[6th Division] Marluxio

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[6th Division] Marluxio


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Name: Marluxio
Age: 351
Appearance: Marluxio sports dark black pants that match his silky hair. His clothing varies depending on the situatio, but if not wearing his uniform he sports a white collared shirt and a gray blazier. His tie is worn loose upon most occasions, unless the occasion is formal. He hangs his zanpakuto from his back, protruding just over his right shoulder for easy access.
Height: Marluxio stands at 6 foot 1inch
Weight: Roughly 200 pounds
Hair Style/Color: Black and quite long, he refused to put it in a ponytail however, as he feels like it would restrict his mind.
Eye Color: A bright piercing blue
Miscellaneous:. N/A for now

Combat Profile

Division: 6th
Rank: Captain

Combat Style: Kid Master/Speed and Hand to Hand demon. Very rarely if ever uses his zanpakuto



Shikai Special Ability:


Bankai Special Ability:
word count: 137
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