[8th Division HQ] The Warriors Sanctuary

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The massive onslaught that was about to come and claim the lives of many was preceded by the faced paced battle and exchange of power that involved an ever increasing number of individuals as things were getting really bad really fast with limbs being decapitated and buildings collapsing, ground quaking and cracking, fire burning, loud bangs echoing and lives being lost but all of this was nothing compared to what was to come, it was like a mild shower going to be followed my a monstrous thunderstorm and more was to come. But for now the dwarf was on his knees bleeding profusely from his already decapitated right arm with his white hoodie stained by droplets of red liquid dripping from his new found injury as his left hand drew out his sword, earlier he was engrossed by pure rage and his mind was clouded to the pain but now the clouds have departed from the sky and pain was shining forth like the unhindered rays of sunlight but one thing was evident, the dwarf was engulfed in pain.

His protection shield deactivated, a useless defense it was in the first place, failed to protect his hand and can't even last long enough to do anything significant. His unbearable pain only made his anger worsen, questioning everything. The world moved on despite his loss, his pain, before him everything was like in a slow motion. His strength wasn't the only insane thing about him, his speed was even beyond his strength, something the opponent are still yet to witnessed. His speed allowed him to view his surroundings and take in more information than those slower than he is. If he wanted he could practically slit their throats in a blink of an eye, that was how fast he was yet he bleeds and hurts, not many could even hold his cloth much less scratch him but yet he bleeds and hurts. He held it in, his pain, his speed never allowed him to work on his endurance, a mistake he is now paying for dearly.

Being in the presence of his very own Espada and showing pain was not allowed, showing pain was an insult to Las Noche itself and the dwarf was not allowed to soil the name of his race and various thoughts were flying through the mind of the arrancar. His eyes were keenly following the movement of a new arrival, a young looking man who was tall compared to the dwarf  himself but not as much as the others present already and he possessed long black hair and eyes, all in all his appearance has some feminine traits especially with the unusually long lashes and it seemed the man was trying to move behind the dwarf in a flash and execute some attack in a flash or so he thought but unknown to everyone else present baring the Espada the dwarf was not only possessing physical strength but speed that made him the fastest entity in all of existence and the attempt of the new arrival was observed vividly and it seemed like nothing more than a human trying to outrun a military fighter jet and the dwarf could laugh at the attempt but pain was clouding the mind of the dwarf so he let go of his blade and spoke "Get Em,", the blade disappeared into thin air as a burst of reiatsu envelopes the dwarf blasting anything away from him. The long black haired Shinigamis blade came for him, but the blade would meet a wing made of ice blocking it's path if the burst of reiatsu wasn't enough force to push said Shinigami away. Before he could retaliate, he noticed he was pierced by six rods of light after just recently breaking out of the same spell only to be hit by a stronger version of the same spell. His mind was cleared now, the bleeding stopped in its track as his right arm was frozen, the pain numbed by the coldness but yet his movements was restricted. Its almost as if whomever targeting him knew of his speed as said Shinigami only aimed to stop him from moving right from the start, why, just why his mind screamed. The rods started getting frozen from the cold emitted from the dwarf, his espada was the bringer of chaos and darkness, he was the bringer of destruction and cold. Absolute cold that freezes everything, even the Shinigami that attacked him would feel the effects and start freezing up. His ice would weaken the rods, so breaking free with his level of might wouldn't be that hard.

Several actions occurring simultaneously with several more pieces in play before a void suddenly opens up beneath the kneeling arrancar threatening to swallow him up whole if he doesn't resist and the dwarf doesn't offer an atom of resistance knowing fully well what technique that was and who employed it with a smile creeping on his face as he descended swiftly into the void just in time to avoid the other bakudo spell which was already casted in an attempt to restrain him further would be greeted by an empty space which now occupied where the arrancar once knelt due to the crushing force of the unhinged reiatsu coming from his Espada. Within he void the mighty dwarf would not test his strength to the limit before breaking off the frozen spell of light just in time to stretch out his left hand sideways to make a successful catch on an object which turned out to be his severed right arm as he proceeds to freeze it up for preservation, allowing his primal hollow instincts kick in and take control after having to deal with numerous opponents and sneak attacks from cowardly snakes, the plain white eyes of the dwarf would show no emotion as he taps into the speed force, moving at the very pinnacle of speed anyone would ever dream to attain and which no one would ever surpass, speed which allows him take out an army before they even fire the first bullet and with the void reopening up exactly where his Espada intended and closing immediately after and to all who haven't achieved this level of speed where even the gods would be made bare and helpless against would see nothing come out of the void but in reality the dwarf was flying out at the very limit of his speed ready to end lives but first he has to emerge from the spatial void and proceeds to make a foothold of reiatsu after sealing his power within his blade once more and exiting his primal form before gliding aiming for his destination at the other end of the void only to find himself within the walls of Las Noche with his arm still holding on to his severed arm, the irony of it all.

      The little dwarf was having none of this, he was going to enact his revenge even if it meant going against his Espada and returning to the battle field. Sighting an arrancar of lower rank than himself just behind him, Tsukane issues orders after throwing his severed arm to him and after the arrancar caught it the dwarf proceeds to saying You know what to do with it before tearing a void in space and beginning to make his way back to pay those shinigami scum for taking his arm.
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“I'll be back in few minutes. Once you have obtained the elven bow, take it to the troll bridge and trade it for the sleeping potion.”

“Yes my lord!”

A servant responded respectfully for he understood what the Espada meant. Those were the words of an assassin, one who always fail to mingle on thinking twice before a first-degree massacre. Within those words were ill intents, levels of animosity, and zero percent of humanity. The only thing about his vocal that could describe butterflies, rainbows and cute little ponies were nothing actually.
Conjured by a disturbance, a horizontal tear abruptly appeared in a ripple of space, which was the very fabric of the realm in which the world exist in. But in this part of the world, the very vicinity, the summer slam of ultraviolet rays and all it's kindness and holiness was yet to become dust in the wind, blown into oblivion. It was merely a thin line fracture in the sky, visible to all, but wasn't visible to the apprehension of the mind for no one in their right ocular would happen to render their consciousness in fantasy to the empty heavens while chaos lurked in their universe.

“My habit of always being late is nothing but a curse. Talk about Hernandez and his subordinate, Tsukane, they must've had the society in chaos by now, but all that wasn't necessary in the first place.”
The mind of an elegance expressed it's slothful non-merriness in respect to paying the Soul society a visit for no edible reason.

Moments after the near 4ft spatial tear which was at the plane of horizon bechanced in space, it's gradually increased in height only to reveal a null void with an absolute imperfect illumination. Dark as it was and irrespective of it's melancholy, the spatial tear had always served as a transport medium to the hollows. Just as the magnitude of the spatial rift grew larger, it disclosed the feet of a pale white skin individual. A perfectly trimmed nails, this self-standing figure wore a white open toe shoe completely made of leather straps holding the bottom part to the foot which was a composed thick layer of rubber sole. The ripple in space opened fully to unveil a windblown figure whose grey eyes discharged nothing but coldness and lack of enthusiasm in them. His eyes only lived to remind everyone of ashes and smoke blowing in the wind coming from a fire that burned everything to the ground. They were intense, coming from that fire that burned deep within his soulless entity. Eyes like slate grey, like polished gun metal, grey as the graphite in my pencil, like silvery moons, like wisps of cloud at twilight, as grey as the shackles. Judging from his geographical location, he was right down on one of the four major horizontal directions found on a compass. One hundred and eighty degrees (180°) to his location, he was at the south side of his final destination. The Arrancar exhaled in self-reproach as his gaze turned to the west only to find nothing but emptiness in his immediate vicinity, that is to say all life forms were frivolous to his field of vision. One of his foot rose to exist the pretentious void and the other followed alternatively in a reciprocal succession. The arrancar returned his gaze to face north with a sullen look which appeared on his face as he was yet to cover the distance between and his destination. Over the fallen leaves each footstep crackled. Dead souls could tell even with their eyes closed there was something about the passer-by. Grievous steps they were, not even a child could enjoy the dreadful sound pattern emanating from his feet.
Annually he wore the same brand of open toe shoe just for this journey. Once white, always white. Never for once were they rusty brown with dust and the synthetic soles are never worn out. A band trailed on the ground, over-long as they are and frayed like some old goat-tether. With each step he watched the band flop in its random pattern, random and predictable at the same time. He altered each footfall just a little to watch the effect, anything to not think about where he's heading, where he will be when there are no more steps to take. Deep in his mind he was certain to have left behind soft prints in the dust, slight movements of grit and stone that prove he was really here on thy holy path. The arrancar walked calmly afterwards knowing fully well he will never walk this path again.

And then It happened like every other day. It was always the same, it was ever infuriating, a crushing pain just on one side of his head that came and went in a pattern. However, on no account was it disturbing but it made him want to pace about, he couldn't sit, couldn't lie down or relax. Well, never in a situation like this. The left eye watered on the painful side and his nose. He hated it. It was the same as when he was once an Adjuchas. His head throbbed. The pain felt like someone had taken a knife to his skull. He leant his head against the empty space as his facial expression aimed for the sky. At that point in time, nothing was alluring, not even the fall of Soul society. He squeezed those pleasing eyes shut to will the unpleasant sensation to fade away. The sky was still midday while he walked unusually slow, almost like a single minded machine with an artificial intelligence, as if his brain was struggling to tell each foot to take the next step. Felt more like he was in a stupor; like someone under the influence of a mind control from the hideouts of this holy land. The rest of the world became detached, all he could concentrate on was the pain rooted deep in his head. Tentative was a woman in a complete black attire, clockwork-regular was a man running without staring backwards, the anxiety on their faces deemed as though they were running away from something. The Espada watched how his feet took steps across the glossy marble floor, his dustless foot wear sneakered next to the shined pointed-toe leather shoes of passing Soul reapers. He could barely hear the people screaming and running around him. They stared but caused no harm, and he did the same. All he felt, all he knew was the ache at that moment and then it stopped all of a sudden.

The 6'5" valiant had his head raised high and hands clasped behind his back. He had a way of walking that made him seem perpetually in a hurry. Those steps weren't long, and they weren't rapid but they were like a speed-walker without that odd twisting motion they made. Unlike his world which lacked the orange fiery, here the sun was like a cruel mistress beating down on all forms of matter in her relentless way. A white distinct robe-like garment was what the Espada wore to the sacred land. Well, it was his regular attire, full-body kimono bearing a pattern of six black symbol of sigil around a high collar. He was a divine deity. Underneath the high collar was some sort of ancient religious prayer beads also made of six black sigil similar to that of his upper garment. On the rear of his kimono appeared a larger, black sigil marking with a pattern of nine triangles arranged in three rows of three beneath it. The Espada's traditional values were a bit antiquated. Nonetheless, he was stunning regardless of his ancient ways. From the long silver hair that hanged forward, obscuring his left eye, insignificant beings would think an abstract entity had welcome itself to their land. Still underneath his dominance, he wore a dark tight woven fabric which covered his lower body between the waist and the ankles.

It took awhile but at the end of it all, the druid figure arrived at the entrance of his destination. At first his motion wasn't based on instinct. Back over the great distance from where the garganta gateway surfaced earlier, it was nothing but the fleeting illusion of intense visible vapour and fine particles from the rooftop of the manor. It appeared more like a method of long - distance communication sometimes used in ancient and undeveloped societies. If that happened to be the case scenario, then it successfully took possession of the druid's attention. Their home was different from what he had expected, different from it's vicinity, different from the stories he heard. Like what happened to Alice in wonderland? The bricks crumbled and the windows gave in to the winds long before. The entrance of the manor was left dilapidated, pulled out of the fairy tales that had long been buried with it's image. The instinct of the pale skinned arrancar would recognize the presence of the twin brothers who went ahead of him. Surely, the war had already begun. The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.

“I believe this is it.”

It was only a mere word from the orifice of the Espada, but the horror that came from the word the mouth was nothing but insanity. Insanity is killing your mother planet for something that isn't real. Luxury isn't real - a fact that has been known for more than a century. That wasn't a conspiracy theory, it was a verifiable truth. Talk about a change in bloodlust, a teal ran down the eyes of the Espada. Grey as they once were, they abruptly became dark. The Iris, the cornea, the pupil, the sclera, all seemed like they became one with the shadows of the night.
With a gesture from a finger, another tear once again ruptured in space with similar traits to that of the first. Before the rift was summoned, the druid could already pick up multiple reiatsu frequencies. He could recognize two (2) prints within the dilapidated manor while other five (5) remained anonymous. It didn't seem normal, two (2) reiatsu signatures were far away from where the others were. He walked alone, but he was never alone. Just as he went through the void, the tear reopened as it linked him back to Hueco Mundo, to the exact same magnitude where he first took off. One would ponder on the reason why he used a spatial gateway. Was it an attempt to egotistically demonstrate prowess? It wasn't even close to that and there was no reason for him to explain himself.

“Their home wasn't bad at all. Tell me, what kind of a fish can't swim?”

“A dead fish, sire.”

“In order to protect our homes, we all need to swim harder.”

The druid figure was one who possessed great potency over the manipulative influence of Reiastu. His ability to perceive, recognize, or comprehend reiatsu signatures was just at the verge of his apprehension with little to no cause of effect.
It will happen at the eleventh hour, and it would be like a cardiac arrest. The rift re-emerged in a motion geared towards a ridiculous speed, a speed quicker than a single wing beat of a vermin. It opened at the same angle, magnitude, and direction where he felt a reiatsu signature at ease. He deliberately stumbled on a close range less than four (4) meters radius to the pinpoint of pressure detected. Not just the reiatsu discerned from the reckless entity gave itself off, it was a frequency never felt before so it was either a foe or a non-legionnaire. The druid figure uttered nothing but had a malevolent gaze fixed on the occupied space. Where the eyes were deceiving, his ability to use other senses were to his vantage. The aptitude to even read the body's stationary position or movement would only be child's play to him. At that time nothing was normal anymore, not even time itself. Armani himself would release a swift burst of terrifying reiatsu energy even before he could completely exit the imperceptible void to announce his presence, but for the main reason to crush and immobilize his target. A spiritual pressure that could be felt within the parameters of the bedraggled manor, ripping apart the very fabric of space within a near fifteen (15) meter radius where the act of running would only be futile. The closer he was to target, the critical the damage. Those caught within would experience nothing but dreadful harm and stale beat while being frozen in despair. This vermin had long possess a colossal amount of spiritual energy. It was intense enough to nullify the actions of those behind his shadow as it were trivial matter to him. With a kin dexterity to his influence over spiritual pressure, it didn't take a blink for him to direct reiatsu to his fist.
The menace was recognized as the highest title a chess player can attain. A grandmaster who had gone beyond the formal limits of speed and velocity. Not even the result from a methamphetamine could rival his supremacy.

“Gemelos sonido!”

A speed three times faster than the frequency of a tone, the arrancar would conjure a little number of five (5) clones in his wake. With their undisputed physical might which exerted a catastrophic pressure that could tear the very fabric of space, they would strike a reiatsu fuelled blow each through the skin of the entity with nigh-unobservable speed and at a frightening pace, making it nigh-impossible for his opposition to find an opening. While a single punch could bring down a huge mass of earth, taking five (5) will just render the target into crumbs and impotency. Even though the entity could not be physically seen, it didn't matter. Be it head, ribs, stomach, spine, joints, all would crumble from all strikes in an attempt to liquefy the internal organs, cripple and rub the living being off it's limbs from the lower and upper part of the body, and steal away it's consciousness. Should the shinigami fall under the influence of the reiatsu crush, the phrase, “Three times faster than the frequency of a tone,” will be doubled to his acuity.
As stated earlier, it will be like a cardiac arrest. No matter how wide the arena is, indoor combat as a battle ground is never convenient for an arrancar.
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While all manner of attacks were being exchanged simultaneously by the various experts in the spacious hall, Wuque was in the middle of battle against the decapitated Arrancar. In truth, the moment Wuque materialized behind the dwarf to attack him, Wuque's blade failed to hit the Arrancar instead his own blade was obstructed by an ice construct. Wuque chuckled upon experiencing the outcome of the dwarf Arrancar's action, but the Vice-Captain looked on as the dwarf vanished from his sight. "Spatial power!".

Seeing how things played out in front of him, he raised his eyebrow in recognition of what had occurred as he muttered in his mind. Even though Wuque's initial attack failed to hit the dwarf, the dwarf's action have proved that he possessed extraordinary speed. The Arrancar's Speed has reached a realm that Wuque was yet to touch, however Wuque didn't mind it much at the moment. For now, the only option he has is to slow down the speed of the Arrancar and try his very best to deal more damage to him.

While the battle in the spacious room became more chaotic with various spells and reiatsu fueled attacks, Wuque had decided to pursue the dwarf one more time to try with a more tactical approach. But all of a sudden, a humongous pressure was bearing down on the Vice Captain, all his muscles in his body were being tightened. Mobility now became a problem for the Vice Captain. It was as if his very being was being hindered by a powerful force of gravity. Without thinking too much, the Vice Captain's body glowed with a cyan aura as he employed his reiatsu to protect and guard himself from the pressure bearing down on him. But despite his brave effort, his action didn't help much as he had expected.

As Wuque struggled to adapt to the gravtiational force around his person his spiritual sense notice a change in the atmosphere, an odd feeling began to build up in Wuque's mind as he swiftly shifted his gaze and attention to Hazuki's position and noticed the actions of Hazuki's assailant. A sense of danger build up in the Vice Captain's mind as he looked on to photographed the actions of the giant Arrancar. With sheer powers of observation, Wuque was able to tell What the giant was about to do. The Vice Captain is no stranger to the history of Soul Society, he has read many tales and information about an Arrancars system of fighting and techniques even though he hasn't experience the assaults himself. Thus, he was able to recognize what the giant was about to do the moment the giant figure let his blood out in the open. There was no doubt that the Arrancar was about to cast one of the greatest cero from legend....... 'The gran rey cero'.

Of course Wuque wouldn't let the Arrancar do as he please, Wuque of the 8th Division struggled and mustered every strength he has while employing his reiatsu in order to resist the huge force bearing on him since mobility has become a problem at the moment. Wuque's right arm shot forward without delay pointing towards the giant as he intoned gently.


Though only one word escaped from his mouth, yet the word was as gentle as a lake and untainted as a virgin but there was nothing gentle about the kido spell. The spell was used the exact moment the giant raised his arm to do his wicked intent. Due to the difference in levels and power of their reiatsu, Wuque knew quite well that his low level spell would not be powerful enough to lock the giant's arm behind his back. At best Wuque was certain that if the spell were to hit the giant, it will stiffen the muscles of the giant in a way that the giant would find it difficult to aim properly at his intended target, In this way the giant would miss his shot. Even if the kido was successful or not, Wuque would not just stop there in casting just one kido. While his arm was still pointed at the giant Wuji muttered once more without delay.


Even before he employed this spell, his cyan aura vanished only to be replaced by a red coloured glow that envelop his person. The Vice Captain's kido was utilized in sequence with his first spell, as the second spell would stiffen every muscles in the giant's body and make mobility somewhat difficult for him for the time being if it was successful. Wuque had decided to use this tactics with kido to disturb the mobility of the giant and to create opportunities so that allies and friends aiding the 8th Division could deal a fatal attack to the giant.
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Stunned in a moment of disbelief, the bald monk watched as his Buddha shield negated on contact, completely dissolving both in effect and result. A rare sight for the bald man as none had reacted in such manner and form, not even the strongest had ever received it without any form of reaction. However the man before him had, causing Kin to wonder what his source of strength was. Retreating with his shield already set in motion, the earth around him showed signs of fragility and so did the building stationed by his side. It wasn’t any surprise to him that the captain had his hand all over the second however what would come as a shock to him would be the sudden act of retreat by the supposed formidable warriors whom had no problem showing their strength thus far.

No, it wasn’t a retreat he convinced himself as gravity bared heavy on his shoulder, sending him knee first into the ground. His hands quivered and shocked as he fought to maintain his grip on his staff and eyes on the Hollow before him. The ground under him quickly sank a good two meters and so did those within a 50 meter radius. I see an area effect Kin mentally concluded with his hand finally letting go of his staff slamming into the earth before him to support his weight.

Not long after his Orb of blessing adorned a bright glow, Kin had felt another sinister power take form within him. What it was exactly remained unknown as a sudden state of panic washed down the entirety of the battlefield. Rods of light slammed in once again into the midsection of the dwarf and the one before him had deemed it fit to work some magic spells of his own.

Though caught in his own dilemma, Kin had felt it, the ground had given way the moment he was sent to the ground and as quick as it did the Hollow before him who had now retreated a good 3 meters in Shunpo or what would seem like Shunpo had all over his face the appearance of a man on fire. What was he running from, why bring all to their knees and still hastily send his away? He wondered

Not sure why the hollow before him had chosen to be overly protective of his kind when he was the one pulling down nature in the first place, Kin had imagine some sort of rule in play and as such had let loose his staff as soon as he had dashed away from him, allowing gravity take its’ cause. Chaos was what they wanted and that was what they had let loose.

In the midst of confusion and pain a beacon of golden reiatsu would hit the clouds while at the same time vibrating the earth around a 3 meters radius of Kin. A Deeper golden miasma of reiatsu would immediately sip out from his skin as his cloak violently sways against the wind. For a moment one could feel this was the bald monk’s way of showing off his reiatsu or control boosted however, the reverse had been the case. This was Kin doing nothing more than just observing.

The theatrics which had come to be was already beyond the monk’s control the moment he let go of his staff. And as such his presence had come to be a threat to him and anyone around him. Feeling the pressure build within him with all except the hollow before him vanished from thought and sight. Kin would find the Arrancara attempting to release another ominous spell towards him. A spell he wouldn’t allow its way this time.

Submerging his thought into a moment of calm, a fast forming wall would rise before him aiming to reach a height of 5ft as the cero gears forward towards him. Like the spark of a cable gone wild near flammable gas, chaos would rare its head once more rising in the form of flames as the explosion rises a good height of 15 ft. However, to everyone’s surprise including Kins, the shield would hold steady rising to match the flames height, acting as a perfect counter to its existence. The shield unlike the flames would continuously grow stronger auto repairing with Kins uncontrolled reiatsu pouring into it, and with Kins mastery over his skill consistency would be guaranteed.

With every precious minute skipped a Buddha palm would gradually take form becoming visible enough for the visually impaired to recognize. What had seemed to start as a surface of golden shield would gradually transform into the divine palm of Kins Zanpaktou, warding all evil off. This was a level he had personally imagined unattainable especially when in control of his own reiatsu. However, with time Kin would come to realize his abilities without reiatsu concentrated was bound to surpass his limitations. A total waste of potential the Captain would always nag, but that was all he had to hold on to now.

The body of flames hitting against the monks shield would come to meet a body which had dwarf its existence and in return turn them back the way they came. Its flames would quickly incinerate all that stands behind it unless precautions were made to avoid it.

Stuck in this loop of unbearable pressure, the bald monk would slowly lose consciousness but would plant himself firmly where he knelt as blood drops down his nose and ears. With his bones threatening to deform and his muscles restricted, the bald monk would choose death over failing to accomplish this very task. In one instant he would already consider this a failure not fitting a subordinate of the sanctuary. However as a floor guardian this was the little he could do to protect those who also faced the wrath of gravity over them.


Bright blue lines spanned around the 8th division mansion, caving the upper floors in a pyramid of blue sturdy light, in a potent Kido summoned to cradle and block all which wanted passage into it. The source stemming from Hazuki hands had remained steadied despite the quakes and explosion all happening in the fields ahead. ‘Interesting’ Hazuki thought, seeing the intruders cope with attacks of various manner and form.

For a moment the Captain had become a spectator in his own courtyard and had only observed, absorbed and analyzed information regarding the intruders and their motives, a natural behavior of one revered in the act of the sword.

So far not much could be said about their motives but their skill sets seemed enlightening and the strength boosted commendable. However, not much had been done and yet time seemed to skip so fast.

A little while ago the shadow walker had witnessed the arms of one drop to the floor and within seconds he had managed to release his true form, exposing wings which had acted to guard him from his vice captain. What a lucky one he was Hazuki commended as the actions of another immediately caught his attention.

a voice summoned, sending six rods of light into the midsection of the dwarf.

“Another six rods of light?” the Captain muttered quickly darting his eyes a little to the west in an attempt to catch a glimpse of whomever it was that had such refined skills. A waste it immediately turned out to be as none but an empty field of earth and trees lied bare against his view. Supposedly hidden from sight behind another spell of his, Hazuki would dart his eye backwards barely allowing the blink of his eye lid blur his view. The use of such skill had already been apparent to him, in a possibility he figured out long ago, after sensing his cloaked partner whom was now stationed admits the chaos. It all made sense he concluded as he thought of better ways to get himself involved.

Returning his attention to Wuque and the bald monks before him, Hazuki found his propelled rocks slammed into the earth, barely few feet away in reverence to the sudden change in gravity. Its pressure caved in the earth 2 meters deep as it reigned supreme over a 50 meter radius. With the Arrancar who was already casting another spell acting as the epicenter of such wave, Hazuki had no need to doubt its source, only picking keen interest on the possible actions of the foe. Applying Sonido in such rigid environment the Arrancara would seem to dash backwards unhindered and a little further to the east causing the field of gravity to extend 3 more meters more to the right and less by 3 meters on the left. However, none of this was Hazukis immediate concern as more had happened and was about to happen.

“A garganta?”

A garganta had opened before his very eyes just as soon as gravity had hit. Looking at Wuque fight to retain composure as he cast forward some familiar binding kidos of his own, Hazuki would draw open his Zanpaktou only to stop midway as Kin goes on a rampage. A golden beam of reiatsu quickly rose to the sky, coursing the earth to a gradual process of eternal deformity. This was bad Hazuki instincts screamed knowing kin long enough to tell he was in peril. “Envelope Shisou” Hazuki quickly intoned reacting to Kins outburst as if reacting to a call for help.

“Finally you call”

A dark aura of dense energy, sinister enough to send chills down a warrior spine quickly streamed outward, coating both blades in shadows of death.

With both now held on his Hands Hazuki would keep his attention on the Hollow still standing with the Shadows under Him now reacting like a pool of algae, wrapping Itself around Hazuki. The explosion brought forward would seem magnificent, rising to blur even the sun as the earth reverberates at its might. With temperature inclined elements disintegrating and the earth cremating, one could easily feel his or her skin being burnt despite not being in direct contact with the flames. However none of this would dither the captains concentration. A single step was all he required and he would be lost in space moving in a dimension that was neither mapped nor predictable.

However, with actions restrained till the target cero explosion had clearly reached its peak, Hazuki mentally reached out once again to the Shinigami around, demanding this time that they step back and wait further orders while monitoring the space around. Requesting Wuque to take charge of situations around he would demand the spell crafts man of the 5th draw closer, supporting Wuque to move Kin and the others away even if it demanded caving the earth.” Do whatever it takes” he would conclude as he patiently waits for the reactions of the arrancara to deviate from that of an offensive to a defensive platform.

To be precise, an act of Bravery against the flames or a single step away from the explosion and Hazuki would be on their tails, moving like the great white, aiming to crush a fin less fish within its teeth. His move would remain unnoticed. Not until the moment he resurfaces 6 meters behind them with 5 shadow bone extended to pierce through the hollows midsection all surfacing from the shadows he once called his. A simple whiff of the captains aura would have them dancing to his tunes especially when distance had no secret between them. Hazuki himself would appear as a demon of the dark, rising from of pool of shadows with only his eyes retaining any color other than black.

Already kneeling with Zanpaktou stabbed into the earth, the captain would see no need to fight against gravity only enduring it. Diverting his efforts to other skill set, Hazuki would keep his eye peeled as his tentacles of shadow dash forward. Aware of the power his opponent boosted the shadow walker would rather thread carefully and still without hesitation. A very observant eye enlightened with the workings of his zanpaktou, would have immediately notice his Zanpaktou stabbed into a shadow before it, even though similar to the shadows of his Zanpaktou. His sword stabbed into the earth had not been without reason and soon all would come to know this as they accept the reality of their fate.

Stabbing the Shadow before him, a reasonable pool of reiatsu had slipped into it before darting off in various shapes and size, disassembling to attach to a host body, where they would lie dormant till the time was right. Hazuki Had also been careful with the host waiting only for the moment the spikes of black steel bone had moved to pierce the arrancar to allow them freedom. With each disassembled part picking their host from those around, targeting both friends and foe, the captain had made sure all within 45 meter of him was well accounted for. Spearing some parts for motionless objects scattered around 5 meters of him. Their movement had been one of great stealth and as they tend to adjust themselves accordingly to any shape they attach to.

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The young scarred Shinigami watched the 8th squad officer fail to connect his attack, as wings of hellish ice sprung into reality from the dwarf's rare to parry the sword slash. Seemingly, the dwarfish prince had called forth his own blade for assistance over the dreadful situation, but that was not all, Killy being on high alert, and a warrior of speed, had witnessed the larger berserk speak out a word which he knew not the meaning. Nonetheless, a second rip in space occurred in response beneath the dwarf, inciting a possible strategy or escape route for the decapitated Arrancar.

However, prior to the larger man's utterance, a loud, deep voice ran clearly in his head, a voice he was all too familiar with. "Enough, I'll handle it from here," were supposedly soothing words meant to instigate certain actions as well as calm the young Shinigami had it not been for his utter hatred towards the speaker. Instantly and without delay, Killy would dart back with the aid of his Shunpo, though not at top speed_in hopeful anticipation to regroup with his earlier arrived teammate.

And then it happened, head first plummeting into the ground as though struck by a nefarious lightning, he had been forcefully subdued into an unholy worship of some unearthly power, one he tried but couldn't understand. His skull had created a mini crater in the earth as a result of this interaction, yet he would force his head up against the impeding force though body remained paralyzed - just to gaze at the enemy, still, he had noticed something within that time frame, his outstretched right leg seemed free from the enchantment he now suffered so vividly.

Suddenly, he would be completely set free from this torment when the muscular Arrancar dashed 3m in the opposite direction to fire off a cero cannon ball. Now free from the sudden oppressive gravity, having exceeded its range of effect from his observation, Killy knew too quickly that the bald monk and the swordsman still under the gravitational pull would be in grave danger considering the magnitude of force a single cero commanded. The earlier voice in his head was that of his Captain, Darius Lohr, leader of the 5th Squad and a man of many secrets. If he was now present within this field then perhaps even those who now stare death in the face may very well survive.

Keen with observations, he couldn't sight his captain anywhere as the cero cannon fought a biased fight against a lesser shield as it peeled and reformed almost instantly before quickly transforming into a giant golden palm, all in a bid to withhold a power which so lacked loyalty and refused to bow to any king, instead, parts of its magnificent flames which couldn't be stopped were rebounded back towards the giant.

Now at the end time of the explosion, a third rip in space had made itself visible to all, but even before that was something else just as sinister as the muscle man, a fore warning of it's presence, one that threatened to reach all beyond the walls of seireitei. It was merely a Reiatsu outlet of something still within the garganta and it appeared about 147m to Killy's right and far too close to Seraph. Prompting Killy to take off in Shunpo in hopes to save a valuable asset.
Having arrived through a Senkaimon behind one of the courtyard trees with his presence completely masked from physical and spiritual perception, Darius observed the fray much like the great captain of the current Division, although less actively. Despite his confidence in his subordinates, he tagged along to observe, having arrived when the larger Espada initially released a furious outlet of Reiatsu.

He watched only briefly before chanting, "Bakudo 77: Tentei Kuura." A kidou that allows for specific target telepathic communication, leaving behind tiny animated ink markings across his left arm. He spoke, "Enough, I'll handle it from here. You may exit now if you do not wish to be sealed." Ringing forth to Seraph whose location seized to be a mystery from the moment he stepped in, Killy who already caught unto the gist and the two officers at the entrance of the main building.

From observations at this point, the Espada had suppressed all within his vicinity, and had launched a cero of raw power and magnitude towards the few Shinigami stationed therein. "Bakudo:73: Tozansho," said the mysterious observer, commanding thick walls of incredibly dense purple energy to erupt around Seraph and those before the encapsulated building immediately after a seismic interaction between the red bloodthirsty cero and a golden religious construct. The barriers were shaped in a four walled cubicle formation around 2m of the 4th seat and the two oppressed Shinigami in a single expansive barrier, attempting to separate them from the fight at this time. This action however, had caused the mysterious figure to lay himself bare for all to see, now possessing no secrets, all within the farthest ends of Soul Society would be aware of his presence. As red thick blood like wave of unperturbed energy began circling around him in its spooky magnificence. Those poor in the knowledge of Reiatsu would feel despair, by the vast wealth of spirit energy now displayed, understanding the anger from whence it poured, they would wish for such existence to face its wrath on their enemies instead.

Almost veiled by this thick visible whirlpool of crimson spirit energy, those with keen perception would catch glimpse of a herculean figure clad in black Shihakusho and white Haori, spotting a full stretched smile as he poured life into his creations. Moments later, a different Reiatsu signature of Espada level threat had announced its presence from within a garganta opening up close to Seraph Kira, and still about a 100m from the raging Captain's right side. Killy who stood before the Captain had vanished in Shunpo, leaving no trace of his location or destination.

Focused on the muscle toned Espada, the Captain knew he required added effort to scale victorious, and so he cared not for poise as he spoke the words,
"Bakudo 79: Kuyo Shibari."

Instantly causing 7 black holes of immense gravitational pull and oppressing Reiatsu to form around him, with an 8th orb appearing at the center just on his chest, in an attempt to keep him in place as the Captain proceeded with the incantation to strengthen the potency of the spell. Much could be said that even without the need for an incantation, this Captain's mastery over kido was beyond mortal achievement and as such still remained powerful enough to subdue even an Espada if caught therein.

This however, wasn't his only intention, if caught by Darius' bind, the target would find multiple shadow spikes impale him from behind by the shadowy captain of the 8th Division.
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