1. Any obstructive behavior can be reason for the Moderators to intervene. Anything at all, at their behest and with or without relevant reasons given. This includes but is not limited to any of the rules below. An exhaustive list of how to be obstructive and generally an asshole is impossible to write.
  2. There is no “infraction” or “warnings” system. If your account shows bad conduct the Moderators will review the behavior and decide to either;
    1. send a textual warning in the form of an email or PM and flag your profile as being warned.
    2. suspend your account temporarily.
    3. suspend your account permanently.


  1. No trolling, flaming, insulting or swearing at other members.
  2. No discriminatory, racist or derogatory remarks.
  3. No religious or political content unless it strictly pertains to the topic of fiction (e.g. it is a theme in an anime).
  4. No sexually oriented content or pictures (including porn and hentai).
  5. No spamming or phishing.
  6. No threats or harassment, also not jokingly.
  7. No soliciting, begging, auctioning, selling, advertising or referring.
  8. Do not post in all CAPITAL letters.
  9. Do not make duplicate or very similar posts or threads. Use the SEARCH function first.
  10. Do not post links to illegal streaming, hosting and scanlation sites.
  11. Do not (repeatedly) place your post or thread in the wrong categories.
  12. Do not add irrelevant tags to your post or thread.
  13. Do not hijack a discussion by changing its subject.
  14. Do not commit unnecessary threadromancy (posting in very old threads) unless you have something absolutely new to add to it.
  15. Do not copy or plagiarise comments or work by others.
  16. Use only English in discussions.


  1. Use the Report function only to notify the Moderators of posts or comments of which you are suspicious. Your suspicion must be objective and without reasonable doubt. Reporting posts with ambiguous messages like “is this allowed?” or “shitpost confirmed” will not be accepted or permitted.
  2. Do not use the Report function to harrass Users with constant reports or nitpicking.
  3. Do not Report the same post or comment more than once.


  1. No hate groups allowed.
  2. No duplicate or very similar groups allowed.
  3. No groups which by their nature would violate any other AniTalk rule allowed.
  4. No groups which ostracize or single-out members, groups of members or other groups (e.g. “feminist group” or “Shoujo lovers not allowed”, and so on).
  5. Do not spam creating groups, especially if they are meaningless or almost empty.
  6. Do not continuously create and remove groups.