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Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:47 am
by Kira-duh-savage
Seraph stared deep into the eyes of Kin, offering a reluctant response to a question he felt was rhetorical; Yes, I am. coldly replied the blonde noble. Usually he'd speak with a nauseating indifference, but having suffered such a humiliating defeat [which was what he felt about the recently concluded banter] at the hands of Darius, Seraph's emotions had become turbulent for the first time in a long time. His most sought-after goal currently was to leave The Second as soon as possible for the longer the duration of his stay, the more painful of a sting would be inflicted.

Seraph gritted his teeth, he'd wanted to say something else but perishes the thought_opting to instead strut past the bald-headed shinigami, Kin.

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:04 am
by Phantom-T
Not overly gifted with the gift of condencending dialogues, Kin watched as the blond strode past him, carrying himself like an injured mare.

What ever the reason for his cloudy deamenour, Kin had little care for and if for anything having less people around had been his wish considering his current state of tardiness. However, for some reason the presence of a 7th changed all that.

"So your supposed to be a beast"

Kin intoned feeling more sorry than impressed. As the presence of another tugged unto his attention.

Turning towards his right. Kin found a clean pair of robe being handed over to him by a member of his platoon. One of whom he had summoned with the slight wave of his hand. Impressed by his response time, the bald monk quickly sent him off with a slight nod while changing into his new pair of black robe paterened with grey fluffy wool across the chest area.

Turning back towards the leaving death god with dissapointmet written all over his face. Kin would slightly intone.

"Dont make me laugh, kirrara"

The words while spoken in a whisper would echoe directely into the blonds left ear as if said at close proximity, however, a glance at the monk would reveal him still adjusting his new robe to assume perfect fitting.

Kins movement was cloaked by his specialty in shunpo.

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:49 am
by Kira-duh-savage
"So you're supposed to be a beast?"

Kin may have inquired politely, but Seraph could still perceive the mockery cowering behind those words. Half-turning backwards, Seraph's sight-line meets with Kin. Being fully aware that the bald monk's remarks were an obvious provocation, Seraph cut to the chase at once.

"Just tell me what you want, Monk" he retorted

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Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 3:53 am
by Phantom-T
Meeting the shinigamis line of sight, kin quickly felt the frustration of the shinigami bellow through his words..

"Maybe he was a 7th maybe he wasn't" a direct line of thought which now bother the bald monk a little less than the attitude he had portrayed before him..

With his voice elevated, sturdy and firm and his words straight to the point, Kin immediately wanted nothing more than to set him straight. A little discipline he thought wouldn't be out of place

However, this were only fleeting thoughts which he didn't deem fit to act on, at least not yet and as such he would rather appear unphazed by the words of the young shinigami.

Slightly waving his head in dissapointment the bald monk turned towards his captain ... Backing the Shinigami without a single word uttered..

"A warrior with such fragile temper was not worthy of his time" he concluded out loud as the image of a former second who had also been too quick to act flashes through his mind ...

Maybe he wasn't another Aoshi he hoped..

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:53 pm
by Kira-duh-savage
"A warrior with such fragile temper is not worthy of my time"

Apparently disappointed in Seraph's temperament, Kin quite literally turned his back on the Kirara clansman.

Seraph abruptly closed his eyes in contemplation.

"I see... so that's why you had that look on your face?
At first I couldn't understand why I was being targeted by that much disappointment, but now I can."

Opening his eyes a short while later, Seraph spoke calmly and audibly. He knew now where Kin was coming from. Kin probably had certain expectations of people bred in the Seventh, and to have met Seraph appearing so discouraged after losing unavoidably to a captain class Darius - a behaviour unfit for a 'beast' - those expectations definitely weren't met, causing his impression of the blonde to turn sour quickly.

You see... It's not that losing to Darius annoyed Seraph. That he'd been mentally defeated wasn't even the case, on the contrary the loss had more of a positive effect on him deep down because with just that single exchange with Darius he had come to be reminded of his own inadequacies as a shinigami; as a combatant. There were still tons of rungs left for Seraph to climb up if he wished to reach the same altitudes as his superiors/predecessors, and being conscious of this fact (the difficulties that accompanied his ambitions alone) was added advantage since it helped him know exactly how much effort those ambitions demanded to be realized. Before, Seraph himself had misunderstood what the emotions he felt after Darius schooled him meant, though after careful reflection the storm raging in his heart quelled and he could clearly see the reality of things- Like Solus 'nd Elijah, Darius was also ample challenge and Seraph was pleased by this.

"You once asked if I really was a beast?" Inquired Seraph rhetorically.

"With all due respect, allow me to extinguish those doubts." He said in a blunt manner of speaking.

Reaching for the tsuba of his katana with the thumb of his dominant hand, Seraph's body lit up with a fierce cyan aura which began to divulge into his immediate vicinity, and despite not matching Darius' in quantity it possessed enough density to force spiderweb-like cracks to appear on the paved ground beneath his foot.

"...Dis...tort" Whispered Seraph. However, by the time he finished uttering that word which actually is his zanpakuto's release call, a sharp-hissing noise would've already struck the air as a swift unsheathing prior took place.