Mission Review Thread

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Mission Review Thread


Post by Akugaranwa Itachi » Mon Oct 08, 2018 5:21 pm

This an area where you can submit finished spars & Mission for review.

Registration Format:
  • Name of those involved:
  • Seat of those involved:
  • Link to spar & mission:
  • Link to character profiles:

Grading will be based on RP performance on a letter scale from S-F:
  • S: Superior performance. Posts have excellent length and amount of detail and are clearly well thought out. Post also show superior knowledge of the techniques and abilities available and each are used with expert efficiency. Truly an example of going above and beyond. Overall a spar with very, very few flaws.
    Reward for Grade:10
  • A: An example of top tier RP. Posts are of great length and detail. Proof that one knows what they are doing. Overall a spar with mistakes here and there, but nothing critical.
    Reward for Grade:8
  • B: A performance among the finer levels of RP. Above average in all fields earns this grade. A level of RP for the truly skilled, though there is room for improvement. Overall a solid performance with mistakes every now and then, some minor, and possibly very few that are a bit more serious, but nothing too troubling.
    Reward for Grade:5
  • C: An all around average performance. Nothing of Legendary status, but still decent work. An example of great potential and improving skill, but still there is much to work on. Overall all a decent performance, OK in both quality and detail. Some major mistakes here and there, and possibly a little GM, but nothing too drastic.
    Reward for Grade:3
  • D: Definitely a clear sign that things need to be refined. Little to no detail, and posts are short. Overall a performance with a number of obvious mistakes, and clearly shows that a bit of help is needed. GM'ing is apparent in several post here.
    Reward for Grade: 1
  • F: One and only true failing grade, where performance is in need of drastic improvements. Detail is or almost non-existent, and posts are borderline spam. GM'ing is frequent and over the top. Overall a performance that clearly shows that a lot of help is needed.
    No reward for this Grade

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Re: Mission Review Thread


Post by Shinoda » Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:04 pm

Name of those involved: Akira Shinoda
Seat of those involved: Third
Link to spar & mission: [Mission] Apprehension and Assassination
Link to character profiles: Akira Shinoda
word count: 25
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