[Spar] No Man's Land

Beyond the world of the living lies Hueco Mundo; the dimension in which the Hollow and Arrancar reside. The terrain is blank, and dull - white sands stretch as far as the eye can see and the sky above remains perpetually dark. From the sand juts Las Noches, the home of the Arrancar. The structure is massive in size and white all around with one single door. You may enter, if you dare.

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Re: [Spar] No Man's Land


Post by Akugaranwa Itachi » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:05 am

The lightning Bolts from all directions from the atmosphere raced in the direction of the magnetic field there were connected to(The Arrancar) However even upon making contact the were quickly dispelled by some kind of a Barrier the had set up prior to the the captain attack or maybe perhaps it was probably set up at the same moment the explosion occurred. The lightning bolts Kept bombarding the Barrier and Arthur gathered reiatsu for what he knew mto be reiatsu tasking, Being in tune with his surrounding electricity and Arthur having control of all the electrons in his vicinity and his body included, Arthur connected to the electron inside the Arrancar’s barrier and would switch the electron with one of the lightning bolts hanging in the balance and instantly he would appear inside the Barrier for he had switch place with the lightning bolt, the captain appeared in front of the Arrancar and would move his hand at lightning speed with his fist clutched in an attempt to lay punch at the Arrancar’s abdomen before the man would even dream to react Laying multiple blows to Arrancar’s abdomen with immense strength in hopes to shatter and liquify his insides.

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Re: [Spar] No Man's Land


Post by platinum6ix » Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:01 am

The title of the scenario should be “Jumping from a frying pan into fire.” The Shinigami was lucidly sailing under false colors the whole time. From his perspective, the Negation wave technique was regarded as a vacuum, an open space barrier, in other words an open boundary. In respect to that dream, Negation was an ability where the user juts out reitsu from his skin, pushing into existence an onda de negacion wave surrounds that user from as close as one (1) cm. In simple clarification, anything within 1cm from Armani's skin remained safe. Over time it could expand to a limited distance of five (5) feet which of course the Arrancar was aware of it's reitsu charge.

Armani was astonished when the Shinigami appeared before him. “Suicide?,” the Arrancar thought.
The Negation wave turns anything it touches into ashes.
With the cat released from the bag, the Shinigami was left to mourn and take responsibility for his own actions. As quoted earlier, “Negation wave was the key
to instant nullification and annihilation but there's a defensive role it was meant to play.”

Should the Shinigami burn from existence, Armani would follow up with a physical assault which was his best fit due to the circumstances.



Armani would pay the Shinigami a dreadful kick to create a distance between him and the latter.

Senmaioroshi("Thousand-Page Wholesale"): A technique where multiple diagonal blade movements take place so fast that they can literally shred a target into pieces. The user places dozens of diagonal cuts in under a second capable of completely overwhelming and shredding those who are much below their level while still havinga good damage potential to others.

Gatling Mad-Stomping(Gatoringu Jidanda): A technique where the user leaps up and performs a series of powerfulkicks with the heel towards an opponent's face. The force might be sufficient to send them flying backwards and is specially effective at breaking masks.

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