MangAnimeVerse is a social media and discussion platform for all things Manga and Anime related. So it’s nice if you can actually, you know…, do words. This tutorial will  help you find your way, visit threads you find interesting, comment on them and starting new threads of your own.

Reading Threads

From the Main Page you can see the lists of latest Threads in each Category (Anime, Anime News, Manga, Manga News, and so on). Simply click on the orange title of a Thread you think is interesting and you’ll be brought the discussion where you can read the original Thread and the Comments made on it.


On the left User Panel you can find the Categories selector. Using this you can visit each individual Category and view all the Threads belonging to that Category. Each new Thread must be made in a specific Category. This means you can use Categories to quickly find discussions of a certain media-type.

Clicking on the “Select Category” box will bring up a list of all available Categories which contain Threads. Click on the desired Category in this list and a page containing all Threads of that Category will be brought up.


If you want a more refined filter you can use the Search page. You can find the Search page in the Main Menu. The Search page not only allows you to refine by Category but also by Keyword and by Tags. Keywords will search all Threads for the existence of that particular word. This is handy if you’re looking for something very, very specific.

You can also search by Tags. Tags are added to a thread as keywords regarding the subject of the Thread’s discussion. Tags are much more specific than Categories but not so exclusive as a single keyword. By selecting which tags you’d like to search for only Threads that deal with that subject will be shown.

You can combine any or all of the three refining methods at once; keywords, categories and tags.


Commenting to a Thread is very easy (but you have to be logged in). When you’ve entered a thread, simply scroll down until you see Leave a Reply area. You can write in the white text box, which comes equipped with a WYSIWYG editor. When you’re done hit POST COMMENT. Your comment will be added to the Thread.

New Thread

If you want to post a new Thread you can do some from the Main Menu at the top. Click on + New Thread. You’ll be redirected to a thread creation page.

On the new screen you have to provide a (unique) Title, the Category, the Tags (has to be at least 1) and of course a body of text. You can also add pictures or attachments. For the body text you can either either the visual (WYSIWYG) or a plain text editor. When you’re done simply press SUBMIT POST. Then you’re done!