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[2nd Division Training ground]Cascade

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:15 pm
by Aegis Raiu
Somewhere in Seireitei, on the outskirts and deep within a foggy forest, one of the oldest dueling arenas remained unperturbed and unshaken for many centuries. Rumour has it that its walls are infallible and possess a certain magic which keeps ghouls at bay, for they exist in this enchanted kingdom.

Re: [2nd Division Training ground]Cascade

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:39 am
by Samuel_Carter_Awakening
Carter being a New Recruit was bored and tired. He sat down on the ground with two legs crossed, his apendages stretched out and his dual katana placed gently on his laps. He inhaled and then exhaled. This happened for 3 Minutes. For he was meditating. His oculus widened as a thought found its way to his brain...

*Souka!!. Its time for me to meet the Captain and have ny first training Experience*

He muttered to himself as he got up. He sheathe his katanas, wore his sandals and ran towards the Captain's Chamber. After some minutes. He arrived there. His right appendage formed a knuckle. He knocked on the wooden frame. He stood there waiting for a reply.

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Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:19 pm
by Kira-duh-savage

The steady crunch of seemingly leathered soles against the moistened, grassy carpet surrounding the Cascade, gave away another's presence.

Thick mist hung stagnant and firm in the air, serving ample hindrance to visibility, though not to such an extent that this person's humanoid figure could escape visual notice.

In time, the newly arrived came to ascend a flight of aged stairs and soon the interior area of this magnificent, coliseum reminiscent edifice entered his viewpoint- A pavement of interlocked stones flooring the ground, an encirclement of seats arranged in rows with minor entrances situated at varied points, quite the admirable architecture but most especially noteworthy, was the near collosal statue of an angel at its centre. He guessed as to what that statue signified only to scoff at the thought. "Death's angel"

Seraph reservedly flexed his spiritual pressure, causing an almost inconspicuous energy ripple to billow outwards from him and shove the fog aside much like a smoke puff in the wind.

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Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:53 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Arthur sat at the back row seat in the Cascade training ground of the 2nd Division, temporarily the Sakura mansion was out of service as it was destroyed during the previous war between the Quinces and rebuilding it meant that the members of the 6th Division(him included) shared the same ground with the 2nd Division.

Before today Arthur had not heard of the man he was to spar with save for the fact he was from the 7th. “One of Solus’ men huh?” He concluded. The weather was not dark neither was it bright for it was difficult to have a clear view on what it was this was because the arena was slightly covered with fog. The wind blew calmly today as Arthur knew the day was going to be pleasant for him. While he waited the 6th Division captain closed his eyes for a quick meditation in an attempt to draw out his soul spirit however just as he was about to, a figure came to his sight view.

His flash step brought him within range of the invader moments after he had arrived. “Your late....” The tall man said while looking down at his opponent. “Show me what you learnt from the great Solus boy” he gave the man the invitation to begin.

Re: [2nd Division Training ground]Cascade

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:17 am
by Kira-duh-savage
Seraph's eyeline and this man's, Arthur's, intersected. Skin a deathly anaemic pale, hair free flowing and bleached with the white of snow- borderline albinish traits, but who was he to judge? Beggars couldn't be picky about their food, he'd wanted a sparring partner and now here one was.

He took no offence from the way Arthur addressed him. It was a bit amusing really because speaking in such a condescending manner to someone demanded more than status, it demanded a certain degree of battle capability. Needlessly putting on airs like this only to perform beneath expectations could be extremely defaming, particularly for very high ranking officials.

The average captain class combatant could contain their spiritual presence to the point of being nearly inexistent before an inferior reikaku. Although, for all but the most advanced of combatants, completely muffling one's reiatsu resonance proved difficult to achieve.

In the past Darius Lohr had taught him how to not judge books by their covers since looks could be misleading, but continued exposure to the Seventh's beast horde had literally beaten into him a warrior's intuition- an unorthodox sense for danger.

In instances where perhaps his reikaku might fail to accurately gauge someone, his intuitive perception made no such mistakes. Right now, faced against Arthur Dayne, be it the man's spiritual presence or speech pattern, Seraph felt no pressure whatsoever. In fact his threat detecting alarm systems were as tranquil as a stagnant pool of water and not incited to blare in the least.

Internally, Seraph pulsated with spiritual energy following which a casual burst of shunpo instantly eradicated the void between himself and Arthur. The screech of metal sliding up leather distorted the Cascade's calm ambience, a dazzling glint of light flashed past, and the blade of a shortsword reverse gripped in Seraph's right hand came cleaving towards the front base of Arthur's neck at blinding speeds. In times like these, it was needless to stress the importance of an untimely reaction. Lagging even for a second attracted gashing and that in turn could result in the loss of valuable lifeblood.

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Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:55 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Arthur watched calmly and patiently for Seraph to make the first move and as he did he began to focus his reiatsu on all parts of his body, masking its presence as he did. Seraph’s Shunpo brought him close enough to Arthur holding his blade in a reverse manner as he moved his hand aimed for his jugular. On a normal day the captain would simply use many options to deal with Seraph’s attempt but this time he chose not to move.

The metal would clash against the captain neck but would make no further headway his immense reiatsu protecting him from physical harm and seeing as Seraph brought himself within the captain’s range and to punish the man for his folly “Byakuri!” His would point his finger at the right shoulder of Seraph in an attempt to fire the pale lightning right through his joint the moment his blade reached his neck. Arthur’s intent was to make it difficult for Seraph to wield his sword with that right hand.

The death god did not stop at using one kidō as he would side step to his right(Seraph’s left), fist folded and with immense speed and strength Arthur lunched his hand forward to the left side of Seraph with the intention to break as man ribs as he could should his fist make any contact. The force alone would be capable of throwing the young Shinigami much further way from him.

Re: [2nd Division Training ground]Cascade

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:54 am
by Kira-duh-savage
Seraph struck with a considerable amount of his brute, great strength, yet when the blade of his shortsword contacted Arthur's skin it suffered a resistance unlike flesh and barely left a dent on the man's dermis.

Unbelievable. No words could convey how unbelievable it was that a slash like that had trouble bruising Arthur.

For a Shinigami to pull these kinds of stunts (tanking attacks with bare skin) they have to either be immensely durable in base or simply of a far advanced reiatsu class than their assailants. Taking into consideration that neither of these instances seemed the case, Seraph concluded that Arthur was an extremely lucky fellow. Probably without even knowing he'd struck Arthur at much less than full force and this made lucid sense given that his intentions were to probe Arthur's strength.

All of a sudden Arthur began to lift his right arm, but Seraph's eyes immediately caught wind of that movement.

Arthur clearly sought to wield their close proximity to his benefit, but a person of his calibre should've have known that distance was a double-edged sword with no one true master, and with Seraph's sword having never left the base of Arthur's neck, he was in an even better position to exploit that fickle allegiance.

Instantaneously, Seraph's lips parted to declare a single word whose resonance was utterly silenced by a subsequent deafening bang as a brilliant arc of golden energy bursted out, point blank, from the entire blade length of his wakizashi.

Being a master class practioner of the demon arts, in addition to having a shit ton of reiatsu (great), Seraph could forego a spell's incantation yet still maximise its effects to a large extent, so this time the chances of a stroke of luck allowing Arthur emerge unscathed had been drastically reduced, reiatsu-hardened skin or not.

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Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:30 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Just as the death god moved his finger in the direction of Seraph, he could sense the build up of his opponents reiatsu and been a a Master at Kidō he could easily tell when a spell was about to be take place and so Arthur made no move to evade also but chose to take a direct hit from his opponent for his reiatsu defense and immense durability was more than enough to ensure he would be left unhurt. Had Seraph employee the use of a higher spell than that of a low class spell then Arthur was certain he would taken a considerable damage.

The death god still chose to complete his spell as his finger moved to the right shoulder of Seraph and with a word “Byakurai!” The pale lightning would fire off moments after Seraph had released his Kidō as Arthur took a direct hit from it but would suffer no damage for he had an immense durability to tank such petty attack and also taking into consideration that Arthur’s reiatsu for now served as a form of defense. After he had released the pale lightning seconds after Okasen was fired, Arthur’s shunpo brought him to the left side of Seraph fist folded and with immense speed and strength Arthur lunched his hand forward to the left side of Seraph with the intention to break as man ribs as he could should his fist make any contact. The force alone would be capable of throwing the young Shinigami much further way from him into whatever he may crash into.

Re: [2nd Division Training ground]Cascade

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:41 pm
by Kira-duh-savage
The golden flash that prior engulfed the 6th's Captain began to dim until ambient lighting regained normalcy.


Seraph's face twisted into a slight frown. He had casted a point blank Okasen and yet Arthur, despite receiving its full brunt, didn't scathe in the least. Lady luck never kissed a man twice, everyone knew that. And Seraph knew it too. Arthur's phenomenal durability couldn't be disputed at this point.

After a split second of being shocked, Seraph returned to the present. This was battle after all, one had to keep one's head in the game, if they wished to keep it.

Pupils darting sideways, Seraph visually caught wind of Arthur's extended finger incoming and his entire figure blinked, instantly appearing several metres away. Following his sudden displacement, the earpiercing crackle of lightning would've resounded in the distance as Arthur's discharged Byakurai struck an evanesce version of him now turned thin air. Courtesy of his Master Shunpo, Seraph merely needed a solo step to traverse great distances in half a heartbeat, speed clones were just an added effect that shadowed his movements. Previously, moments before Seraph's hastened retreat, his reikaku had alerted him to an abrupt spike in Arthur's reiatsu, with the latter becoming more focused further down the length of Arthur's index finger- the tell tale signs of imminent kido use.