[Mission] A visit to Kramaghan

Beyond the world of the living lies Hueco Mundo; the dimension in which the Hollow and Arrancar reside. The terrain is blank, and dull - white sands stretch as far as the eye can see and the sky above remains perpetually dark. From the sand juts Las Noches, the home of the Arrancar. The structure is massive in size and white all around with one single door. You may enter, if you dare.

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[Mission] A visit to Kramaghan


Post by Itsu » Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:59 am

Type: Solo

Character Name:Diego Miles

Character Rank: Numero 12

Mission Class Requested: C

Mission Plot:
After several years flew by, it got to the ears of Wyre Stolcraf who was newly appointed as the Head Fracción under Celise MacCreland that his long lost sister was seen in some region of Hueco Mundo; Menos forest, along side some herculean looking hollows. She was seen dragged in shackles with several other hollows who according to the source said were used as slaves to some Vasto Lordes that used lower class hollows for slave trade to an unknown set of powerful, rogue soul reapers who happened to have created a cult group that experimented on hollows.

This was the very first news that came his way since he was placed in charge of matters in Las Noche. Wyre was privileged to receive such intel due to his current position and because from the very day he stepped foot into Las Noche, he had told Celise about the unfortunate event that occurred to him and his darling sister "Gaya". So several troops of hollows had been ordered by MacCreland to secretly search for Gaya without the knowledge of Wyre.

The last time Wyre saw his lovely sister was the time they both died in a house explosion as humans. On a good day, Stolcraf would have set off for this journey to retrieve his sister, but was tied down with the responsibility to manage Hueco Mundo untill both Espada returned, and the orders came directly from Celise; his majesty, someone he can never defy. So he called upon a virtuous and estimable legionnaire who was recently promoted into the rank of Numero and had successfully completed a similar mission to go in his stead.

Reported Location- Kramaghan (An abandoned section, deep within the menos forest)

Mission Objective(s)- Find out if the rumors are true. Locate and identify the parties involved in such unspeakable act if peradventure the intel was solid. Return without drawing any form of attention/suspicion to yourself.


Good luck!!!

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Re: [Mission] A visit to Kramaghan


Post by Phantom-T » Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:23 am

Settled in a state of total silence with each made step an effort of the one before. Diego felt his stomach crunch and his pupil dilate with both stamina and Reiatsu draining away from him. This was bad, this was really bad the Human thought as he continued his journey through an endless hall way.

With a blurry figure yanking the chains at his stomach pulling him forward in the process, the roar of a beast of beasts devouring countless souls were all he could hear. With his body quickly falling numb to the effect of its raging Reiatsu. "Brother Dominic here’s your next meal a loyal servant of mine Diego".

"Diego! Diego! Diego!" A voice, different from the first called out jolting the hollow consciousness into reality. With its size both massive and tall and a mask planted over his face, Diego would let out a sigh on seeing a beast of burden standing before him.

"Sorry for disturbing your meditation 12, but your mission requirements are ready". "The route to the location you asked for, Kramaghan I believe, is also mapped out for you in the script. Here you can have a look at it".

With a little effort, Diego would grab unto the script tossed over to him with his left hand, as he rises to his foot to meet the height of the adjuchas before him. With his demeanor, still a bit riled up from the events of his memory. A puzzled past yet unsolved. The Arrancara would path himself on the foot clearing off every residual sand dust that had made his way to his newly gifted white garment a sign he was no longer an ordinary Adjuchas but a Numero, one of high ranking.

With a little sigh, the script at his left, would light up in flames turning to ashes before the Adjuchas before him could say a word.

"I hope you read the contents of this letter" he would then ask with his Reiatsu sipping out of him in an intimidating manner, causing the Adjuchas to only nod in response as a sudden uneasiness washes through him.

"Well that’s good, because I can’t read." With a little kick to the Adjuchas torso the huge beast would find himself flying off the roof top, where the two had once stood. Only to fade into a black void, a Fabric of space opened up behind him during the initiation of Diego’s kick.

The Numerou would quickly follow suit closing behind him the tear in space with his mind focused on the journey ahead.
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Re: [Mission] A visit to Kramaghan


Post by Phantom-T » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:47 am

Location-Deep within the Menos Forest

With heavy steps patting the sandy floor as varying whips and canes rise high into the sky, striking fear and pain into the hearts of both beasts and men. Lingering sounds of axes against rock, saws against trees, and shovels against the barren floors would be heard over a distance with the echo of whips against flesh taking the lead of them all.

"Move it, move it you lazy bones", a deep voice fueled with authority and power would bark out, to an audience all tattered and worn out.

Snarls and growls, screams and groans all this were the ordeal of the day as one group dominates over the other. Giving rise to the stale and murky atmosphere reeking of both sweat and blood. With hollows of different caliber and shape seen working themselves to death while another holds up the whips of death. One would only wonder what they were building.

'Argh' a voice would cried out echoing through the murky woods and pain and exhaustion quickly washes down through him. With his pan of debris tripping over in perfect sync with the falling beast and his left leg caught in between rocks. A second scream of pain would burst through and this time much louder than the first.

"What's this? Who said you could have a break?" A second voice coarse in nature would snarl back, with his hand raised high to the sky. With thorny whips held in both hands dangling like a snake about to taste blood. The Gorilla of a beast would swipe both hands as if aiming for a trophy in horse smacking..

"You lazy bones stand on your feet and carry on your duty!" he barked, as a devious smile spreads over his face. Simultaneous series of slashes, with each parting the wind like a fan blade set to it max quickly followed through.

With flesh and blood tearing off the victim back causing him to tumble and roll till he was eventually folded up into a cocoon to minimize the slash area. A scream of distress for all to hear would quickly follow through beaconing for help from prying ears. "Some one, anyone help me"

'Why us?' 'why us?' The silent cries of the oppressed. A thought commonly shared by all as they carry on their duties without uttering a single statement.

With each worker already accustomed to swallowing their pride and anger which over time had been replaced with fear and shame only those who seek death would think of defying their masters.

However all except one would carry on their duties as if nothing had happened.

The rebelious arrancara though not overly bothered by a monster with a rod would only gaze and wonder what fate had install for them.

In silent whispers, "So this is Kramaghan, so this is hell. A place where the concept of Freewill is all an illusion". Like all others, the Arrancara green of hair would pick up her Axe and continue the duty assigned to her as the dark day rages on.

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Re: [Mission] A visit to Kramaghan


Post by Phantom-T » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:11 am

Tearing open a rift in space with both hands submerged into his pocket with his demeanor both gentle and calm. The blind beast walked into the memos forest knowing his head as if listening to hip hop music, while a second hollow tagged along mumbling about a kick he was yet to forget.

However, Diego paid little attention to him as the field of tall trees and cold grounds register into his perception. Devoid of life or presence, the blind beast found the environment somewhat familiar. However, with memories of his past still all a blur to him he rather soaked in the atmosphere, allowing his body adjust to the reishi signatures around.

"Excuse me Sire, I’ve brought you here can I go back now?" The numberless adjuchas would quickly intone, shaking and trembling in fear as if hunted by the mere sight of the motionless trees around.

"Huh, why so soon?" Diego would question though fully aware of the dangers that lurked within these woods.

"Nothing in particular, just a hunch I have. something is not right here sire and you should probably leave too."

“Just a hunch? Hmmm I see, Well you can take your leave now but don’t expect me to follow you because you have a bad feeling.”

"Also remember what I told you in there and make sure to be on time"

"I will do as you wish"

Disappointed by the adjuchas suggestion He would point into the void signaling him to go on ahead. However as the adjuchas moves on, the blind beast would have a grin spread across his face as the word "hunch" continuously repeat behind his mind. “Just a hunch huh?” He would wonder as he continuously tries to decipher how animal instincts really worked.

To him the threat wasn’t a hunch as there were five numero class hollow lurking around the trees waiting for him to drop his guard. However no matter their strength it seemed the five numerous had a problem with hiding their blood lust and as such had each leaked reiatsu which he could trace back to pinpoint their locations.

Impressed by the mere fact that the adjuchas could also pick this up, in the form of instincts, Diego would almost want to applaud him as he moved further into the void. However suggesting he left was something the blind beast would rather not quickly right off, as the young adjuchas was still yet to understand a mission was all about danger and whoever accepts one should be ready to die doing it.

With a slight sigh, Diego would wait till the garganta was totally sealed making sure nothing else followed him into it and possibly into Las-Nochas.

“Now what?”A huge hollow two to three times that of Diego would instantly appear behind him with his hand already suspended midair ready to descend at a moment notice.

Returning his gaze to meet the huge hollow Miles would feel the huge base bat like hand crash into the earth behind; and just late enough to allow him move some few ft.s forward.

With sand and tree particles dispersed all around the point of impact a grin would span across the Hippo faced monster as he pulls up his huge arm from the ground. “Ooh,, Looks like your fast, at least your fast at running, However don’t think me missing was because of your speed. Ha ha”

Immediately and without hesitation three red rings would approach Diego from his left side skating through the wind at great speed almost as if trying to take out the hippo and Him out at the same time. However with a little bit of acrobatic display Diego would flip over the first landing just in time to bend over for the second while the third smashes into the hippo faced beast before him.

'Interesting' Diego would whisper after a glance at his foot as three explosions simultaneous set off on contact with the ring. Diego would only wonder the relationship between the five he had earlier spotted as they would seem to neglect each other’s safety.

“Hi Hi Hi, that’s some moves you’ve got their beast, seems you’re not bad at all” the red faced ring wilder would comment as he steps forward into the light. “Yes he’s not but he is still a bit careless" another would intone as the golden pebbles bellow Diego light up a green glow exploding a semi liquid material, immediately engulfing the blind beast in a quick drying agent. Which in turn Reduces mobility to zero.

Diego would watch on as the huge hippo faced monster runs forward towards the ring wielder barking at his loudest tone with veins bulging out from his head.

“Were you trying to kill me you bastard, didn’t you see me standing there when you let loose your play things"

“Huh, what if I did?"

"Well you!"

"Shut it shorty, You survived didn’t you?"

"and you three had your fun"

"next time"

we are staring the assault,"
two identical wolf like brothers would complain as they also step into the light.

The five would immediately ramble on about their problems and loss while Diego energy continuously drains into the liquid making him feel a bit fuzzy.

"So who are you guys"the blind beast would question, quickly drawing the fives attention.

"Well we are the famous terror 5" the Owl faced golden pebble wielder would reply almost with a touch of pride and confidence written all over his face.

"The terror 5?"

"Yeah, haven’t you heard of us?" the red faced monkey would question.

"Nope, am I supposed to?"

"Have you not heard"

"of the 5 terrors of the night"

"The bringers of death"

"The darkness that consumes the souls"

"The makers of screams"

"The 5 generals of Lord Jabba"



"of the great"

"Menos forest"
The two brothers would intone with each ending each other’s sentences.

"Nope, never heard of that." Diego would quickly reply almost in a bored manner all in an attempt to irritate them further.

"Allow me to knock him out!" the huge hippo faced guy would quickly intone with rage already built up within him as he steps forward towards Miles. However, that would be all the blind beast could see with the orbs around him releases a sleeping reagent, knocking him out almost instantaneously.

"Not today shorty, we need more workers for the boss and this would do for today, lets all head back into camp."

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Re: [Mission] A visit to Kramaghan


Post by Phantom-T » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:35 am

Dammed by the decisions of his past, Diego walked the lonely hall way, bounded in chains too strong to break.

You’ve served me well Diego, but you’ve lost your touch a deep voice echoed, tugging along with one hand the chains which bounded him. The man dressed in blue leather jackets, black pants and black boots casually walked ahead allowing his long silver hair sway gently behind his back. His face however still remained a blur as he continued his match.

"Who are you, who the h*** are you?" were the only words Diego wanted to utter but for a passenger in his memory lane there was nothing he could do but observe.

In a distance, the beast roared in rage, devouring numerous souls who stood in his part. Washed by the overwhelming reiatsu of the beast, Diego found himself falling to the floor knees first as he tries to support himself with his hand.

Hello brother Dominic here’s your next meal, a loyal servant of mine Diego miles. Dragging him by the chains the silver head tossed him into the room, treating him as if he were one disposable trash. In fear for life, Diego barely moved a muscle as sweats quickly ran down his being, pouring through as if someone had just opened the tap to his sweat glands.

For some reason it was hot, so hot oxygen became a rare commodity. Is this hell he imagined as his head calmly lifts up to see a room of molten magma and a pull of lava expanding towards him. Lifting his head further the sight of the monsters foot emitting traces of lightning and submerged into lava would be the next he sees as it draws ever closer to him. "What is this, what are you?" "This is my brother Dominic Cartez and welcome to Hell…."

Diego would immediately wake to see himself drenched in water, for some reasons he was really soaked and before he would understand what was happening another bucket of water would splash into his face chilling him down to his bones. "Wake up lazy bones prepare yourself for labor, ha ha ha ha ha." Stepping forward while whipping his face, Diego would find himself locked behind bars with numerous hollows locked in different individual cells stretching as far as the eyes can see. "Welcome to Kramaghan ha ha ha ha ha."


It was about done, the countless hours of hard labor under strict supervisions and inhumane torture was about done and so were the exhausted servants. It was time for each to drop their saw and axes and finally lay down their heads. A rest every other beast had looked forward to except one (Gaya).

Not long ago had a hollow been dragged into camp by the infamous Terror 5, a group of individuals best known for their ego than their skills. And not long ago had Gaya sworn to kill one of its members (shorty), a hippo faced 14 ft. giant who had her community killed in the most gruesome of ways.

Never before had she felt such rage than the day she came back to see her group decimated, with every vestige of flesh gone from their bones as they slowly withered into the wind. He had worked into him feeding on one he once called brother, someone who had supported her after the loss of her real family. However all she could do was mourn in pain as tears of sorrow rolled off her perfect cheeks and yet here he stood again carrying another poor soul with a grin all over his face into her cell. It was about done indeed, but not for her, the hippo was going to get what he deserved and it would happen just after she was free, free from this Shackles which bounded her to a new roommate. A hollow with the number 12 tagged behind his ears.


Oppressed voices rose high into the sky, as the sound of water splashed across floors. With screams drowning out the orders barked out loud “welcome to Kramaghan” were the last words the prison warder intoned with a satisfactory laughter echoing through the walls as he walked away shoulders high.

Standing before the prison bars all shocked and drenched, Diego found himself torn between emotions as a sudden trace of pride and panic washed through him. In one hand, the blind beast was finally where he wanted and literally had to do nothing to get in however; his other senses were beginning to fail him for reasons unknown to him.

Ever since his awakening, Diego had found himself straining his senses to make out reliable details as to the structure of where he was and details of people around him. However, all he could hear were random sounds, screams and a distasteful warden carrying along their business.

This for him was very odd seeing as he could previously identify, with certain accuracy the structure, form, color and location of any material from the minuets of noises emitted or physical contact made, which was all thanks to his ability to adapt and connect with his environment & Reishi at a molecular level. However for some reason he was being locked out and this scared him more than being locked behind bars.

For a while he stood silent continuously twitching his face from left to right in an attempt to drawn down the sound around him, but even as he did he found it had to resist every new sound which echoed through the walls.

Stepping back a few ft away from the bars Diego found himself stepping on the foot of another an occupant he didn’t realize was there and couldn’t tell his size nor-shape. "Who’s there?" he quickly questioned only to have his hand twisted behind his back as his front smashed into the wall, restricted from all form of movement. "watch your step newbie" a feminine voice barked with rage all built up within her. Her rough hands held firmly his right twisted behind his back as if she had some sort of training in judo and was ready to snap it in a moment notice. However this was nothing Diego couldn’t unhinge himself from but at the main time picking a fight was something he would rather avoid. Relaxing his muscles a bit Diego quickly made clear his non hostile intentions, causing her to calmly release her grip in return.

"Hey cut it off!" a prison warder would quickly intone as he opens up the metal bars, with two other hollows all heavily armed backing him, "save your energy for the work out there" he would say as he cuffs both parties together bounding them to their legs. "Now move it" the other two would echoe pushing both parties while they tagged along behind.

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Re: [Mission] A visit to Kramaghan


Post by Phantom-T » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:34 am

In a linear pattern, Diego matched on following the lead of those in-front like herds of sheep guarded by bunch of blood thirsty farmers. With his Demeanor, as gentle as ever he tuned into his sense of sound, taking note of each footstep made in their chronological order. How far do we have to walk he wondered, as his priority set back to his original aim for coming to Kramaghan.

Already well-groomed with the concept of sound Diego immediately took it upon himself to further his range of perception taking note of the slightest of heart beat miles away from him. So that’s how it is he blurted with a smirk all over his face.

Whatever it was that had interfered with his ability to see in his own unique way, had clearly not interfered with his sense of sound and as such had left Diego with a few theories to play around with. However, playing around with the mysteries surrounding this location he found himself in was second in his wish list, as his first mission desired he confirms a rumor sent to His Head Fraccion (Wyre Stolcraft).

Turning his attention towards his partner who had taken advantage of his earlier confusion to slam him against the wall, Diego slightly intoned “so how long have you been here”. Not compelled to reply the total stranger as her urge for revenge still lingered on, the green hair Arrancara moved on completely ignoring him and his question. “Great now I'm stuck with the deaf one” Diego mocked as he walked out of the holding unit and into the fields where their work was set.

Following her lead, the blind Arrancara moved on with caution making sure to adhere to all commands while avoiding people’s legs at least those belonging to the hollow in-front, who had just started releasing her pent up anger and blood-lust.

Pick up those axes and start digging an unlucky 7ft hollow barked allowed pushing gaya aside as he walked up to the blind Arrancara smacking his metal wipe to the floor with every step.

You do here me don’t you he barked as he gazed directly into the dead eyes of the beast as his left fist rose to the sky to smack the blind beast.

However just as soon as contact was made, it quickly dawned on the Adjuchas the mistake he had made by pushing a blood-lust hollow aside.

Unfazed by the full powered shoulder smack the adjuchas had crashed into him, Diego watched on as blood dripped down its face and unto his sleeve, a sight of disgust with a 3ft axe plunged into the skull of the hollow who had failed to pick up on the blood-lust of another.

What a shame Diego thought as he had wanted to teach the hollow a lesson personally however, what was to come he hoped would be more fun than this.

Ha ha ha ha a familiar voice echoed as he stepped forward into the frey clapping his huge bulge palms with a smirk all over his face. A 14ft monster he was, one who was well known as shorty, the tallest member of the notorious five.

Now, if it’s not my favorite prisoner Gaya, he mocked as he stepped into the mines, pushing other prisoners aside while smashing some into the ground.

“Gaya”? Diego quickly questioned in shock as he dawned on him who the beast was referring to. you are Gaya Diego repeated as the green hair pulled her axe out of the hollows head allowing it to fade into dust.

To Be Ccontinued

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