Recommend me a Manga to review!

You might have already read my articles on MAV, like Golden Kamui and Red River. I’d like to write some more of them, but more importantly I’d like to read some more Manga. That way we can have a win-win situation. I get to read Manga, everyone else gets to read reviews on interesting series and topics.

So I’m open for suggestions on which Manga people would like to read my review on. I do have some criteria though (or rather parameters which increase the odds I’ll keep reading a Manga);

  1. Seinen, or at least the “older” spectrum of Shounen. Shoujo is also alright but only if its tolerable for a male audience as well (e.g. if its just about romantic relationships then no thank you).
  2. Nothing too long like been serialized for a quarter century or triple digit chapters (e.g. I have to be able to write a fairly conclusive spotlight or even review relatively soon-ish).


Suggest away! What do you like? What can you recommend?

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