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Attack on Titan takes break from chasing?

Attack on Titan Episode 34

SPOILER WARNING >> WATCH EPISODE 34 OF ATTACK ON TITAN FIRST << Madly popular semi-seinen series Attack on Titan seems to take a break from its usual oeuvre in the latest episode so it seems, with only a brief flashback to support the mostly character development happening in the story. This is ff course against the backdrop …

Anime Review: My Hero Academia Season 1

The Superhero story written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi was brought onto the “big screen” in 2016 and reached quite the acclaim soon after. My Hero Academia is set in an alternate reality in which the current generation has grown up with “comic hero” like powers called “Quirks”. Around 80% of the world’s population is …

Which Naruto eps to watch?

Alright, I’m looking to watch me some Naruto but I know there’s like a lot of irrelevant fillers. I’d like to know which episodes are strictly canon. Someone told me also to only watch shipuuden.

Attack on Titan Season 2!

Season 2 of the much esteemed and anticipated Shingeki no Kyojin has begun as of today. Various simulcasts and of course less-than-legal ways to watch this. So who’s seen the first episode and what do you think of it? As before, the drawing and animation is phenomenal!