[Solo Spar]Clash of Swords

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[Solo Spar]Clash of Swords


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Title: clash of sword
Word count: unknown
Opponent fact file:
Hachimoto’s level of reiatsu can be compared to a 7th seat but regardless; his swordsmanship is almost at master level, at least the best among experts in the art.
Word count: 2432

1) Bolded words are for speech while italics are for thoughts.
2) Wudang Nine Sword is a name of a sword style...it doesn't mean it belongs to Wudang (I.e. it's not appropriate to input apostrophe and write it like this; Wudang's nine sword).

[CENTER]Clash of Swords [/CENTER]
The vacant old building rested along the streets of the ghost town. The twittering sound of birds could be heard beneath the indigo sky, with sheer observation any bystander would have deduced that nature was slowly beginning to reclaim the old town that had been abandoned for a long time now. The streets were still paved, but had been slightly blanketed by lots of sand, dried shrubs and leaves.

Wuji could be seen sitting by the pavement of one of the old buildings, his red lacquered wooden hilt zanpakuto rested beside his left side as he gaze upon the red torri gate opposite his direction. The 5th seat looked around the landscape and noticed that there were a few structures which had escape the depreciation that nature had to offer. Despite the afternoon sun glaring in the sky above, darkened shadows brood in between the shattered streets. There was no trace of any animals, insects or birds even the wind remained silent and an eerie stillness hung throughout the area as if it was a desert. Meanwhile, a curious chortle ran across Wuji's face as he held a white sheet of paper between his index finger and thumb.

[CENTER]"The Dustless Priest would like to test your swordsmanship, I've long heard about your famous Wudang Nine Sword and its complex variations. I just can't agree that it can beat my 72 Polar Swaying Sword Techniques..... Wait for me at the abandoned Ghost town. I will arrive to give you a match you may never forget for eons."

"Dustless Priest-Hachimoto."

Upon reading the content of the paper, the 5th seat exhaled for a moment. He did not feel particularly ill at ease despite the letter of challenge but now that he knew the name of his opponent, Wuji couldn't help but wonder what kind of movement his strange opponent would use if he employed the "72 Polar Swaying Sword". But that was what Wuji liked, he enjoyed the mystery and relished fighting with someone that has a strange, strong sword art; it might be a perfect match for the formless nature of his "Wudang Nine Sword". The secret truth about it is that; the Wudang Nine Sword Art is a technique that turns more powerful when the opponent is a strong fighter. If it's not then the brilliant sword art would be inapplicable when used in combat.

For a brief moment, Wuji remained in his seated position caressing his zanpakuto but suddenly, the slight sound of footstep approaching the red torri gates opposite him could be heard. At first glance, Wuji was able to tell that it was his opponent. The Dustless Priest wore a cerulean robe fitted with soft black boots opposed to Wuji's brown sleeved gi and white beige pants. Hachimoto the Dustless Priest spoke softly and yet his voice traverse far; a weird sense of reticent power accompanied each word that fell from his mouth.

"I see you're early! Please shall we begin or you prefer to stare?”

Hachimoto raised his white eye brows and caressed his white beard slowly before unsheathing his blade from the black scabbard. Wuji barely reacted at first when his opponent arrived into the area. In truth, he was trying to remember a few things as he stood up to face the white haired Hachimoto correctly. Wuji tried hard to remember some of the movements of the "Wudang Nine Sword" he had learned. Fortunately for him the whole variations of the sword art flooded into his memory, finally words broke out from his lips.

"Indeed we shall".

White light flashed as Hachimoto's glinting sword thrust forward. Though Yuan Wuji had never seen the 72 Polar Swaying Sword Art in use before. But by sheer observation Wuji knew his opponent's movements were unbelievably quick like a violent wind. If Wuji had waited till he saw a flaw in the oncoming attack, he would've gotten stabbed. So he counter attacked by attempting to slash at Hachimoto's lower abdomen with his long sword.
The white haired Hachimoto quickly leaped back to avoid the attack and shouted, "Good move!".

After several moves, Hachimoto couldn't stand it anymore so he increased the speed of his sword. Wuji concentrated his mind to keep up by repelling every sword slashes and strokes that comes his way. After fighting for several dozen moves, Hachimoto's changes became complicated. Wuji knew clearly that things might get messy if he's not careful, without wasting much time it didn't took long for the right words to escape from his lips.

"Ascend.... Shizenseishin!

As expected, Wuji could feel his strength, speed, perceptions and senses all heightened extraordinary than normal. Yuan Wuji concentrated fully on the fight and he was gradually enlightened. His eyes were now only looking at the point of his opponent's sword.
With Wudang Nine Swords, the stronger the enemy was the more powerful it became. During his days in the Jianghu (martial art world) Wuji fought with Monk Hua Wuque whose, sword art was one of the highest quality which was very rare at that time. But no matter how Monk Hua Wuque's sword rose, shifted, and changed, Wuji's Wudang Nine Sword
adapted reactively against his moves. Whether it was attacking or defending, he countered each move successfully without any flaw.

Even though Hachimoto’s 72 Polar Swaying Sword Art was weird and wonderful, by sheer perception alone Wuji was able to ascertain that the white haired Hachimoto had not learnt the style for very long and he was not as good as he had expected him to be; which means that Hachimoto is an expert swordsman. Wuji had studied his Wudang Nine Sword for quite a long time now ever since he retired from the Jianghu. Compared to Monk Hua Wuque's swordplay, Hachimoto was not that great in the art.

After fighting for more than a hundred and twenty six moves, Wuji didn't think deeply anymore when wielding his long zanpakuto as there was hardly any time to think with Hachimoto's quick swordplay attacking him. Even though Hachimoto's Polar Swaying Sword Art was made up of seventy two moves, each move had several dozen changes, and as it went through all the variations, the changes became very complicated as the fight continued without pause. If other sword experts saw this swordplay, even if they didn't become woozy from looking at it, they would still be confounded from seeing this complicated swordplay and they wouldn't be able to execute their own sword moves properly. But the Wudang Nine Swords that Wuji learned as a master had no set of moves to speak of, so it was natural for him to follow the movements of his opponent. If the enemy only had one move, then he would only have one move. If the enemy had a thousand moves then he would also have a thousand moves.

"This... this...!"Hachimoto muttered with anxiety in his heart, Hachimoto's swordplay became even furious but his mind was agitated and his swordplay was actually hindered by the 5th seat. The Polar Swaying Sword Art depended on speed to take victory, if a swordsman fought for more than a hundred moves yet was still unable to win, and then the fierceness of this sword art would unavoidably be lessened.

Wuji's mind was moved as he suddenly saw a flaw in his opponent's sword art. The most important aspect of the Wudang Nine Sword Art was to see the weakness in the opponent's martial art techniques. No matter whether it was bare hand, kicks, sabers, or swords, every move must have a weakness. Once a flaw has been seen, a martial artist could take
advantage of if by attacking it. Even when Yuan Wuji fought with Monk Hua Wuque a long time ago... who, only wield a tanto, moved almost as fast like lightning and was unbelievably quick. So even though there were still weaknesses in the movements of his body and attacks, they were only fleeting. Yuan Wuji only managed to see the flaws but they were gone in the next instant which made him unable
to attack those flaws. That was the reason why the four masters of Wudang; Bu Qui, Yekai, Guo Feng, and Zhang Cuishan were unable to win against a little tanto weapon controlled by Hua Wuque.

While the clanging of sword against sword continued and echoed throughout the quiet battleground, Wuji had been thinking hard about the flaws in the movements of the Polar Swaying Sword Art, but he had always run into the single difficulty -- the speed of the opponent's swordplay. When a flaw could only be seen fleetingly, it was very hard to attack.
At this time, he had endured fighting against Hachimoto for close to two hundred moves when he saw Hachimoto exposing a weakness underneath his right armpit in a slash of his sword. Hachimoto had used the move earlier. In the first place, the changes in Hachimoto's swordplay were very complicated and he didn't repeat any of his moves in the past two hundred moves. But now, he has finally repeated one move; a swift thrust to the temple. After several more moves, Hachimoto's sword slashed out horizontally exposing a weakness on his left waist. He had again repeated another move of his 72 Polar Swaying Sword Art. Suddenly, a thought flashed in Yuan Wuji's mind, "His Polar Swaying Sword Art is extremely quick, and his flaws aren't actual flaws. Even though there's no weakness in his sword moves, I've finally found out a weakness in his swordplay -- his swordplay repeats!"

In martial art world, in whichever sword style, no matter how complicated and how many changes a swordsman's swordplay had, the swordsman would eventually finish using all the sword moves. Once the sword moves were used up and the swordsman is unable able to gain victory, then it would be unavoidable that the sword practitioner/swordsman has to reuse the sword moves he had used earlier in the fight. But for masters, their refined sword arts would always have eight or ten groups of techniques in their sword art, and within each group there would be dozens of moves, and each move would have its variations and changes. So it was very unusual for them (sword masters) to fight for more than a thousand moves before the outcome of the fight was decided. Even though Hachimoto might know a lot of other Kendo techniques he could use, he must have guessed quite well that Yuan Wuji was also familiar with Kendo techniques. After all, it's a sword style that is generally thought to division members of the Gotei 13.

However, besides the Polar Swaying Sword Art, there was no other sword art Hachimoto could use that could gain victory. By now, Hachimoto had repeated many moves. Knowing he now had the opportunities to take victory, Wuji felt excited.
When Hachimoto saw the corner of Wuji's mouth smiling, he was secretly startled. Hachimoto thought, "What's this guy thinking about? Has he figured out a way to defeat my swordplay?”
Hachimoto immediately channeled his reiatsu through his blade, and was suddenly advancing and retreating to go around Wuji in a circle. His sword moves were almost like a violent storm and they were getting faster and faster with each stroke of attack. After fighting for thirty more moves, Hachimoto's left hand stabbed forward while he withdrew his right hand. Wuji knew this was the third time he had used this move. After fighting for so long, Yuan Wuji felt confident, coupled with his already enhanced speed, strength and perception in shikai mode. He knew the situation was highly dangerous, and under Hachimoto's lightning-like fast attack, if he was just slightly careless, he would lose his life and would not be able to return home to his Division.

So seeing Hachimoto using a repeated sword move again, Wuji immediately sent his sword out and stabbed it at his opponent's right armpit. The spot that this slanting sword was stabbing at was the weakness of Hachimoto's next move. This was really anticipating what the enemy was going to do and it made Hachimoto really anxious. Though the move by Hachimoto was extremely quick, but Wuji's attack was done earlier and was much faster in terms of speed. The move from the Polar Swaying Sword Art had not changed yet, but Wuji had already thrust his long sword at Hachimoto's armpit making him unable to block or dodge. Hachimoto cried out sharply, sounding surprised, angry, and desperate as blood seeped from the injured part of his armpit. Yuan Wuji's sword had already arrived at his opponent's armpit, but when he heard Hachimoto's sharp cry, he
immediately thought, "I'm going too far, it's just a friendly spar and not a death match, how can I injure him?". Wuji quickly pulled his sword back and said, "The winner and loser have been decided. Let's call it a day, and then we'll go our own ways!”

Hachimoto's face was pale as he slowly nodded his head. "Alright! I admit defeat."
The white Hachimoto suddenly sheathed his sword in his scabbard and yelled out loud, "Little friend, who on earth taught you your sword art? I don’t think you learnt it in the Shino Academy or from a kendo master!".

Wuji didn't bother to reply back immediately, instead he chortled a bit to his opponent's stunning question and deactivated his shikai. The 5th seat clapped his hands and bowed his head to greet his opponent, "I'm afraid I can't answer that question. But feel free to challenge me anytime, I won't refuse you. Thank you for holding back".

The 5th seat spoke softly, every bit of his words were indeed tinted with respect for the Dustless priest. Raising his head, Wuji retreated with three steps before walking past the torri gate. Meanwhile, Hachimoto caresses his white beard slowly, "Who would have believed that the Gotei 13 is blessed with such a swordsman with a strange swordplay"? . The Priest thought and sighed for a moment as he caressed his injured armpit before exiting the area by moving past the red torri gate.

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