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[Kombat Trial] Akutagawa's training

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:37 pm
by PhoenixDayne

The nigh unflecked pure azure of the heavens is casted upon the surface of the earth like a cloak, which exudes its brilliance upon the eye of the many, the never ending morning is the most notable feature which this landscape holds. This landscape is located outside seireitei. The sparsely dispersed grasses which layers atop the earth's surface is surrounded by rocks and inactive mountains, the presence of two shinigamis were able to unmask itself into this evergreen and melodical environment.

Re: [Kombat Trial] Akutagawa's training

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:51 am
by PhoenixDayne
Left, right, up, down, the indistinct swoosh and swoop sound of a blade caressed through the wind, it was as though the air molecules were being severed, the arching sound of the blade continued its ring into one's ears which was a stress listening to, the pure azure of the heavens around the 7th division was flecked with cotton like materials(cloud), such Paramount, no one would intend to strand upwards in other to grasp it to feel how muffled it was. But who was lashing against the air? From the top view, the shiny water droppings which flew at all corners were due to his vigorous activity, he continued while he thundered on and on(Left, right.......) By tilting the eyes abit downwards, the figure's white hair ruffled itself at the wake of the morning wind as the shiny liquid continued to flew in all directions, his ocular was then captured, brimming with a bloodred colour with features partaking from that of an eagle, thoughts soared up into the minds of the readers, his pale countenance was another feature despite possesing a tan skin-colour. Well, it was none other than Akutagawa, his constant sword practice made him one of the best in terms of swordplay in this division. Suddenly, he stopped, his person came into view as he stood at an intimidating height of about 6'5”, it seems he was done with his early morning training as he picked up his cloak and donned on his head, his favourite hat known as kasa, he glided briskly along the path he moved on, as he exited the training ground.

Hours Later*

Akutagawa was once more in sight, he wore his kimōnō-Zori this time, sure thing, he was going somewhere, layered atop him was his cloak and on his head was his hat. Waddling up and down the rocky platform, he made his way into the exit of seireitei, which he proceeded without an ounce of hesitation or drawback, where was he heading to? The recurring question threw caution to the wind, nonetheless, Akuta was the clever type, he wouldn't do anything troublesome.

From the high ridge on which Akuta journeyed, the eye could wander at will over the rolling, grassy
plains and mimosa-dotted dales of this environment. The pure azure of the heavens was unflecked by a single cloud.
The light, balmy air of this early spring day was as invigorating as wine. Far away to the southeast the sweep
of undulating grass land melted into an indistinct blue haze--A sea-- while in the opposite direction
the panorama was barred by the steellike Gate Heights, their green slopes alternating with lines of dark
forest in a straggling labyrinth of intersecting kloofs. Far away over the golden, sunlit plains, the white walls
of an abandoned building or two were discernible, and here and there, rising in a line upon the still atmosphere, a
column of grey smoke marked the locality of many a distant kraal lying along the spurs of the hills. So still, so
transparent, indeed, was the air that even the voices of animals and the low of a bull floated
faintly across the wide and intervening space. Finally, Akuta had arrived, in the wake of all things, not but a shinigami was seen, he had to wait for his opponent or trainer.

Re: [Kombat Trial] Akutagawa's training

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:20 am
by Asano
Silence disturbed, peace disrupted, the natural order of things forced to die as the ground rumbiled, birds and other animals fled for their lives, and an ominous wind kicked up. Moments later a massive and highly oppressive force manifested, the source of which was unknown. Yet by the feel angerered of it, the heat and intensity, there was but only one rational conclusion— Solus Dextera.

Following the subtle disruption came something far fiercer, far more destructive, more chaotic by comparison. An explosion of light and reiatsu burst onto the scene, and amidst the fire and fury stood the Captain of the Seventh Division. An instant later all light and power faded, and with it a change so drastic it was if the world was robbed of all its might. The extent of Solus’ power was just that great, that the apparent abscence of it could make the world itself seem devoid of strength.

As the storm the Captain brought settled, it could be seen that Solus had traveled with a companion— a woman in her mid-twenties standing at the Captain’s side. Solus motioned, urging her forward, which she then quickly responded to.

”Akutagawa Atushi, Emi Akino! Today you both will be contending against each other for a place among the Seventh’s warriors, as recruits. While matched in strength, perhaps in experience, and in skill, this trial will not be so simple.”

Solus outstretched their left arm, and a rather sinister energy began to coalesce around it.

”While the primary objective of this training session will be to test each other’s might, your responses to sudden and random changes to the battle field and it’s conditions will also be tested. At random intervals throughout the battle, we will personally intervene. Be it to attack you both, one of you alone, to affect the field, or whatever else within the scope of our power will be a distinct possibility you both will be subject to.

Success means joining the ranks as full-fledged members of the Division we oversee. However, failure does not mean your dismissal, but your outright extermination. The Seventh, and to a much larger extent, all of Gotei the remains of the Soul Society have no place for the weak. Such weakness has already lead us to ruin, it shall not be allowed to happen again.

As such, this will be your one and only chance to back out now. Doing so, we will allow you to live... to run like the coward you will prove yourself to be with your departure... however you will be banished from the Seventh, and should you be found on Seventh Division grounds, your life will be forfeit. Should you accept these terms, you may begin.

Emi glanced back at the Captain, then back to Akutagawa and nodded. This was not the first time she felt Solus’ utter disregard for life in favor of strength. His reverence for it, his obsession with it. In her eyes, was was a man... or thing who had become a slave to his fanatic views of power and strength. Yet she could understand his position. To have been so powerful, and uncontested for so long, it only made sense that he would lose both mind and soul to the arrogance of power. To drink deep and and become drunk of it.

Though Emi herself lacked the strength to challenge him, her commitment to ultimately relieve the Captain of his position was further solidified by his latest batch of what seemed like empty threats. The woman, emboldened by her convictions, reached back and drew her blade. She held the weapon firmly in both hands as she took up her stance and signaled her readiness should Akutagawa find himself equally willing to participate.

With that, Solus vanished in a shunpo, the speed of which was so incredible that his movements would be beyond tracking for both potential recruits. Where he went, and what he would from said location was a mystery, but it was certain that he would not be gone for long. A fierce battle battle lied ahead, that was the only thing that could be known with any certainty.

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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:09 am
by PhoenixDayne
The appearance of the 7th Division captain was anticipated and imminent of course, but his intrusion was like a raging fire which had the cause to swallow up that very region, the reiatsu burst was indeed mental draining, the pressure placed on any soul by that reiatsu was simply too drastic that one would submerge into the ground in an act of total fear.

But nonetheless, it was for a brief moment as the essence of two beings manifested themselves before the nature, Akuta's ocular tilted about its socket swiftly as he scanned to see what had surfaced itself, for sure, one was the captain but the other was rather a recruit just like himself, one could easily tell from the little presence of reiatsu the figure possessed. Very well then, Akuta coasted his body upwards as a slight drift down the rocky platform landed him on the grassy plain whilst he moved briskly. His eaglelike ocular zoomed in on the other shinigami, definitely it was a Lady, her figure gave the needed info. But the roaring voice of the captain sent chills down his spine, he was fully aware about the Savage attitude of his captain. He thought little of weak lifeforms which usually skedaddle away in times of chaos, of destruction, of war.

But then, pitching the likes of Akuta against those weaklings was an indirect insult to Akuta's person, he wasn't even fazed by the later utterances of his captain, well, he was quite familiar with the likes of his captain. This was a one time opponent, to exert his abilities and feast them up into the eyes and memories of a many that he was indeed no weakling.

Being strategic from there onwards, he had no reason to underestimate his opponent even if she did look like a weakling.
“Don't judge a book by its cover”

some people tend to mask their abilities behind their appearance, the very teachings of the SHOGUN academy. Inorder to formulate a plan, he has to ascertain her skills. The rope which tightened his kimōnō was loosened, one of his blades jetted out of its scabbard as a firm grip held the blade in place, shortly, he began to tie the hilt of his katana with the end of the rope while he took a stance.
This had affirmed to the conditions which were tossed onto the two contenders on the grassy plains.

Re: [Kombat Trial] Akutagawa's training

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:33 pm
by Asano
A couple of things to make note of, moving forward.

[*]You’re free to use any kidou spell level 1-11.
[*]Any other tactic you may resort to is totally up to you. Feel free to fight dirty if you must.
[*]If you would like this fight to be judged and evaluated, then you will be graded based on the cleverness of your response to both Emi and Solus’ actions, as well as the overall cleverness/resourcefulness of your actions otherwise, and attention to detail.
[*]If you have any questions feel free to ask in a spoiler much like this one, in which case I’ll respond in my next post. Or PM me if you’d like a quicker response. If you want the fastest response possible use the MAV chat link from the main page. If I’m awake I’ll usually respond in a matter of minutes.
Emi watched her opponent as he readied himself for battle. At first it seemed to be the typical affair; he steeled his mind, drew his blade, the took his stance. As Akutagawa went the typical pre-battle ritual, one thing immediately stood out as odd to Emi— he had attached a rope to the hilt of his blade. Almost instant, a range of possibilities filled Emi’s head, none of which she felt immediately confident in her ability to contend with.

Though she was smart, ultimately wasn’t too far from the bare minimum requirement to have graduated from the academy, a flaw Solus was very quick to discover. Facing someone who had already seemed so thoroughly prepared face his opponent unsettled her, almost shaking her inexperienced soul to its core, but she fought to hide the truth. Instead she retreated back a few steps.

Emi knew full well that the most likely use for that rope-clad zanpakutou was to benefit from attacks with much higher range than normal. By putting a bit of extra distance between herself and her opponent, Emi not sought to give herself more time to react, since Akutagawa would first have to close the distance, but also for the sake of another tactic she had no intent of making overly clear to her opponent just yet.

Once finding her new place, she loosened her grip on her zanpakutou with her right hand and pointed forward with her middle and index finger. It was small, but a spark of light and reiatsu jumped from her hand as she appeared to heavily concentrate on the power needed to summon forth her kidou spell. Her lips parted, and in a quivering, almost clearly nervous voice she spoke.


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Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:05 pm
by PhoenixDayne
*Sure, i would like it to be judged and evaluated, but I'm a noob to roleplaying tho, I will take any corrections

The sudden backward steps alerted Akuta about her cautiousness, though, it was as if she felt intimidated before him. It was a sure thing that even Akuta was wary of his opponent, he had zero idea of what she can or cannot do, but still in this situation, he maintained discreetness about his emotions. Akuta was quite confidence, he showed no emotional weakness or drawback, despite all that, he was cautious and tactical, his eyes fazed thorough in the environment, searching round his opponent for a slight chance of an aperture which he wouldn't waste time to maneuver if it should surface itself, but again, the opening could be a trap to lure his person into his opponent favourable zone, this he made theories, strategies, halseny, tactic analysis, so on and so forth for just a perfect plan to bring down his opponent in the quickest of time, his premeditation was truly one of his greatest skills.

But something occurred to him.
The loosened gripped of her zanpakutou made Akuta wonder at the sight of such demeanor. But the portrayal of her middle and index finger was another thing to be wary of, the sudden sparks of lights emerged from both fingertips debuted the skill she was about to employ, it was undoubtably a kidou spell--partaking hadou to be precise, but he wasn't fazed though. By a simple command of reishi underneath his feet, his speed was twice faster than before, he drifted eastwards, as both legs parted ways in distress, the right leg nudged further to the east while his left leg dampened the motion by grazing the ground deeply, this motion slightly lowered his body downwards, but all that stored potential energy was soon converted to kinetic energy, the propulsive force wasn't ordinary at the slightest, it pertained more to supernatural, the explosive momentum was quite enticing for warmongers. all these were possible by making command of the reishi in the utilization of Shunpo;Flash-Step.With his legs being bolstered with reishi, he thrust his whole mass forward as the translational motion soon drifted into a cyclonic twisting upon gearing closer to his opponent, one of his blade was placed in an upright stance with the gripped hilt holding it in place as it was reimbursed with reiatsu to further harden its texture, likewise the other blade--the tightened rope was held instead which covered quite the large ground(Reimbursed with reiatsu), which thrust itself vertically into the air as the rotational movement continued, in this sense, the horizontally placed blade which was at that time bolstered with reiatsu was to act as a defensive yet little barricade which was to slap away any rustling attack towards him, while the aim of the pointed and vertically placed blade was to incur slashes upon slashes whilst in its rotational motion. This motion continued as the flash-step technique was applied, infact the flash-step technique was what made this technique possible, for someone at his calibre in terms of raw speed, he wouldn't be able to achieve such feats, even in that intense speed, his ocular would still notice even the slightest kinetic expansion.
HYŌRYŪ: SAIKURON RII((歩法,Drift Art;Viz“Cyclonic Burst”)

Well, whether it was a trap to lure in her adversary, it was yet to be known, even if it was a trap, Akuta definitely had his plans listed out at the back of his mind.
Though failure was always insight so was success, sharing the common boundary was something that had occurred to Akuta on multiple occasions, he was a failure yet a success, a winner, yet a loser, it was as if life had inclined itself to both fates while thrashing Akuta with mental damages, even to the extent, it was heavily detrimental on his whole system, but that was what made Akuta even more stronger, his unattractive past was something that pulsated Akuta to gain more strength, and so for that reason, nothing but being overly and immense power comes first even if the condition was his soul to be owned. All the more reason, that budged him into the 7th division of the Gotei 13.

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Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:26 am
by Asano
Sorry it’s been so long, it’s been a miserable couple weeks trying to sort out a large handful of issues...
I’m back and mostly free again, so sorry for the delays.

Anyway before I head forward, I need to make note that any unapproved abilities like “HYŌRYŪ: SAIKURON RII” are not permitted for use. However for now, feel free... so long as thing stay within reason. Nothing too powerful or too broken, okay?

Aside from that there are a couple things about your post I really like. For the sake of time I won’t partucularlh her into all the dirty details, but the first part of your post shows you’re paying attention, and are being cautious (which is something a lot of people don’t do). Also using your reiatsu for defense, another thing very few people do. Like for the longest time it felt like I’ve been the only one, so congrats to you for starting out miles ahead of even some vets I’ve seen.
Emi’s focus tightened, her eyes narrow, and her heart began to be faster. In an instant it was if her whole soul became obssed with Akuta and all that he was, because at the very moment he twitched Emi’s grip on her blade became much tighter. The bait was taken. As expected, Akuta rushed forward.

Akuta exploded forward, just as she wanted. However the immediate use of Shunpo was an amusing twist, but nevertheless Emi was ready. She waited, a mere fraction of a second, a precious fraction that had been afforded to her by the shift backwards prior to Akuta’s opening assault. A moment to focus, a moment to prepare, and a moment to counter. Emi had hoped to take advantage of the nature of his attack and use that to her advantage. The Shunpo and excessive rotational force meant a lot of extra momentum in his attack. With that, a devastating stroke was bound to follow, but at the same time it meant it would be that much harder for him to stop himself and bring up a means to defend himself. As it was, things in motion tended to very much stay in motion, and presently there was a hell of a lot of motion.

As soon as Akuta drew too near, Emi answered his actions with a Shunpo of her own, abandoning the kidou spell she had never fully intended to cast. However, rather than push forward, she moved backward yet again, reatreating just a hair outside the range of his attack, evading it flawlessly in the process, then stepped forward immediately point her blade forward in a sharp thrust. Emi aimed to stab Akuta through his upper right arm in order to make it much harder for him to effectively hold his blade.

It was clear she wasn’t too skilled with a blade and thus her aim was slightly off, the attack seemed to be headed more towards his chest or abdomen than anything else, but perhaps with a bit of luck her attack would strike true. At the same time, she noticed the reiatsu surrounding him. She knew that his reiatsu would grant him some defensive benefit, but how much was yet to be seen.

Both he and Emi were recruits, and the chances that their skills to be so refined that anything they did would be dramatically effective wasn’t too likely. Emi hoped that much would be true, and that her particular choice to pierce his flesh make up the difference. All the strength of her attack was concentrated into a single point of focus, and with it meant an attack many times more potentially devestating than a slash. With just the very nature of her attack, she aimed to overcome his amplified defenses.

Re: [Kombat Trial] Akutagawa's training

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:41 pm
by PhoenixDayne
Thanks, but, uhm, that was a simple sword technique, I just gave it a random name, however, would my swordstyle techniques be considered a shikai ability since it needs to be approved or I can use it at this recruit level?

Mass twisting, cyclonic force, the copulation of sheer momentum and immense speed granted him a far more acknowledgement in respect to feats, surely, he was very much aware that it might have been a trap and truly it was. Such momentum would lead to degradation of focus and delay in reaction as he was at full force, but his ocular never lost track of things in sight.

While he rotated, He purposely let go of the horizontally placed blade and further strengthening its force by further pushing the hilt of the blade downwards, the force in which it thrust into the ground was very much effective, but for what reason? His ocular had caught a minute motion of his opponent, the sudden withdrawal and back steps simply meant she had other plans and that will very much lead to the abandonment of her intended kidou or unintended, whichever intentional respect it was.
Then, a sudden change of favourable position occurred, the predator became the prey, while the prey became the predator, the edgy/marginal escape due to her withdrawal provided her an opportunity. Suddenly, she bursted forward as what accompanied her was a straight thrust which would very much hold great detriments to Akuta and by the look of things, the tip of the blade was surely after the upper region of his right arm, perhaps, her plan was to prevent Akuta from holding his blade and further making it difficult for him to battle on longer, it surely would turn the tide of favour against him and very much likely decide the flow and endgame of this battle.

He couldn't stop quite on time and decided, therefore, to spread his arm, the thrust nicked past the clothing and a bit of flesh, but the linear path it took was suddenly brought to a halt, as the blade was trapped in between his armpit, what followed next was a swift stroke of Akuta's blade which very much, had the efficiency to rip off her arm that held the blade, he could've dodged perhaps, but, from such a quick thrust, he saw an even effective way to turn the tide to his suiting, he wasn't done, he aimed to stab the midsection of Emi, to further deteriorate her body system's effectiveness and efficiency, this would most likely lead to much blood loss, deteriorated speed and hindered/blurry eye visions and faulted senses, due to blood loss.

Perhaps, it wasn't that much of a plan, it was more of a quick thinking and self endowed strategic methods and his normal ways of employing himself in his opponent's way of thinking before seeking out a solution.
Well, there are possibilities of failures but he rather hoped for success in this case.

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Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:35 pm
by Asano
As soon as Akuta caught Emi’s blade a look of both shock and disappointed made home on the woman’s face. At first it felt as if she were at a disadvantage, but as soon as Akuta’s left arm drew back what would come next was obvious. “But why?” The thought crossed Emi’s mind as she prepare to make her counter. At his current distances, making an effective attack would be tricky at best, not to mention being one handed, and having had her blade firmly locked in arm meant he wasn’t going anywhere without first letting her blade free. For the moment, that seemed not to be the case.

She resigned to the truth of the situation, an attack was coming. Almost instinctively, Emi did what many might consider was untinkable, and released the sword from her grasp. Not often would people intentionally disarm themselves, but in this case, Emi had no option and leaving the blade behind would ultimately work to her benefit. With the blade freed from her clutches, Emi moved towards Akuta’s now incoming attack. It was odd, but the move would not come without its purpose. With but a blink to spare, Emi positioned herself out of harms way by simply moving closer before Akuta’s swing could reach the apex of its arc, and thus reach peak power.

Emi met steel and steel met flesh, but the results would be a bit lack luster. There was no doubt that the blade did in fact sever something, however, what it did inevitably ever was much lesser than perhaps the attacker would have hoped. Rather than lobbing the whole arm off, the result was a moderately sized gash just below Emi’s left elbow. The woman hardly flinched a blood came rushing from the open wound. A wound like was hardly a threat, and the adrenaline coursing through her veins filled the pain enough to keep her focused on the fight.

It was a sloppy guard, but for what would hopefully come next, she felt it a fair trade. Despite having the first attack thwarted to some extent, it seemed as if Akuta would not be satisfied with just one attack. His hand would yet again draw back, signaling yet another attack. However now, with Emi even closer than before, it was unlikely that this next attack would become much of a threat in the end. But still, the woman made no attempts to ignore the second wave. Again, it was time to act.

The first time she moved, she made a hasty defense, which she paid a small price for. The return, however, would offset the cost. For starters, the first move not only put her in position to deal with the second incoming attack, it also allowed her an opportunity to solve many problems all at once. First, her left foot slid forward in a “c” pattern, putting her slightly closer to her target. As his blade started to come forward, Emi’s left hand came up to greet it.

Yet again, flesh and steel clashed, but this time with wildly differing results. It was subtle, but Emi used her hand to parry the blade. As fond of the blade as she was, her skills with just her bare hands were equally as proficient. And again, meeting the blade before it reached its peak power also aided her in her attempts to stay safe. And then, with the attack deflected safely away from her, it was time to make the counter. First came her right hand, shooting forward with the fullest extent of her strength and speed. Yet, the attack was not a punch, as many would have expected. No, instead her palm was wide open.

With a well placed palm thrust to the abdomen, Emi attempted to knock Akuta off balance, and not only leave him open to the follow jab to the face with her left, but to force him to free her sword from his grip. Simple, or so it seems at first. But Emi’s attack bore another layer of depth to it that was not immediately apparent, however at the last second her voice rang forth.

“Hadou 1, Shou!”

A small bead of light would appear just at the edge of her fist as it would come forward, and with a small burst of spiritual energy. It was weak, but it would be ample power to send Akuta flying back about 20 feet. Certainly not the most original technique in the book at this point. In fact, it was one she had borrowed it from the Captain, or at least the inspiration for it. Having known of Solus’ affinity for implementing kidou into his own hand-to-hand fighting style, Emi figured borrowing the idea in this situation would work the most to her benefit. Whether it would pay off or not had yet to be seen.