[Mission] The Return of Selene

Beyond the world of the living lies Hueco Mundo; the dimension in which the Hollow and Arrancar reside. The terrain is blank, and dull - white sands stretch as far as the eye can see and the sky above remains perpetually dark. From the sand juts Las Noches, the home of the Arrancar. The structure is massive in size and white all around with one single door. You may enter, if you dare.

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[Mission] The Return of Selene


Post by ClumsyDuckie83 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:56 am

Type - Team.

All Character Names: Ishidate Hikaru, Wyre Stolcraf, Diablo Grants, Fernando Calvera, Selene.

All Character Ranks: Fraccion, Espada.

Mission Class Requested: A class.

Mission plot: Luna worries about her family issues and the uprising of her mother's intention to bring her down as well as Las Noches at all cost, her worries stern from the recent incident of hollows suddenly disappearing which she suspects to be the hand work of her mother. In order to calm this worries she sends Hikaru on a research mission to investigate her mother's whereabouts and intention, as well as this sudden disappearance. Knowing full well the Shark's personality of being unable to stay out of trouble, she orders Wyre to follow Hikaru as back up in case a fight does ensure but under no circumstances should they engage her mother, Selene. Hikaru and Wyre set out on their scout mission, eventually they found out the hide out of Selene only to realize she had some how amassed a great amount of hollows as her army, which is the cause of the recent disappearance of hollows in their natural habitats. Just as Luna had feared, Selene had built her own army of Arrancar with the sole purpose of waging war on Las Noches. Her ambition to retain her rank as Queen of the hollows drove her to create an army whose ranks is identical to that of Las Noches, she wants the title of Espada and Las Noches back no matter the cost. Hikaru hoping to put an end to the civil war Hueco Mondo is about to experience tries to assassinate Selene only to fail, now both him and Wyre has to escape from Selene's army in order to inform the Espada of the incoming war. To be continued!!!!

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Re: [Mission] The Return of Selene


Post by Tope » Fri May 05, 2017 3:44 am

Hikaru's back rested on the tall walls of Las Noches, the sky was just as dark as ever. A sky that never shows the sun or the stars, a world where only night existed. His right feet kept kicking up the white sands, both his hands tucked into his pocket as he starred endlessly into the vast waste land of Hueco Mondo. He seemed to be waiting for someone and judging from his stern look, he wasn't so comfortable with the idea running through his mind. Although one thing was for sure, he was definitely excited, he had a lot of reasons to be. To pass of time his mind wandered back to the past, the exact time he met the female Espada Luna. She was injured having just survived a brutal battle against some foes, he could remember his rage against whomever harmed her to the extent he even offered to help her fight her battle if need be. But of course Luna was more than capable of fighting her own battles, she is an Espada after all, she even laughed at the gentle gesture of the shark but didn't totally discard the shark's intention to help.

Just a while back Luna summoned Hikaru, a rather surprise turn of event for the shark when he found out the reasons behind his summon. Just remembering it alone already had him smiling, he could feel the rush of excitement running down his spine.

"Just what exactly did Luna sama asked of you, you seem extra happy about whatever it is?"

Hikaru ignored the question asked of him, he simply looked at the Adjuchas standing to his right. One of Luna's personal underling, even him didn't seem to know about his masters worries and Hikaru isn't about to disclose such information. She bestowed him with an important task, although she gave him a partner which he wasn't too happy about but still, another arrancar presence wouldn't change much unless said arrancar gets in his way.

"Looks like I won't get an answer from you, alright then. I will return back to Luna sama, good luck with your mission."

A mission it was, a mission so dangerous it required two top Fraccion to do and still Luna wasn't so sure of their success. Obviously Hikaru was as overconfident as ever, to him, he alone could very much pull this off with ease.

"Luck is for weaklings . . . Such thing doesn't exist in my world."

Finally, the shark spoke. His choice of words as harsh as ever, filled with confidence that goes unrivalled within the ranks. The Adjuchas turned back but knew it wasn't wise to reply at the moment, walking away was the best and right decision so he left. Hikaru wasn't exactly keen with people he disagrees with, one of the many reasons he can't work as a team. Meaning this partner of his might end up dead if they both disagree too many often.

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Re: [Mission] The Return of Selene


Post by Itsu » Sun May 07, 2017 10:29 am

He found himself in the middle of an empty street with no pedestrian, moving vehicles, open shops or houses. The street was glorious in its inception. The sidewalks were smooth grey stones, joined with such precision that the joins were almost invisible. The walls were concrete, but not like a villa in rural Spain, they were more akin to the construction of a modernist skyscraper, all sharp edges and corners. A red letter box stood as if on sentry duty, guarding the narrow exit to another street. The street was barely wide enough for two cars to pass in opposite directions but everything were right where they ought to be. He stood alone on the street of an unknown deserted city trying to figure out when and how he arrived there.

At that moment, the sparrow stood adjacent to a yellow tinted taxicab with his left hand almost at the verge of opening the door of the cab as though he wanted to get in. Suddenly out of the blue a hurricane started slowly, the peripheral winds rustled the trees. It continuously blew the dust off the road and carried anything light that wasn't secured down. That was when the whispers of "hurricane" began.

The houses began to be tested: the roofs, the windows, the walls. Roof tiles flew, the single panes rattled in their aging frames, only the walls stood firm. The wind screamed around each dwelling as if furious it should exist, pushing its way under every door and down the chimneys to extinguish the fires.

The hurricane showed no sign of quitting. Wyre could hear objects crashing into one another as the wind blew erratically against his skin like it does when driving too fast on the highway with the windows right down. His hair became a flag and the noise, oh God, the noise; it screamed more than howls. His eyes were shut to keep out the violent dust, but at that point even if he could open them he wouldn't. His senses already overloaded his mind and one more wouldn't help. With his eyes tightly shut, he wished the violent gale could stop in its tracks but wanting something of such relentless nature to stop was like pleading with a bullet. It was coming and nothing would change that.

Right when he felt the storm would overwhelm his entirety, a brief moment later he suddenly felt nothing. No wind, noise or movement, he felt absolutely nothing. To inquire what was actually just transpired, he slowly opened up his eyes. Lo and behold, his was in a massive building with no doors or windows. To him, the designs, patterns and symbols on the walls revealed that he now stood in one of soul society's scared fortress (at least that was how he felt). He blinked. The next minute he found himself in the middle of giant sized beings clad in Shinigami clothing, each with a height of a three story building. The most frightening thing was the numbers he saw; they were countless. These gigantic soul reapers seemed to be Captains due to the attire he saw on them but the absurd thing was that they carried the faces of people he killed in his past life as a human and faces of different hollows he had devoured in his entire life time.

The crowd broke into chants of "Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!". Wyre almost went mad.

He dropped to his knees with his head facing down, he stretched out both arms and touched the other with one to check if everything was actually happening. It dawned on him as he felt the touch. His green eyes widened as he knew from that moment he was in trouble, although he bore in mind never to go down without a fight.

In an attempt to at least show no sign of fear and create a medium of escape, Wyre aimlessly launched series of neon green bala into every being within range in an ominidirectional manner. But this was to no avail as each of his green energy ran out of steam before even getting to a knee level of his enemies therefore rendering his attack redundant.

"The end is now!!!!!!!!" was said out loud from within the crowd. Right after the intimidating voice relinquished, an enormous dark red lightning descended upon Wyre at an alarming speed. He was privileged to see it coming due to his undoubtedly fast reflexes but the disturbing factor was his inability to move that moment. It was as if his feet were glued to the earth so therefore prevented him from moving an inch. He knew he was going to die should such destructive energy get to him but he was helpless, confused and frightened at the same time as to how he got into this mess and why he couldn't move. All he could do then was wait for death to give him a hand shake. It was at that very last second when the lightning was about to strike him that he heard

"thud! thud! thud! thud! thud! thud!"

It was the sound of someone knocking at the door of the sparrow's apartment. Gracious God it was all a dream. Wyre awoke without warning, eyes flung so wide each iris was a perfect orb of unripe gooseberry. He woke up with every thought in high definition. His eyes took in every ray of light and without a doubt he knew he had slept for too long. After a second or two his head turned like some Halloween dummy, mouth slackened "Yes who's there?" asked wyre with a solemn voice.

"Greetings master Wyrey, you have a message from Espada Luna."

Still covered in his green fluffy duvet Wyre sluggishly grabbed the edge of his duvet and pushed it to one side. "You may come in," he said as he managed to stifle a yawn while he got himself to a seating position. Just as the messenger stepped in, his eyes caught a glimpse of a scroll resting on the palms of the Adjuchas. It was crystal clear that the scroll contained whatever message that laid wait for him.

"Drop it on the table over there and leave my presence."

"Alright sire, have a wonder day ahead."

The messenger left, and Wyre recalled to mind his horrible dream. It had been a while since he had experienced such terrifying nightmare and such made him wonder a bit. Nevertheless the sleeping dragon was the type that cared less of minor things like that heck he let out a sigh and his mind went blank once more. Such things are irrelevancies and can't bother the sparrow to the point of pondering on it for too long. Thereafter he took lazy steps towards the glass table next to the cough and picked up the scroll. He frowned upon reading the scroll for his eyes met some information he disliked so much, but who was he to defile an Espada's command.

Some hours later, Wyre would be seen outside the great abode of the Arrancar race; Las Noche. He was clad in his favorite attire and wore a radiant smile on his face as he searched for Hikaru. The lanky looking fracción was ordered to rendezvous with Ishidate Hikaru in other to accomplish a common goal, something Wyre found disturbingly annoying. Not too long he saw Hikaru resting his back on the outside walls of Las Noche but his eyes were fixated to a particular point as though he was lost in thoughts.

Wyre wasn't happy with the whole idea but had little or no option than to assist his superior on a mission. A mission that would eat most of the sparrow's time. If there was something he loved so much it was his precious 'time'. And most of the time he spends it sleeping, that way he blocks his mind from varieties of things that could bother him in life. His expectations for the mission was to quickly get to the location, integrate whatever Intel they wanted and leave the place asap.

It was in that moment he saw Hikaru that he made a move towards his so called partner and as he moved, both hands were buried in his pockets while he steered into space like he didn't recognize the shark boy's presence. As soon as he was almost an arm length away from the blue haired arrancar, he said with a polite tune, "Lead the way."
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Re: [Mission] The Return of Selene


Post by Tope » Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:04 am

The shark starred endlessly into the sky, waiting in absolute boredom. Something his nature was used to anyway, waiting deep in the sea for a prey to show and be eaten alive. Only this time he wasn't waiting for a prey, which makes the wait even more torturing for him. As if he was never going to show up, Hikaru finally sensed the presence of Wyre, a lazy arrancar known to all in Las Noches nicknamed the sleeping dragon. Wyre walked confidently towards Hikaru, no sign of rush or interest in what's about to happen. As if his lateness wasn't bad enough, he didn't even bother to apologize for his actions and dared to order the shark. That was definitely the height of it all for the shark, Hikaru's right hand bolted forward aiming for Wyre's collar. Relying on his quick reflex and strength, he would grab hold of the lazy arrancar shirt thus lifting him up as he yanked his hand backwards in hopes of slamming Wyre face first against the wall.

Coming back into reality as his mind had drifted into a world where he was already making different plans on how to deal with Wyre, but that would only waste more time as it is so he would let it slide. Their mission must be done as quickly as possible, so dealing with Wyre's laziness would have to wait for a later date. Hikaru's back rose from the wall, his lifeless eyes looked into that of Wyre's. He stretched out his right hand as a Garganta opened beside him, the fabric of space forcefully tore itself apart, revealing a dark void that most wouldn't want to go into. But this was Hikaru's perfect means of transportation when travelling to far distances, he wasn't the speedy type so it would take forever to journey to far places on foot. Due to his constant use of Garganta, one could say he had mastered it even more than his peers.

"If you manage to survive this mission . . . Keep in mind that I will beat this laziness out of you . . . Even if I have to kill you to do it."

His voice as sharp and confident as ever, his words didn't sound like a treat nor a warning, it was more like a mere statement of reminder of that which would occur in the future. After his statement, he walked into the dark void. He had already gotten the coordinates of where last Selene was spotted by her daughter, it's a long shot as obviously she might have moved but it's still a better place to start. Upon entering the unknown realm, Hikaru felt the turbulence of reishi blew against him, using said reishi he formed a pathway thus leading the way for both arrancar. Their journey wasn't that long and Hikaru wasn't the chatting type so he didn't utter a word, a walk in silence in a dark silent world.

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