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[Training Spar] Coasted

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:12 pm
by VonJay

The tremendously cold environment stretches as far as one's eyes could afford, the sky seems as though it was the reflection of the surface, not even an azure of the heavens was detected, all muffled and blanketted by the clouds which sketches itself over the blue sky. The chilling feeling that gradually flashed through the body every now and then was indeed enough of this place's coldness. The inactive mountains acting as a blockade through out the region was the only known thing of significant shape but this led to another theory as soon as two different beings of different races emerged from deep within the shadows.

Added in 33 seconds:
Trespassing away from the borders separating hueco mundo from the outside was the hollow-like individual, his habitual manner of exiting and entering hueco mundo as he deemed fit was more than recurring lately. His demeanor needs to be stopped, he's acting out of hand, the multitude pondered about in distress of not having the same privilege as the individual. The crescent moon which was previously overhead, drifted farther backward, the long accumulated dunes' presence vanished from one's sight gradually, the Structural building of Las Noches vanished from his sight as he reached close to the exit, which led to the outside of hueco mundo. Perhaps, reasons must have soared up, for him to do such things. Despite gallivanting about, his motives always had a reason to back it up. Who was this numero? By taking a closer look at his build, he was quite slender, his overly flaunted blue hair faltered to the flatters of the wind, this revealed the sorrowful blue eyes and cold countenance of this individual, all informations were gathered, by simply analyzing it, it all led to Shintaro midorima, Jay of the arrancar. He continued his coasting towards the exit as he arrived quite quickly in a short timeframe. However, the place outside of Las Noches permeated heat from its surrounding, the sudden bipolarity of the weather was indistinguishable, more like, it was too obvious that one could easily notice the workings and foundation of the place. But slowly, he jetted down his path, at a far distance was the ice clouded region, not even a release of heat could even deprive one from the grasp of the immensely cold region.

Finally arriving at the location, he breasted his body against one of the frosty rocks.
Quite attuned to the frosty and cold environment, a menacing figure leapt into the view, the disposition of his left leg gapped away from his other leg, his intention of shipping himself into this cold environ was quite unknown, unfortunately. He was getting devoid off patience, he no longer could wait. He ambulated about the ice region with no clear intention other than anger, very well, he resettled to his default position as he laid in wait once more.

Re: [Training Spar] Coasted

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:41 am
by Asano
Silence disturbed, peace disrupted, the natural order of things forced to die as the ground rumbiled, birds and other animals fled for their lives, and an ominous wind kicked up. Moments later a massive and highly oppressive force manifested, the source of which was unknown. Yet by the feel angerered of it, the heat and intensity, there was but only one rational conclusion— Solus Dextera.

Following the subtle disruption came something far fiercer, far more destructive, more chaotic by comparison. An explosion of light and reiatsu burst onto the scene, and amidst the fire and fury stood the Captain of the Seventh Division. In a small perimeter radiating outward from where Solus appeared, the ice and snow melted, the water evaoprated, and created a thick cloud of steam around them before being dispersed by a burst or reiatsu.

Rather than calm the storm in its entirety, the Captain allowed it to persist, though in a slightly diminished degree. A trickle of reiatsu-born flames surrounded them and the immediately area, which maintained a comfortable level of warmth and an apparently everlasting act of defiance against the cold, against nature itself. That was what Solus was, encapsulated in a small series of actions, both subtle and overt. Solus was the antithesis to nature itself. Whether it was to deny the cold, or to raze an entire forest, Solus was perhaps the single greatest threat to anything he found unbearable or not to his immediate tactical advantage. Such disdain, such disregard, such disrespect for all that was created by whatever God or Gods created this world. This was Solus.

After reasoning with the cold, or rather the forced lack thereof, Solus growled.

”The nerve you have to bring us here to this disgusting location. The cold bites with fang more vicious than the mightiest of beasts, and yet you call us here. The fact that we have not yet killed you is a testament to the mercy of the gods, if not that of our restraint. Do not waste our time for we have no desire to remain here for much longer than necessary. Prepare yourself for battle immediately...”

Re: [Training Spar] Coasted

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:45 pm
by VonJay
The chills, the overly low temperature ached every being's body with chilly feelings, it was cold, so cold that one's arm would fall numb, frostbitten by the intense cold.

Something washed away the cold feeling which was induced by the icy environment, the manifestation of an unknown figure's appearance swept away the cold, suddenly, sweats permeated from his skin, he was almost experiencing a stasis, he could neither move nor talk, he was simply immobile from just the person of this unknown figure.
Who could it be that instilled such fear into Shintaro, a fearless arrancar affiliated member whom held quite the required qualities.
It was the captain of the 7th division, Solus, the savage, the beast which roamed about fearlessly while ferociously releasing his reiatsu in an attempt to subject opponent into fear.

The explosion of light and the forcible burst of reiatsu were detrimental to Shintaro's person, he had no will to go against such monstrosity, what can he do? Even the creatures in the perimeter coasted away in awe and fear as the reiatsu which radiated from him melted the icy structures surrounding him, the Water shortly condensed to a vapour like substance which evaporated intensely.

The intensity of the reiatsu was significantly reduced almost to a diminishing level but yet it persist, in all aspect, it was surely to provide warmth.

While in the midst of the chaos, he quickly hopped up as he had washed away the feeling of weakness which meddled in him, he, however, was drained of all mental energy he had, the will to go toe to toe with a significantly strong opponent, the sudden change of the air around him was widespread and felt by all. His expression changed, the sudden change in his aura was vividly plastered into the minds of all, this was a different persona, one of the many personalities which dwelled in him, had taken over since the previous personality had little to nothing to offer against such monstrosity. Shintaro was no longer feeling the intense cold of the environment as the heat of an imminent battle boiled inside of him, suddenly, he brandished his own reiatsu, he waited not for the 7th division captain to finish his statement, as the reiatsu which cloaked round him was concentrated/ channeled through his blade, a quick swing tore through the air, it raced furiously towards the opponent.

After then, his left leg stretched backwards as it was slightly bent almost allowing the knee to make contact with the frosty surface, his body bent, his blades pointed, his eyes more focused and narrowed, obsessing every ounce of his sensory with Solus, he certainly knew he had little to no chance against this overly formidable foe,but he just wasn't the type to give up, what resonated all round was a sudden paroxysm of laughter, whatever reason Shintaro was laughing at was unknown but one thing is for sure, the idealism of such laughter was provocation.

Re: [Training Spar] Coasted

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:33 pm
by Asano
I’ll tell you like I told Phoenix. Use of unapproved techniques like the one you just used, is strictly forbidden. But for the moment I’ll allow it.

That said this battle will play out in an unusual manner. I want you to really think about what you do here from now on. Take your time with it, plan out your attacks, and be smart about your approach. To an extent, this will sorta be a puzzle battle. Every time you make a wrong move, Solus will completely and utterly overwhelm whatever it is that you do, sorta like how he does with the first attack. However each time he does so, he’ll attack with slightly increasing force and power, until eventually you won’t be able to withstand it. Every time you make the right move, or do something smart, well...
The wave of wave of reiatsu wouldn’t travel much further than perhaps the length of a sword or two, before simply exploding into trillions of fragments light an energy for almost no real reason. A mere blink later, Solus would appear amidst the shimmering chaos, staring down at Shintaro with a relentless ferocity, after having punched right through his attack. In the next blink, their right arm shot forward with open palm. At this point, it was clear that Solus’ was moving with the fullest extent of their speed.

It was almost unreal how fast the Captain moved. The explosion of sparks behind them had barely progressed at all, and still they managed to accomplish so much. If they had truly desired it, Shintaro would have fallen right then an there, but Solus had something far more merciful in mind. A simple palm strike aimed at the man’s chest, yet oddly it would fail to hurt him. Solus’s strength, and skill eere so well refined that they would be able to deliver such a ferocious looking attack without causing harm as a result of showing just enough restraint. Instead, Solus intended to only push Shintaro back a rather large distance of about 150m. Solus hoped that with the sudden relocation, Shintaro would take the opportunity to rethink his approach and consider just exactly who he was dealing with.

To attack to recklessly, without conideration, without thought was costly. At any point, Solus would be able cause immense damage. They were so significant a treat that a straight-foward approach such as they one Shintaro had just employed, was far too risky. To take down a titan, one needed patience, a caution, and most of all a reliable strategy. Whether Shintaro could master those before being subjected to the fullest extent of the Captain’s fury, was something Solus had eagerly hoped would happen.