• World of the Living
    The world of the Living is the place where Humans reside, and is also called the real world or material world. Here will be where all the humans will be able to move around, and do as they please within whatever area they wish to be. Lurking around the area, unable to be seen or detected, are other races that reside in the same realm as the humans. Shinigami will often visit this area, and Academy students will be in this area more for experience and training.
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  • The Seireitei
    At the center of the Soul Society sits the Capital known as the Seireitei. In the Capital resides the Soul Society's Armed forces, Noble clans, and the Judiciary group of Central 46 . The Seireitei is a circle Shiro that has four gates which are located in the north, south, east, and west. Each gate is guarded by an elite shinigami to prevent any outsiders from entering the Capital. Those who are permitted to enjoy the tranquility of the Seireitei are the Noble Houses, Shinigami, and Members of Central 46.
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  • Rukongai
    Located outside, and beyond, the Capital are districts known as the Rukongai Districts. These districts are where the common civilians of the Soul Society reside. They are made up of 320 districts which have 80 in the north, south, east, and west of the Capital. Each district are numbered in descending order to show how far they are from the Seireitei. Lower numbers show they are closer to the Capital which are lawful and peaceful while high numbers are further and more dangerous.
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  • Las Noches
    Beyond the world of the living lies Hueco Mundo; the dimension in which the Hollow and Arrancar reside. The terrain is blank, and dull - white sands stretch as far as the eye can see and the sky above remains perpetually dark. From the sand juts Las Noches, the home of the Arrancar. The structure is massive in size and white all around with one single door. You may enter, if you dare.
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