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Asano wrote:
Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:39 pm
I’ve revised both my Shikai and Bankai a bit. For Shikai I’ve moved the stance thing and tweaked things a bit in regards to how blade resonance works, especially in regards to Chikyuu. I’ve added a new 4th ability in place of the old one. If it’s too much for the Shikai, I’ll add in the same restrictions as the Bankai’s Iaijutsu, or the silencing effect. Although with the drawbacks I’ve imposed I feel it’s fine.
Edit: No I think I’ll add in the silencing affect.

For Bankai, I’ve expanded its weaknesses by making even the sheath unusuable. Additionally I’ve added a silencing effect on the user, preventing the user of techniques requiring their name to be called. Lastly I’ve added in a cooldown time between the use of each of the Bankai’s abilities.

Zanpakutou: Reijin
Sealed state appearance: Reijin in its sealed state is a standard Katana with four-pointed star as it’s guard.

Name: Reijin (霊刃, Spirit Blade)
Release Command: Kirisuteru (切り捨てる, cut away)
Inner World:
Spirit Appearance:
Shikai Appearence: In it’s shikai state, Reishi becomes a much more ornate. The blade itself become white, with a golden stripe running the tip down the middle of the blade to the hilt. The guard transforms and resembles a blossoming lotus flower.
Shikai Description: Reijin is an old spirit with an incredible fondness for tradition and fundamentals. The old spirit of the blade holds such discipline in high reverence. This discipline comes in the form of three stances called Shisei. When techniques are executed from either stance, Reijin's power resonates and forms harmony with the soul of Blademaster and allows the full potential of the the blade to be realized. When blade resonance occurs, one of three uniques mark known as Sen (閃, flash) appear on the blade.

The stances are as follows:
  • Gyouten Shisei (暁天の姿勢, Dawn Sky Stance): In this stance, the user stands with their left foot is forward, with the sword held pointing upright. The hilt is positioned just in front of the right shoulder, and the blade should leaning slightly to the behind the user’s head. This stance is derived from the Hassou stance, and is the most balanced of the three.
    • Techniques executed from this stance creates the Gyouten Sen (暁天の閃). It looks like a 4-pointed star.
  • Yaten Shisei (夜天の姿勢, Night Sky Stance):
    In this stance the sword is held out in front of the body with the point of the blade angled near the floor or near the waste. This stance is derived from the Gedan stance, and and serves as the defensive and deceptive stance.
    • Techniques executed from this stance creates the Yaten Sen (夜天の閃). It looks like a crescent moon.
  • Shinten Shisei (震天の姿勢, Quaking Heaven Stance): In this stance, the sword held raised above the head with the tip pointing back while the blade faces. This stance is derived from the Joudan stance and serves as the more aggressive of the three stances.
    • Techniques executed from this stance creates the Shinten Sen (震天の閃). It looks like a tomoe.
  • Muten Shisei (無天の姿勢, No Sky Stance): A stance separate from the other three. Muted Shisei on essence has no defined form, or refers to any stance not recognized by Reijin.
    • Techniques done from in this stance do no create Sen.
  • Only one of each Sen, up to a total of three, can exist at any given point in time.
Shikai Abilities:

Ability: Hissatsu Ken: Suimei (必殺剣•水明, Certain Death Blade: Shimmering Water)
Element: None
Type: Active.
Descriptions: An attack designed for the sole purpose of cutting an enemy down at close range (2m). As a result of any of the user’s slashing attacks done while calling out the word “Suimei”, a trail of hundreds of smaller slashing blades known as hakaze (刃風, blade wind) is formed. Upon manifestation, the mass of small blades appears like sunlight reflecting off gentle waters.
  • From Gyouten Shisei: The Hakaze covers a wide (20m) conical area.
    • The concentration of Hakaze becomes much lesser as it moves from the point of execution, making it much less effective as it travels. Conversely, the concentration is much higher at close range thus making the potential to do harm much greater.
  • From Yaten Shisei: Rather than flowing from Reijin, the Hakaze manifests upward from the ground beneath the opponent when the userthrusts forward, from the air behind the opponent with an upward slash, and from the air on the opposite side when slashing from either the left or right.
    • In either case, the opponent must be within striking distance of the user.
  • From Shinten Shisei:The Hakaze flows down from above the user and opponent almost like a rain of blades in a 2m radius. From this stance the blades are concentrated in a tighter area, making their potential to do harm significantly greater.
    • Use of this technique from this stance also poses some risk to the user as well.
  • From Muten Shisei: The hakaze flows from Reijin at half the normal distance.
Ability: Hissatsu Ken: Anbu Zangeki (必殺剣•暗部斬撃, Certain Death Blade: Dark side slashing)
Element: None
Type: Active
Descriptions: An attack purely steeped in the art of deception. When the user attacks and calls out “Anbu Zangeki”, a phantom hand appears and quickly draws an ephemeral blade to make its attack. Upon manifestation, appears as if death itself is seeking to claim the life of its victims.
  • From Gyouten Shisei: The phantom hand manifests from the user’s chest, and thrusts it’s blade forward at the target.
  • From Yaten Shisei: The phantom hand manifests from the user’s shadow and slashes directly towards the the opponent.
  • From Shinten Shisei: The phantom hand manifests anywhere within a 1m distance from user and swings however the user pleases.
    • The phantom hand from this stance cannot manifest from any of the locations tied to the other stances.
  • Cannot be used without first assuming a defined stance.
  • This skill can be used in conjunction with ”Suimei”.
    • In this case the command becomes “Suimei Zangeki”.
    • The Emphemeral blade also generates a second Hakaze, albeit to a lesser degree than the original blade.
    • The direction in which the ephemeral blade’s Hakaze flows is dependent on the stance used and the direction of the attack (where applicable).
  • This skill can also be used with Chikyuu Zangeki.
    • In this case the command becomes “Anbu Nikushimi”.
    • The effects of the emphemeral blade’s uheaval are dependent on the stance used.

Ability: Hissatsu Ken: Chikyuu no Nikushimi Zangeki (必殺剣•地球斬撃の憎しみ, Certain Death Blade: Hatred of Earth Slash)
Element: None
Type: Active
Descriptions: After gaining Sen, the user draws on the full power of the blade. Making use of this power, they cut into or at the earth while calling “Chikyuu Zangeki” to cause an upheaval. Upon upheaval, it appears as if a dragon sleeping beneath the earth is awakening with righteous fury.
  • From Gyouten Shisei: By cutting into the earth from this stance, the user causes a numerous small shards of sharp stone (or whatever other material) to fly forward at the opponent. The more strength driven into the attack the further and faster the debris moves.
    • Only usable after gaining the Gyouten Sen.
    • The effective range is 25m.
    • The number of stones flung forward is 250.
  • From Yaten Shisei: By cutting into the earth from this stance, the user either directs dust and debris into the targets eyes, or creates a large cloud of dust around themselves.
    • Only usable after gaining the Yaten Sen.
    • The dust cloud covers an 8m radius.
  • From Shinten Shisei: By directing the power of the blade at the earth from this powerful stance, the user causes six large chunks to rise up in all directions covering a 5m radius. These large portions of upturned earth can be used as cover, or can strike opponents from below, sending them backwards or upwards.
    • No direct contact needs to be made to trigger the effects. The force from the swing is sufficient enough to produce the effect.
  • From Muten Shisei This technique can take the same form as when done from any of the stances, however the effects and ranges are halved.
Ability: Bushi no Haiku (武士の俳句, Smaurai’s Haiku)
Element: None
Type: Passive
Description: After gaining Sen, the user draws on the true power of the blade by consuming it and increasing the strength of their voice. In response to the user’s strengthened voice, Reijin works harder and the potential any techniques used thereafter is increased. However doing so results in dissonance, thus preventing additional resonance for a short time. Additionally the use of this power strains the user’s voice, preventing them from using it for a short period of time. As such, techniques requiring their name to be called, including Kidou, cannot be used during this time.
  • Daiichi no Inbun (第一の韻文, First Verse):
    Flowers bloom in spring.
    • Doubles the range, the potency, and all other associated effects all techniques.
      • Consumes one Sen.
      • Prevents the creation of new Sen for 2 posts.
      • Use of the first verse silences the user, preventing the use of any ability requiring its name to be called including Kidou for 1 post.
  • Daini no Inbun (第二の韻文, Second Verse):
    Bushi draw their blades and weep.
    • Triples the range, the potency, and all other associated effects all techniques.
    • Consumes two Sen.
    • Prevents the creation of new Sen for 3 posts.
    • Use of the first verse silences the user, preventing the use of any ability requiring its name to be called including Kidou for 2 posts.
  • Daisan no Inbun (第三の韻文, Third Verse):
    For blood taints the earth.
    • Quadruples the range, potency, and all other associated effects all techniques.
    • Consumes three Sen.
    • Prevents creation of new Sen for 4 posts.
    • Also silences the user, preventing them from using any technique requiring a name to be called including Kidou for 3 posts.
    • Bankai cannot be activated during the silence period.


    Name: Tenka Reijin (天下霊刃, Peerless Spirit Blade).
    Description: Upon activation of Bankai, the blade must be sheathed. This act represents the user staking their life, and the whole of their existence on the strength and wisdom of the sword. Doing so allows the user to perform three immensely powerful Iaijutsu, at the cost of leaving the user vulnerable.
    Appearance: Tenka Reijin takes the form of an old rusted version of its Shikai appearance.
    • While This Bankai is active, the user cannot draw or otherwise make use of the blade or its sheath except to perform Iaijutsu.
    • Additionally the user is silenced, preventing them from using ability any requiring its name to be called, except for Iaijutsu.

    Ability: Uta no Ken (歌の剣, Blade song)
    Type: Active
    Element: Dark/Light
    Description: The songs sung by Tenka Reijin comes from the proof that it is a blade forged by the perfect harmonization of the user’s inner most strength, and the blade’s razor sharp edge. Regrettably, the joining results in a sorrowful tale told in three songs. By resonating with the user, the blade sings out it tragic tale, and with it calls forth destruction. Each time the blade resonates (or has resonated) a unique mark known as Sen (閃, flash) appears on the blade.
    • Daiichi no Uta: Kasha (第一の歌•華奢, First Song: Wheel of Flowers)
      The first song is the tale of a fierce typhoon that sweeps through the lands, laying waste to countless innocent lives. Appearing amidst the wreckage a bed of cherry blossom petals upturned and thrown about by the storm. A sight as ugly as it was beautiful. When man was able to rebuild from the calamity, they forsook the gods that allow such misfortune to befall them, and turned to lives of sin and sacrilege.
      Description: This ability is an empowered version of Suimei Zangeki, where rather than creating two Hakaze of thousands of blades following the attack of the user, and the first phantom blade. A second phantom blade manifests to create a third Hakaze of hundreds of blades. Following the attack, a bed of cherry blossoms is left behind, much like the one in the story.
      • Where Hakaze flows from can be the same as anywhere the Hakaze flows when used from any of the three unique Shisei.
      • Can only be used if exactly one Sen is present.
      • This song causes resonance to occur.
      • The blade must be immediately sheathed to rest it’s voice following this attack, and cannot be drawn for one post.
    • Daini no Uta: Mangetsu (第二の歌•満月, Second song: Fullmoon)
      The second song is a tale of when the gods left man behind. Unable to forgive the endless flow of sin, the gods turned their back on mankind and left the world in complete darkness. The ceaseless black drove many mad and to death by their own hands, while others remained hopeful as the delusion or memory of moonlight gave them the will to live. It was a befitting punishment. To be forever lost to madness, or to be killed by it. The gods cared too much dirty their hands and erase their creations on their own, but leaving mankind to further undo themselves weighed much less on the hearts of the gods for a time...
      Description: This ability is an empowered version of Chikyuu no Nikushimi Zangeki. This ability first violent upturns the earth, and creates a dense cloud of dust that blots out all natural sources of light. Amidst the seemingly never-ending darkness, the user’s reiatsu coalesces in the sky to form a small shimmering light in the far off distance recreating the memory of moonlight from the story. This reiatsu moon creates the illusion of light within the darkness, and the illusion of the user’s image preparing to launch a massive attack appears directly in front the opponent. After darkness has taken a firm hold, a barrage of ten thousand small rock shards bombards the victim.
      • The cloud remains in place and will continue to blot out all light until somehow dispersed, or when the Bankai is sealed.
      • Can only be used with exactly two Sen present.
      • This song causes further resonance to occur.
      • The blade must be sheathed immediately after this attack to rest its voice, and cannot be drawn again for 3 posts.
      • True light returns after at the start of the user’s next post, if the techniques is not.
    • Saigo no Uta: Midaare Setsugekka (最後の歌•乱れ雪月花, Final Song: Disturbance of Snow, Moon, and Flowers).
      This song was first sung by the sorrowful gods after realizing their folly. This song foretells their ultimate demise by their own hands. Ashamed and upset by their overly harsh response to mankind the gods reasoned that they too deserved the same fate for their transgressions. The heavens and all of creation would be plunged into the ultimate state of chaos, ridding them, mankind, and all mistakes from existence.
      Description: The ultimate iaijutsu, and culmination of all of Reijin’s techniques. The result is an occurrence that can only be described as pure chaos.

      This powerful attack comes in three phases. First, a chilling darkness sweeps over the land, binding self, friend, and foe alike. While blinded by the dark, the user trusts that the blade will see the attack strike true, and swings to initate the second phase.

      A blizzard of steel as cold as winter erupts and flows outward as the user swings their blade. The result is a jarring shift from pitch-blackness to a gentle white, as tens of thousands of Hakaze blade’s saturate the landscape and seek to cut away all in their path. When finished, the blades litter the ground to paint the image of a frozen wasteland. From there the final phase initiates.

      The phantom of the blade appears in full, revealing its faceless figure. It is dressed in the torn attire of a shogun that fought for 10,000 days and 10,000 nights without rest. The phantom hangs its head in sorrow, and turns away in fear of its own power and swings a moment after the user’s attack. This swing creates a second storm, this time of blinding light. However, rather than the snow-like blades of the first swing, this second storm steel as warm as cherry blossom petals in the spring erupts from the phantom blade and flows forward.
      • If two Sen are present before Bankai is activated, a third Sen is created as soon as Bankai is activated.
        • As such, no other technique can be used, and the blade must remain sheathed until Midare Setsugekka is used.
      • This technique cannot be used until three Sen have been created.
      • None of Reijin’s other techniques can be used after all three Sen are present.
      • The radius of both storms cover is 150m.
      • After the darkness falls, the user cannot see or sense anything until after they swing their blade.
        • This effect is permanent until the blade is used, or until the Bankai is sealed.
        • The phantom however can see its target before it makes its attack.
      • While the first storm feels cold, and the second feels warm neither has an ice or fire affinity. This is merely a side-effect of the lack and abundance of light.
      • Upon completion of this technique, the blade must and the user must allow their voices to recover.
      • The blade is then forcibly sheathed, and reverts to its sealed state.
      • It cannot be drawn again for the remainder of the battle, and the user’s voice remains silenced for the rest of the battle.
Okay, you're free to use this, have fun. Approved
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Re: [7th Division] Zanpakutou Review


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Drift art (漂流 Hyōryū, “Viz; Wind way”)
A special type of swordstyle, taught by the heads of the SHOGUN:DAWNBREAKERS to those whom were yet to achieve shikai, it makes use of reiatsu in the defensive and offensive attributes of the drift art.

(Drift art, Viz “Channeling”)
The basics of the drift art were one channels reiatsu into his blades for defensive, supportive and offensive purposes.

(Drift art, Viz “Wave”)
Literally the fundamentals of the Shogun's teachings were one unleashes/releases the channeled reiatsu which takes the shape of an arc or tomoe.

Hyōryū:Saikuron Rii(歩法)
Drift Art;Viz“Cyclonic Burst”
A ferocious twisting while utilizing shunpo and the blades placed to the fitting of the user.

Hyōryū:Dassen suru(脱線する)
Drift art;Viz“Derail”
This strikes the acupoint in a certain region, immobilizing that struck region temporarily.

Hyōryū:Shūha Ryōsha_Ni(周波二)
(Drift art, Viz “Wave II”)
The evolved version, created by Akuta himself, this allows the user to rotate with shunpo being utilized as a 360° reiatsu wave is released.

Shindo (-流派- Shindō, lit. ‘Demonic way’)
Akuta redeems himself of any emotional distress and totally absorbs himself into the battle, it makes little utilization of reiatsu in the blade, while layering most part for defensive feats as it portends reckless fighting.
The following techniques applies for this stance;

•Nēishin(-佞臣- Nēidō, lit. Renegade-Dancing toothed wheel)
A swift move, which makes Akuta to proceed by lowering his body almost at ground level before diving in against the opponent with a thrust.

•Kēnshin (-剣- Kēnshindō, lit. War Song)
-A simple bulletin thrust which moves by rocketing away the little condensed reiatsu for penetrative and fast delivery.

•Sēnshin(-戦士- Sēndō, lit. Warrior of Death)
-By slashing through air, a triple tomoe reiatsu wave is released at the East, North, West points, facing the opponent from an approx distance of 8-12m.

Ryūdo(-流- Ryūdō, lit. ‘Draconic way’)
It has no stance, whatsoever, even when his blade is sheathed, it is already a stance, simply put. As such he thinks quickly and evasively.

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Re: [7th Division] Zanpakutou Review


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Sealed State Appearance: A long katana with a cyan hilt and black sheathe, covered by a black scabbard.

Release Appearance: Genshin Shiten takes the form of a long silver blade with a cyan hilt, mainly covered with a cyan aura once released.

Realease command: The released command is ‘collapse’

Spirit personality: the spirit has a serious personality he acts calm and does not seem to be afraid at the prospect of accepting a challenge. Genshin Shiten deeply cares for his master, Wuji. He fears for Wuji's fate about becoming a warrior haunted by loneliness, a process that seems irreversible. When Genshin Shiten is angry, he speaks less. In addition, his fighting style becomes very different. Instead valuing efficiency and using Wudang's martial art skills, his methods become very dirty such as using unorthodox means to achieve victory.

Spirit's appearance: Genshin Shiten has the appearance of a young teen with light blue eyes with white-spiky hair, thin eye brows eyebrows and has slightly tan skin. He wears a long sleeved blue shirt, light beige colored pants and black boots.

Inner world: It is a mountain range that stretched for thousands or even tens of thousands of miles. It is different from ordinary mountains, because it is not situated on the ground but rather pinned itself to the ground. The peaks are inserted into the ground while the base aimed straight for the sky in an unimaginable fashion. With this perspective in mind, the mountain ranges here looked like branches from a great tree taking root in the earth.

Element Type: Profound laws of space and lightning

1)Name Domain
Type: Passive
Element: space
Description: Upon release of his zanpakuto, Wuji can create, shape and manipulate the physical aspects of space within an area of 40m with his thoughts in a manner that can be used for both attack and defense within the domain or sphere of influence. And with each punch, kick or swipe of his arms, sword or fingers, Wuji can create spatial distortions, spatial waves and projection in order to inflict damage to the target occupying within the said space. Because it affects the very third-dimension that the target is occupying, it can bypass most defenses any and all physical defenses depending on the amount of reiatsu he elects to use, and as such, maybe difficult to block by conventional means.

Element: Space
Type: Passive
Description: When the zanpakuto is active, Wuji can fuse or integrate his body with surrounding space, allowing him to be untraceable while being able to reach any location. But he’s limited In a sense that he can’t be faster than his own shunpo while trying to traverse to a location with this ability. However, Wuji can stay concealed within space for a period of two post if he wishes not to teleport, and he can make conversations but he cannot attack his opponent while being fused or merged with space unless he materialized to do so.

Name: Ji Tian(meaning- Heavens of Ji)
Element: lightning
Type: Active/passive
Description:This ability is named after Wuji’s middle name and first name upon activation of his zanpakuto, myriad of thunder clouds will begin to gather gradually until a period of five posts. Once in position countless azure lightning will begin to form within it to take the shape of a dragon which will descend to the battle field if commanded by Wuji via pointing to the enemy. This can be described as Wuji’s trump card because it will seal his zanpakuto for two post after use. The might of this attack is no weaker than his highest castable kido attack, being able to destroy an area of 40m.
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