• The winner of the AniThing Kickstart is @platinum6ix

    You win a 1 month premium subscription at CrunchyRoll. Enjoy binge watching anime! You’ll be contacted shortly to receive your prize.



      Am I dreaming am I dreaming? Please tell me am dreaming! O my gosh I can’t believe I won. Wow, this was totally unexpected. I was surprised when I got a phone call saying “I won the AniThing Kickstart Campaign.” For a sec I was like, “No way…” it was totally unexpected. Am honoured to have won this and big thanks to all those who worked effortlessly in putting MAV together. Lastly I would  like to dedicate this to a few people. If it wasn’t for their drive, rivalry, and motivation, I won’t have been here today. I dedicate this to Samson Konami Numoemi (Konami31), David (Sliverdrake), Raden Motto, Trinity, and Slimgellel.