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NPC Profiles


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The seated npc profiles
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NPC Profile
Name : Mikoto Araki
Age : 500y/o
Appearance :
Height : 6'4"
Weight : 206lb
Hair Style/Color : black
Eye Color : blue

Personality : Placid, cold and aggressive [When angered]

History : Mikoto's history is shrouded with mysteries, barely known in Seireitei, he surfaced as an immensely strong individual and easily flaunting his reiatsu, suppressing and mentally draining them to the point they are unable to fight. Stated severally to hold abilities close to a squad captain, however, this rumor is yet to be a fact. In actuality, his abilities could've placed him at 3rd seat if not captain seated. Mikoto's ways were purely based on certain beliefs that spawned from how he might have grown. Outside of seireitei, he was considered the ruler of 'Old Sorū gaitō', a place not even a 3rd seat could move out from. Conjectures and rumors have it that his zanpakutõ is in constant release, and his bankai activates without any utterance. The reason for this is unknown, however, he often mentions 'Mikoto' which could hint his bankai release.

Combat Profile
Division: 13th
Rank: 4th seat

Combat Style:


Shikai: Mikoto.

Shikai Appearance Description : Mikoto's weapon manifestation seems nonexistent, when Mikoto's spiritual manifestation appears, it holds no distinct shape as it only appears to hold the visage of Mikoto himself. Often asked, Mikoto's response is 'I am my zanpakutou, My Zanpakuto is me'. After such response, it is believed that Mikoto's spiritual and weapon manifestation is him or in him and not any zanpakutō weapon.
However, upon Mikoto's will, he's able to materialise a zanpakutō made purely from energy since he relies more on Zanjutsu than Hakuda[Which he's extremely proficient at]. The Zanpakutō resembles a standard katana purely in an energy form, leaving flares of condensed energy on it's trails.
[Battle Summary]
Thirteenth Division
Rank Soul Level
4th Seat 40

Powers & Abilities

Reiatsu [B+]

As of now, I am a true elite. As such I sit among the pantheon beings possessing a great amount of spiritual power, which can now be felt over a wide area when fully unrestrained. As of yet using high level reiatsu techniques in higher is feasible, though the line between one too many is still very much a reality. Despite that, low level techniques feel like nothing to use, and mid-level techniques can be used in excess with no trouble.

Strength [C]

I have no reached a level of power appropriate for spiritual beings. As such, the idea of being super human is no longer a question, it is a reality. I could seriously hurt those weaker than me without even trying, while those of similar constitution would take care not to eat too many of my attacks. Those above me would have to think twice about taking something like a raw punch. Throwing something as heavy as a cow could be effective in combat, while my attacks could punch through even thick concrete.

Durability [E]

I'm no more hearty than the average human. Even the most basic of attacks from someone of even meager strength would be enough to cause significant harm to their person.

Endurance [D+]

I could probably use a bit more cardio in my work out, since I'm a little below average in terms of endurance. Trying to last for prolonged periods of time in high intensity situations would be tiring. I'm pretty sure I'd pass out if that happened.

Reiatsu Control [B+]

I can completely hide up to B+ reiatsu; mostly control A; partially control A+; cannot control S or higher, unless I use a special device.
  • Reaitsu channeling can produce blasts with short range and fair control.
  • Can cast:
    • Shinigami:
      • Kidou: 1 - 69 with incantation
      • Incantation Abandonment: can cast Kidou 33 to 50 at reduced power
      • Mastery: can cast up to Kidou 32 at full power without incantation
      • Two-Fold Incantation: can cast two kidou at the same time, at full power, by mixing the incantations
      • Double Casting: can cast the same kidou at two targets at once.
    • Arrancar:
      • A Novice Cero (Adjucha-power)
      • A Normal Cero
      • Twin Cero (one Cero per hand), both between Novice Cero and Normal Cero in power
      • A fully-loaded Cero
      • Bala -- 20 times quicker than a Cero, especially in the load time, but weaker in effect. Requires some concentration to fire.
      • Cero strength is fully controlled
      • Cero techniques cannot reach full potential, but require less concentration for stability.

Zanjutsu [C+]

At this level, I can begin to step beyond what I have learned and into how Ican adapt it, using imagination and what I can grasp of the underlying theory of the art. Practicing the adaptations before using them is still advised. Bing at this level I've begun to learn advanced techniques.

Hakuda [E]

At this level, I show a total lack of knowledge. I have no idea what I am doing. Any attack would be based on instinct and guesses. If a punch or kick landed, I would not be prepared for the impact and might sprain or break something. A miss would leave me off-balance or on my face. When only using this art, a return attack will almost always cause damage, because I wouldn't know how to defend myself. Hand-to-hand could still be used in desperation, but the damage to myself is likely to be as great as, or greater than, the damage to the opponent. Assuming the I can even land a hit.

Hohou [B+]

Again, I grow even faster, and am now able to reach super sonic speeds with no effort at all. However I can only maintain such a speed for a short period of time. Nonetheless, my application of high-speed maneuvers continues to develop.

Zanpakutou Mastery [B+]

(Bankai/Segunda Etapa): 2nd ability unlocked, 1st ability mastered.

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