[5th Division] Kakashi Katsurou

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[5th Division] Kakashi Katsurou


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Name- Kakashi Katsurou

Race- Soul Reaper

Age- 116

Looks- 20

Birthday- June 26

Gender- Male

Height- 273cm

Weigh- 90kg

Reiatsu color- Blue

Reiatsu form- Phoenix

Appearance- Kakashi is a tall and muscular Shinigami with wild and aggressive appearance fitting his personality. He has a long face with cheekbones . He looks alot like his twin brother Katashi the only difference is in the size and a noticable scar on the left side of katashi's face which he got from his father.

History- When Kakashi was much younger, he lived in a small house with his parents and a twin brother. One night, his father came back from work in a state of drunken stupor. He attacked his mother and succeeded in killing her. Not immediately though she died because if the injuries she suffered. But before that, Kakashi's twin brother Katashi tried to help his mother who was lying almost lifeless on the floor. Kakashi fought with his father, but his father was too strong for him so he kept screaming for brother who was in his room sleeping. His brother Katashi got up immediately he heard his name and raced for the living room where his name was being called. He saw his brother battling with his father and his mother on the floor in a bloody mess. He ran to his mother's side, and with dying breath she told him "No matter what happens Katashi protect your brother" then she died. Filled with rage Katashi brought out a dagger which he hid incase of any emergency, charged at his father and stabbed him multiple times in the face, though his Father left his mark on his face Katashi was able to kill him. Kakashi and Katashi planned to leave town and start a new life but on their way out of town they died in a car crash
Personality: Kakashi's personality changes with his mood

Professional Status
Affiliation- 13 Court Guard Squad
Profession- Soul Reaper
Previous Position if any-
Division- 5th squad
Base of Operations- Seretei

Personal Status
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