first three adjuchas rolled atop the rigid earth platform, clearly, they were lackeys.

Two were left;Demoli and Rolo.
It was quite a surprise how Rolo was about to respond to such speed, however, he was scathed, he dodged whilst placing his left arm in the way for insurance policy, even if he reacted, he still wouldn't be able to evade the next since Jay had gone behind him already.
The sharp edge of his blade slashed through the air and stopped at close proximity to Rolo's neck.

“I see, I had my doubts, but this was it, now tell me, who sent you and what is your mission here?”
Jay queried, it was as though he was too placid and calm even in such dire situation where all unpredictabilities and impossibilities can occur at any given time.

“Heh, Strong, aren't you? Well, we were not sent by the head fraccion but I can't disclose should information about my contractor, anyway, since you are going to die, I will give you this information ”
Demoli replied.
But Jay had no time to spare as he made another kick the golden bucket before his proposed time by simply, moving his hand in a horizontal pattern, removing yet another head.

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Re: [Mission] The Transporter


Post by VonJay » Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:04 pm

“Whoa! You are ruthless, aren't you?”
Demoli questioned rhetorically as an applaud echoed through the empty hall behind him which he laid against its walls. Honestly, Demoli's reiatsu felt almost like that of a numero, how strong could he be? Was what rammed through the mind of Jay, Jay had almost sank deep into an ocean of thoughts, perhaps, he forgot that there was an opponent which was before him, but that wasn't even the case, he was at the peak of his senses, Jay was aware of his surroundings. For a moment, the atmosphere was intense, not even a word was muttered for several minutes, even the onlookers could easily imagine the situation.

Unlike before, Jay had gone into his favourite battle stance, truly, even for an adjucha, it would be impossible to see one wield blade and specialize in the art of zanjutsu(Kenjutsu) like how Jay does, his speed was another troublesome thing for the majority of his opponents, truly, talents similar to Jay was rare but what was this suffocating aura oozing out of this person's body? Even the ever bold and smart Jay nearly stumbled, he was almost in a state of cowering, but such wasn't in the traits of Jay, would he even cower to a greater opponent? Heck, like he would, what broke out of Jay's face was an unnatural smile, yet another unusual demeanor displayed by Jay, perhaps, he was calm in such situations, he was in his trance; a state where all calculations are made, theories are deduced and rest in such a fast rate that it would be impossible.
He was done finally, a sigh broke through the air in the vicinity, cancelling out the intense and overly quiet atmosphere.
But what could be more annoying? Demoli simply folded his arms around each other again, such insolence, Jay had never seen before, he was almost at the edge of going into a paroxysm of anger, but notwithstanding to the idealism held by his unworthy opponent to provoke him and lose his cool, he simply calmed himself, well, that could have been a match decider if such was to happen. However, brushing all that aside, it seems that Jay figured out the plan, he didn't waver to such foolish attempt of provocation at the slightest, he was overly placid, this was more like Jay, the onlookers may have thought, but that couldn't be the case, this was a more different, Jay was dependent on his senses because of the uneasiness he felt...

With his feet applying great pressure on the platform, in the shortest of time from his initialization, he was gone, all that was left in his stead was the little accumulation of dust. With a slide down the left, all needed energy was gathered at his feet, this made it possible to leap to great heights, inching closer towards his opponent with a plan of slashing him off diagonally.
However, it was futile, Demoli's movement were unfollowed, the eyes of the normals couldn't keep up, it all happened in an instant as all Jay sliced was mere air..
Saddening, isn't it? To think that someone might possess superior speed than that of the highly esteemed speedster of the adjuchas section;Jay would exist, was just disheartening..

Jay thought of such as a fluke, he made yet another attempt to bring down his unsubmissive opponent, gradually, it seems Jay was losing his cool, he had forgotten his collective skill, this was an unseen side of Jay, Jay being pushed back because of what was considered a fluke? Ha! It was truly unreasonable.
Jay advanced with all his speed this time around, his sonido was at its paramount as he blitz past his opponent, but all the more painful, another unsuccessful and futile attempt was made, Jay was broken down to the ground, for him to miss an opponent of equal rank was just too much of a heartbreak, Jay was feeling so weak, such a thing has never happened to Jay.

“Don't be sad, I am not faster than you, but you people tend to disregard your reaction, your needed responsiveness against undetectable attacks, all that y'all threw away, is what I picked up. Well,you depended on your speed too much,however, I am as fast as you anyway”
Demoli uttered with a sinister grin hovering around his visage..

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Re: [Mission] The Transporter


Post by VonJay » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:50 pm

Shattered, Jay was, Disheartened, Jay was, Scared, Jay was. He had been broken down, dismantled to the core, he no longer had the will to fight, easily dodging his attack couldn't be more detrimental to his mentality. Demoli stood there, watching Jay whom was shrouded with fear, his sense of judgement had been filled with fear, he wished he could just run out of there, but little time, there was, as Jay felt a knee smash into his ribcage and another dissecting into his abdomen, done in quick succession that Jay could barely notice the advance of an opponent, he was sent flying into the horizon and when his velocity was zero,he came crashing and tumbling about the grassy plain, all were the works of demoli, whom snared on his opponent like a predator sliming its way against an injured prey, a broken prey whom had lost the will to run. Little could Jay do, perhaps, all hopes had been lost, he had no will whatsoever to continue this fight as all attempts has been and will be futile. Another kick rammed its way to the abdomen as he was sent flying once more, an outburst of fluid spurted out of his mouth and the rammed region. Weakened, Jay had been, Broken Jay was. Could there be nothing he could do? Was that really his full strength? Is that all there is to it?

Suddenly, The air around Jay was different, it was suffocating, it was intense, what echoed through the area was a maniacal laughter, there was a rumour that Jay had multiple personalities which dwelled in him, they all were aware of each others existence and accepted it but it was time for one of those maniacal personalities to act.
The laughter went on and on until he got on his feet. Demoli, surely, was awestruck, what could this be?

“Finally, I am here, how long has it been? ”
The supposed Jay's new personality questioned rhetorically while he stared at his palm which was spread apart.
Demoli, being driven, thought he had the edge, he then proceeded to unsheathe his blade as he rushed towards jay with an attempt to slash him off, Jay smirked as he vanished from his opponent line of sight. Appearing just behind demoli, a slash from Jay erased one of his arms.
Demoli was forced into a tactical retreat, he had lost an arm however.
But that wasnt all demoli had up his sleeve as a grin cut across his visage
Suddenly, he pointed his blade skywards, a blinding light engulfed the area. Anybody caught up in it would be blinded. Jay closed his eyes in response to the sudden light release.
“How do you like the light?”
He questioned, surprisingly, the tone echoed all round.. But this Jay's personality relied deeply on his senses, the simplest and nigh noiseless movement one could make would easily be noticed by him.
A slash bruised through his back, another, his left shoulder, another, his leg. Demoli continued in this sequence but then his demise had already being marked.

SFX:Whizzzzz! Swoosh!

A simple yet a match deciding move, Demoli was about to slash off his head, but the simplest movement could easily be detected. Jay was already gone, dashing past Demoli, a swift slash deprived yet another fellow his head

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Re: [Mission] The Transporter


Post by VonJay » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:45 am

Redundant, Superfluity, hyperbole, the hype for Demoli's special ability was truly redundant, it was annoying that one could easily get enraged, was that all there was it? So that was the end? The thought of finding his special skill for all the personalities harboring inside Jay could use coursed his mind, but seeing how useless it was, he considered it needless. The light had subsidized as the source of it was dead, as Demoli's carcase laid atop the crust headless, a crater benched deep into the earth resurfaced, taking all those whom died into the ground as they would act as supplement to nature(reishi and reiatsu). Although Jay was almost done with his mission, He had received severe injuries, scars that led to life threatening situations, anyone who saw Jay's motion easily came to a conclusion that he was at the brink of death. Jay had snapped back to his old self, but he was barely clinging unto his essence, Jay dragged his feet as fluids continually spurted out of the cuts. Just as he edged closer to the contractor, his eyelids began to contract, closing in on each other at a slow rate, Jay fought to shrug it off, he was almost there, but he barely to fight the near death event from happening, all Jay could utter to the contractor was “the materials” as a thud sound resonated into the ears of the lifeforms in the area.


It has been days, Jay was yet to wake up from his slumber in the treatment facility, only a portion of the materials were successfully delivered while Jay was sent through a gargantua to lessen the burden. As soon as he got there, he was rushed into the treatment facility to treat him and fasten his recovery rate.
Finally, The Jay's eyes were open, he knew not where he was because he had never been to the treatment facility once, but he got up from his resting place, he saw the exit before him as he followed the path, truly he was in Las Noches, Jay has recovered as he rushed through the boulevard, the corridor to put on his arrancar attire, he was eager to know if the materials were delivered, nonetheless, words got to him that only a fraction was delivered, this he had to report to the head fraccion whom gave him this mission.

*SFX:Knock Knock*

The knocking sound would be heard clear and loud by any resider in the room, Jay had already made his way to the office of the head fraccion:Wyrey Stolcraf to feed him with his reports concerning the mission he donned on him.

He gave him a vividly explanation of the occurrences of some events.
Well, it wasn't his fault that the goods were not fully delivered, heck, he did a great job in securing that much by even putting his only life on the line.
His determination would lead him to greater things but if not careful, it would drag him to the dark side of the world.
Jay was finally done with his mission as he went on to resign into his room

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