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we are proud to present to you our brand new discussion platform. MangAnimeVerse is a social media site dedicated to all things Manga and Anime related. As a proud and discerning otaku MangAnimeVerse offers a unique interactive experience where you get to meet other like minded individuals. Before you proceed however, take a moment to read our posting rules.

On MangAnimeVerse you can read discussions on anything Manga and Anime related. You can start your own discussions too. This includes of course manga series, anime series, anime movies, OVA’s, live action adaptations, mangaka, news articles, and so on. We have a number of categories to choose from to make it easier for you to choose which discussions you’d like to read.

Your own user profile can be customized to your liking, including a banner and avatar (the avatar will also show up with your posts). You can indicate to other visitors what media types you like, demographics and genres. This helps others understand what you do and do not like. Because they can befriend you, as you can befriend them. Your currently active friends are displayed on the main page.

You may start Groups of like-minded individuals, like fans of a particular series, character, genre or mangaka. The possibilities are nigh infinite.

We hope you enjoy your stay at MangAnimeVerse.

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  1. Xshsh Mansoor ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hello guys i need your help can you please give me otakumole/raffmanga spare account. It would be very helpful to me. So please if anyone of you has one please lend it to me šŸ™

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