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Re: [2nd Division] Headquarters

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:28 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Noticing the others had written their name on the paper that was being passed around, Aoshi took his turn to write his. On the sheet, what he saw made him chuckle for he never knew that the woman amongst them was actually the new Queen of the Elvira kingdom since Aniks was away. "Maybe she would know" He thought as he penned his name down.

Aoshi Eljoran N'a'shezbaernon Elvira, Fifth Seat.

Aoshi moved the paper close to the captain in having concluded that he was the last person to have placed his name in the paper. The Elvira man sank in more into his sit and then awaits the next step.

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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:43 am
by Naxel
Within a few seconds of asking for one of his members to gather a piece of paper and pen, the sheet with the names of everyone there was passed back. Naxel grabbed the paper and seen one of the members get up for the cabinet. Picking up the paper, and reading it, the Captain read every name on it and looked over to see who was who. The man who got up for the cabinet was Hide. Then, the Captain noticed Hide was standing right next to him awaiting for the rules to be said. Picking his hand up he motioned for Hide to take his seat.
"You can take your seat Hide. No need to have to stand for this." He said placing the paper with the names back down on the table. "Alright, the rules here will be simple and brief. Each of the rules will be meant for the calmness and order of this division." Saying as he crossed his arms in front of him.
"Rule number one, members are not allowed to carry their Zanpakuto casually unless ordered to do so. This is so that you wont try and kill each other." Saying and taking a brief pause. If an occasion were to happen like earlier then you will just use your Hakuda and Kido skills to reprehend whomever they may be. This rule will take place as soon as this meeting is over." A dull look went across the Captains face as he spoke the first rule. This look was not meant for any reason, but just because it is usually the look he keeps upon his face. "Rule number two, There will be no fighting among your fellow comrades in the division. We are a team. We will live, eat, train, and communicate like a team. If this rule is broken, I will handle them personally." Saying as he looks at each of the members at the table. "Lastly rule number three, each day you must train and exercise for at least an hour. This division will not become the weakest division among the Guard Squads. I am going to train you to be the fastest, stealthiest, and most feared members this military will have." 
The last rule escaped his tongue, and he leaned forwards to face the last member on the list Fifth Seat Aoshi. "This will conclude the current rules for now. Rules may be added and/or removed as I see fit. But with the rules being said I have a mission for Aoshi and Hide..." Taking a pause and leaning back in his chair once again. "I need both of you to leave for the world of the living, and gather wondering souls before they are killed or turned into hollows. This will be an easy mission for both of you, but do not go with your guard down. I will assume there are Hollows wondering the area. Please gather as many souls as you can. You will be assigned to this mission for two days. Complete this assignment with success."
Mission Details

Enter the World of the Living, and collect souls to start building back up the population of the Soul Society. Bring your Zanpakuto to perform the technique to transfer souls over. Good Luck.

Will be determined

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Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:41 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
Soon after Naxel rounded up his speech and had explained the absurd rules which were not to be broken, the captain drifted his attention to 5th seat.

The captains words was directly focused at Aoshi and the 5th seat couldn't help but feel a bit tensed as he knew that Naxel had indirectly placed the recruit in his care. Being the one to be responsible for others wasn't much of Aoshi's forte as he had always been on his own, looked out and watched his own back, Babysitting the recruit was something he wasn't cut out for. He groaned in frustration as he rose to his feet heading towards the exist.

"Recruit Follow me Was all that was heard last from him as his voice faded along with the dust that lead through the front gates of the barracks.

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:27 pm
by Tha Green
Arriving late at the end of the great captain's speech. Midori strolled into the area. Occasionally darting from side to side and hiding in corners to avoid being spotted as the late recruit. He rather wanted to gather as much info as he could get.
Hope I'm not really late to anything...
"Really Midori? You've out done yourself this time... Honestly, you're dead if you're caught being late. Tch.."

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:53 pm
by Naxel
While leaning back in his chair he watched as Aoshi and Hide disperse from the room, the Captain took one last moment before getting up. It felt like a great day to the Captain as the Gotei 13 was slowly, but surely, building back up to where it once was. After that one moment he ascended from his chair he grabbed his Zanpakuto, and made his way towards the meeting room door. Upon reaching the door an unfamiliar presence was within his headquarters. Opening up the door to look around he seen nothing in the open area. Stopping in his place, Naxel focused on where the presence was coming from. It took only a moment for the Captain to figure out where they were. Naxel then disappeared into a shunpo concealing his reiatsu, and appeared right behind the hiding unknown person. Squatting down behind the person, the Captain was wondering if they were lost or looking for someone.

"Who are we looking for?" He said as he crossed his arms, and raised his right arm up to scratch his chin. 

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Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:18 am
by Tha Green
"Seems no one's here"

Still hiding behind a pillar, Midori was about to step out, not until he heard footsteps. He dashed back behind the pillar not waiting to know who the person was.

"Someone's still here??? I have to be incognito. I'm in soooo much trouble" he thought to himself.

As he was still hiding behind the pillar he suddenly heard a voice behind him asking who "they" were looking for.

"I saw some shinigamis leave and thought I was late now I have..... To..... Hide......    " he slowly turned as it dawned on him that he was replying a question to something he didn't notice. 
It was his captain.

"AGH!!! TA..TA..TA..ICHO!!!"he repeatedly bowed to the man squatting and rubbing his chin with a curious look. 


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Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:05 pm
by Naxel
The Captain stayed in his squatted position as he watched the mysterious person freak out. Amusement struck Naxel as he watched the person bowed before him, but with his personality a dull look stayed on his face. When the word "Taichou" came out of the persons mouth it was a probability that this was a new recruit. Not entirely sure, but Naxel stood up and placed his left hand in his pocket as the other was holding his Zanpakuto. Naxel looked at the recruit with his dull blank face, and turned around making his way towards his office.
"You called me Taichou, so I assume you are one of my members. Come with me to my office." Saying as he approached the door to his office. As he stood in front of his office door he turned towards the unassumingly recruit, and lifted his left hand out of his pocket to motion the person to follow behind him. Naxel then turned around and walked to his desk. His office was one of only buildings he found serenity and peace in. This room will probably be the captains main locations he thinks he will be in. It doesn't bother him at all though. Once reaching his desk he pulled back the chair, and took a seat behind his desk. He leaned back into his normal position, and awaited for the recruit to come into his office. 

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Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:50 pm
by Tha Green
After Midori's display of his pure clumsy nature, the captain rose from his squatting position and turned towards his office.
Had he offended the man? Was he in trouble? Was he going to be butchered? 
Many unnecessary thouhts flowed through his head as he kept an almost sad and exhausted look.
Then his taicho ordered him to follow him into his accompanied by a hand gesture to order him to follow behind. 
 Midori wasn't completely sure but it was like the mood had changed into something serious. It felt like he had a task for him. 
Midori followed behind. 
His office was rather calm and peaceful. Had space in it and was a good area for meditation. Midori could bet that the captain would take usual breaks to meditate in an area like this. Well. It was all speculation. 

 Still looking around, Midori realized he was standing in front of a now seated captain of the 2nd division. 
Facing him, Midori calmly awaited what he had in store for the young and fresh shinigami. But first Midori felt it was polite for him to introduce himself.

"I'm Midori Arekusanda, a recruit. It's a pleasure to meet you taicho."he said as he bowed calmly once again.

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Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:35 am
by Naxel
Naxel watched as his new recruit made his way into his office. The recruit introduced himself, and followed it with a bow of respect. Ever since self-positioning himself as the new Captain of the Second Division he has not yet to become used to the respectful manors that come with the position. Everyone of his members that he has met has made it feel like they were treating him like a king or some ruling monarch. Naxel was just the Captain of a division that he wants to build back up to its former glory. Being treated like he has been was something he knew that he had to get accustomed to. But with that thought in Naxel's mind, he heard that the recruit was Midori Arekusanda. The feeling of seeing new members come in will always be a great feeling that the captain will have. Once training himself, and his members, this division will become an unstoppable silent group of assassins. The Captain crossed his arms, and continued to lean back in his chair as he was ready to welcome the new recruit.

"Welcome to the 2nd Division Midori. I am your Captain, Naxel Hitsugaya. You can call me Captain or Sir until we become more acquainted with one another." Saying as he decided to rise up from his chair, and made his way to the window located behind his desk. "You must of felt like you were in trouble when I asked you to come here." Speaking one again, and then turned around to face the recruit. "If so, I am sorry for the impression. That is just how I am, but as we continue to become closer that will change." This time after speaking a small smiling smirk appeared on the captains face. It is a rare occasion that Naxel would show any kind of emotion towards anyone he doesn't really know. It must be a sign that he personality is slowly improving, which is something that he knew his father would be proud of. "We have only three rules here within this division. Those rules are: Never carry your Zankaputo unless ordered, No fighting among your fellow comrades, and You must train at least once per day. We are building up a new division, and I am going to make sure every one of my members will become some of the strongest in this new era. I myself have plenty of training to do myself, and once my 5th Seat returns from his mission I can have a training session. But in the time being, feel free to take some time to get acquainted with your new home. You will be spending a lot of time here." Finishing the words he wanted to tell his new recruit. Naxel then felt lazy all of a sudden, and wanted to take a seat. He turned back towards his chair to pull it back. After pulling it back he took his seat once again, and looked at the recruit with pride. "Welcome to the Division again comrade."

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Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:11 pm
by Akugaranwa Itachi
The portal opened up to give way for the tall man to waltz right through, with a disappointed look on his face as what he had hoped to accomplish was all but void. 

It was a disappointing turn of event that the new 4th seat was rather speechless on the lack of skill and self discipline from his recruit. "To think he would abandon his duty" He said with a little sigh. He paced about the training ground like an old man lost in thoughts, his face wore the look of worry_but still he paced some more.

Aoshi placed his right hand on the hilt of his sword as he unsheathed the blade in a reverse hand grip, and with a voice as calm as the waters he whispered; "Electrify Takemikazushi" A pulse of black electricity sparked through the empty space as it cracked and electrified the air. His Zanpakutō was covered with black electricity, and so Aoshi moved. 

His first step created an after image of himself, for the Elvira man's speed was heightened by his Shikai allowing him to cover long distances in an instant without adding much strain to his body as he finally came to a stop. He made a cut in the air with his blade as he made a Jump to the air giving a way a small lightning beam aimed at a boulder opposite his direction.

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Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:47 am
by Tha Green
After his humble gesture and introduction and display of good conduct, (a Midori you may hardly find outside) His captain welcomed him. And also introduced himself as Naxel Hitsugaya. Briefly an array of ways to address him brushed his mind.
Naxel Taicho

Hitsugaya Taicho


Naxel Hitsugaya Taicho?

Taicho Senpai...? 
Midori smiled at the last thought and immediately brought himself back to reality.
 His captain rose up from his chair and walked to the window behind his desk. And talked about how he made him feel like he was in trouble and apologized with a little smirk.
"No, no Taicho. There's no need to apologize"
Freaking out a bit Midori let out a smile while scratching the back of his head in a nervous manner. His Taicho was a man he can look up to. A man who would build him and the entire division to greatness. This made Midori happy and contented.

He gave a rundown of the rules and mentioned that a training session would commence upon his 5th seat's return. This got Midori excited.
 The Captain then made his way back to his seat in a manner that seemed he was tired. He then looked up at Midori and gave him a final welcome. It was the end of their Brief meeting. 

"I will do my best to aid the growth of this division. Thank you for this opportunity Taicho." 

Midori then turned to leave after his bow. Reaching behind the captains door, Midori nearly collapses from the nervousness he held in the office. But he was overjoyed as he was about to begin his proper duties as a shinigami. He then made his way through the hall from the office.

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Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:46 pm
by Naxel
Main Building
Seeing that the recruit with a smile on his face made the Captain a little happy. It isn't everyday that you obtain a new recruit, and give them the run down along with letting them know they will become stronger. It was a glorious feeling that swam around Naxel's body. After the recruit left the captains office he sensed that Itachi made his way back from the World of the Living. Naxel wondered how their mission went, and thought he should check as well as to see if Itachi wanted to train a little. The Captain rose from his chair along with grabbing his Zankaputo. He walked over to the door, and made his way out of the main building headed to the training grounds.
Training Grounds
Entering the training grounds area he noticed that Itachi was already in the middle of training. The Captain noticed the newly appointed 4th seat was training with his Shikai. Once seeing that the thought went through Naxel's head that he hasn't trained with his Shikai that much either. Lifting his left arm to rib his chin with his hand, he walked closer to Itachi to request the details on the mission in the world of the Living. "Welcome back Itachi." He spoke as he continued to walk closer to the 4th Seat. "I see that you've returned from your mission. How did it go? Shower me with the details of the progress." Speaking one last time as he came to around 15 feet from where the 4th Seat was.

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Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:11 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
With each rhythm placed in his body-works as well as his footwork all were necessary for a swordsman. He hauled himself backwards while spreading a trail of electricity across the wall with his foot pushing back the air from his back.

It was then and only then that he came to notice that he wasn't alone anymore in the training ground. Naxel made a mumble on how well the mission went as well as requesting for the details of it, that was something the 4th seat was not ready to respond or comment to not until he had let all his frustration out.

His flash rush brought him behind the captain, already crouched and ready to strike. Aoshi twisted his blade so that it was the dull part that moved as he aimed to cut the captain by his lower right femur. Utilizing Flash rush the way he did now, would only prove daunting to the captain should he even remotely grapes his movements.

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:57 am
by Kira-duh-savage
At the extreme western section of the headquarters of the second division, the approaching footsteps of an unseen guest reverberated intensely.

Each step the individual took was forceful,yet elagant.
His hand is slowly retracted from his pocket in a bid to "off" his hood,thus revealing the beauty of his dazzling blonde hair,and cold crimson pupils.

A mild gale swung past the area,causing strands of his hair,and jet black ankle length jacket inclusively to sway from side to side.

Afterwards, he'd comment that in a place such as this one,he was sure to fly(by "fly" he was referring to letting loose without fear of interference).

"Well,that's if you still retain a desire to engage me in a duel" said seraph in  a gentle tone,tinted by a coarse pitch.

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:49 am
by El Jimenez
Training ground

Wind blows across the dusty floors of the training ground as Hidē makes his appearance to the stage with his blue kimono draped around his shoulders as usual.

He places his hand on his rabbit-looking hat as the wind brushes gracefully against his skin and attire.

'Lovely day, isn't it?'
He says with his head raised slightly towards his opponent.

He stares at his opponent for a while, observing his body frame and searching for possible weak spots.

'Ladies first'
He says with a smirk on his face as he places his left hand on his Katana, tilting it upwards as he spreads his fan across his face with his right hand.

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:10 am
by Kira-duh-savage
Seraph maintained a disposition of nonchalance while glancing directly into the pupils of his adversary, almost as though he sought to find something in them,to which his heavy sigh hinted at disappointment.

He squinted his eyes and remarks that
"Hide is void of what was necessary to best him during their spar"

In that exact instance,a squall of wind brushed gently against hide's face,as seraph is noticed standing behind him,his soul slayer relieved from its scabbard,then and there,he sheathed it once again.
Meanwhile,his physical form which hide should've seen standing motionless before him would've vanished from view,a mild gust of wind followed.

A replay of the entire event later shows seraph lunging past hide speedily,at the time his soul slayer was relaxed in a horizontal fashion and had this manoeuvre BEEN SUCCESSFUL-
in current time,just before seraph sheathes his katana,a glint of red light would've shone from its tip,as hide's bodily fluids drips down it.

Simultaneously, a horizontal gash manifests on hide's left abdominal region(superficial injury)

Seraph would then remark that Hide's pupils did not contain the zeal he'd intended to find in them.

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:02 am
by El Jimenez
He maintains his former position with his eyes directed to his opponent's body, from the neck down, not focusing on his face but his body structure and reiatsu

He smirks as his opponent makes his remark, slowly moving the hand on the katana along with the sheathed katana, but this won't be seen because his blue kimono draped around his shoulders blocked his opponent's view of what was going on under his robe.

A squall of wind blows past him as his opponent appears behind him dealing another slash before sheathing his katana.

A Wide grin spreads Hidē's face With his sheathed katana raised and the hand welding his fan pointed backwards.


He senses a rise in his opponent's reiatsu just before he shunpo's past him and blocks the slash by raising his sheathed sword. His eyes move to the corner of their sockets as his head turns and he moves his hand holding the fan,shrouded in blue reiatsu backwards and blocks the slash delivered by his opponent.


He watches his opponent sheathe his katana, him still maintaining his position after blocking his attacks,  and points his index and middle fingers at him as his hands fly behind his head (Bakudo No 1: Sai) then simultaneously regains his balance by turning around with casting of the spell.

He shunpo's immediately he regains his balance dislocating his right shoulder by delivering a jab with the end of his scabbard in one hand then a jab to his jaw with the hilt of his katana in the other then almost immediately performs a sweep kick in an attempt to fell his opponent. Should this succeed he'd point his sword at his opponent's throat.

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:26 am
by Aniks28
Vimaro leaned toward the girl’s ear. “You’re aware this is your fault, right?”

Teryani, standing in front of him, glanced over. “I was not the one who pointed out that he should try a comb.”

“A slip of the tongue,” Vimaro insisted, “and I apologized. You’re the one who asked if he has seen the walls of a bathroom.”

“He asked us if we had any questions. How was I supposed to know his self-esteem was smaller than that brain of yours that didn’t help you reconsider when you corrected him in front of his juniors?”

“Now hold on one moment, he said the former captain of the 6th division was dead and I know better since he’s family after all. You were the one who wondered aloud if he really was a shinigami.”

At that she folded her arms across her chest and looked away. “He kept making errors about the arts. You were the one who decided to question his knowledge about it and caused him to make his slips. You even bent his wrist when he tried to smash your nose. Besides,” she added, glancing over her shoulder once more, “you asked him to take over your cleaning duties. His friends passing by heard that and laughed. He’ll never recover from that humiliation in years.”

“Well, I am better than he is,” Vimaro argued back.  “Why should my skills be wasted sweeping when he’s better suited to that? I’m not a cleaner!”

“And he is? I think not. My point is you should have tried being respectful like I was.”

“Ah, that would explain that time at lunch when you told him not to drool.”

Teryani turned her nose up. “He was embarrassing us sitting at the table with him, at least I’m sure you and the others grimaced in disgust when he continued speaking with that nonsense in his mouth.” Vimaro was beginning to nod his agreement to that when she added, “However I am interested in finding out why you pushed him down those stairs and caused him to break his arm.”

Vimaro shifted on his feet. “A simple accident, I tripped and fell into him.”

“At the top of the stairs? On a level ground?” She didn’t give him time to reply. “Just admit you were testing ‘it’.”

He shot a glance at the door behind which he could hear angry voices. “He claimed he was as durable as a rock. I only wanted to know if that rock was brittle. Reminds you of Daric at the academy, right?”

She laughed, and he joined her. They quieted themselves when they recalled their punishments were being discussed in the office they waited before. “Not exactly our fault he was a terrible guide,” she said and he grunted his concurrence. “What do you think would happen?”

“I don’t know. The other recruits with us have since being assigned to parts of headquarters except for us.” When her shoulder sagged, Vimaro hurried to add more. “Be relaxed, Teryani-chan. We were among the top of our class and we did not technically break any rules. They have nothing against us. I believe they would be out shortly.”

As if in reply, they heard footsteps moving behind the brown door and then it opened. Both recruits stood up straighter and tried to look contrite before the squat, frowning man watching them intently. Behind him stood their guide, his right arm hanging awkwardly and glaring daggers at the two.

“Against your guide’s advised judgment,” he began solemnly as if delivering a verdict —which he was, “You’ll not be sent back to the academy for disciplined instructions. However…” he added a little loudly when both of them sighed in jubilant relief, “…you will clean the barracks for a day before reporting to your assigned sections. They’ll be given to your by the end of tomorrow.”

Without even a backward glance to see the effects of his words, he turned and walked away, disappearing down the corridor. Vimaro and Teryani stared at their guide, his name forgotten to them amidst their joint dislike of the man, and Vimaro gave a low bow.

“We apologize for disrespecting you and ask for your blessings.”

The guide seemed to consider it and then accepted, almost about to smile when Teryani poked Vimaro in the side with her elbow and bowed as he did, speaking in an apparent whisper as if for his ears alone but her clear voice carrying on to the both ends of the corridor. “He needs his right arm to bless, you idiot and you made it break.”

Vimaro whispered back. “It broke? How? I thought he was stronger than steel!”

“I thought so too. Ask him to use his left hand instead.”

“He can’t. That’s the wrist I made him twist. He should just say the blessing then.”

“It would not be a blessing. Have you forgotten his breath stinks?”

They were no longer whispering and instead, talking aloud as Teryani spoke on as their guide containing his rage, huffed and stalked away, cursing under his breath. The both of them straightened and fell into fits of laughter after he disappeared, walking away side by side as they change topics, en route to the cleaning room for their punishment. Neither Vimaro nor Teryani minded the work, it was only their first day in 2nd division. They knew they got away easy.

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Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:33 pm
by Naxel
Akugaranwa Itachi wrote:
Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:11 am
With each rhythm placed in his body-works as well as his footwork all were necessary for a swordsman. He hauled himself backwards while spreading a trail of electricity across the wall with his foot pushing back the air from his back.

It was then and only then that he came to notice that he wasn't alone anymore in the training ground. Naxel made a mumble on how well the mission went as well as requesting for the details of it, that was something the 4th seat was not ready to respond or comment to not until he had let all his frustration out.

His flash rush brought him behind the captain, already crouched and ready to strike. Aoshi twisted his blade so that it was the dull part that moved as he aimed to cut the captain by his lower right femur. Utilizing Flash rush the way he did now, would only prove daunting to the captain should he even remotely grapes his movements.
After making his appearance to the training grounds, to meet his Vice-Captain for training, Aoshi had disappeared from sight after being asked about his mission. With Naxel's ability to sense ones reiatsu he noticed that his Second-in-Command had appeared behind him. A thought quickly went through Naxel's mind that Aoshi was more than likely about to execute an attack. Not entirely ready for a brawl, he pivoted his body to the right where he could see where Aoshi was. His blade was located in his right hand sheathed in its scabbard. Naxel quickly moved his right arm, and sheathed blade, to where he could block the incoming attack. Aoshi's blade made contact with Naxel's scabbard noticing that he was using the dull end of his blade. Uncertain of what was going on, The Captain disappeared into a shunpo to reappeared around 30 yards away from where Aoshi was located. Naxel was standing with his back turned towards his Vice-Captain, and his blade dangling from his right hand. With Naxel's skill in the art of Shunpo his movements were executed within a blink of an eye. The few years of training in this art has proven to be useful for the Captain.

While standing away from his Vice-Captain he took this advantage to prepare himself. He lifted up his Zankaputo, and its scabbard, scrapping it firmly back around his waist. Unlike most other Shinigami Naxel has a special way of carrying around his blade. He has it mounted on to short bars to where he can carry it perfectly vertical across his lower back. How he had his sheathed blade was the hilt was on his right side, to where he can quickly unsheathe it, and the end of his scabbard on his left side. For just a moment, after setting back up his sheathed blade, Naxel looked up at the sky enjoying how beautiful the day was. Due to his personality he kept a dull look on his face. Yet, the day was very beautiful as the clouds flew by in the sky and wind blew. The rays from the sun shined onto the building of the 2nd Division's HQ, and made Naxel secretly admire what he had constructed. His view was truly phenomenal to the eye.

Giving a few moments to take his time to enjoy the beautiful views of the Headquarters, Naxel then turned around to face Aoshi. His right arm was brought up, and placed his right hand on the hilt of his Wakizashi. The Captain then slowly unsheathed his blade allowing the light from the sun to reflect off of his blade. As the short blade finally emerged from the scabbard it was held in a backwards position. Instead of the blade pointing out in front of him it was held where the blades dull end was pressed against his forearm. The tip of the blade was slightly sticking out past his elbow, but nonetheless it gave off a beautiful polished look. Then, Naxel brought down his arm, and had his full blade pressed against the entire backside of his right arm. Naxel then looked at Aoshi with his normal dull look.

"You are quite quick on your feet my dear Vice-Captain. I knew I had a great feeling about you when I first seen you at the Operation Headquarters." Speaking highly of Aoshi, and then took a small breath. "But lets see if you can match up against your Captain with swordsmanship and speed." Saying his last words as he took a step forward making his way towards Aoshi.

As Naxel was walking towards Aoshi a plan popped into his head. He knew that it would not work as easily if he utilized his Shunpo to appear behind him. Reason being since Aoshi just tried the attack on him. The plan that Naxel thought of was simple. He first was going to see how well his Vice-Captain could handle a head on attack. So after a couple of steps towards Aoshi, Naxel then quickly pushed himself off the ground flying a few inches off of the ground. The Captain's speed was one of the, if not the, fastest within the Seireitei. But in this training session he was not using his full speed. Naxel was just using between a quarter and half of his speed to just where he didn't have to touch the ground while heading to attack his Vice-Captain. Though, making his approach he brought his right arm in front of him. This was the only action he was start off with hoping that Aoshi would collide their blades together pushing him back. If his plan was to be successful, Naxel would wait a few seconds after Aoshi stopped from being pushed back and then bring up his left leg to send a kick to his left side. Naxel didn't want this session to be taken dramatically serious, but serious enough to see Aoshi's skills.

Re: [2nd Division HQ] Fortress of Assassins

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:39 am
by Akugaranwa Itachi
His blade cut clean through the empty space, as the vice captain released that his captain was no longer where he stood. He bit his lower lips out of frustration for he had hope to get him off guard, and as well as the frustration and anger he felt for the turn out of his last mission.

Aoshi straightened himself, standing 6.5ft tall as he looked down on his captain. His body structure was intimidating for he had built himself over the years through hard work. "You flatter me Captain, You are a mile away from me" He said with a grin to his face while pointing the tip of his blade to face the direction at which Naxel's flight would descend from.

"Geki!" He whispered as his body and blade emitted a red glow. The Vice captain's attempt to momentarily slow down his movement even only for a second as he would let his mastery over his Kidō perfectly time Naxel still on flight before he could get the chance to descend, the plan was to get him off guard.

"In battle, Not everything would go according to how you would want it." His words had meaning to it, choosing to directly pass a message to his captain. Now, Naxel had two things to worry about. The first would be that, if Aoshi's binding spell works, the captain would be completely paralysed and as such he wouldn't have any control over his fall again, meaning when Aoshi side stepped.....Naxel would crash onto the concrete floor.

The second thing Naxel had to worry about was that, the Moment the spell takes effect Aoshi shot out a small beam of lightning towards Naxel. Mitigating its destructive force to rival that of a cero of an Adjuchas. Surely the added to the paralysis of the Kidō spell, should the beam make contact to Aoshi's captain, it would cause a minor burn as well as an added paralysis.

"A battle is decided on wits and strategy."